Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last week for this project

The guys were here a lot early than they thought they would be.  Almost caught me in the shower.  Today was mostly painting and a little trim work.  Here are a couple photos.

Bill paints the new back door.

Jeff primes the basement exit

The stairs get painted

Doing the dishes (actually the paint brushes)
I got some of the branches trimmed in the driveway and if all goes as planned I will bring the motorhome here tomorrow.  Now its off to court.  It was raining when I left and its raining now.  The rain gauge shows almost 3/4 of an inch in the last 6 hours.  The motorhome is sitting outside now in all the rain waiting for me to pick it up so it should be all rinsed off by morning.

The rain gauge showed .81 in of rain by midnight last night and none over night.  It rained hard several times today but not for long .04 in the gauge, looks like slow and steady wins the race.
Mark, a friend of ours picked me up at 7:30 this morning and gave me a ride to pickup the Motor Home on his way to work, Thanks Mark.  So the coach is home now and it did not rain while I was on the road.
Parked in its spot and ready for a good cleaning inside and out.
It ran fine on the way home and all the systems I had time to test while driving seemed to work fine.
I added a quart or so of water to the batteries latter in the day so they will be good for a while.  So after 154 days in storage I finally have it home.
They guys were here painting when I backed in and finished most of the painting and final trim early this afternoon.  They will be back in the morning to touch up a little and do what needs done.  Bill emailed me and the doors for the media center are not in yet so that will not be done yet.
We went in to WW and I lost again so am doing good.  Now I am with Alexus and she is writing a story.  I called earlier today and made arrangements to get my tires put on Thursday afternoon so we should be good to go after that.
Looks like another round of rainy weather for tomorrow, but nothing like the middle of the country has been getting.

Bill came this morning and put the second coat on the front door and a little touch up.  I think they are done except for the Doors on the media cabinet.  Twelve doors, he still waiting for them to come in and then be painted, door pulls installed and then put them in place.
I checked this morning and the balancing beads for my new tires are in so I am all set for tomorrow to get the new tires on the MH.  I also called to get the final bill on the carpet and laminate.
Its a nice sunny morning but another cold front is on the way so I will try to get some outside things accomplished this morning.  The NWS has now posted Tornado warnings for this evening so looks like we are in for some rough weather.
I was able to clean some in the basement today now that the guys are done.  Then I put the lattice I had taken down to fix the down spout.  I also move some of the stuff to the MH.  I started cleaning it, seems a couple mice must have gotten into it.  The shop vac took care of the nuts etc they had dragged in.  I also tried out a new used vacuum Bonnie had bought for in the MH it seems to work ok.
I got our flag pole put up and Old Glory and the Navy Flag up.

Now for an evening of watching the weather and waiting for Bonnie to get home.
First round of storms went through .28 in. in just a few minutes, more to come over night.

I will get this posted.
Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not Done This Week, The Project Continues

Bill and Jeff were here early this morning to help move furniture and Jeff wanted the carpet and pad so they took it up and hauled it away.  They also screwed down the floor where it squeaked and put a second coat of mud on the basement door.  Bill also put the sides on the laundry cabinet.  The guys from Attica Furniture showed up on time just before 11.  They went right to work.  Put down a second row of tack strip, then the padding, then the carpet.  They were done by 4pm and headed home.  They did a nice job and were quiet about doing it.  They took all their scraps and will be back on Tuesday to do the other bedroom and finish.  I took some pictures but somehow they got erased.  When Bonnie got home she helped move some of the stuff back in and we got the bedroom set up and some of the living room.
The new carpet in the living room, still waiting for the cabinet doors to come in.
I am feeling a little better tonight but boy am I beat.  Bill has our new rear door and plans to put that in tomorrow after he finishes up at the Pastor's house.  There was a little snow again today but it did not stick.  Come on warm weather.

Had to get up and take some NyQuil again last night to stop the dripping in my throat.  Bill and Jeff were here about 11 this morning after working at the pastor's house.  They brought the new back door for the the laundry room.  Bill put the final coat of mud on the basement door, Jeff removed and prepped for the new door.  Then they both put in the new door.  Then Jeff primed the cellar steps and Bill trimmed the door and put in some other missing trim strips.  Then they finished up the laundry cabinet.  In the middle of this Ted called and asked if they could come and put in the bedroom carpet.  I said when and he said in an hour.  I checked with Bill and he said sure.  So we cleaned out the bedroom furniture and clothes out of the closet.  The carpet guys showed up about 2 and should finish between 4 and 4:30.  Hopefully they will help move stuff back into the bedroom.  Bonnie will be surprised since we were expecting them not to come back until Tuesday.
Old door is out, prep work for the new door.

