Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Work Continues


So while it was snowing again at midnight when I went to bed, the sun is out nice and bright this morning and the grass is all green.  The deer and the crows are enjoying the front yard as I write this.  Bonnie has a dentist appointment later this morning so is leaving soon.
My knees are still barking at me so I am trying to stay off them today, but have a few things I want to do.

I did go out and check the Coach for a wet carpet after all the rain yesterday.  Good news all dry where it was wet last fall, I think perhaps a seal did not flip last time.  I put the slide out to air out the slide topper and let it dry.  Once back in the house I see it is supposed to rain again this evening.  While I was out I took a picture of the electric meter to send in the reading.  Our power usage looks like it is down for this last month, more good news.

Bonnie came home with groceries and when I took the Ranger back down to the garage I put the slide in.  Also checked the air pressure in the the RR tire its is down slightly right at 100.  Then I opened the electric compartment and took a look to see where I can mount the progressive electric management system.

The Progressive System needs to go in here.
I think I can find room in here, perhaps the back wall.

This is the unit to be installed
Time to put some muscle rub on the knee.  Spent the afternoon with my legs up and catching up on recorded shows.

Bonnie roasted chicken for supper, with a baked potato and corn, a very good meal.  I took a quick shower and headed to church to work in the A/V booth and set up the song slides for Sunday.  We were a little late getting out tonight but we had a good time working together.  I had a few rain drops on the window on the way but coming home it was raining steadily.  Bonnie planted some more flowers out front, its starting to look really nice.

Looking good
Late night tonight so heading to bed now.


Plans change quickly with a phone call.  The phone rang at 1:30am and I was soon on my way to court.  Was only gone about an hour but it took a while to get back to sleep.  Woke again at 7:30 to bright sunshine but was able to sleep another 45 minutes.  Then I woke Bonnie and got the coffee ready.

We were out at the end of the driveway by 9:45am.  The Patriot Guard was escorting the remains of 12 Veterans today from Buffalo to Bath for burial.  Here is a link to the story, click here for the story
They ask that citizens stand out to show respect for the Veterans.  About 10:15 we saw the police escort lights and over 100 of the Patriot Guard on their motorcycles come into view and pass in front of  us.

They were gone quickly but it was an privilege for us to be able to stand out front and hold our flag to honor the Veterans.

I headed up to court to finish the paperwork and take care of a couple scheduling issues.  Then back home to take it easy as my knee is still bothering me.  I did find a couple strange birds in the flower bed when I go home.

One of Bonnie's wind vanes
Its a beautiful day and I hate to waste it but am sitting here with heat on my knee.  I heated the Rice Socks Bonnie made in the microwave for 2 minutes and then on my knee.  Every once in a while I would repeat the process.  I believe it helps.  I tried to stay put but I made a couple trips down to the garage to work on the Electric cable that connects the car and the Coach as the connectors are different on the new Coach.  I also made a trip out to check the mail, no mail.

Then I uploaded 125 pictures for Bonnie and ordered them from CVS, she can pick them up in the morning.  Then I fired up the grill and Bonnie made some burgers which I cooked.  I threw in a load of towels also.  Then back to my chair.  We talked about a trip down to see my sister the end of May so I sent off an email to her.

Just went out to heat the rice bag and the trash was a little stinky so at 9:45pm I took that down to the garage and put new bags in the kitchen.  I am running out of gas and looking forward to a good nights sleep.  Looks like more nice weather is on the way.


Bonnie was up and out the door before I got up this morning, but I did hear her leave.  She is scrapbooking all day again, she seems to really enjoy it.  She is working on her Africa Trip scrapbook.  Another bright sunshine filled morning.  I hope to check out the wiring and cable that connects the Motorhome and the Honda today.  But first I need to pay some bills on line.

Finally got outside and went to work on my cable.  Then moved the car out behind the Coach and connected it up.

Used this wiring diagram

Used lots of tools

The final test
 Yes everything checked out as it should it work the first time.  So I ran out to the mailbox with the car grabbed the mail, turned around and put the car back in the garage.

Bonnie is adding a rock border to divert the water. 
 Headed to the house for a quick sandwich and something to drink.  I coated the tips of these forceps with some vinyl coating that we use to repair the dishwasher racks.

