Wednesday, January 29, 2014



Bonnie got up around 3am this morning but I did not hear her.  She was taking her sister to the hospital in Buffalo for a hip replacement they had to be there by 5:30am.  The weather was really nasty when I woke up snowing and blowing, looks like we got another 4 inches of snow.  First think I did was check my phone, using Find Friends and I could see that Bonnie was at the hospital, good news.  I texted her and the surgery started on time and was in progress.

Finally got word that the surgery was over and had gone well, Thankful for that.  I also had a text that Alexus's school was on 2 hour delay.  She has a regents exam today not sure how that will be impacted.  Checked and the bus is to pick her up at 11:20 to take her to the test.  Got a call from her at bus yet.  I suggested she call the school and see if the buses were running late.  She finally got hold of school and the bus was late.  Feel sorry for her having to stand out in the 12 degree weather with it being so windy.  The good news is that the snow stopped and the sun is out.  She texted at 11:40 that she just got picked up.

Well I heard the test went well, some schools were closed and they have missed the regents tests until June.  Elizabeth's water is still working so thats good.  I went out and cleared the driveway, pavers and the back deck.  Bonnie's sister is doing well after her surgery and so Bonnie came home after 3pm and laid down she will probably sleep all night.

Tomorrow is to be around zero with lots of wind, the wind chill warning says it will feel like it is -30. Left over pizza and wings for me tonight.  The house is warm but the walls are cold and I sit near a window and outside wall, so I put on the third layer tonight and I am toasty again.  I have about caught up on the DVR recordings so may watch some instructional you tubes or read a little.

Lots of schools closing already for tomorrow because of the super cold wind chills.


Below zero here at the house this morning -2 is what  the digital thermometer said.  Thats the coldest it has been so far.  Its up to 8 now and the sun has been out all day.  Its interesting to see all the well defined deer trails in the snow going from bush to to bush and all around them.

While Bonnie caught up on TV I started sorting last years paperwork to get it in order for the taxes.

Sorting the receipts
I also decided to go through the files and get rid of old records that no longer need to be kept.  So I made little pieces out of the sheets of paper, emptied the shredder many times.  I took a break and had some soup for lunch and then back to going through the files.

Got the files sorted now I am on a forced break as the shredder is to hot and has shut down to cool down.  I collected the trash and relaxed a bit, then went in and finished the shredding.  Hoping to get back to working on the taxes Thursday.

Bonnie fixed a nice ham and sweet potato supper.  Then I headed out for our small group meeting, picking Alexus up on the way.  Bonnie and Elizabeth had a mentoring meeting at church so they went there.

We all were home a little after nine and now are heading to bed as we get up at 6:30 to head in to Buffalo City Mission to volunteer again tomorrow.  Another cold night in store as it is already -1 out.


Second sub zero day in a row -7.  We were up at 6:30 and got ready and headed to downtown Buffalo after picking up Elizabeth.  When we are home we try to volunteer at Buffalo City Mission.  The weather was clear but the traffic was really backed up on the Thruway, turned out to be a car broke down in a traffic lane.  But we made it and got to work right away.  We had a good day and got a large stack of documents scanned.  We got to see Dave Kennedy, Bonnie has traveled with him to the Dominican Republic on a couple mission trips.  He is starting to help at the health clinic here at the mission.  After lunch I took Bonnie up to Buffalo General to visit with her sister, who is doing well and should be discharged tomorrow.

The weather was horrible downtown when we left.  we were headed to SAMS Club to do a little shopping.  Then we took the back roads to get home and we finally drove out of the snow around Elma, but it is windy enough to be drifting the snow across the road.  We dropped off Elizabeth and headed home.

Sure was good to get home, out of the cold and now I am relaxing in my recliner.  We had a great day and feel like we accomplished a lot.  Another sunny day here at the house and no new snow.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Deeper Freeze


Very cold still but the sun was out for a while.  I read today that Lake Erie is almost frozen over.  That will stop the Lake Effect Snow off Lake Erie and should stop a lot of the clouds so we may get more sun.  The sun has been blocked by the clouds again and it is snowing sometimes pretty hard.

