Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Frosty the Snow Man---Well at least the Main Ingrediant


It snowed about 1/2 inch of really slippery snow while we were at Bonnie's sisters for supper.  We had a great meal and played a game or three of Sequence.

Had a great time with family

Hamming it up for the camera
Bonnie watching Avatar with Jackson he is almost 3
The roads were slippery coming home and there was an accident just done from our driveway and we have been home an hour and they are still out there

We are off to Elizabeths to turn the heat up and wait for them to get home.  Then we will open presents and have home made Chicken Spaghetti a recipe we got in Virginia from Sharlene.

Opening Presents

A nice bowl

A pillow that becomes a pet
Now its movie time and then home for some rest, as some return to work tomorrow.


One of the best things about this time of year is hearing from relatives and friends from all over the country and the world.  I really enjoy hearing or reading what has been going on in their lives, kind of like a once a year blog update.  Thanks for all the letters and updates.

NWS just issued a weather advisory for tonight so time will tell how much snow we get.  Total is forecast to be about 7 inches the last I saw.  I am off to court to deposit any fines that have been paid and catch up on paperwork, then the trash, and off to WW (don't think the weigh in will be good news, but I have enjoyed the cookies and treats last week).  I will clean the snow off the deck and in front of the garage.  Its easier to move a little several times than a lot once.  Just got word from amazon that our new phones for the house shipped the others have slowly died after quite a few years, I tried new batteries but that has not helped the situation.

Before I left for court I fueled the snowblower to be ready for the snow they are predicting.  But I had too much on my mind and put the wrong gas in it.  So I drained it and put the mixed gas with the oil in it.  Oh well my age is starting to show.

The green color shows it had some oil in it just not enough

Lots of paperwork today and I got home just in time to leave for WW.  The scale shows that I have really enjoyed my Christmas and all the cookies and other treats.  One more week and then down to business again.  It was still just raining so we stopped at Elizabeth's for lasagna and watched a little TV with her.  We left about 9 and it was rain mixed with snow most of the way home.  Now at 10:30 it looks like it is all snow and is coating the deck.

Time to catch up on a couple blogs and then maybe finish my book and hopefully a good nights sleep.


Woke up to 2 or 3 inches of snow and lots of wind this morning.  The wind also blew in the cold its 20 degrees out right now.  The birds have eaten all the sunflower seeds so I need to refill that soon.  Not much on my agenda for the day.  I will work on the computer and prepare my files for the new year and clean up my info from this year in preparation for taxes.  Pretty exciting stuff.

Well I got going as lunch was fast approaching.  I collected the trash and then filled the bucket we use to fill the bird seed.  Then I got dressed warmly for the cold weather and headed outside.

First I shoveled a little then fired up the small snow blower to clear the deck.

Clearing the deck so I can fill the bird seed
Ready to fill the repaired bird feeder

All full and the birds were back by the time I got in the house
One last thing to do on the deck.  Clean the cat box.

All clean, Emily will be one happy cat.
I took a short break for lunch.  I finished up the cookies that Ann brought us and then headed out to move snow around the garage and basement door.  Turned on the Keurig to make some Chai Tea when I get back in.

This is the medium blower for around the garage.
 The driveway is under the snow somewhere.

First real snow of the season
I then took the trash out to the road, collected two pieces of junk mail and then packed the snow down on the driveway by driving back and forth.  If I used the big blower I would scoop up a bunch of the driveway stone so I just pack it down for a while.  Finally back in the house and time for some hot tea.

Once Bonnie got home we had leftovers, which I always like and then watched a couple movies.  Moving all the snow today has tired me out.  It was not hard just not used to it.  Its down to 11 degrees now and the wood on our wrap around deck is contracting and making popping noises.  The weather man says it will start to warm up a little tomorrow.  May even have more rain on Friday.

Thats about it for today, think I will post this and head in for some shut eye.

Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'll be home for Christmas


Well yesterday evening was quite an event.  First Thank You to all our friends on Facebook and our Blog that responded to our request for Prayer, God Always Answers them.  Dad is home safe and says whats the big deal.  So our family has some work to do there, more Prayers will be needed for wisdom.  None of us got much rest last night and I managed to rollover several times and not get up until almost 10.