Coated the tips
I will be using the forceps to pull out and change the many small halogen bulbs that are in the coach.

Then back out to the coach.  I fired up the generator, put out the 4 slides and turned on the air conditioners.  They seemed to be cooling things pretty well, but its not real hot out either.  I turned on the TVs.  I actually got channel 51 on the back TV, so know the antenna is working.  I still have not gotten all the switches right to watch TV up front.  I can watch the DVD player, and see the menu for the Direct TV, but so far nothing from the Digital TV converter box.  Bonnie got home and I wrapped up things for the day.

Not much happening this evening, we are watching the race and a movie, Gnomeo & Jullet


Woke up again this morning to nice bright sunshine.  Elizabeth called and said they would meet us at church since they were headed to the zoo after church.  It was another great day at church the Worship Team did a great job leading the music and then the sermon was delivered by one of the members since the Pastor is still taking it easy after his surgery.  However it was announced today that he would be preaching next Sunday.

Back home and we changed clothes and headed out to the Coach.  I wanted Bonnie's opinion on where to mount the soap dispenser and a few other items.  Good thing because she had different ideas than I did.  I mounted the mounting plate for the dispenser with double sided tape and silicon glue, so it is setting for a day.  We put some Lime Away in the toilet since it has not been holding water, hopefully that will dissolve any hard minerals overnight.  Then we moved up front to talk about where to mount the GPS and 12V outlets.  Bonnie had some good ideas again.  I pulled out a drawer to check clearances and of course a screw was missing in the drawer slide.

This drawer needed a little repair
I need to order a couple things from amazon to finish this job.  I pulled some other drawers to see if I could make them stay closed a little better.  I did find a couple surprises.

Yes all these were behind some kitchen drawers
The previous owner must have wondered where all her grocery bags were going.  Well I found thme behind the drawers.  They are gone now.  

Bonnie did some more rock work and I picked up a couple branches before I headed in to the house.  The clouds were rolling in and you could tell it was going to rain.  It took a while but the rain did roll in and has become steady.  We picked a movie and watched A Little Bit of Heaven, pretty good but I did nap some.  We started another but it was not appealing to either of us so turned it off.

Bonnie fixed some supper and we settled in for the evening to watch the Sunday night shows.  Its been a good week and the weather looks good for the week to come.  Still lots of things to do around here.

Thanks for Checking In!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Camping Season is Open, Lets get ready!


Well its been quite a day.  No snow thats good news.  The sun was out most of the day and that just makes one feel better.

Bonnie went out to work on the flower beds while I did some computer work and watched a couple recorded shows.  Then she came in and I headed out side to work on the coach.  First job was to replace the third brake light. That job went well.

Just 2 screws and splice in the wires
I also hung our Family Motor Coach Placard while I was working on the back.
 I crawled under the coach a little to look around, I think I have a slow leak in the air system.  I did notice that the oil filter and fuel filter on the engine don't appear to have been changed like they were supposed to be.  If they were they got dirty real quick.  I leveled the coach again and checked the solar charger and found it to be charging the batteries again.  I could not find the insurance cards so ordered new ones and of course found the ones I was looking for.  I also replaced the temporary registration with the permanent one.  Then I moved the car and decided to get the hose reel down from the garage attic.  I pulled down the folding stairs and went up and got the hose reel.  On the way down I missed a step and fell backwards about 3 feet.  I thought I landed softly but I am pretty sore tonight.  I dropped the hose and of course it broke.  It was pretty brittle from years in the sun.  Pieces of plastic went everywhere so I sweep all that up.

Broken hose reel I had a spare I got out.
Bonnie fixed a nice salad for lunch around 2pm so I took a break for that.  Then I had to make a quick run to the post office for court.  I came right back and decided to go ahead and wash the car.  Bonnie was out looking for flat rocks with the Ranger so I decided to wash the Odyssey also.

First the CR-V
 I was tired after the second car so headed into the house after looking for Bonnie.  I found the Ranger out front but no Bonnie.  I figured she was walking in the woods.  Found out when she got back that she was picked up cans alongside the road.

I showered and sat down to rest a little.  Next thing I knew it was almost 6 and court starts a 6:30.  Wow I had to get a move on, but made it before anyone showed up.

