Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Just Can't Shut Winters Door


I went to bed early last night, I was really tired from the last two days.  But my cough was back and I just did not sleep well.  I did get up and took some medicine and that seemed to help some.  The phone woke me at 8, telemarketer.  Bonnie was up and told them she did not appreciate their early call and to put us on their do not call list.  These calls from anyone and everyone are just out of control.  I am thankful for caller ID so we don't have to talk to them but they just keep calling day after day, so I may have to start answering and ask them to not call anymore.

Other than the cold that will not quit my body is recovering just fine.  I am not quite up to par but I blame that mostly on the cold.

I did receive a belated birthday present from Bonnie last night.  I had asked for some new Gold Toe socks and she presented me with 16 pair last night.

Nice new socks
We did get a few inches of snow overnight but it melted on the driveway and roads so no big impact.  The forecast does show the next 10 days with daytime temps all above freezing so maybe winter will finally make an exit but I am not counting on that, maybe this time next month.  I sure would like to get the cars cleaned up.

Bonnie took her mom to the Dr today, no broken ribs just a bruised sternum.  She did lots of running around and grocery shopping with her folks arriving home late this afternoon.  I did some hamburgers on the grill and Bonnie dressed them and made some green beans for supper.

We watched a little TV and thats about it for today.  I do hope to watch Syracuse and Indiana at least for a while before I head to bed.


So took NyQuil again last night and slept until 9 this morning.  Of course I stayed up to watch Syracuse beat Indiana and the game ended late.  It was snowing pretty hard when I got up but it did not last long.  As a matter of fact the temp got up into the upper 40s today after the sun broke through the clouds.  I just had no energy today I sure hope I kick this cold soon.  I did wash the towels, Bonnie worked on her scrapbooks.  I tried to nap maybe got a short one.  I even went out and shoveled the snow off the back deck, but still no energy.

We went up the road to Ranchers Choice for their fish fry and then back home.  I tried to nap again no luck.  Well thats about it for today.


Still lots of snow out there but it is melting with the warmer temps and the sun.  Kind of a slow day.  I am still not 100% so after a couple hours at court I just took it easy.

Bonnie worked on her scrapbooks and cleaned some of the house, before she cooked a delicious supper.  We both spent a little time looking at some of our RV related magazines but thats as close as we got to the RV lifestyle today.

Sorry but another slow day.


Up early this morning, did not sleep very well again.  The cold is still hanging on but a little better now everyday.  We were up at 6am to head to sunrise service.  Its our tradition to attend Easter and Mothers day services with Bonnie's mother at her church.  Many of the others in the family try to come also.  Today we had two full rows of family.

Nicole and Briss came from Erie, PA

Newest family member Brielle
Pastor Norm delivers the message
After the early service the church always serves a pancake and sausage breakfast, with fresh local maple syrup.  

Uncle Harry and Norma enjoy their breakfast
Carrissa watches as Jackson enjoys his sausage.  Dad Nick just had a hip replaced and is doing great
After the delicious breakfast we headed to our church for the late service.  We normally only have one service but today there are two, with food and fellowship in between.  Our service was pretty full and our Pastor who is recovering from cancer surgery was able to attend and let us all know how great he is feeling and healing.

Pastor and his wife the day he left the hospital, he looks even better today
After church we went over to Elizabeth's for a ham dinner and some napping for me.  I have not felt real good all day.  We watched a couple movies and then headed home.  Alexus is on break from school this week so she has come home with us to spend a few days.

All I have planned for the rest of the day is watching Duke and Louisville play and taking it easy.  Even though I have been under the weather all week it still has been a great week.

Thanks for Checking In.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Planning and Preparation


Up this morning no sun but no snow and its just above freezing, so the snow will melt some.  Bonnie got up a while later.  I made our first camping reservations for the summer.  Actually September at Ives Run In Pennsylvania.  Then I helped Bonnie as she continued to edit her photos getting ready to order the ones she wants for her scrapbook.

Here are a couple pictures of some of the treasures Bonnie brought back with her.