Surprise the carpet is done in the second bedroom.

In comes the furnature

Tonight we are taking meatloaf to Elizabeths and then going to her church for the Good Friday service.
I will be glad when things slow down.  The church service was good.  Raining now, time for bed.

Ahh a day to rest up a little.  Bonnie vaccumed the new carpet and I fixed and cleaned a few things.  I spent about 3 hours up at court and should be ready for Monday night.  We got .67in of rain overnight and now it is raining again this evening.  Not much else to write about today so will keep this short.

Today is Resurrection Day we were up early and headed to Java Village to attend the sunrise service with Bonnie's family.  This is the church we were married in 40 years ago this June.   After the service they have a breakfast and we have gone every year since we moved back here in 2000.
We are home now and plan to go into Elizabeths for dinner and family time today.
We had a wonderful dinner and then we worked on Elizabeths computer to transfer her iTunes library from an older computer.  Then we played pictionary on the Wii until Alexus won a game.
Back home again and relaxing for the upcoming week.

Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Will this be the week to finish the project?

Still snow on the ground this morning and Jeff shoveled off the deck so he could cut flooring out there.  The new floor got put down in the entry way.  Bill brought the cabinet for the laundry room and installed that.  Then he painted the stairway to the basement.  That took us to lunch time.  Now they are putting the crown molding around the laundry cabinet and plan to put the base trim back in the kitchen and dining area.  Of course it has started to snow again and is only 38 out.  Not sure we will see much sun this week.  Thursday is the day the carpet gets started.  I am still not feeling well, today I have a little fever and then the chills.  Here are some pictures from today.
I put up the new lights, they will light the wall unit.

Entryway floor is done, door needs painted.

First section of the laundry cabinets was built and installed
The guys said they had another small job to do this morning but they were here around 10 as I pulled out to go to the bank.  Bill picked up his new truck last night so was in that.  He had the stairway about painted when I got back and Jeff was working on putting up green board drywall around the basement door and glass blocks.
Green board around the basement door.

  Bill says the carpet will go in two rooms on Thursday and then the remainder on Tuesday.  Seems odd but will give us a chance to move things around.
Jeff patched the hole in the bedroom closet that the yellow jackets ate through two summers ago.  We were all shocked with how big the nest was.
This is about a 9inch square hole and the bottom of the nest.
The laminate was trimmed out and readied for the carpet.
Trimming the laminate.

Tonight we had WW and I spent the evening with Alexus and got a little reading done.  Then Alexus came home with us for a couple days since she is out of school.  Tomorrow the guys have another little job to do so may not be here until late if at all.

Wow lots of thunder and rain during the night.  My rain gauge shows 1.06 inches since midnight.  Lots of thunder and lightning that woke all of us up.  The front porch looks dry so that is good.  Today we will be cleaning out the bottom of a couple closets so the carpet can be replaced.  Then tomorrow I hope they can finish the living room and at least one of the bedrooms.  Here are a few shots around the house, Alexus and I have been busy cleaning out closet floors and moving what we could.
Clean bedroom closet floor

Hallway linen closet floor
The guys must have spent the day on their other projects, I know they had at least two other places to go.

Celler stairway prepped for new hand rail.

First coat of mud on the basement entrance.

Game time for Alexus, she was a big help today.
Time to post this and relax before the carpet comes
Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The House Project Continues

Wow did I get behind.  Today was another day of mostly painting for Bill and moving furnature and stuff for Jeff and I.  Jeff did put down the floor in the Laundry room.  In doing that we discover that the door bottom was falling apart.  So since the salesman from Bill supply was coming to look at the window in that door we were able to get a quote and order a whole new high quality door.  So it should be here in about 10 days and Bill will put it in.  I had a dinner to go to with my former class mates so left the guys still working and they were still here when Bonnie got home.  I had a great time visiting with everyone.  After almost 44 years we still enjoy each others company.  Lots gone done today here are a couple pictures.
The yellow is going away
Bill working is tight spaces
Jeff puts down the first piece of new flooring

Another full day of painting and flooring.  The paint and floor got done in the pantry.  The bead board got put up in the laundry.  And they removed the carpet in the dining room getting it ready for the new floor.  I felt really sick all day.  I was going through clothes in my closet to donate and had to really fight the urge to just lay down in the bed and sleep.  But I kept at it and got most of it done.  Then I had a magistrates meeting in Warsaw with training at 7:30.  It was pretty good and now home to relax a few minutes before bed.
Bead Board in the Laundry new floor.
Emily comes out of hiding

Dining area ready for underlayment
Well the guys surprised me this morning and Jeff was here a little before 8 and Bill shortly after him.  The were able to put the chair rail on in the laundry room and finish the new floor in the kitchen and dining area.  They screwed down the squeaks before they put the flooring down.
Jeff stapes down the underlayment

Bill cuts it to size

The first row of flooring going down

Dining area floor done, carpet next week?