So today life is returning to normal for the most part, still some loose ends to deal with.  Mom and Dad went to the Fit Stop to do their exercises and I did the towels since it's Thursday.

Bonnie and I have started to plan a trip out west.  Last night she gave me a list of places she would like to see in South Dakota.  So I got out my Dell Laptop to start plotting them on MS Streets and Trips.  However I am still in the wait mode as it had 26 updates to download and install and then run a backup.  But after that I should be ready to start.

Lots of updates to download

Well it took a couple hours but the updates all installed without a problem.  I plotted all the locations on the map just as Bonnie got home.  Then we headed into Elizabeths for supper and to let Alexus know that they were leaving in the morning for Virginia for Christmas.  I think she was a bit confused and not really sure how she felt.  But she did end up excited to be going and being able to open a couple presents early sure seemed to help.  So they will be leaving early in the morning hoping to be in Arlington, VA by noon.

We came home made a couple phone calls and watched a little TV.  I am calling it a night early to catch up on some sleep.


I am thankful for a good nights sleep.  I hear many friends say they do not sleep well.  I have a good nights sleep 99% of the time so am thankful for that.

Today is laundry day so I got up and started that right away.  I had a couple update texts from Alexus on their trip to Virginia should hear soon that they are there.

Looks like one of Emily's friends was at the back door

The squirrels are back under the bird feeder and the ground is now covered in snow again, they say it will melt by Christmas.

Perhaps he is the one that peeked in the door

I just got a text the girls are safely in Virginia.  I also got a call to take a few pictures of a grinding job at the the logging company so I am off to do that on my way to court.

Grinding up mulch
Another view

Well I am back from court and its almost 2pm, better finish up the laundry.

Todays view down the driveway

Our little creek

The snow was beautiful on the trees
Wow where does the time go its almost 4 and I have a party to be at in Attica, heading that way.

I had a nice time at the party it was good to see everyone and catch up on whats been happening.  Bonnie was to meet me there but somehow she forgot.  Well time for a little relaxing and maybe watch a movie.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve


Nice and sunny this morning but still below freezing we will have a snow covered yard for Christmas.
Not much on my schedule for today.  Just have to run in and feed the cats at Elizabeth's then load up the car and travel over to Holland for Christmas Eve with the family.

The cats were in good shape and really did not seem that happy to see me.  I spent a little time with them, they pretty much ignored me so I headed home.

We loaded up the car with presents and food and headed over to Holland.  We had a great evening, good food and good visits.  Friends and family from as far away as Mississippi were there.  Also New York City and Pennsylvania.  All the college kids were home too.  All in all a great time.

Bonnie visits with her Dad, he said he was cold

Mom got a CRUZ tablet to mainly hold all her pictures.

Carol ran the gift exchange where you could pick a gift from the table or take one someone else had already opened.
The weather cooperated and it is the first year I can remember that we did not have a lot of snow at her house when we did this.  Think I will head to bed an listen for the sleigh bells.


Merry Christmas its the Birthday of The King.

We were off to church this morning and soon to dinner with some of the family.  I hope you are enjoying time with your family.

Here is a picture of the girls in Virginia, they are home tomorrow and we will open presents with them tomorrow.

The deer are out back enjoying their Christmas Lunch
Thanks for Checking In.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Does Santa Own a Raincoat


Nice and sunny this morning but that did not last long.  It is warmer, above freezing,  cleaned the back deck off and then it rained a little.  So it stayed cloudy the rest of the day.  I read and did some computer work.  Also watched a movie and some TV.  Where does the time go, I better head up for court.

Busy night at court and lots of reading to catch up on once I got home.  Its after midnight so I better head to bed, its raining out ant 35 degrees.  No sign of any cats on the porch today, perhaps they headed back to the neighbors.


Bright and sunny this morning.  Normal Tuesday routine, trash, cat box, court.  Then I checked the emial.
Another receipt for a subscription to a service I never heard of and a credit card I do not have in my possession.  Checked with the company and it is someone else's name.  They made a note of it but only have my email as a point of contact, so I wonder how this will play out.

Got all my running around done and spent a couple hours up at court.  Then I came home to wait for the UPS man to bring our new credit cards, they said I might have to sign for them.  I passed some of the time by going out and putting some stone in the low spots in the driveway.  With all the rain they are puddles so are easy to see.