Drum and baskets

Cloths, scarves, hat, and purses

Real Vanilla Beans

Coffee, bracelets, necklaces, and Jelly Beans
Around lunch time I got a message that the network was not working at the logging company that I help out at.  So we got on the phone and tried a couple tests and checks, but it did not look good.  So I got ready and headed over there.  I check a few more things.  The indications were that the firmware in the router was corrupted.  I reloaded it twice, got a message that it had loaded properly but the router would not respond.  The employee that was helping me made a quick run to Batavia and picked up a new router.  We hooked it up made all the changes to the basic settings and two of the three computers were back up.  Checked a few things and found a few settings that needed changed on the last computer and it looks like everything is up and running again.

I picked up subs for dinner and headed home.  We had several phone calls and a facetime to keep us busy this evening and filled in with TV between them.  Bonnie finished her photo editing and tomorrow we will try to upload them and get them ordered.  We even made a lunch date while on FaceTime for next week.

Today was our last day with the Keurig, we love the coffee but got tired of buying the expensive
K-cups.  Got the old Bunn set up and ready for morning.

Tomorrow will be a long day.


Today will be a long day for me.  Today is a day of preparation.  I can not eat anything today just coffee and water.  Then at 5pm I start to drink a preparation solution to get ready for my Colonoscopy tomorrow morning.

The morning passed pretty quickly and I went up to court for a while shortly after noon.  Just a little bit for me to do up there so back home.  Bonnie has been working on her photos and we got them uploaded to Snapfish and ordered the prints she wanted.  She also made arrangements to take her mother to the hospital for an X-ray.  Her mom fell well over a week ago and her ribs are hurting more instead of less.

Bonnie is still gone but its time to start drinking the prep.  Doesn't taste to bad but a gallon is a lot.  New directions are to drink half tonight and get up and drink half at 4:30am.  Not a pleasant evening but not that bad either.  Off to bed now 4am comes early.  Here are a few of Bonnie's pictures from Africa.

Smiles are international

Typical Water Hole

Up at 3:45am to continue my preparation.  Finished drinking the rest of the 4 liter bottle by 5:00am.  Then just let it do its work.  Finally that finished up around 7:30.  Bonnie was up and we left for the hospital, my checkin time was 8:30am.  We headed straight for the 2nd floor.

Ambulatory Surgery Unit
 No line to check in and so that only took a couple minutes.  We were a couple minutes early so we were directed over to the waiting room.  Bonnie got comfy and continued to review her photos.

Busy working on her computer
 At 8:31 I jokingly said to Bonnie that they were late.  At 8:33 Sally the nurse came and got me and did the pre procedure interview and gave me my wrist ID bracelet.  Then it was off to the locker room to change in to the lovely hospital gowns, at least they give you two.  Then another nurse got me and started my IV.  Then over to another waiting room.  Bonnie came and sat with me here.

All ready to go
It was just a couple of minutes until they took me into the colonoscopy room.  I laid down, anesthesiology talked to me and I asked what they were using propanol and verset (didn't Michael Jackson mess with these).  I said ready she said take deep breaths, I did.  She said have a good sleep and pushed the plunger, I said I'm still here, literally 2 seconds later I was asleep.  Seemed like minutes until I woke up in another room hearing a nurse call my name.  Then the Dr. came in and said everything looked great come back in 10 years, yes, I expected 5 at my age.  The pulse ox sensor kept alarming and the nurse adjusted it.  I felt like she had my finger to far in it and so I adjusted it and it worked.  She said oh it finally started working, I said I adjusted it.  Oh well it read 98 so I was good to go.  Over to the waiting room and had some apple juice and an egg salad sandwich.  Bonnie came in and we were on our way home by 10:45.  All in all a good experience at the local hospital WCCH, plus all but one of the nurse's know Bonnie and the Dr. is one of her favorites, and was born in Kenya near where she just was.

Came home with discharge instructions to take it easy and NOT sign any legal documents for a day.  So that is what I am doing.  Bonnie is now taking Alexus to a Dr. appointment and meeting Elizabeth there.  She made me some tuna fish for supper so I am all set.  Snowing hard but its melting on the ground thats good.

Bonnie is finally home so I guess thats about all the news for tonight.

Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Time or Not


After a late night last night, or should I say early morning (Bonnie got home at 1:30PM) I slept in until almost 10.  Bonnie got up before noon after about the 3rd or 4th phone call woke her up.  We spent the rest of the day catching up and watching the snow.  Again not much accumulated, thankful for that.  Bonnie has some interesting stories to tell.  We all have so much to be thankful for here in the USA.  It appears that after feeling pretty good for a couple days I now have a full fledged cold,  so I will work at fighting that off now.  Not much else to report today.