Got home around 8:45 and Bonnie had a nice pizza ready.  We watched a little TV.  I went out to the kitchen and the one light fixture is not coming on.  Hope it is just the florescent bulbs, thats on my list for tomorrow.  Used my amazon prime to order a connector to hook the car lights up to the coach and an under counter water filter so we won't need to buy bottled water.

Time to read a little and then hope to sleep well and let my body heal a little.


Nice and sunny this morning, so nice.  Bonnie and I checked out the light in the kitchen and it was just the bulbs and I had two spares so we got that working again.  Now I will pickup some new bulbs when I get to Batavia tomorrow.  We are heading to a track meet today for Alexus and then study group tonight.  I need to head out to the post office and bank soon.  Then maybe do a couple things on the coach.

Made it to the bank and post office, with there new hours who knows when they are open.  Someone broke off another one of the posts at the end of the driveway again, that has to be hard on a bumper.

Another addition to my to do list--replace post.
I picked up hot dog rolls for Bonnie, I thought they were for lunch, nope an early supper before we go to the track meet.

I went out to do a few things on the coach.  I set up the ladder and put the Wingman on the TV antenna.
Its the part to the right.  It helps pull in the digital UHF channels
I also put the CB antenna back on while I had the ladder set up.  Also checked the solar panel.  Then I put out the awnings and found a good sized wasp nest that I removed.

Guess this was missed when they readied the coach for delivery
Nest was above the ladder under the awning.
The TV in the Coach is going on 7 years old and it does not have a digital tuner.  So I measured it and it is a possible candidate for replacement.

This was an expensive option in 2006.
I put the generator slide out and recorded the hours on the generator and checked the oil and coolant.  Then around to the back to check out the oil in the big engine.  All levels were good to go.  Then I fired up the Hydro Hot and topped off the boiler fluid.  Time to clean up now and put everything away. But first I ran out and pounded the post in at the end of the driveway.   Just enough time to relax for 15 minutes before we leave for the Track Meet.

We headed over to Iroquois High School to watch the track meet.

Here we are
The meet was just starting as we got there.  Before long it was time for the low hurdles and I was able to capture a couple shots of Alexus

She also ran the 100 and did pretty good.  Bonnie and Elizabeth ducked out to pick up some supper and came back with pizza.  We had to head for our small group study, just down the street.  Another good turnout and a good study.  Finally home and got to relax a little.  Boy am I stiff and sore from my fall yesterday.  Once I sat down at the track meet I stiffened right up.  Another busy day tomorrow but it should not be too physical.

Finally time for bed!


I was up with the alarm at 7 this morning, have to take the car for an oil change and air bag recall this morning and be at Ray Laks at 9.  Then I am headed to Batavia to help a friend with some blogger issues.  I will get gas at Tops since we have a big discount built up.  Then to Home Depot for some replacement florescent tubes to keep as spares.  Then home for supper before heading to an open budget meeting at church.  That should keep me busy.  Its raining out this morning and is forecast for most of the day.  My left knee woke me during the night and I had to put some Sport Creme on it to be able to get it to stop hurting and allow me to sleep.

Made it on time got the oil changed, tire rotated, various things inspected.  They fixed the mud flap that had come loose and they did the inspection on the air bags as per the recall.  Our air bags are all ok, seems some are missing rivets that have to be replaced.  Headed from there to friends in Batavia to look at their computer.  Found the exact problem they are having on Google, seems many are running into the same thing.  We could not find a solution so will keep looking.  Then I called the DMV and Bob and I found a day he could ride with me to go take a road test in our new coach so I can get an endorsement on my license.  At first I got a bit of the run around.  The DMV person I called gave me another number to call and then the person at that number told me I would have to call the office back that I talked to first.  So in the end I called back and she got me an appointment and will send me the paperwork that I need.

Then we headed out for lunch.  Of course it was raining by now.  We had a nice lunch at Scooters.  I then headed for Home Depot to pickup new light bulbs for spares.  Then  to Tops to get gas with our discount.  But the machine would not read the barcode from my phones so I headed home.

Just finished a brief nap.  Now I am off to a budge meeting at church.