The forecast looks like the temperature will be in the teens for highs for the next 10 days or more.  Hopefully the plumber is coming back to Elizabeth's tomorrow and is going to try again to fix her frozen shower.  Bonnie has gone to take her sister to the Dr. and then going to a sewing class with Alexus.  I have to head over for practice with the worship team. Until then I am catching up on the Discover channels Klondike.

I called about our propane today and they said the fill order had been issued and it would be filled the next time the truck was over this way.  Well I did not here the truck but he did come and fill the tank today so we should be good for another 4-6 weeks.  Then I headed out for practice with the worship team at church.  The roads were snow covered and it was still snowing.  Practice started late but I was home by a little after 10.  Elizabeth's landlord has the plumber coming to her house in the morning to hopefully get her water going again.  She said he is going to remove the tub surround and try to insulate the wall better.  So I will be headed to her house in the morning so she does not have to miss a day of work.

Well its midnight and 1 above zero, I am headed to get under the covers read a bit and then get some sleep.


I was up this morning ate, dressed and shower ready to go house sit at Elizabeth's while the plumber worked on her frozen shower.  Got a text at the last minute that he was running late and it would be closer to noon than 10am.  So I cleared off the deck and waited.  I also worked on the taxes some and we are trying to download a 1099 for Bonnie from a website that does not appear to be working.  So she will have to call about that.

Got the call a little after noon to head in to Elizabeths.  Looks like they are going to use some spray foam and also remove the tub surround to try to insulate.

Starting to remove the tub surround
 The first order of business was to remove the tub surround and insulate the pipes in the wall and add insulation to stop the air from moving through the wall.

Insulating done but still no water
There was one section of pipe below the floor that they could not get at.  It appears that is where the hot water pipe is frozen.  Then left for a while and Elizabeth was on her way home so I headed home.  They did return and extended the heat tape some and the water is flowing again.  Lets hope that it stays that way.  There is talk about moving the tub so that the pipes are not in the outside wall.  So the landlord has to make some decisions but for now the shower is working.

Tigger took it all in stride.
I had started a fire earlier and the cats and I enjoyed it.  Alexus got home and made us personal pizzas they were good.  The NWS posted Winter Storm Warnings and Wind Advisories for tomorrow.  Time will tell how bad it gets.  For tonight we are in for the evening and snuggled up in front of the TV.

The wind is already howling thru the trees as I head to bed, snow is starting soon.


Windy all night long again but just a dusting of snow.  After breakfast I headed up to pay the taxes and catch up on paperwork at court.  Lots of blowing snow and snow starting to drift on the road.  Back home finally a good day to stay off the roads.  I saw one accident and another poor soul changing a tire.  Our driveway needs cleaned out at the end by the highway from the plows.

Doorbell.  Turned out to be the FedEx man, he walked in from the road to drop off a package.

FedEx delivery
Turns out it was the Tervis tumblers I had ordered for Bonnie and I.

Eagle on one side, personalized on the other
The picture of the personalized side did not come out well.  They come with all kinds of designs and can be ordered at .  Our camping friends the Pitts had these at a campout and I have been wanting some ever since.  They also have a lifetime warranty.

Good news at Elizabeths the water is still working.  I also heard from my son in Alabama he just bought Tim Horton's K-Cups out there and is enjoying them.

It almost stopped snowing so I went out and cleared the driveway as it was especially bad at the end of the driveway where the plows push the the slush into the driveway off the road.  Only plugged the blower up once.  By the time I finished the snow stopped.  Wait a minute by the time I got in the house and warmed up it was snowing again.  And snowing hard a couple inches in an hour or so.  Oh well its dark I can't see it snowing now, out of sight out of mind.


Up early today and headed for church at 8am, I am volunteering in the booth today.  Bonnie went with me and sat in on the practice.  All went well and we had a very good service again.  Then we headed home.  I changed and went out and cleaned out the driveway of the 5 inches of snow.  A friend is coming to get wood today and he also is going to carry some up for Elizabeth.  Her and Bonnie have a 2-5 meeting at church and then the plan is to come here for pizza and wings.  Elizabeth will pick up her wood then.  Today was the coldest for me outside blowing snow off the driveway, thankfully it does not take that long with the driveway being paved.  So once again in the nice warm house, I got in just as Bonnie had to leave.  She had fixed a nice salad for my lunch.  So just catching up on things around here this afternoon.