Then we got some good news from Elizabeth.  As of January 3rd she will be the Executive Administrator at Buffalo City Mission.  She is excited and we are proud of her and know she will do a great job.

We headed into WW once Bonnie got home and we both did good on the scale.  UPS did bring the new cards but never even rang the doorbell.

Stepping up on the scale

Then we headed for Sheldon.  We made a quick stop at Elizabeths to give her a hug and congratulations on her new position.  Alexus had pre made us sandwiches for supper and they were delicious.  We even got a couple Christmas cookies.  We were on a tight schedule as I needed to be in Sheldon at 7pm to be sworn in with the other Town Officials for my 4 year term in Court.

Ready for 4 more years
We stayed for the meeting but left before the refreshments as the board went into Executive Session and you need know how long that will take.  So we headed home and had a snack as we watched a little TV.


It has been a different December in Buffalo weather wise.  Almost no snow but lots of rain and I heard it raining when I woke up this morning.  Sure hope Santa owns a raincoat.  Well thats ok there is nothing on my calendar for today, first day in a while.

So I had a quiet day until about 4:30 today.  Bonnie's mom called to let me know that her Dad had not returned home from dropping a neighbor off at the airport earlier in the afternoon.  We waited a couple more hours and called places he may have stopped.  He is 85 and does not walk a lot so we do not think he would go shopping on his own.  Then we called the Sheriff and a deputy was sent and a missing persons report was filed.  I am afraid all we can do now is pray and wait to hear from the Sheriff.

Please add Otis Maynard to your prayers tonight.  The weather is bad here as it has rained off and on all day.

Thanks for Praying.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lots of Rain


Where did the week go.  Its time to wash the towels already.  Good news Bonnie felt good enough to go to work today.  I have to get a move on.  But I did manage to watch one of my podcasts.

Add caption

I headed to Warsaw to make stops at the bank and the local hardware store.

Local Hardware
I was looking for a  6inch circle florescent light bulb, no go, also a 3/4in neoprene washer, no go.  So that visit was a bust.

The real reason I was in Warsaw was to have lunch with my former co-workers and we had a wonder visit and lunch.  I really do miss the people I have worked with over the years.  Then I was able to go back and visit with some of the dispatchers I worked with in the 911 Center.  All in all a great day.

Lots of rain today and over an inch in the last 24 hours in my rain gauge.

Bonnie made veggie burgers for supper and then we watched a little TV together, sure am glad she is feeling better.

We received some sad news tonight.  One of woman that we met this summer at one of our campouts, passed away from a heart attack.  Our prayers go out for Bob in his loss.

Rain since yesterday evening 1.12 in.  Sure glad it was not snow


No rain this morning, lots of wind last night, the power was off for a while and our generator ran, I need to check it and see how long it ran for.

Wash is in the machines, one load drying and one in the washer.  Time to jump in the shower and then head up to court for a bit.

Went out to check out the generator

Lost power at 12:58am
Back on 2 hours and 41 minutes later

So I spent a couple hours up at court and got a lot done this afternoon.  Then home to finish the wash and even squeezed in a movie.  Bonnie has split pee soup in the crockpot and it sure smells good.

When I got home this was waiting for me in the door.

One of the last of the Christmas present
So I think my Christmas shopping is almost done, maybe one more thing to get.  Its snowing hard out at the moment (just after dark).

So accumulation, I am off to bed to read for a while before I drift off.


Woke up to winter wonderland today.  But only about an inch of snow but still a few flurries.  But the temperature sure is falling.

Bonnie got up and we loaded our old couch in the truck to take to Attica.  I dropped that off at a friends and picked up an expandable table from them to take to Elizabeth.  Not snowing in Attica but as I headed for Elizabeth's it was snowing hard on the top of the hills.  Made it to her house and we carried the table and table leafs in.

Then I headed up to court and spent a couple hours up there.  Home for a little while, grabbed the mail on the way in.  Good news the move The Help came, I enjoyed the book.

Headed into Elizabeths again, Bonnie has been in there most of the day baking cookies and cooking turkey soup and rice for supper.

The soup was delicious the movie was ok.  The book develops the plot much better and the sub plots.

Really cold now 11 degrees on the way home, 14 on the porch.  The cat and I are watching a little TV then off to bed.


