Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Busy at a Conference


Up at 7, Breakfast at 8, Seminars started at 845
Annual Meeting and Elections at 4:30
Dinner at 7:00pm back in the room at 8:30
Now its Bob Time, tomorrow is a longer day.


Another long day with lots of good information that I can use.
Up at 7 and off to breakfast and then training all day until after 5 again.  Now time to get ready for the installation dinner and another keynote speaker.  I am missing having dinner with my classmates tonight, think I would enjoy that a lot more.  But its the last night here.

Got good news online FEDEX says they delivered 3 packages of the parts I need to tow the CRV behind the MH this afternoon.  So hopefully I can get started on that soon.

Just past 9:30pm and I just got back from the dinner.  No one spoke for a long time but there were a number of speakers.  Now a little TV and then bed.  Heading home in the morning after breakfast.


Must have rain during the night its all wet outside, but the sky is clearing.  I had breakfast and then packed and checked out.

I drove home in the sunshine and had lots of packages waiting for me.

Brake system for the Toad (CR-V)

Brake, Base Plate, Lights, receiver, and floor mats

Lights and Locks
Well the sun did not last long, it was raining by the time I ate lunch.  So I read over instructions and made lists of what I need to pickup since it continued to rain all afternoon.  Hoping to start on the installation later this week.

Well the weather man says the rain has passed us, Bonnie is not home yet, she went grocery shopping so as we have nothing planned tonight I am going to post this.  Hope to have more pictures of the install on the Honda and MH.

Have a great night and Thanks for Checking in.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just another Thursday, Caught a Virus Friday


Storms rolled through here last night and woke me a time or two.  I was in bed early last night and up about the time Bonnie left for work.  I did a few domestic duties around the house and caught up on a couple podcasts and blogs.

I did a little research and then called EZ-Pass.  It seems that you can get your account coded so that the RV pays the same rate as a car.  So I wrote a letter and faxed that and a copy of the RV registration so we will see what happens.  I cleaned up the garage a little and read the electric meter, then emailed that to NYSEG.

Bonnie got home after shopping and started on supper.  She had picked up a couple gallons of distilled water for me, so I topped off the water in the MH batteries and mixed up some engine coolant 50/50 and added a gallon to the reservoir on the MH.  It was a little low and yesterday I lost what was in the filter when I changed it.  So thats a couple more things checked off the list.

We watched a little TV and then Bonnie headed for bed.  Now its that time for me too.


Started out today as normal day.  Then when I tried to back up Quicken my computer started to act up.  To make a long story short, I caught a nasty virus on the windows computer.  I run MicroSoft Security Essentials but somehow it got through.  It appeared that I had a bad driver or corrupted file.  After hours of research and rebooting the computer I found the info I needed.  Downloaded a program and it found and removed the virus.  So it appears I am back to normal.  I do not use that computer for much but I do run quicken on it and some map programs, so it is important.

I read last night that you can now download ebooks from libraries to the Kindle.  So I gave it a try.  I had forgot my PIN for my library card so I had to call and get it reset.  But then it was easy, I got a book and I also downloaded Animal Farm as an audible book and started listening to it today in the car.  If you have a Kindle check it out.

I worked at court for about 4 hours today and then picked up Alexus and she went with me as I got a Flu shot at the local CVS Pharmacy, it was quick and easy and my insurance paid for the whole thing.  I took her back home and stayed with her until the contractors left.  They are redoing the bathroom, it needs lots of work.

Then home for supper.  Bonnie went in to give Alexus a ride to church as Elizabeth had taken medication and shouldn't drive.  I lost most of the evening working on the computer virus.  So now I am ready for bed also.


Pretty overcast this morning but no rain, thats good.  Took my time with breakfast and reading email.  Then headed out to court.  Bonnie was busy when I left.

Stopped to take a picture of the the air fitting on the back of the air can on the MH brakes, this is where the Air Force One brake system for towing will tie into the brake system.
Air cans for the brakes
Spent a couple hours at court and then came home to help Bonnie put up some shelves.

Freshly hung
And a hanger for the broom and mop.

In the stairway
We watched a couple shows on the DVR, then I went out to wash the car.  Bonnie watched a show I had seen and did some more cleaning.  Then some more TV time.

Thats about is for Saturday.


Up early and got ready for church.  Good to see everyone even though we only missed one week.