The girls got here and loaded up the wood and then Bonnie came with the Pizza and Wings.

Lots of leftovers for this week

The wings were also very good
Now its time for a movie and then Downton Abbey.  Yes it's still snowing.  Bonnie is up at 3am in the morning to take her sister for hip replacement, please keep them in your prayers!

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Deep Freeze


Pretty dark out still when I woke up.  Not only is it overcast but its snowing and they say it will last until this afternoon.  The snow is still coming down pretty hard but it looks like the wind has left us.

Two PM and its still snowing.  I had to do something besides TV so headed out and cleaned about 5 inches off the back deck.  Still planning to clean the driveway before dark.

Well it snowed and snowed until after 4 and the whole time the temperature dropped.  It was around 16 when I went out and cleared the driveway of about 6 inches of snow.  Bonnie fixed supper while I was out and so we enjoyed that when I came back in.

That was about it for today.


Sunny this morning and very cold 5 above zero.  I headed up to work at court, some up there had sub-zero temperatures this morning.  Snow is in the news but for once it is not us, guess the east coast is getting a good dose of the white stuff.  Home for a short rest and then we are off to a small group study week 1 or 7 weeks.

We had a good study of Ecclesiastics with our new group.  It was -1 one on the way home and we soon headed for the warm bed when we got home.


Up early still dark out and its hovering around zero.  We dressed and headed to pick up Elizabeth on our way to volunteer at the mission.  Just a dusting of snow overnight so did not have to shovel.  As it got light the trees and the beauty of the snow draping them was revealed.  We had a good drive into the city and ran through a couple snow showers but no problems.  We had a good day and Bonnie and I made a lot of progress on our project.

The day passed quickly and we headed home.  I had an email this morning that it was time to read the electric meter again.  So we stopped and I headed up to the edge of the woods to read it.

Why oh why is my meter in the woods

Turns out we did not use all that much last month
So the electric bill will not be too bad, but the zooming cost of propane was all over the news tonight.  We have a price cap on ours this year and are due for a fill up in the next day or two.  Also good news the trash was picked up today on time for the first time in several weeks.

Looks like the deep freeze will continue for a week or two and Elizabeth just told me their shower is froze again.  I guess the insulating the plumber did was not in the right place.  Well I will get this posted and head off to bed.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Road Trip


So I was in bed early last night by about 10pm, like I said I have not been feeling well.  I read for a while and then went to sleep.  Did not wake up till almost 9am.  Guess I needed the sleep.  It was overcast for a while but now the sun is out.  Thinking I will go out and clean the driveway off so it can melt, but first to check the forecast to see if the sun will do all the work and I won't have to burn any expensive diesel.  Bonnie got up and made some pancakes using a Trim Healthy Momma recipe. They have oatmeal and cottage cheese in them and they were very good and filling.

I needed some exercise so I did go out and shovel the snow off the back deck.  Then I used the tractor to clean up the rest of the driveway and I grabbed the mail while I was out there.  The sun was out and it did melt the snow off some of the driveway.

Nice to see the sun for a while today
Did not do much the rest of the day.  Bonnie left to go and volunteer in the clinic at the Rural Outreach Center.

I made my own supper and waited for Bonnie to get home.  Spent the rest of the evening watching TV.


Sunny and cool this morning 1/2 inch of new snow overnight, not bad.  We both slept late this morning and then Bonnie started the wash and I put the dishes away out of the dishwasher.  I guess it was not an exhausting morning.  I am headed up to court, but listening to what the President has to say in his speech first.

After the speech I headed up to court for the rest of the afternoon.  When I got home Bonnie had already left to pickup Alexus and meet Elizabeth at JoAnn Fabrics to see about getting her sewing machine working.  Then they went out to eat and I heated up some leftovers for supper.

Early to bed tonight as we are headed to Lewisburg, PA tomorrow.


We were up early and headed to Java to pick up Bonnie's parents.  We had three inches of new snow and it was still snowing.  The roads were very slippery and we had trouble getting up the hill in front of the house after stopping to grab the papers.  We picked up Mom and Dad and took the back roads to Dansville to pick up the interstate.  It continued to snow and even the lanes on the interstate were snow covered.

