Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 and a Wake up


Nice cool sunny morning.  Bonnie is back from her regular Dr. appointment and we are headed out to organize and clean the inside of the Coach.  She was here before I finished my first cup of coffee and was very patient until after I had my banana and second cup of coffee.  It will take her a while to get into the retirement mode.  I finished the wash, ordered some wheel sensors for our CRV so we can tell if there is a flat tire on it while we are towing it.  A fellow blogger just had a flat on there towed car and were able to stop without damage as the tire pressure monitor let them know right away.  We have the sensors on the Coach and these will tie into it.  I also made our reservations for Elkhart Campground.  We will spend the first three nights there.  A couple of fellow bloggers are also staying there so we should get to meet them.  Bonnie spent the whole morning cleaning the inside of the Coach.

Organizing the closet

Two cabinets cleaned out for our guests
I also worked on the RV GPS to update it and get the latest road construction files.

Time to head to court and Bonnie is going to go over and see her sister.

Both home now and after a little TV time for bed.


Two more days and then we hit the road.  We have lots to do but should have no problem getting it done.  I am off to court this morning, the bank and the post office.  Also need to pick up some fuel for the mower and a can of diesel just to ensure we make it to Ohio where it is much cheaper than here.   Wow diesel was 3.99 first time it has been under 4 bucks in a long time.  Then home to pick up Bonnie and we will go down and vote in the congressional primary.

Got all that stuff done.  Bonnie cleaned the refrigerator in the Coach and did some more wash.  Once we voted I jumped on the mower and cut the grass out back and out by the highway.

Off to WW and then to pick up a TV and stand for Elizabeth.  Hope to have supper in there somewhere.

Well the TV center turned out to be 3 units and made out of solid wood, can you say HEAVY!

We got to say good bye to Sandy again

The units filled the back of the Truck.
 Once we got to Elizabeths house we got the two smaller units into the house and the big heavy unit onto the ground.  Paul the neighbor came home about that time and being a Chiropractor told us to stop and he would help.  He had furniture straps and he and I were able to move the big unit into the house with out getting hurt.  Thanks Paul!

Then we got busy reinstalling the TV, it comes up out of the cabinet to watch it.  We had a little trouble but once we ran it through a complete cycle it worked great.  Then I had to program the remotes and finally was allowed to head home.
Elizabeth in the back taking off a cover so we could get at the wires.

Its a real nice unit and looks good all set up.
It was almost 11 when we got home and Bonnie went straight to bed.  I am heading that way as soon as the news is over.  I wanted to see who one the primary elections today.

One more day and then we head out.


One and a wake up.  Tomorrow is the day.  Up and at it this morning.

Bonnie was up before me and has already left to run errands and shop in Warsaw.  I have to pack my clothes, cut the grass, and check last minute items on the Coach.  I ordered stacking cookware last week and it was sitting on the steps when we got home last night so we need to swap out some pans in the MH.

Nice heavy gauge Magna cookware and it stacks

Nice and compact
I also see that the Tire Pressure Monitors for the Honda are on the UPS truck and so once they get here I will be installing them into the system also.  We are also doing last minute laundry and clean up.

We loaded our clothes and food into the Coach, actually Bonnie did most of the loading and it has been nice.  Tony stopped over and checked out where to mow etc.  Then we had a little lunch and put clean sheets on the bed.  Then I jumped on the mower and finished the grass.

This does a good job and does it quickly
When I finished and put the mower away I felt like I missed doing something I should have.  Sure enough Matt came over and while we were talking about putting a vegetable stand out by the road I noticed I missed a large patch of grass.  So when he left I got the mower out and finished it.

After 6pm now and I am still waiting on the Big Brown truck.  Must be a busy day sometimes he comes pretty late.  Hopefully it will not take me too long to program the sensors once they get here.

6:30 here comes UPS so I have the sensors now to program them and get them set up on the Honda.  Here is what they look like, they forgot to put the spare parts in.

The four wheel sensors
It took about a half hour to program them and put them on the wheels and then I checked them out.  Seem to be working well.  Drove to car down the road to make sure the tires were still in balance.