The meeting went well and I learned a lot.  Rained all the way there and all the way home.  I will have to check the Coach tomorrow and see if we have any leaks.  Time to send this out and relax a little.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Warm Days and then the Cold Front


Stayed up late reading last night so stayed in bed till 9 this morning to get my 8 hours of beauty rest.  Bonnie was up and headed to the lab for blood work when I got up.  Had my breakfast and read some email and blogs.  Bonnie got home with some groceries and pork butt.  I just finished putting some Pappy's Rub on two pork butts, now in the refrigerator overnight tomorrow morning they will go in the smoker for a good long smoke.

It is beautiful out trying to get motivated to wash the car but its supposed to rain the next few days.  Its in the 70s so I decided to sit out on the porch and do another on line course, I only need 2 more hours.  Bonnie is busy watching TV.

Well I finished both courses which gives me a total of 12 hours which is what I needed.  Then I talked to Alexus to let her know what time I will pick her up.  She goes to the youth program at church and I work in the sound and light booth during the Worship Teams practice.  Bonnie made supper and I have time for a quick nap before I leave.

Picked up Alexus and we headed for church.  Practice went well and I was home shortly after 9.  Very windy still and forecast is for more of the same tomorrow with falling temperature and some rain.  Time to read and then hit the hay.


Happy Birthday to our son 40 today!

One of our friends who reads the blog asked me yesterday if I had a hankering to assist in Boston.  I had to admit that I miss that part of my job.  For several years I had the privilege of responding along with other FBI personal and others in the Federal Law enforcement community to what were called Major Cases.  In each case we were able to assist in solving the issue at hand.  I miss that good feeling of helping those that had been hurt or wronged in some other way.

Woke to hear that one of the suspects has been killed in the Boston Bombing and the other is his brother.  Quick work well done Boston area LEOs.

Bonnie is off to the doctors for a routine checkup.  I fired up the Bradley Smoker and put the pork butts in to cook all day and 4 hours of hickory smoke.  Its getting windy and the power has been off once, that caused me to reset the smoker.  Pretty much watching the TV updates from Boston.

Had a call from our friend where Our House on Wheels is Stored.  They have to move a lot of the RVs tomorrow to get one out of the back.  I had told him earlier this week that we wanted it this week or next.  So once this weather passes today we will be ready.  I headed out as the wind was picking up but it was a nice 68 degrees ahead of the front.  First order was to wash off the salt from the blower and take it off the tractor and put it on its dolly.

Ready to remove the blower
Removed the blower and pushed it to the back of the garage.  I removed the carrier bearing and then put the brush guard and brackets on the front.

Brush Guard
I had to finish putting the guard on in the garage as the front came through and the rain started.  I picked up everything and moved it inside the garage.  Then Bonnie pulled in and I had to move the compressor so that she could pull in safely.

All ready for the loader
I finished putting the brush guard on and watched it rain for a while.  Finally decided to go get the loader and attach it.  It only takes a few minutes to attach but it was long enough to get pretty wet.

All set and parked in the garage.  Blower is in the back on the left.
It continued to rain so I headed into the house.

Still raining
The temperature dropped from 68 to 38 and has really slowed down the cooking of the pork but it will get there.  We got my son on the phone so we got to wish him a Happy Birthday.  Now to watch the news.

Great news they caught the second bombing subject, hopefully they will be able to piece the whole story together with his help, thats how we learn how to prevent more of these kind of incidents.

We pulled the pork out of the smoker after 9 hours and then wrapped it in foil and towels for a couple hours.  Then we pulled all the meat off and since its cold outside it is inside the grill out side to cool over night.  Then we can package and freeze some of it.  We started with almost 9 pounds and that yielded about 4 pounds of meat.

Ready to come out and be wrapped

Tough to get a good picture ready to pull

All ready to eat and be packaged to freeze
Its been a long day and so its time to get some reading done and some sleep.  Tomorrow we bring the coach home.


Woke up to a snow storm this morning, the ground and deck is covered.  I was about ready to call and cancel picking up the Coach but it stopped and the sun came out.  So off we went, I believe it was getting colder.  We drove through some snow but it had quit again by the time we got to Gainesville.  The coach was sitting outside and running and warming up.  We visited a few minutes and Bonnie went over to the house to visit while I checked the tires.  All good except the right rear outside dual was down to 70.  I cranked up the generator and got out the Sears air compressor.  I also turned on the HydroHot boiler to check it out and warm up the inside.  I filled the tire to about 110 the same as the others and was ready to roll.  No problems coming home but it did snow some more, with the temp right at 32.  The sun peeks out from time to time but does not stay long.