After church I packed and headed for the State Magistrates Conference up here in Niagara Falls.  Its a good conference and I am looking forward to it.  I will be busy from about 8 in the morning until 8 at night.  We have lots of training, our annual meeting and elections, and then each evening a semi formal dinner with a keynote speaker.  So there will not be much to write about but I will try to make a post on Wednesday.

Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time in the Woods


Well I have to admit I turned the heat on yesterday afternoon, let the heating season begin.
Nice morning and early afternoon today.  I spent the day in the woods with one of the guys I used to work with at the 911 Center.  We cut and blocked up 4 truck loads of wood, he has already hauled them home and we plan to get more before winter.  We worked until about 3 when it started to rain.  So I came in showered and am catching up on podcasts.  Looks like IOS 5 should be released by the middle of October.


Looks like it rained all night but just a gentle rain and forecast to rain off and on all day.  Lots to do today, work at court, go to the bank, pick up dry cleaning, weigh in at WW, and disconnect and move Elizabeth's washer and dryer so they can completely redo her bathroom.
Well we got everything done but we did have a bit of an incident.  While moving the dryer it slipped and tore off Elizabeths toe nail.  Plus they are at Mercy Hospital now getting xrays to see if her toe is broken.  Alexus has gone to bed and I am keeping watch waiting for them to get home.  More news in the morning.


Well we got home at 4AM this morning.  They sewed Elizabeths toenail back on and said they did not see a fracture.  But she has to go see the Orthopedic Surgeon today.  So we jumped in bed to get some sleep.  Bonnie got up after about 4 hours and headed to work, I got up as she left.  I'm pretty tired and I know Bonnie is.

After breakfast I headed out to work on the MH.  I moved it up near the garage and took some pictures underneath it of the filters etc.  My goal was to change the coolant filter and maybe the fuel filters.  Laying under the coach the filters are just out of reach but I did manage to get the filter loose.

The white one is the coolant filter its about the size of a regular oil filter.  The black is the huge oil filter.
I had to reach straight up but got my hand on it to loosen it.  Of course I ended up getting a shower of anti freeze, which made me drop the filter, which of course hit me on the side of the face, no injury.  I cleaned up and got the new filter installed.  Then ran the generator and put some rivets and screws in the fuel tank door that had come loose again.

Headed in for some lunch after that and catch up on email.  Then back outside and jumped on the lawn tractor.  I cut all the grass while I listened to podcasts.  There are already a lot of leaves down on the ground so I brought all the pieces and parts for the lawn vacuum up to the garage.  I put gas in the engine and it started right up.  A few more things to put together and it will be ready of go to work.  Last year I picked up over 1200 bushel of leaves in October.  Came in and got a shower and tried to relax.

While I worked on the MH today I looked it over to see where the supplemental brake system will hook and I think I have it figured out.  It looks like it will tie in the area of this device.
Treadle Valve
So I got online and ordered all the parts I think we need to set up the car for towing.  Within an hour I got an email that it had all shipped.  Wow is quick and they had the best prices, hope they shipped all the right stuff.  It may even be here in time for us to take the car to Pennsylvania on our last campout of the season.

Bonnie finally got home just after 7 and is relaxing a bit and calling back some family then off to bed for her.  I hope to get a good nights sleep also.  She just talked to her sister and found out that she fell at work yesterday and was at the MAC Center last night, Elizabeth almost went there.  Then today they were both at the same DR office, different Drs and different times.

Well catching up on some TV waiting for the rain to start.

Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cool weather arrives just in time for the Region One Rally


In the low 40s this morning and about a quarter inch of rain.  Since it was wet I worked on the computer most of the morning.  Went out and got the mail and finally after almost 2 months the check from the warranty company for the repairs is here.  Now I can appeal the items they did not pay for.  Still waiting on the check for the Food, lodging, and rental car.

I left this afternoon to deposit the check in the bank, then drop off some dry cleaning.  Got to the cleaners and the sign on the door said back at 2:15 went to bank.  Well it was 3:05 maybe they meant 3:15.  Well at 3:50 I went back to the other end of town and dropped off my suits at one of the other cleaners.  Then I remembered I needed a battery for one of the sensors on the tire pressure monitoring system.  Went to radio Shack, wow $6.51.  Guess this winter I will order some on the internet for $.99 plus shipping.