These are installed with a little tool so you can not just screw them off.
Well I think we are all set.  Bonnie has gone to bed and the plan is for her to leave here at 8am to pick up her parents and then we will meet up about 10 miles from here in a school parking lot to hook up the car and start the trip with all four of us.

I will try to keep up the posting on Wednesdays and Sundays as long as I have internet.  I will try to do short daily updates on Facebook.

Keep us in your prayers and Thanks For Checking In.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Week - then Westward Ho!


Another warm night and the promise of a hot day.  It was ok to sleep with a window fan and the ceiling fan running.  I think today and tonight are supposed to be the last of the heat wave.

We have one week from today until we leave for our trip out to Yellowstone NP, so much to do.  Because of the forecast heat for today I headed out to hopeful fix the pots and pan drawer in the MH once and for all.  I took it up to the garage and got out my Shop Smith saw.

5 in 1 tool come in handy
I cut and ripped a couple pieces of wood to put in the bottom of the drawer.  I glued it and then used some longer screws to hold the drawer rails onto the side of the drawer.  The real wood will securely hold the screws.

New wood to hold the scows and rails

All straight and secure now
The drawer fit well so hopefully I won't have to write about it any more.

Then I set my eyes on the recliner, boy is it heavy.  We decided to take it out of the coach for the up coming trip as it will give us more space in the coach.  Between the seats up front, the couch, and the table chairs we should have plenty of places to eat.  I was not sure the back came off but 6 screws and bolts later I had it apart and I was able to move it myself.

Removed two small screws and lifted the flap to find 4 bolts to remove

Its apart, and outside the coach, used the Ranger to move it to the garage 
So its in the garage at least until we get home.  Wow is it hot and humid I was soaked so grabbed the mail and then headed into the house to get a drink and cool off.

Pretty much have just tried to relax and keep from sweating today.  Lots to do but cooler weather is on the way.

Good news is I finished the news letter and sent it to the webmaster to post on our Chapters website.  I also printed out a few copies for our members without email.  Here is a link

Vol 1 Issue 1 for me
Bonnie got home with another box of stuff she had at work.  One more day.  She made some ribs and salads for supper.  Finally we opened the windows and hopefully it will cool off over night.

Tomorrow is a big day for Bonnie her birthday and her last day of work.  Off to bed.


Well today is the big day.  Bonnie's birthday and last day of work, wow time flies.  The rain woke me this morning and I was up prepping for a busy day. Still on my second cup of coffee and the sun is out, supposed to be much cooler today.  I asked Bonnie last night if she wanted me to get up with her this morning but she said no she likes her quiet time.  I am about to head up to court for what I hope is a quick stop.  They are having a little luncheon for Bonnie at the jail and I was invited, I got a call yesterday.  I don't think she knows I am coming.  Then we are going out with the family for a fish fry and some of them will come back to the house.  I am also supposed to get my ears lowered today.

Spent an hour at court and headed for Warsaw.  Just before I left I received a NY-Alert that Route 20A was closed, turned out a car hit and broke a pole and the wires were on the road.  Turned out no one was hurt and the road was open again.  I stopped at the post office and put in the paperwork to hold our mail.
The luncheon for Bonnie was in the jail break room and it was nice to see everyone and I know she enjoyed it.

Here she comes with her flowers

Enjoying the hot dogs

Time to go back to work
Then I headed home hope to rest a bit before we go out with the family for dinner.

We had a nice family turnout for Bonnie's dinner, with lots of good conversation and a good time.  We even had Bonnie's cousins from Tennessee attend as they are home visiting.

Lots of family

Lots of Cupcakes

Lots of Presents
Some were able to come up to the house for a while and we had a nice visit and I was able to get a haircut.

Bonnie said she had a really nice day and that makes me happy.


I want to thank everyone on Bonnie's behalf for the Birthday and Retirement wishes, so begins our next phase of life.  Mine started up at court.  Got to bed at 1:30am.  Nice this morning cool but sunny.