Weatherbug shows it was down to 9 degrees last night, burrrrr!  We were up and off to church this morning, nice to park in a garage so we do not have to scrape windows in the morning.  Out to lunch at the Prospector after church as Bonnie and the other 5 people from our church going to the Dominican Republic in January have their final meeting today.

And then the fun started.  I got home and had a message waiting for me.  It was the Chase Credit Card fraud department.  Someone tried to make 4 charges totaling over $2000 this morning.  Kudos to Chase for denying the charges and notifying me.  So they canceled the card and said I would have a new one in a couple days.  I called Bonnie and she still has her card so neither card was stolen.  We believe it was from trying to order from an internet site that was advertised on the internet.  So Beware!!

Spent the afternoon working on the credit card so all references to that account are gone.  Had the NFL Redzone on Dish TV so I could keep up with the games.  To bad the Bills, Packers, Bears and Broncos lost.

Bonnie got home safely and we had Split Pea soup for supper and watched some recorded shows.

Thats about it for this week.  I did see we have 3 cats trying to take up residence on the porch.  Now we know whats been turning the lights on at night.  There is no food or water out there so hopefully they will move on shortly.  One week left until Christmas.

Thanks for Checking In

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A little warm up, no snow, but now the rain


I was up early with a plan for the day.  That was until 8:34am when the phone rang.  I turned off the video podcast I was watching and stopped reading my email.  Finished dressing and headed for court.

I finished up at court before noon and headed home for lunch.  I will be heading back up to court in a few hours for a regular session of court tonight.

I had a request for the recipe for the lasagna soup so I sent that out, its good to get some feedback on the blog.  The deer were all over the back yard again today.

Routine night at court and I finished off the soup when I got home tonight, excellent.  Bonnie was still up when I got home and we watched a little TV together.

Time to do a little reading and then bedtime.


Woke up to the sunshine again, wish it would stay this way all winter.  Its a little warmer today and thats nice too.

A busy but boring day.  Some of the snow has melted but not all, but they say it will be in the 50's and rain tomorrow so that will melt the snow.

We tried pizza from a new place tonight Mary's Country Cupboard and it was pretty good.  Thats about it for today.


Sunny again first thing this morning but now just after 9 it is clouding up.  A check of the radar shows rain is moving in.  It is supposed to get up to 50 today but it has not hit 40 as of 10am.  Today is the first time in a long time I have nothing on my calendar, but I do need to make a run to the bank.

Never made it to the bank.  I wrapped the presents I had bought and took it easy.  Just as it started to rain I went out to the road and got the recyle bin so Bonnie would not have to bring it in.

She went straight to bed when she got home, she has not felt well since yesterday.  Hope a long nights sleep does her good, it usually does.  I was on my own for dinner so had left overs.

Been watching recorded TV programs and I have some reading I need to do so guess I will post this.
Sorry about the lack of pictures.

Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lake Effect, Baby its Cold Outside!


Bright and cold this morning.  With the sun out I will try to get down to fill up gas and diesel cans.  Good news is that the birds have found the repaired feeder before the first snow.  Although we did have a trace of snow overnight.

Washed the towels this morning and the deer were feeding out in the back yard this morning.

Wow is it cold out.  I headed down to the garage and fueled up the John Deere.

Topped off the tank.
Then I headed down to town to fill up the fuel cans.

$50 worth of gas and diesel, all set for the start of winter
I carried the snow shovels up to the basement door and rear deck.  Now its time for lunch and then its Movie time.

Bonnie grocery shopped after work today so after carrying in the food, we had chicken for supper and watched a little TV with one eye on the weather still clear.


Woke up during the night and no snow, but this morning the deck and ground are covered with maybe 1/4 inch.  The radar shows most of the snow for now is North of us.

I ended up working at court about 3 hours today, I was surprised how much work had come in.  No snow yet.

Big news of the day is the new GPS for the MH arrived today.  It is a Rand McNally RVND 7710.  Nice big 7 inch screen and it has features to route a MH the correct way and not under low bridges, etc.  Also a nice database of campgrounds etc.

Bonnie got home onetime and worked on Christmas cards.  Then we watched a little TV and I finally am heading to bed just before mid-night.  Just checked and there is about an inch of snow on the deck.