Tonight we are off to the caucus to see if I get re-nominated for Town Justice for another 4 years.  Tomorrow morning I leave in the MH for the Region 1 Rally and Bonnie will come up after work.

Went to the caucus and was nominated to run again, so far unopposed.  Its down to 43 already so it will be another cool night.


Kind of dark when I got up this morning but soon the sun was out.  I put the last of the food and clothes in the tubs and loaded up the MH.  Unhooked the electric cord and started for the Rally site in Byron, NY.

First stop was at the Flying J, last time I got fuel was July 27th in Kentucky, I was due.  Just over 53 gallons.   Then I managed to punch in the wrong address in the GPS and ended up on Town Line Road instead of Townline Road.  Had to find a good place to turn the beast around.  I did get to see a lot of cabbage being harvested on my little side trip.  Got to Southwoods and one of the guys helped me move a table and back into the site.  Then I hooked up and leveled the MH.  Relaxed a bit and heated up some lunch.  Looked out as I was eating and there were the Hanson's stacking up some firewood.
Thanks for the wood

Soon the Pause's showed up for the day

Thats us on the left, nice sites on the rally circle
We left at 4:30 to go into Batavia for dinner at Southbeach.  Bonnie worked until 4:00pm so she met us there and got there at the same time we did.   I had a delicious Cubano Sandwich and Bonnie had a steak, both very good.

Then back to camp just in time for the brown bag auction.  You bid on the bag not knowing what is in it.  We ended up with three bags, all pretty nice stuff.

Lots of bags

Craig did a great job as auctioneer

Carolyn was happy with her win

Scott could not wait to see what Bob won

  Then it was time for the ice cream social and some more gabbing.
The prettiest ice cream server

John was happy with the hat he won

 Then back to the MH and Bonnie went to read and sleep and I sat out by the fire with a few hearty souls as it was cool (read that as cold).  Now in the warm coach, my new electric heater is doing a good job.  Thats it for today, WiFi is slow here so will post this on Sunday night.


In the low 60s in the MH this morning and 44 outside, but the furnace took care of that pretty well.  We did get up in time for breakfast.  Eggs, sausage, pancakes, juice and coffee, nice and hot and delicious.

The guys flipped a lot of pancakes, they sure were good
Then some free time I worked on the Fuel tank door that the screw fell out of, only took a few minutes.  Then Bonnie and I took a drive into and tour of the Byron area that did not take long either.  Back to the MH, Bonnie took a nap and I chatted with some of the guys.  Too full for lunch.

We had signed up for bean bag baseball.  There were four teams and we had a great time.
The ball field

Joni gets a hit

Bob looks serious

Bonnie hits a home run!

The fans were held spell bound
We won both our games and our team was the winner!

By then it was 3 in the afternoon and time for social hour.  That passed quickly and before we knew it dinner was ready and we had Clores BBQ Chicken.  We had just under 50 units show up Motor Homes, Fifth Wheels, and Travel Trailers.

After a good dinner Bill G the magician performed and he was very good and funny, we all had a great time.

Bill Gormont
He had the Art and Donna reading each others minds
After the show it was time to retire the flags and officially close the rally.
Add caption

Then they gave away a lot of door prizes and our normal luck held and we did not win a one.

Lots of door prizes
Its pretty cool out and Bonnie is watching a little TV and I am headed out to the fire.  Came in just after 11:00 and fell asleep fast.


Slept in a little this morning.  I got dressed and walked over to get some coffee.  I picked up an apple fritter for me and a bagel for Bonnie.  She slept in until around 8:30 and then we went outside to say good bye to those that were already leaving.  At 10:00 we attended the Sunday Service that the campground puts on and that was nice.  We packed up then and headed home.  I almost left with the electric hooked up but Craig caught me.  I went to dump the tanks and Bonnie headed for BJ's to pick up some groceries.  I was home by just after noon and Bonnie shortly after that.  The MH is unloaded for this trip and waiting to see if the water goes down at Hammond Lake so we can head down there in October.

Time now to watch the Bills game and see if it dries out so NASCAR can run in the Chicago area.

Its been a busy week but a great week and we enjoyed meeting lots of new folks from New England and Canada, safe travels all.

Thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Car and washed out driveway


First thing this morning I heard from our salesman that the new CR-V came in last night.  We have a 7pm appointment to pick it up.