Home again, Bonnie has gone for a haircut, she picked up Alexus to go with her.  Elizabeth picked up her veggies from the farmer and dropped off an apple at court for me.  I hope to clean out a compartment or two on the Coach this afternoon.  Time for lunch now.

After lunch I headed outside end emptied the basement compartments on the Coach and organized them.

Cleaned and organized now.
Bonnie and the girls got home around 6 and we did steaks on the grill and watched a little TV.  Tomorrow is another busy day.  We are headed to Elizabeth's church to say good by to some friends and then to a graduation party.  Thats it for today.


Beautiful morning we are to Crossroads Christian Church to say good bye to friends that are moving to Texas.

The church had a real nice time of recognition of Sandy and John.  It was one of those times that is both happy and sad at the same time.  They have been real good to Elizabeth, Alexus and us.  We will all miss them.

A nice gift to remember all their friends by.

A gift from SMILE which is the single moms group that Sandy mentored
Then we came home for less than an hour and headed to Gainesville for a graduation party.  Bonnie got to also say goodbye to some more of the people she worked with.

Bonnie and Sam

Uncle Dennis and Jacob.  The quilt was made by Rachelle the graduate

This pulling tractor belongs to Jeremy his son would love to fire it up and drive it.

Can you spot the bunny
It was a great week.  We will be busy but hope to post again Wednesday before we leave for 5 weeks headed west toward Yellowstone.

Thanks for Checking In!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Final Week has started


Was surprised to see that we had a 1/4in of rain overnight.  I guess I slept good as I did not hear it.  I got started on the wash and had breakfast.  Also caught up on the emails and blogs.  I finished that up and went out and jumped on the lawn tractor while the 4th load was in the dryer.

I had an hour and got the front lawn cut and some of the back, also listened to yesterdays sermon from church as I cut.  While I cut the grass I had a bunny, deer and baby woodchuck all keeping an eye on me. Came in had lunch and will take it easy before I head up to court.

This is Bonnie's Final week at work as a nurse before she retires.  She has basically started over each time I was transferred both while I was in the Navy 5 moves and the FBI 5 moves.  She will be collecting 3 small annuities and social security.  Every little bit helps.  I want to say Thank You Bonnie for being willing to move for my career and start over each time at a new job.

Not much else to report, was up at court for a few hours and now home catching up on TV and then will read a little.  Its nice out now but is to be a hot one tomorrow.


Big thunder storm during the night but not all that much rain.  It cooled off enough to sleep well.  I was up early and it was a good thing I turned on the computer.  I had forgotten that I had a regular Dr appointment at 9:45.  So I had plenty of time for breakfast and then headed into East Aurora.  My lab results were all good and I got the green light for another 4 months.  I did a little shopping and then headed to the bank and post office.  Then up to court for a couple hours.

Got home after 1pm and had a quick lunch.  Then went out and finished cutting the grass.  That gave me an hour to rest and maybe catch a nap.  On the way into the house I spotted this little guy.

Poor Baby
I thought he was not looking well so left him alone.  He was still there when Bonnie got home and she put him back up in the floor bed, I wonder if he fell out earlier.  She said he took right off.

We ran in to WW neither of us did well, then off to Elizabeths for salads.  We left for home around 8 and it was starting to cool down a little.  It is to be 90 tomorrow, hot for here.


Was up early again today, lots to do again, I need a break.

I headed to Warsaw to pick up my RXs from Walmart, this is the first time I have used the store I usually do the mail order.  All went well and all at a great price.  Walmart will fill a 90day supply of a lot of the more common drugs for 10-12 dollars.  Once I picked up the RXs I got a key made for the house and then headed over to the County Building.  I needed to drop the keys off for Tony a friend who is going to cut our grass while we are gone.  I hope it only needs done once.  We got to visiting and then I had to hurry to get to Batavia.

I was getting help on our club Newsletter from the previous editor.  They were ready for me and we tried to get right to work but we had to catch up on all the latest news first.  We are all in the same camping club so we enjoy visiting.  They were good teachers and I think I have the letter pretty much put together and hope to get it sent out by the weekend.  We worked right up till their coffee time and so enjoyed a good cup of coffee together.  I enjoyed learning about MS Publisher and hope I can keep up the good job they have done for many years.