Kitchen floor
So it has been a busy day.  All but the front entryway flooring is done, then the carpet.  Bill and Jeff have lots of odds and ends to do and Bonnie gave them a couple projects in the basement.
I worked on my computer this morning, then headed up to court for a while.  Then when I came home I put some dirt in the ruts I made moving the stove and seeded them.  The guys hooked up the washer and dryer but did not have time to test them.  I turned the water on and the cold water leaked.  I ended up going to Attica for some washers and bought a new hose just in case.  The new washers seem to have stopped the drip but I still get a little wetness on a paper towel.  I will let it go as we need to do laundry tonight.  Bonnie brought more boxes and we will be moving stuff this week end.  Weather man says windy and rainy, that could be bad for the stuff on the porch.

Early day today the wind and rain woke me.  I tied up blue tarps on the porch to protect our stuff that is sitting out there.  The wind ripped the grommets out of most of them.  I fixed that by tying a round rock in the corners and tied them up again.
Trying to block the wind and rain

To protect all our stuff that is out there.

The wind was to die down at 4pm now they say all night.  I made a trip to the thrift store and now we are relaxing a bit and then leaving for a concert in Bath, NY.  Tomorrow is another day.

Up early for church and the wind is still blowing.  After church we headed for Lowes and Bonnie icked out the towel bars etc that she wanted in the bathroom.  I picked out some bits and nutdrivers I needed for the impact driver.  Also we picked up a light to highlight the entertainment heater.  Then we headed home and I tried to get a cat nap or two.
Then we had a covered dish dinner at church and a report from one of our missionaries.  He is a maintenance specialist with Mission Aviation Fellowship, so we got to talk a little aviation talk after dinner.
When it was time to leave guess what.  Yes everything was white outside and it was snowing hard.
Our yard when we got home. :[

Hopefully it will not last long.  Now its time to relax a little and hope to get a good nights sleep.  I think all the major items should be finished this week and the carpet should get installed.
Thanks for checking in.  Have a good home.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back Home and Warming up Finally, Lots happening at the house

Took some medicine and slept pretty good last night.  Up this morning and waiting for the guys to come.
Sure enough at about 8:30 they were here.  They went up in the Attic and fixed a bathroom vent that was put in wrong when the house was built, added cross bracing that was non-existant, and nailed down the trusses properly.  While they were up there I moved the TV to the wall unit also the cable box and the DVD player.  Next is the VCR player but I need some longer cables.
Bill and Jeff left before lunch.  The crown molding was being delivered to Bills place and they planned to paint it this afternoon.  If the weather is clear tomorrow they will bring it here and start to install it.
I went over to put the deposit down on the carpet and flooring.  When I got home I took the blower off the tractor and put on the loader.  Then I moved the old fireplace unit off the front yard (made a couple ruts that I have to fix and seed).  Then spread some stone on the pot holes in the driveway.
Back into the house and did a load of clothes and then went through some of the stuff in my room.
Finally got to sit down and relax a little.
Bonnie was very late getting home, she brought subway subs and they were good.  Then she did a little packing, watched a little TV.  All in all a busy day and a lot got done, still lots to do.

The guys were here before 8:30 today and must have been putting up the crown molding within 10 minutes.  They finished all but one room and a couple pieces in the kitchen.
Bill's work bench

Above the wall unit

Closeup detail, yes it still needs painted
After they left I headed for the Lodge to meet Bonnie and some friends for a fish fry.  Then home to relax a little.  Bonnie s plan for tomorrow is to take down the bed and move furniture into the middle of the room and strip the wall paper.  Thats the last room to do.

Wow lots gone done today on a busy buys day.  Bonnie got an early call from work and stayed up and started working on getting the house ready for new paint and carpet.  I got up a little while later and we started on her room.  We took the bed and a few other pieces of furniture out onto the deck and moved the rest into the center of the room.  This whole room had wall paper.  So I started stripping paper.  After lunch Bonnie s sisters, nephew Eric and friend Sharon came over and helped move stuff and strip paper.  We finished around 5:30 just as Bonnie arrived with the pizza.  Many hands make the job light is a true saving.  We are all tired but a lot was accomplished.



Painted wall and wall paper meet

Bonnie busy sorting and wrapping

Walls are clean and ready to paint
Now for a good nights sleep.