I also noticed on the rain gauge that while we were gone yesterday we got 1.38in of rain, wow.  When I went down into Varysburg to get some fuel for the mower I noticed how much the front of the driveway washed out again. So I called the State DOT since it is the water that runs off the road.  Almost every year they bring some stone or millings for the front of the driveway.
Washout from the rain yesterday

From the water running off the highway
Once I got home I started the MH to check it out for the trip Friday and I had an alarm on the tire pressure monitor, but its only a low battery in a sensor so that should be an easy fix.

Took a ride in the woods to see how they did in the storm, another tree across the road.
At least its just the top
I jumped on the mower and cut all of the grass that needed it, soon will be time to start picking up leaves they are already falling.  I usually start that in the first week of October and that is coming quick.

Bonnie got home just about the time the cube steaks were done on the grill, so that worked out well.  She got the car cleaned out and I zeroed out the garage door opener and Navigation system, also remembered the EzPass.

Then after supper we headed in to the Honda dealer
Turned in the old
So long Subaru
Signed the paper work.
Notice Chris the salesman is smiling
and Picked up the new
Hello Honda
I did get a new hat
Thanks Chris notice it matches the car!
We made a quick stop at Elizabeths to show them the car and then home.  Another busy but Great Day and the Harvest Moon is now high in the sky.


Beautiful day.  I had an early meeting at court to work on a grant to redo the leaking brick walls in the court room.  We submitted the grant now to wait and see if we are awarded any money to pay for the repair that is being done now.

Very windy today and by the time I got home I only had a couple hours until Bonnie would be home and we head to WW.  So I got on the phone and worked on canceling our Subaru Extended Warranty, ended up doing it all by FAX so now to wait and see what happens,  expecting to get some money back but not a whole lot.

WW went well as I lost a little.  Then supper at Elizabeth's and I put up a broom holder and replaced the light in the stairway to the basement.  Then home and finally bed.


Its a beautiful cool sunny day, I am headed out to clean the MH windows and check things over getting ready for the trip to the Region 1 Rally in Byron, NY.  Then to the woods after lunch to clean up that tree across the road, I think I can just move it.  Clean a small log that is about to block a sluice pipe under our woods road, and maybe pull out a log or two.

No logs pulled out but a lot was done.  I cleared lots of branches and broken limbs off the roads.  Cleaned out the creek above the sluice pipe and made mental note of trees that need cut.  I also was able to push a broke off maple tree that has been hung up for a couple years.

Before I went to the woods I cleaned the front windshield on the MH its ready to go now.
Nice and shiny windows now
While I was cleaning the windows the state showed up and spread millings out at the front of the driveway.
They did a nice job and came back after these pictures and raked it and packed it down.
I don't think I mentioned that Matt brought over a trailer and we have self serve vegetables out front now, later it will be pumpkins.

I also cut a little grass today and cleaned out the storage shed.  I also put out mouse poison as they will be moving in again with the cool weather starting.

Time flew by today it is already 3:30pm, again no nap today.  I want to call and thank the DOT for the millings out front and send a couple emails.

Bonnie went grocery shopping after work today so supper was a little late.  Then we caught up on recorded programs.  Thats about it for today, time to get this posted.

Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lots of Projects and a birthday


Overcast again today but no rain.  Took my time this morning as I had a long day yesterday and today is more of the same.

I did you out and took a good look at the tow bar I bought yesterday.  After reading the book I did the little bit of preventative maintenance that the book called for, mainly greasing it.

I checked out the wiring harness Bob R game me yesterday and it is exactly what I need to hook into the MH wiring, thanks again Bob.

Perfect wiring harness
I also sorted out the screws and hardware I have been collecting for in the MH.  In checking the storage bays it looks like the mice are getting in again.  So I set a trap maybe I will catch it soon.

Then back in to do a little more research on towing.  Heated up a little dinner as Bonnie was not home yet. She got home from shopping just as I was leaving for the Magistrates meeting.  Now its just after midnight and time to get some sleep.

P.S. I just checked my account at the warranty company they have finally issued the check for my breakdown in July.  Not bad only about 2 months.


Up early and started the laundry.  I had my normal leisurely oatmeal breakfast.  Then headed for Warsaw to Montgomery's Building Supply for some wood and screws.
Back home I started a new project.
Here is how it started
A relatively simple project I got started making the cuts and started to screw it together.  Then I still had some time so I decided to paint on the primer coat.  And here is it ready for the final coat.