So we only got about 2 inches of snow overnight, not bad.  Bonnie and her sister are taking stuff over to her sisters booth to sell this morning.  I went out and shoveled snow from in front of the garage and shoveled and put ice melt down on the pathway to the garage.

We have a busy day.  Bonnie is gone with her sister, I am headed to court.  Then Bonnie has a scent party to go to (first time I have heard of these).  I will bake the corn spoon bread.  Then along about 3:30PM we will head to N. Tonawanda for the Holiday Rambler Christmas party.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Forecast is for decent weather today so that is good, it was 21 when I got up this morning.

Bonnie got home from Arcade and headed out for the scent party.  I mixed up the Corn Spoon Bread about 2:00pm and and put it in the oven to bake so it would be ready by 3:30 when we wanted to leave.  Well I guess it over flowed the dish it was baking in and started to smoke in the oven.  Then the smoke detectors went off.  I pushed the hush mode button but that would only work for a minute or two.  So the last thirty minutes we put up with the smoke alarms as they are all hooked together.

We had a nice get together with the club and about 22 people showed up and the food, desserts were good as they always are.  We also did a white elephant gift exchange.

Early arrivals


Wendy collecting next years dues

Lots of good conversation with friends

Joni looks happy with her gift
We also held elections and I was elected as the secretary.  It was cold out when we headed home, but we still stopped at Flying J for gas as it is 15 cents a gallon cheaper than here near the house.

Finally home and time for some rest.


Up early for church and then straight home.

We had stuffed chicken breasts for lunch and yes the smoke detectors went off again.  We are watching the movie Bucket List again and then around 4pm heading over to Elizabeth's for a visit and supper.  Its up to 34 degrees today.

After a short nap this afternoon we headed over to Elizabeths.  She made a lasagna soup recipe I had seen on line and boy was it good, I had two bowls.  Alexus baked some cookies for dessert and we watched a little TV.  Now we are home and Bonnie has headed for bed.  I will get this posted and watch a little TV.

Thanks for Checking In.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rain Rain Rain---Lake Effect Snow for Friday


Rained all morning so I read blogs and watched a movie.  After lunch I got a shower and got ready for court, its my month.  I did go out and get the mail and a new Motorhome Magazine came with a story about the Dish Tailgater antenna so I will have to read that.

Slow but interesting night at court and then home, and a little TV.  Pretty boring day overall


Lots to do today but not much of it is exciting.

I headed off to the Post Office and bank and then stopped up at court for a couple hours.  Then home for lunch and watched a movie.

NWS just posted an alert for freezing drizzle tonight.  Just as I am here waiting for Bonnie to get home so we can head to WW and then into Salvatores for a customer appreciation dinner.  Our financial advisor does this every year.  Last year the weather was so bad here that we did not go.  Actually it seems like it is raining or snowing every year for this event.

Time for bed now.  Lots of fog on the way into the dinner, fantastic dinner and a great program.  Clear on the way home no rain, no snow, and only the last mile was foggy.

Just heard the forecast for Lake Effect snow on Friday.  If it does not rain tomorrow I will try to put the blower on the tractor.  Been nice so far, we usually have had 18 inches of snow fall by this time of the year.

Bonnie got to hold the new baby

The banquet hall


I hope to get a lot done today.  It is raining and just above freezing but I can work in the garage to get the loader off the tractor and the snow blower on along with the tire chains.  If all goes well it should take less than a couple hours.

Wow was I a klutz today.  Three hours later and I am back in the house.  First thing I did was open my Craftsman tool kit upside down.  30 minutes later I had it sorted out and back together.  First job was to take and store the loader where I can get at it if I need it.

Hope I will not need it until Spring
Then I put the blower on the front of the tractor and the tire chains on the back tires.

All set and ready for the winter.
Then I took the small blower up on the deck and and made sure it started, sure is getting cold out, wow down to 32.  Time for lunch and maybe a movie.  I watched the movie Alaska, even stayed awake.

After Bonnie got home I grilled some Italian sausage on the grill, she made cole slaw and baked some frozen french fries, it was a good meal.  Then I headed for church to work on a couple projects.  Elizabeth and Alexus came over and worked on some jewelry project and were just leaving when I got home.
We watched a little TV and now its time for some sleep.

BTW the NWS has issued a snow warning for tomorrow night.