Still snowing when I got up this morning, seems that it has been snowing since Tuesday.  Bonnie got up a few hours after I did, hopefully she is getting rested up.  She starting unpacking and showing me some of the items she brought back with her.  I look forward to hearing the stories behind them.

I headed up to court after lunch, the snow is very deep in the driveway dragging on the bottom of the CR-V for the first time ever.  I had no trouble getting out though.

Lots of the white stuff.  I don't think you can see where the car was dragging
 I headed home after a couple hours of paperwork and relaxed for an hour.  Then I headed out and cleared over 8 inches of snow again from everything.  It was 24 out and everything froze as soon as I removed the snow.  I hustled and it only took a little over an hour.  I am hopeful this is the last of the snow for this season, come on Spring.

Still trying to fight off this cold.

Overcast and spitting snow this morning, not enough to have to clean the driveway though.  Bonnie got up after an hour or so and continued to catch up on her TV shows.  Then we had a nice long Facetime call with family in Alabama.  Happy Birthday to Reagan 3 years old tomorrow.  I jumped in the shower and then headed up to court for a couple hours.

The sun is out now so maybe last nights snow will melt.  Here are a few of Bonnie's pictures that show some of the animals she saw.

Cows roam freely

The fence is to keep the Zebras off the road

More domesticated cows

Single hump camels

Near the water hole



more Zebras

Lilly the goat was a gift to Bonnie

Monkeys along the road

Bonnie has a bracelet made from one of these horns
Bonnie has not been out of the house since she got home so I asked her to go out to dinner with me to East Aurora.  I have a gift card from Christmas from Tantalus.  Well Bonnie said she heard it was closed.  So I called and it is now Midici House.  Good thing for us it is the same owners and staff, just a different look with the same staff.  Things were somewhat chaotic there and crowded.  But we got seated and the food was very good.  Boy the days are getting longer, it was just getting dark when we go home at 8pm.

We spent the rest of the evening catching up on TV shows again.


We got up to sunshine this morning and got ready and headed to church.  I still am not over this cold and I was mostly in a daze all morning.  We headed home after church.  We made a stop in Sheldon and picked up 4 Chicken BBQ dinners sponsored by the Sheldon Fire Department.  The girls have been house setting and they came over shortly after we finished our dinners and had the remaining 2.  Bonnie showed them all the things she brought back from her trip and they picked out a few things that they wanted.  Then we all watched the 3 Bible series shows that we had recorded.  Now we are catching up on the series Justified on Amazon Prime.  Not a very exciting day but some days are like that.  Thats about it for this week.

Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Home Stretch

Monday Day 38

In the Home Stretch.  Getting a bit excited tomorrow Bonnie starts a 30+ Hour trip back to the USA and then they plan to drive from JFK airport home that evening.  I have not spoken to her since they left and news and updates have been pretty scarce.  So it will be good to have her home safely.

We have lots of plans to finalize for summer travel but I will have to let her rest up a little before we work on those.

Its almost sunny out but we have a weather advisory for later today and the radar is showing the storm moving it, but only time will tell.  Not much planned for today just waiting on the storm.  Might be a good day to do wash.

So I did go out and sweep part of the garage today while the weather was decent, also picked up the mail while I was out.  Speaking of mail.  Saturday in the mail we received a check in the mail from Independent Health for the full amount of our claim for Bonnie's visit to the DR in Massachusetts while on vacation.  Persistence finally paid off when we got the right claims person to actually take and interest and go back and check their logs to see that we had called in to get approval to go to an out of area DR.  I am thankful they finally did the right thing.

I watched a couple movies this afternoon and it started to snow pretty hard.  After supper I decided to take a shower and then started the wash.  The last load is in the dryer.  I lost the signal from the satellite dish a while ago and had to go out and scrape the ice off the dish, then it worked again.  Seems the snow has changed to freezing rain and the wind is howling again through the trees.  Sure am glad I am not out driving.

Well a couple more shows and then I am off to bed after I fold the clothes.  This time last year we were in the coach visiting family in Paris, TN on our way to Huntsville, AL.