Thanks Bob and Caroline for all you do for Chapter 12
I still had a lot to do in Batavia, so said my Thanks and Good-byes.  I headed to Home Depot to look for replacement drawer slides for the MH to fix it properly, since my emergency repair the other night.

Under the counter

Need to replace of reenforce this slide
I did not find what I wanted at HD so bought some stuff to beef up the drawer.  Then I headed over to TOPS for gas, we had $.50 a gallon off.  I filled up and then headed to BJ's.  I picked up our allergy medicine and Splenda.  Finally its time to head home.

Got home after 6pm and Bonnie had supper ready.  So now I hope to relax a little after I post this.  Hoping it will cool off so we can sleep well tonight.

Thanks For Checking In.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week end camping at Red Rock Ponds

Great sleeping weather last night, I slept good and was up before 8.  I read my email and blogs and then headed out to take care of a few things.

First on the list was to clean up where I think the mouse was getting in.  Yes Emily caught the mouse again in the living room yesterday and of course let it go to play with it and it got away.  So I have set a trap but I wanted to clean up what looked like a nest in the basement.  So I got out the shop vac.

Shop Vac lots of suction
 There was quite a gap around where the electric service conduit came into the house so I stuffed it with steel wool from the inside.  I had sealed the outside with RTV last week.  Then I used the Shop Vac to clean up all the seeds and dropping I could find, in the area.

Lots of spots to build a nest, I stuffed all the openings in the rim joist.
Then I headed out to the coach to check out the location of the relay that supplies the 12V power to the coach.  Many refer to it as the salesman switch.  It turns off all the lights inside the coach and other non essential power,  I also verified that it does not turn off the refrigerator.  Some people bypass this relay because it usually decides not to work at the worst possible times.  I carry a heavy duty jumper just in case I would have to fix ours while out on the road.

This is the fuse box in whats called the front run bay underneath the drivers seat area

The big relay is in the bottom center

The label aux start relay is a bit confusing as that relay is in the battery compartment in the rear.
I took some readings with my meter and figured out what I would have to rearrange to put the jumper on and figure I can do it when it becomes necessary.

Next project was to get a couple buckets of dirt and fix what the heavy rains had washed away near the garage.  Then I picked up the bigger rocks and branches that had washed down out of the ravine.

Quite a bit of water is still running in the yard

Here are a few of the rocks

One of the bigger ones

The start of a new deeper ravine if not taken care of.
 After that clean up I filled in a couple places with the tractor and then moved the new mulch pile back about 12 feet and piled it a little higher.  It was blocking my rake and trailer so now I can get them hooked to the tractor.
Moved and piled higher
It was way past lunch so I came in showered and had some lunch  Hope to do a little reading now.


Up bright and early.  Busy day ahead.  I had my oatmeal and read my email.  Next I printed and filled out the form you need to transport firewood.  Then headed up to court to make sure I was set for Monday night.  Then home and will have lunch and last minute packing of the MH.  Hope to be on the road to Red Rock Ponds by 1:30, checkin starts at 2pm.

I pulled out of the driveway at 1:25pm and into Red Rock Ponds 43 miles later at 2:30.  Checkin was quick and we are on the same site as last year.  There is a newer park model seasonal set up next to us.  I took my time setting up and got the coach nice and level.

All nice and level
I sat outside to read and ended up talking to Jon.  He makes custom sun screens for RVs and was finishing up the new park model.  It looks sharp.  I will try to get a picture tomorrow.

Looks sharp with the skirting

Annie the neighbor showed up and I talked to her a bit, she is a vehicle mechanic for the City of Rochester.  Jon finished his work and left.  He would like to take his business on the road and full time, he also owns a bakery in Holley.  I went back to reading and finished up Stephen Kings 11/22/63.  It took me a while but it was a good read.

The girls showed up with subs for supper.

The boss arrived bearing gifts.
We sat out for quite a while but decided no fire tonight, as we wanted to watch Nik Wallenda walk the wire across Niagara Falls later.  Its getting pretty chilly so guess we will head in soon.