Home at last even though it snowed
I headed right up to court for a couple hours and got ready for Monday.  Then back home and put the pulled pork in the freezer after vacuum packing some of it.  Then I made myself a pork sandwich, it was really good.  Bonnie's parents stopped in for a quick visit and it was nice to see them.  Now I am hoping it warms up some as I have a whole list of things I need to look at and service on the coach.

More snow the deck is white again, going to head in to read and an early nights sleep.


Woke up this morning and everything was covered with snow again.  It was down in the 20s last night, enough already.  The girls were sick from something they ate yesterday so were staying home today.
Church was good and it was good to be there.  We stopped to check on the girls and make sure they were all right.  All was good.  Elizabeth had picked up a new Apple TV for me last night and I picked that up.  Once home I set it up while Bonnie made lunch.  No problems and the picture is much crisper as this is the new 1080P resolution vs 720.  I moved the old one to the TV in the bedroom and it works fine there.

Checked the solar panel on the coach today and it is charging the battery just fine today so maybe I will not have to keep it plugged in, time will tell.  Just got a call and my stylist is available to cut my hair so we are headed over there, more later.

Half done
We got to Bonnie's sisters just as she finished cutting Mom's hair.  I sat down and Dad came out to the kitchen to chat while I got my haircut.  We stayed and visited and Bonnie worked on some more pictures that the others had taken in Africa.  She is hoping to fill in some of the gaps she had.  Bonnie's folks headed home and we visited for a while longer until it was almost dark and then we headed home.  The sunset on top of the hill was beautiful.

Not bad for the iPhone
Living in the woods we do not get to see many sunsets like this, but it is very windy on top of the this hill.  Finally  home and will watch a little TV before heading to bed.
I finished "Big Lake Blizzard" last night so may start a new read tonight.

Thanks for Checking In.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Making Plans and starting the Spring Clean Up


Woke up this morning with my day all planned out.  That lasted a little over an hour.  The phone rang and I it all changed.  I got called to court and that took a couple hours out of the middle of my morning.  Had lunch when I got home and then headed outside.  I scrubbed and dried  the floor mats in both cars and vacuumed the carpets.  Nice day out and it was nice to be out.  Then I took a ride back in the woods.  Lots of trees down and the main road was blocked but I went around the other way and was able to make it back to the culvert that usually plugs up.  It came close but it did not so we dodged a bullet there.  We still need to clean it out but at least it is not plugged.  I pulled all the snow stakes along the edge of the driveway so I am starting to convert to our summer configuration from the Winter one.

Now to rest a little and then head up to court for the evening.  Routine night and back home in time to watch a little TV with Bonnie.  We also confirmed that we are heading to Pittsburgh for my Aunts 90th birthday party,  so we are looking forward to that trip.


34 when I got up this morning but it did end up in the low 60's.  It got darker out and finally started to rain off and on.  I did my banking and post office run and then spent a couple hours at court.

Bonnie was gone before I got up for a day with her sisters at a health conference, she got home around 4:30.  I was in the middle of an online course to get the continuing education credits I need for court, only 5 more needed but I usually try to get twice what I need.  Bonnie made supper and then it was time to leave for our small group at church.  We had a good turnout and a good discussion.

Alexus had a track meet and called just as our group was ending.  So we headed over to the high school to pick her up.  She was excited because Starpoint the team they were visiting has had very good teams in the past and they beat them so thats all she wanted to talk about, at least until she remembered she had not eaten.  Then she wanted food.  I stopped to get gas and she found something to eat in the store. We dropped them off and headed home.

I worked on reservations for our trip to Monroeville, down near Pittsburgh for my Aunts 90  birthday party.  So we have rooms now but may change if everyone coming into town wants to stay together.

Time to read a little and get a good nights sleep.


Bonnie was gone to her woman's Bible study when I got up this morning.  I had breakfast and read my blogs.  Then I did another on line course for court during which Bonnie came home.  She  was not feeling well and told me she was going to lay down after lunch.  I headed outside to try to do a little clean up.