We made it to Pennsylvania again.
Finally by the time we got to the Bath area the roads cleared up.  As we got closer to Lewisburg, PA, our destination, the sun came out and it was in the low 30's instead of the teens like back home.  We headed right over to visit Bonnie's Brother for a couple hours.

We had skipped lunch so we decided to eat at Applebee's before we checked into the Hampton Inn for the night.

Tortilla soup has become one of my favorites
Dinner was ok at Applebee's, Bonnie's Dad ate more than I have seen him eat in a couple years.  A huge BLT, with fries.  Then over to the Hampton Inn we checked in and had some of their fresh cookies for dessert.  Mom and Dad were in for the night and Bonnie and I visited with her brother for a while.

Back at the hotel we found the staff very friendly and nice.  The desk clerk even got me a glass of milk and a couple more cookies.  We watched a little TV and then got a good nights sleep.


We were up early again and saw that it had snowed some overnight and it was still snowing.  We all went down and had a very nice breakfast and relaxed a while.

Enjoying a nice breakfast
Then Dad and I visited and sat by the fireplace while Bonnie and her Mom went to say good by to her brother.

Waiting for the ladies to get back
Just after 11 we checked out of the rooms and headed for home.  The snow stopped and the roads were clear all the way back to Dansville.  Then on to the back roads again and the wind was blowing and lots of it was sticking to the roads and making for a tricky last 40 miles.

Glad to be home now.  It was nice to be able to use the NEST program to turn our heat up a couple hours before we got home, so the house was nice and warm when we got home.

It was a good trip and we sure are glad to be home.  The driveway is full of snow and the wind is howling so I will get to that tomorrow.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sunny, Overcast


Sunny and 40 degrees this Monday morning, time to open the garage and soak up some heat.  The weeks forecast looks mild so far nothing harsh.  We filled the sunflower bird feeder last week and the birds have found lots of activity out there.  We have been out of our "normal" routines since the holidays, hoping to get back down to the Mission this week.

It got up into the upper 40s this morning and Bonnie and I went out on the front porch and she lowered my ears and gave me a good haircut.  This is her second time cutting my hair.

Good Job
Well we ended up a little bored so browsed Amazon and LTD ordered some Crystal Light and a Crochet book for Bonnie.

It got up to 47 today but its too wet to do anything outside, so we had another TV day.


Overcast this morning we both slept in way too late.  Bonnie had to hurry a bit to get ready and head out to a Dr. appointment.  So much for the pancakes she had planned.  Oh well maybe for lunch.  Well not for lunch either.  But there is pork in the oven for supper.  All went well at the DR and Bonnie did a little shopping.

We did work on the taxes a little but still need to get our documentation and reports together.  Then we watched TV again.  Trash day is tomorrow so we collected the trash.

My annual audit of my books is tonight at the town hall so I am headed up for that.  The audit went fine.  It was pretty frosty out when I headed home, cold and damp.

Off to bed now busy day tomorrow.


Up early today and headed into Buffalo City Mission.  Bonnie stayed at Elizabeth's house to let the plumber in to work on keeping the pipes from freezing.  I continued my project of digitizing old records.  We had another inch of snow last night but the roads were clear and we had no problem.

I really have not felt up to par all day, so going to take it easy and post this.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Sunday, January 12, 2014

First the snow and now the rain


I was surprised to see about an inch of new snow when I got up this morning.  The sun was out and that seems to cheer me up these days.  After breakfast I headed over to Attica to work on some computers at a friends company.  I ran anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-adware programs and removed lots of issues.  The scans took hours to run so I spent most of the day over there, but we got the 7 year old machine running a little better.  We decided it needed replaced and so I am doing research on that now.

Bonnie had steak ready for supper, I lit the grill but the cold kept it from heating up properly.  After 24 minutes on the grill Bonnie finished cooking it on the stove.  That and a baked sweet potato made for a mighty good supper.  UPS finally made it to the house today and dropped off 4 boxes, I think I have an alarm clock again that works.  Slow day but I did get a lot done.  Still very cold 16 but it is to warm up overnight.


Boring day, sorry.  Warmer today just above freezing, but no sun.  It actually got darker as the day wore on.  I worked up at court and wrote a couple letters.  Bonnie went back to Warsaw to pick up some RXs.  No rain yet but the flood watches are in effect.  Thats about it for today.

Highlights of the day were the stuffed peppers Bonnie made for supper and receiving this picture.