The top is siding on screws so I could paint it.
It is a bed platform for Alexus.  Because of the the sloped roof in her bedroom she can not use a head board.  So tomorrow is her birthday and it will be a surprise.  Bonnie wants her to paint it what ever color she wants.  Thats about it for today, just waiting for the check to show up from the warranty company.


Happy Birthday Alexus, have a super day.  Wow Bonnie was up before me, I got up to see what the noise in the house was and she was in the kitchen.  No telling what today holds now.  I plan to head up to court soon and then we have to be in for the birthday celebration at 2:00pm.  First it was 5 then 3 now 2, so I better getting moving.

Happy Birthday

All decorated

The birthday girl and her new phone

John working on his special shrimp

Plate of some great tasting shrimp

She likes her present

She likes her Skillet shirt
We had a good time celebrating with family and friends.  Then I took Alexus to West Seneca for an evening with her youth group playing kickball and other games.

Then home and caught the end of the Nascar race.  Now time for some shut eye, tomorrow is another busy day.


After church today we had a quick lunch.

Then we headed for Bath about 70 miles to the south, for a Patriotic Concert with a 100 voice choir and Denver and the Mile High Orchestra.  It was a very moving tribute in remembrance of the 10 year anniversary attack on America and the world trade center.  We really enjoyed it and it was very well done. We did not get home until after 7 and so are eating a late dinner and watching a little TV.

Hey how about those Buffalo Bills  won one 41-7.

Have a great week and Thanks for Checking in.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day


We had some rain over night but it was not raining this morning.  We watched a little TV this morning and Bonnie made her short cake to take with peaches to the Maynard Family Reunion.  We always have it on Labor Day over on the Family Farm in an area we call the campground.  Bonnie's brother owns that part of the farm now.  We had a few showers and it was cool but we had a great turn out and a good time seeing everyone.  Here are a few pictures.

Mom and Dad arrive via Gator

Bonnie's oldest brother Alan and Mom

Brian the youngest brother and now owner of this part of the farm, that makes him the host

Part of the more than 50 that showed up, and we still had food left over

Dad (Otis) in the red and his brother Bob

Dean, Alan, and Brian all three of Bonnie's brothers
 After a great afternoon we headed up to Carol's for a hair cut.  We also got a tour of her new heating plant and almost complete new duct work.

The new Lennox furnace
Got home a little after 6 and after Bonnie cleaned up her new roll top desk I put it together and it is all set up in its new home.

Bonnie's desk
Thats about it for a busy holiday, it was great to be around family today.


Tried to sleep in but was up at 8am.  Hoped to get on the road but did not leave the house till 10:30.  I did run vinegar through the coffee pot to de-scale it, it is much quieter now when it heats.  Then I took a ride out to Caledonia RV to check prices for towing components as we plan to tow the new CR-V behind the MH.  They seem nice out there and their prices are in line with everyone else.  I stopped at camping friends in Batavia to see if I could verify if the connector I found is the trailer plug and it looks like it is.  But then I got an email from Monaco parts and they showed a different connector.
And of course they want 70 bucks for it.  I called around about a couple used tow bars and plan to go look at the most promising one tomorrow.
I got my next months morning pills all put into dispensers so I am set there.

Then it was off to WW, bad week I gained a little of course I also have switched from shorts to a pair of jeans, yea that must be it.  It could have not been all the good food and desserts I had at the reunion yesterday.

Now Alexus and I are watching Cat in the Hat.  Was a little wet today but they have already issued flood warnings for tomorrow as we get lots of rain from the remains of the tropical storm.


A little wet this morning but no real amount of rain yet.  Its been a pretty lazy morning so far but I have a long day so am taking it easy since it is wet outside.
I am going up north about 50 miles to look at a tow bar, then Bob from our camping club thinks he has the connector I need and then I have several hours of training for court.  So once I leave I will not be home until around 9pm.

Well it has been a good day.  I was given the connector and wiring I need for the MH, thanks Bob, it will fit perfectly.  Then I was able to buy a used tow bar at a really good price, along with covers, safety cables,  electrical cables (2) and spare towing adapters (2 sets) for about 20% of what just a new tow bar costs.
Found a good deal
After I picked up all of that I went to a few hours of training on court security and finally got home a little after 9.  Now its time to post this and hit the hay, its almost tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in.