Even with all the aches and pains from yesterday I slept like a log last night, perhaps the cold medicine helped.  I am still a bit under the weather but I think I have turned the corner.  We are up on time and preparing to leave for church soon.  Bonnie has a shower to attend later today so I can rest a little and do some odds and ends around here.  I do need to replace a light switch in the hall.  It was remote control and I think it quit working last night.
I picked up some parts after church and now the hall light works again and The plate is mounted where a ceiling fan used to be.  Bonnie went to the shower and I started going through my clothes that are too big for me now.  In between I got a brief cat nap and watched the Masters on TV.

The guys were a little later this morning as they had to look at a possible job.  Once here they kept busy and finished the crown molding except the laundry room and pantry.  Then they gave it a final coat of paint keep in mind there is over 450 linear feet of molding here.  I continued to empty book shelves and move books and other items out on to the porch.  We had a little rain this morning and then it was nice out.  The guys are set up to paint the bed rooms and bathrooms tomorrow.  They left around 4 and I finished up stripping some wall paper and taking down the cabinet in the laundry room.  Then a quick shower and headed for court.  We were not to busy so I got home early.  The wind really was blowing hard out he way to court a big gust hit the truck and ripped the toneau cover right off the truck.  I had to stop and pick up pieces off the highway.  Bonnie is not feeling well at all I thing she has what I had.  She cleaned the stuff out of her bathroom and went to bed.  I will be heading there soon.

Bill and Jeff were right on time today and painting within minutes of getting here.  Both bedrooms got painted and both bathrooms, the entryway and the hallway.  Tomorrow is the kitchen, dining area and living room.  I moved stuff all day again.  I also worked on the ruts that I made moving the stove.  While doing that I decided to paint free on the old stove and move it out to the road  and see what happened.  I came back for a load of trash and by the time I got back out to the road someone had stopped.  So I helped him put it in his truck and its gone.  We had WW tonight I am now down 53 pounds.  Then Alexus and I watched a little TV and used our computers some.  Bonnie and I are both still not feeling well and I am looking for an early night and a good nights sleep.
The bathroom before

Bill putting on the new color in the bedroom

The new freshly painted bathroom
Need to move all this for tomorrow

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trip to Albany

It rained and thundered during the night enough to wake me up.  Seldom does the rain wake me.  This morning when I got up at 7am we the new rain gauge showed just over .4 inches, not too bad.
Bill and Jeff showed up about 9am with the top of the new wall unit.  Of course they had driven through a big downpour .  The unit was covered with a tarp but got a little wet.  So after lots of wiping it down it looked as good as new.
In out of the rain and on the Living Room Floor
Time for a test fitting.
After the guys got it test fitted and Trimmed it a little they fastened it to the wall.  We ran another outlet for power to the lower unit and cut a couple ports for all the audio and video cables.  Then the guys put the top finish coat on all the white cabinets, cleaned up and will be back tomorrow.
All painted and ready for the doors and shelves when it dries

I am going with Bonnie to Albany for the next two days so will not see them again until Thursday.
I have court tonight so am headed up there now.
Home from court and time to watch the NCAA Final Game.  Still raining here .87 inches so far today.

It was raining when I went to bed last night but there is a coating of snow on everything this morning.  The rain gauge shows over an inch of rain in the last 24 hours.
We left for Albany about 9:30am and arrived here at the hotel around 4:30PM after a couple hour stop at the Waterloo Outlet mall.  Bonnie bought some clothes and I got a couple pair of sneakers and a battery powered 1/4inch drive impact wrench.  The hotel is nice and I can stay in the room until 2pm tomorrow while Bonnie is at her meetings.

We were up and down to breakfast by 7:30am.  As we stepped into the hall the lady coming down the hall asked are you Bonnie Jae and she said yes.  It was Michelle the lady that invited Bonnie to this meeting.  So we got to meet her and have breakfast together.  Bonnie was able to ride with her to the meeting and I headed back to the room.  I will pick her up around 3:30 at the meeting site.  She should be done by then and we will start the 270 mile trip home trip home.  So I am relaxing as it will be a long day for both of us.
I left the room just before 2 and went a couple miles to the Shaker Historic site.

The meeting house

The Shakers lived on this site from around 1775 until 1938.  The flat broom that we still use today was first made here.  I talked to one of the workers here for a while and then left to pickup Bonnie.
She got out a little after 3 and after a short stop at the Talbot outlet store we hit the Thruway and headed west for home.
We got home right around 9pm.  Bill and Jeff have been busy and all the ceilings are painted.  They will be here in the morning so I can see what else they have done.
Its been a busy couple days for all of us and I have been a bit under the weather with a sore throat so will post this and call it a night.
Thanks for checking in.