One of our beautiful Granddaughters


Raining and warm this morning.  I had breakfast and headed up to court.  Yes you guessed it another boring day.  It rained off and on most of the day and very hard for a couple minutes when the front barreled through.  I did sweep out some of the garage and left the doors up to air out and warm up the garage some.

Bonnie went with a group of Thirty One consultants to prepare a meal at the Buffalo Ronald McDonald house.  I took it easy again and watched some basketball, Duke lost they fell apart at the end.  Then a movie and read a little.  At 3PM it was almost dark out.

Doesn't show how dark it was.
Lots of water was running through the back yard again and the snow is melting pretty fast.  Still a lot in the yard and the piles but the roads and driveway are all clear.  Bonnie made it home and made us salads.  Thats about it for today.


Back to a light dusting of snow this morning, still very overcast and dark.  Its right at freezing so we may have slippery roads on the way to church this morning.  Well the roads were icy but the main lanes seemed to be treated, so we had no problem.  Church was good and was the start of a church wide 7 week study on Ecclesiastes.

We had hamburgers for lunch and then watched a mixture of TV, football and movies.  Its been a pretty plain week so I will go ahead and post this.  Spring is coming and that means camping season in WNY.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Deep Freeze and a Blizzard


Well it was 44 at midnight last night now 22 hours later it is -2.  Its been quite a day weather wise.  As for us we pretty much just watched TV and I wrote out a couple checks and paid our campground membership dues by phone.

It has been snowing and blowing all day, I figure about 4 or 5 inches but most of it has blown away.  We lost power for about 40 minutes today, our generator kicked in and worked fine.  The DISH TV rebooted and we were back in business.  No internet but it came back as soon as NYSEG restored the power.

The NWS has been issuing warnings all day, winter storm, wind chill, and lake effect.  Then the big one around 5:30pm.  A Blizzard warning, the first one since 1993 and it is effect until Wednesday morning.  The Thruway was closed at 8pm along with the 400 and the 219.  All these are major interstate highways, I believe this is the first time they have ever all been closed for weather.
Our court along with most of the others in the area are all closed.  Now most schools are closed for tomorrow.

Well we will ride this out for tonight and check things out once it is light out again.  Stay warm out there.


Well its day light and it appears that the lake effect has drifted north.  I am pretty sure it will be back, but for now its pretty out.  Most of the wind is blocked by the hill but the tops of the trees are really blowing around.  You can see the trees have snow plastered almost completely around them.

I went out long enough to snap these pictures and clean snow off the DISH antenna, boy it is cold out still -2 out.  I plan to clear the back deck before we get more snow.  Forecast is still for a lot of snow later today.  Well it was so cold out that the recoil starter on the toro blower would not engage to start the engine.  Nothing left to do but bring it in the house to thaw.

A 30 minute thaw and she started
So after it thawed it started right up and I cleared off the back deck but boy is it cold.  I think I will wait on the driveway.  UPS notified me again that they would not be delivering today, maybe tomorrow if weather conditions allow.  Things are backing up, we still have trash that has not been picked up for over a week.  Looking ahead it looks like much better weather is coming our way.

Still 0 degrees out so stayed in and watched movies and the new TV shows.  Thats it for today, tomorrow we cleanup the snow I hope.


No new snow overnight and a little warmer up to 10 degrees.  It made it up to 12 and I went out and started the clean up.  We really were fortunate in this blizzard.  We only had about 6.5 inches of snow here while those around us got 18 inches or more.  This snow was a lot heavier than the last lake effect we got mostly because it was driven by the wind.  This snow was easy to blow and never plugged the blower.  It sure was cold out on the tractor but I worked up a sweat while I was shoveling and using the walk behind blower.  Bonnie shoveled the snow off the porch and I was glad to get back in the house and the warmth.  The sun was out today and that made it much easier to be outside.

Looking back at the house while finishing the driveway

Even the small icicles have snow plastered on them

Nice to see the shadows, blue skies and the sun
TV and quick naps took up most of the rest of the day.  Still waiting on a couple shipments from UPS that have been delayed by the weather.  Also the trash was not picked up last week and we just got word it will be late this week.  Thats about it for today so I will get this posted.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014......Ready, Set, Go


Well the New Year is off to a quick start as far as snow goes.  It picked right where 2013 left off.  It was snowing still when I got up this morning, and the wind was blowing up a storm.  We had 6 degrees and by late morning we got up to 10 out of single digits.  I blew the snow off the back deck hoping it would stop snowing.  No such luck.

