Saturday, February 9, 2019



Hopefully the coldest days of Winter are behind us.  Even though it was rainy and overcast today it hit 70º this afternoon.  I am feeling much better and my neck is only a little sore.  Our family back in NY seems to be in there sick cycle now.  Dana is down for the count and Elizabeth is back to work but is still not well and should probably stayed home a day or two more.  The kids seem to be fine so far.
We have not eaten out in forever so maybe tonight even though most of the restaurants here are closed on Mondays.  So we did go out to Mia's.  Its a local cafe is good food but not great, and not fancy.  I had the catfish special, greens, Mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes.  It was pretty good and I enjoyed it.  Bonnie had a chicken sandwich and fries.  She said it was ok.

Back home we took it easy and relaxed for the evening.  We hit 70 today


I woke up to sad news today as I checked the blogs that I regularly read.  I had not seen one from Tioga George lately, and sadly his family posted that he had passed away a few days ago.  His was one of the very first blogs on full timing that I started reading.  I believe he started it in 2009, and I have read it for most of those years and did go back and read it from the start.  He had many an adventure and used to spend winters down in Mexico until the last few years.  He has had several health challenges the past couple of years but he did not let that stop him.  His current project was that of converting a box van into a full time home for himself.  While its sad to lose him its an inspiration to see the way he lived his life.

Nothing much for me today, I am feeling much better.  Bonnie went to here scrapbooking/card making group but her Spanish class was canceled for tonight.

Now we are about to watch the President deliver the State of the Union address to congress.


Today I start my 7th decade here on earth.  I must say the time has passed quickly.  The day started with a phone call from my Favorite Sister.  When I looked at the phone and saw it was her I wondered what was the matter, she usually does not call first thing in the morning.  But it was my first Birthday wishes of the day.  It was a great way to wake up.  Shortly after that I got a SnapChat from a granddaughter.

And waiting for me in the living room a hand made card from Bonnie.

Most of the day was spent quietly.  I received lots of birthday wishes on FB and email, nice to know people are thinking of you.   Bonnie was not feeling well but she insisted on make me a raisin cake from my Mother's recipe, one of my favorites.  Plus she was at the sewing machine working on a surprise for me.  She finally had to give up as she was feeling worse and worse.

I headed to church for our group meeting with the cake and she stayed home and went to bed.  Our group only had 4 in it about 1/3 of what we should have had, seems a lot of people are under the weather.  Anyway we had a good class and we all enjoyed a piece of cake.

I came home and watched Alabama win over Georgia and then read a little and called it a day.  Off to a good start for my seventies.


Looks like another overcast but warm day is in store for us.  I am pretty much back to normal and I think so far today Bonnie is feeling a bit better.  She debated it but decided she felt good enough to keep her haircut appointment.  Its a bit different and I like it.  It was very windy all day but the rain did not come until 7:00pm.  We are to get more overnight and it is to cool off by morning but now its 75 here in the house and the humidity id 83%.  Yep we turned on the air conditioning to dehumidify and cool off the house so we can sleep.  The family in NY has some on the mend and some just now getting sick.  Down here our granddaughters are sick also, lots of that going around.  We are both on the mend.


Well it was cold this morning so they got that one right.  Bonnie went grocery shopping today and that's about it.  She is still not feeling very good.

I head West to Clements just after 4 today.  I was headed to Clements Baptist Church to attend the Men's Conference.  We started with a box lunch meal and then I headed to the sanctuary to wait for the conference to start.

Looks a little empty now but it was eventually almost full.  We had some worship music and then a speaker, then some give aways and a break.  We had three speakers in all and I was inspired by all of them and enjoyed their talks.  Actually they left me wanting to hear more from them.  I headed home and pulled into the garage just after 11, the latest I have been out on my own in a long long time.


Another cold night but it was sunny today and warmed up into the 50s.  I got out the step ladder and changed one of the batteries in the back camera on the house.  Then I adjusted another one and that was about it for the day.  I did catch up on the recordings I had.  Checked in on NASCAR as next weekend is the Daytona 500.  I fired up the grill to fix some salmon for supper.  Now for a relaxing evening.

Well thats a wrap for this week.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"


  1. Hello Bob,
    Happy Birthday! Thinking of you and Bonnie (Give her a hug from us.) as Dennis and I spent a day at the Minneapolis RV show yesterday. Dennis is planning and hoping to retire early August. We're considering traveling for ~ six months hauling a small light weight camper. We'd sure apprecaiate your experienced insights. Could we give you guys a call sometime?
    Have a blessed day in the Lord!
    Barbara - 715-441-6759


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