First up was to pick up a few fallen branches where the ground had dried out a little

The grass is starting to green up
 Won't be long until the grass needs cut.

These are just from two trees
 I figured I better see if the mower would start.  It started right up.  The Sta-bil I added to the gas seems to have done its job.  I also had to clean three dead mice out of the shed and one White Weasel that had died on the floor.  I checked under the hood of the mower and did not see any nests this year.  I did have a low front tire so moved the up to the garage to air up all the tires.

All aired up and ready to go.
I put the mower away and then went and cleaned out some of the long ditch along the driveway.  I just had to take the garden rake and pull the leaves out of the ditch.  Once they dry a little I can pick them up and dispose of them.

Since Bonnie was sleeping I decided to do another 2 hour course.  She did get up during the last hour of that and went to the basement to work.  I finished the course and then got ready and left for dinner with my classmates in at the Flappy's.  We had a good turn out and it was after 9 when I got in from there.  I always enjoy our time together.  We shared High School together back in the 60's and now we share the joys of being Grandparents along with our life experiences.

Bonnie had a political party meeting to go to and she got home a little later than I did.  We watched a little TV and now its time to read a little and get some sleep.

Oh its Wednesday so I will say Thanks Again for Checking in and I will post this before the clock strikes midnight.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Ice Returns and some Snow


We had over an inch of rain last night and it continues to rain.  Bonnie was up and headed to Attica to see the dentist and shop.

While here the rain started to freeze.

Out in the backyard

icicles  on the bird feeder

Bonnie's Quince tree

Lots of runoff coming off the hill

This tree out front was just starting to bud
Bonnie made it home and said the roads were fine, the ice is just on the trees and grass.  Spending the day catching up on recordings and then this evening I have training in the tech booth at church.

The rehearsal and the training went well and Alexus went with me to go to the youth program.  Tired so I am off to bed, yes its still raining.


Good gravy its Friday already, where did the week go.  It warmed up overnight, good thing as its still raining.  I had breakfast and then headed up to work at court for a couple hours.  Real nasty up on top of the hill.

I snapped this picture of the last snow around the house, not sure how much is left in the woods.

Still a pretty good pile.
Soon I will get the blower off the tractor and put the bucket back on.  Then the pad will be clear and we will be ready to go get the Coach and bring it back home.

Bonnie had a political meeting to go to and by the time she got home we had over 8 tenths of an inch of rain.  We sure will be glad when the rain stops and the yard dries out, I think we are both ready to go out and do a little bit of yard work.  Well I am off to read a little after I lay down and then get a good nights sleep.  I am making an effort to get to bed a little earlier.


Bonnie was gone when I got up this morning, not to worry I expect her back latter today.  She is off to a whole day of scrapbooking until 10pm tonight.  She is all organized and hopes to finish or at least come close to finishing her Africa Scrapbook.

No rain since midnight but 3.4 inches this month so far.  I headed up to court for a couple hours.  I took a few minutes and cleaned out a couple of the small culverts that run under the driveway.

The water is flowing freely again.
However there is about 500 feet of ditch that really needs cleaned out.  Lots of leaves and small branches in there.  Well I think I will settle in and watch the Masters gold tournament for a while.

I looked out a while ago and its snowing, 36 degrees and snowing unbelievable.  Now lets go racing NASCAR from Texas.  Bonnie made it home around 10:30pm and the race ended just after 11 so we are off to sleep.  Bonnie said it was snowing again.


The roofs, decks, and the mulch around the bases of our trees are snow covered this morning but it is to be in the 50s today so lets hope this is the last of the snow.

We headed out to church and met Elizabeth and Alexus there.  Then we stopped at their house on the way home for a short visit before heading home.  Not much going on today.  We watched the start of a movie and then switched to another, Mirror Mirror.  Bonnie enjoyed it but I napped through most of it.  I did catch this guy, Varysburg Vick, our own local groundhog.  I think he was out back doing a snow dance again but I sent him on his way.

What nerve

Get going

Keep going till you are gone.
After the movie we watched the Masters and were happy to see Andy Scott win it, the first Australian to ever win the Masters.  They played in the rain all day long.

Well thats about it for this week.  Thanks for Checking In.  Hopefully this coming week will bring nicer weather.