It snowed all day and after lunch I got bundled up and headed down to Varysburg to get diesel and gas for the tractor and snow blowers.  The road out front was in pretty bad shape and it was snowing and blowing hard.  When I got to the bottom of the hill a deputy had the road blocked stopping traffic.  They also had traffic stopped over at Byrncliff so that the plows could try to clear the road and get some salt and grit spread.  The salt is not doing much at these temperatures.  Anyway by the time I got my fuel the traffic was moving up the hill again and I had no trouble getting home.  The driveway has about 8 or 9 inches of snow in it.  The CR-V had no trouble getting in or out.

Just before I went out I heard from my sister that my niece was in labor.  Shortly after I came back in we got an email that we had a new grand niece,  Charlotte (Charlie) Anne, congratulations to her parents.

Charlie with her dad
So my sister is a grandma again, and boy is she thrilled.  I was supposed to have practice with the worship team tonight but they canceled, the roads and snow were pretty bad and its down to 2 degrees now.  So I headed out to clean the driveway, I like to keep it clear if I can just in case of an emergency.  The clearing went smoothly and only took me about an hour.  There was not much traffic out on the road so I was able to work pretty quickly out by the road.  I still have a lot to clear around the pavers and edges but that can be done during the day tomorrow.   Hoping now to watch the Sugar Bowl.  Oh no Alabama is way down at the half.  Well I made it to the end of the game, sorry to see Alabama lose big time.  Off to bed.


Well it is cold this morning some are posting temps down to -5 but the lowest our thermometer recorded was .2.  Its still windy so I am sure it cuts right through you.  Nice thing is that the sun has been in and out of the clouds so that brightens up the day.  I am headed out to start the clean up, the back deck first.

The deck did not take long.  The Toro snow blower started right up but ran fast for a while and finally warmed up to were it ran the way it should.

2-3 inches on the deck where it is covered
I shoveled some and used the blower on the covered part of the deck to clear it.  Then moved around back and cleared off the back deck.

Clear again till the next snow
The woods are really pretty with the sun shinning, bit it is really cold, the snow is crunchy under foot.

Some how asked how we keep warm outside.  Layers lots of layers.  Today I had on 2 layers of pants, 5 layers on my upper body, t on my head and 2 on my hands.  With the shoveling etc I was toasty.

A good Carhart coat from my DD

Carhart Bibs from my DW

Hoodies are good here in the winter

Polypro gloves inside thinsulite mittens, a tight fit

LLBean boots with thick felt liners

Finally a good face mask
Once I finished with the tractor I shoveled and used a walk behind blower to clean up around the pavers, I should have taken off some of the clothes as I was soaked when I came in.  I changed into try clothes and Bonnie made me some hot tomato soup and a ham sandwich, really hit the spot.  Just having trouble keeping my eyes open.

While I was out I did blow back some to the piled up snow, thats what we do on a day with no new snow.

We keep making room for the next snow
 The NWS has already issued a watch for the next round of Lake Effect starting on Monday.  When will the Lake freeze over?

Even at 5 degrees the sun does its job

Easy to see where the deer are going to eat
One of the may deer trails through the yard.  We have only seen a few out and about lately.  We usually see a lot, must be eating else where this year.  Maybe I should take a short nap.

Well I got my nap and then headed for church for a seminar.  It is beautiful out, no clouds lots of stars and a new crescent moon.  I saw -4 on the car thermometer most of the way, the snow sparkles at those temperatures and crunches.  The snow is really dry and not real slippery like it is at higher temps.  The heater ran full blast all the way home and the car never got too hot, just comfortable.  Well I have an early morning so off to get some sleep.


My alarm did not go off again today, so I was up and out the door a few minutes later.  On my way to the men's breakfast at church.  It had warmed up to 15 overnight.  We had about 90 show up.  I went straight from there to court.  Spent over 2 hours up there on paperwork and the monthly report.

I left there and went home and picked up Bonnie, then back to church for the seminar on Israel.  I was working in the tech booth alone so needed to get there early.  I had a few surprises there but everything worked out well.