Thats it from here Thanks for Checking in.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Up on the roof top (finally)


Supposed to be sunny today.

Well around 10:30 it got above 40.  So I went out and got organized.

All the pieces, parts and tools
So I got the ladder set up and did the first couple from the ladder but still had a lot to do.

Still a lot to do on the front of the house
So since the roof was clean and dry I scrambled up there and started putting the iceblox on.  First sealant then two self drilling screws.

Off to a good start
It took a couple hours and I had to get down once and get more iceblox and screws and a new battery for the crew driver.  But the front is done.

All done on the front over the new Satellite Antenna
It was well after one so I went in to get some lunch.  I also was running low on the snowblox.  I only had 17 left.  So after lunch I worked on some layouts and since the porch roof has less pitch I decided 17 would work.  The sun was still out so I put the ladder up on the back deck and finished up the roof project for this year.

All done with wider spacing
So before I had got on the roof for the third time Elizabeth called to say she was getting a new well pump and could I go in so Alexus was not alone.  So I called when I finished the roof and Alexus said one man was there and had pulled the pump and her mother was on the way home.  So I went in to check it out.

Here are a few shots.
Steve already has the new pump on the 108 feet of pipe

Pipe stretches out the driveway

Adding new wire and safety rope

Making the electrical connections
He dropped the pump in the well made the electrical connections and went in and turned on the pump switch.  Everything worked the first time.  In a few minutes the boiler fired up also.  I did a little investigation and there is a pressure switch in the boiler system so no well water pressure, no heat.  So hopefully they are in good shape again.

Finally home and time to relax, hopefully a nice hot meal when Bonnie gets home.


Wow what a difference a day makes, cold and overcast this morning.  By the time I left the house at 9:30 it was starting to snow.

Just starting to snow
I was headed to my SIL to get my haircut and visit.  Stopped at Hogans for a couple breakfast sandwiches, they have the best in the county.

Hogans, been here for years.
By the time I got my haircut and headed for court the roads were covered.

Slush covered road
I spent an hour at court and then headed home, to start the wash and make some ham salad.
Started with this.

4lbs bone in hame
Ran it through this.

Kitchen Aid grinder
Finally ended up with a nice bowl of Ham Salad

Will make some good lunches
Now time for a movie and some hot chocolate.


So about 7pm let night we lost the internet.  To make a long story short (I posted more on FB via my iPhone) Time Warner disconnected our cable TV and Internet after assuring me that the internet would not get disconncected.  Then they told me it might be a couple days before someone could come and reconnect it but they came about 2pm today.

Sure was cold this morning and the roof was still covered with snow, so happy I got the roof work done earlier in the week.  Elizabeth had some things for me to help with so called her around 10 to get her out of bed, and headed in there.

I put up a couple mini blinds and curtain rods.

Curtain rod instll

One side done

  Then I tried to let her change her water filter.  She got frustrated and I gave it a try.  It was really on tight but it finally came loose.  She cleaned out the old filter and case and we reassembled it and cleaned the screen on the faucet.  Good no leaks.

While I was under the sink with the filter I got a call from the President of our Holiday Rambler club asking if I would work on the nomination committee for the elections, I said yes as its only a week until elections.  Then I headed for court.

I made a few calls while I was up at court and we have a full slate for the elections, maybe some will be nominated from the floor.  I had a little work to do and headed home after a couple hours.

I think Elizabeth and Alexus are coming over for supper, Corn Chowder smells so good.  And it was delicious, now its movie time.


I did not sleep well last night was up till after 1am.  But I think I slept soundly after that.  Up early this morning when the alarm went off and got ready for church.  Bonnie and I had lunch in Attica at the Prospector as she had a meeting for the mission trip in at the Chapel today.

Finally got home after 1pm and tuned the TV to one of my free packages.  "NFL Redzone"  they show all the scoring from all the teams pretty much as it happens.  Lots of action and since the Bills were not on TV because the home game did not sell out it was a good alternative.  Only one problem the Bills lost again.

Waiting for Bonnie to get home should be any time now, and then we are heading into Elizabeths for supper.  BTW no snow and its over 50 degrees out today.

We had a very good fish dinner with Elizabeth and Alexus.  Also got a look at their Christmas tree that Alexus is decorating.

All lit up
Thats about it for this week.  Thanks for Checking In.