He made it!


It was a good night for sleeping but Bonnie had a book she could not put down and read till at least 2am.  But that’s ok we slept in till almost 9am.  Had a leisurely breakfast and relaxed a while.  I got a a shower and then we decided to head into Holley and explore the town.  This campground is next to the Erie Canal and we crossed several of the old bridges as we weaved our way to town.  Jon the RV person I talked to yesterday is also a baker and owns a pastry shop.  We spotted it and stopped in.  

Nice little cafe
Fantastic Cinnamon Twist
We each enjoyed something special and some good coffee or lemonade type drinks.  We sat out front at the sidewalk tables and enjoyed people watching.  

Public Square, downtown Holley, NY
Jon came out and he and I talked RV stuff while the Ladies explored the stores and walked over to the small farm market.  Soon the phone rang and they were ready to be picked up.

On the way back we checked out Hickory Ridge campground and also went back and stopped at a garage sale for Bonnie to look around at.  Once back at the CG it was lunch time and we had some of the Chicken salad Elizabeth had made using the smoked chicken I had done last week.  It was very good.

I am enjoying sitting out under the awning and reading my kindle and drafting this.  

Can you tell she has a week to work Big Smile!
Bonnie was out also and read for a while but has gone in to nap.  Alexus is inside in the air conditioning also.  Elizabeth went to take a shower at the shower house.  It’s a bit hot 82 in the shade much hotter in the sun.  Next thing on the agenda is nachos for supper and the some campground bingo later.

We played a hot game of yahtzee and they let me win for fathers day.  Bonnie got a bit of a nap.   Supper was nachos and cheese as planned which we enjoyed in the cool of the air conditioned coach, roughing it aren’t we.

Roll those dice!

We headed up to join the campground for a few games of BINGO.

The campground owner was the caller, he did a good job

10 games played on a sheet of 6 cards
 I took a picture of the beach while we waited for the games to start, it was a beautiful weekend.

BINGO!  I won one game along with another man so we had to split the prize.
It had started to cool down by the time we headed back to the coach.  I started a fire and we all sat our for an hour or so and enjoyed the fire and waited for Bonnies new solar Japanese lanterns to come on.  

We ha a nice little fire
 Nothing like good cold sweet watermelon around the fire.

Good melon
 I tried to capture a picture of the solar lanterns Bonnie bought at Ikea.

New lanterns
When they did they looked real nice.  I also gave a call to my sister as it was her anniversary.  Somehow my computer had failed to remind me.  Perhaps because we are not online?
Once in for the night I tried to put the pans away from supper and the drawer came apart.  I had some screws to fix it so broke out the tools.

Drawer repair at 10pm

It was another good night for sleeping nice and cool.  We slept in until after 8 and now getting ready to head up to the clubhouse for my free pancake breakfast where Dads Eat for Free. 
I got a nice card and a Best Grandpa T-Shirt from the girls, guess I will change shirts before we leave.

Waiting inline for our pancakes and sausage

The cooks did a good job

The line got long while we were eating
 We were able to get seconds and we all had all we wanted to eat.  Alexus finally talked her mother into taking out a paddle boat so we went down to watch them.

Safely into the boat

Lots of paddling to get around the lake

Making a circuit of the lake
They made a circuit of the whole lake and saw the turtle they were hoping to see.  They also spotted a log sticking out of the water that looked like a Gator (too much Swamp People).

Back to the coach and Bonnie and Alexus went back into Holley to pickup strawberries to make jam.  I read and finished a book while Elizabeth watched TV.

I started preparing to leave a little after 11 and was just finishing up when Bonnie got back.  We pulled out after noon and were home and unloaded by 1:30.  The girls went home to do wash but are supposed to be back for supper and a campfire.  Bonnie is making jam.  I threw the towels in the washer and am watching a little TV.

Bonnie finished up made some supper and we called her dad for Fathers day.  Tomorrow she starts her last week of work.

The girls never called or came back out, so no campfire, I'm disappointed.

Thanks for Checking In