We left there and went to Elizabeths for a bite to eat before the evening session.  They had been to our house to get a load of wood and had raided the freezer for a pizza also.  There shower is froze up so we tried blowing warm air at it but still no water.  Then it was back to church for the evening session and I worked in the booth again.

Finally home and relaxing a little.  Also need to order a new clock radio.  Then off to bed.


Up early again this morning to get ready for church.  I was working in booth so had to be there early. Once again we had a good service on the Salt Covenant.

We headed straight home and have no plans for the rest of the day.

The driveway is slowly appearing

The big blower is also thawing out

Topper off the windshield washer fluid
We got numerous calls as the kids are out shopping and we had to look up things on the internet.  Then they called and said they were coming to watch a movie and I suggested getting pizza and wings.

So now the winter storm warnings and wind warnings are coming in on the computer so looks like it will be and interesting few days.  Well back to movie after I get this posted.  BTW it is still 36 here after dark, stay tuned the cold is on the way.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year


Yesterdays mild weather was in the 40's, rain and lots of the snow melted.  Today it is snowing again 3-5 forecast and right now its 16 degrees.  They say we are headed for single digits.

Bonnie was up and out of the house early today, headed with Elizabeth for Hobby Lobby to see what they could get at the 80% off Christmas sale.

Last night I was looking on ebay for another good deal on a NEST thermostat.  I did not find that but I noticed on our assistant pastors ebay store that an auction on a Sea Eagle 370 Kayak was about to close.  The price was still very low.  So I ran it buy Bonnie and she gave me a number to bid.  Long story short, we won for $20 less than our max bid.  So Bonnie picked it up at the warehouse today.  I will try to get a picture if we inflate it.  It will be a nice addition to take with us in the Coach when we travel.

Busy night at court tonight and all went smoothly.  Very cold and windy up on the hill but still in the teens, better than the single digits.  Nothing else new to report on today, so I am headed to bed.


Snowing hard when I got up this morning and continued most of the day.  Turns out a lot of the snow was just blowing around as we only ended up with around 4 1/2 inches.  I had to go up to court and to the bank and the roads were icy and slick.  The plows could not keep up with the blowing snow.  I was glad to get back home and stay in for the rest of the day.  We are watching movies and looking forward to the New Year.

On the way back from the bank in Sheldon
View through the window after the wipers were off 30 seconds
This is the first lake effect we have had this year with lots of wind, what a difference.  We did get a few FaceTime calls from our granddaughters today and we enjoy them, they usually end unexpectedly when Reagan hits the wrong button.

It finally stopped snowing at least for a while after 3 and I cleared off the back deck.  Now back to the movies.


2013 is in the books and 2014 brings us 365 days to write our own history and make a difference in this world.

Just a trace of new snow overnight and 11 degrees this morning.  We ended December with 90.5 inches of snow, counting the end of November.  All but the latest 5 inches had melted so we are really in pretty good shape.  Watching a few of the recorded specials from last night and then bundling up to go out and clear the driveway and pavers.  Bonnie's parents and sister are coming over later and I need to get the snow cleared.  Hey the sun just came out, it would be great if it stays out but there are a lot of clouds around.

Well the sun hung around a little while but did not help much with melting any snow.  I headed out and cleared away the snow.

Getting started on the driveway
It sure was cold out but I was done in under an hour and after spreading a little salt I headed in to get warm and have lunch.

Bonnie's sister and our nephew came shortly afterward and her parents were not far behind.  We watched a little TV and then a movie.  Donna worked on a rug project.

Donna, her rug, and Dad Maynard
Got an email from a friend that helped cut and split some wood this year and he came over and got a trailer full.  Bonnie served up her turkey and rice for supper and it was a big hit.  Mom Maynard had brought Grasshopper pie for desert and it sure was good.  Just before dark the snow started again and Bonnie's folks headed home.

We have had a blessed year and are looking forward to the coming year.  We hope to travel more and to try some new things.  To that end I have decided to retire from public service after over 45 years of service to our country and community.  I will be leaving my judicial duties the end of March.  That will leave us free to travel and volunteer when ever we need to.  We still have our health and have watched to many others wait too long to follow their dreams.  Stay tuned for our adventures.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"