Tuesday Day 39

Nasty weather all night long, fortunately it was at or above freezing.  I checked the flight status information this morning but Kenya Airlines does not do to great a job of updating their flights status.  Everything looked on time or early, but it was about an hour after the plane landed in Nairobi that it was shown as being there.  So the first leg home is complete.

Snowing again here, I am heading up to court after lunch so hope the roads are not too bad as the temperature is dropping.

Wow it has snowed and the wind has blown all day.  I am just getting home.  Almost a blizzard here in the hills of Wyoming County.  Bonnie's plane has landed in Dubai.  Next flight leaves at about 11:30pm landing at JFK tomorrow afternoon around 2:15.  I am making some jello and then relaxing before bed I have been on the run all day.  And I just had to add snow blowing to my list for tomorrow.

Wednesday Day 40

Still snowing when I got up this morning.  Snowed all morning so far in varying intensities.  The website this morning shows that Bonnie's flight actually left early.  Must be a head wind as they will be a few minutes late.

Snow almost stopped so I cleared at least 8 inches off the back deck.  As I finished it started snowing hard again.  The plane is now being picked up by radar and has about 1500 miles to go to NYC.

I had a sandwich and then went out and cleaned the driveway.  The snow is wet and heavy.  It snowed hard while I was out there, then the sun came out just as I finished.

Looks much better without all the snow on it.
The plane landed at JFK just a few minutes late, then they had to claim their baggage.  Bonnie called but my cell phone never rang.  I did notice it after a few minutes and gave them a call back.  It was good to talk to my bride after 6 weeks.  They still were going to rent a car and drive back tonight.  Last update we have is that they cleared the city just before 4pm.  So they should be here late this evening if the snow does not slow them down too much.

I made spaghetti for supper with leftovers for Bonnie.  It was snowing hard a few minutes ago and now it has quit again.   Guess I will go ahead and post this and wait up for Bonnie.

Final Week

Thursday Day 34

We have entered the final week of Bonnie's great adventure.  Looks like we had a burst of snow last night about 1/2 inch.  The yard is completely white again even the driveway.  I had a good nights sleep and got going around 9:15 this morning.  The sun is out bright but its only 23 out so the sun will have to work hard to melt the new snow.

Today was a slow day.  Guess thats because I felt a lot better and really had nothing on my agenda after a phone call canceled my tech training at church tonight.  I watched some TV, read blogs and forums and even a movie "The Company Men".  I did dash out to get the mail, it was damp and cold and chilled me to the bone.  The weekly paper was in the mail so I read that.  I had hoped to nap some but did not feel tired so that did not happen.

I cooked some sausage and corn for supper and then worked on the computer a little updating contacts. I guess that was about it.  I did glance out in the front yard once and the deer were close to the house grazing on the grass, their fur is pretty shaggy this time of the year.  No word from Uganda today.

Time to hit the hay now.

Friday Day 35

Great nights sleep last night.  I laid down a little after 1am and woke up just before 9am then rolled over for another hour.  No sore throat this morning and feeling almost normal.  Had my oatmeal and read the mail.

Had a bowl of soup around 12:30 then headed up to the town building.  It has been snowing hard all morning and very windy again just below freezing.  Route 77 was dicey and snow covered with blowing snow.  I spent 5 hours going over paperwork and files and then called in an order for Chicken Wing Pizza.

The box top says it all

Just enjoyed a couple slices more meals to follow
I grabbed the mail on the way in the drive, nothing to cheer about there.  The snow has let up but it still is windy.  Hope to catch a good movie tonight.  Thats about it for this Friday, no news from Africa.

Saturday Day 36

Got up early today and out the door by 9am picked up by a famous friend that I always enjoy spending time with, especially if we have a project to work on.  No project today just breakfast in at Charlie's and then in to Camping World to look around.  He picked up a few things for his new Motorhome but nothing jumped up and said buy me to me.

Once home he headed to his place to do a little painting and flooring and I settled in for an afternoon of movies.  Then into see the girls for supper and game night with some friends from church.

Ever played Apples to Apples
 An interesting game that I did not come close to winning.

A couple of the fierce competitors
We had a good time and the game broke up after 11 so it is late when I am writing this.  Time to check the mail and then get some shut eye.

Sunday Day 37

Another good nights sleep.  Up this morning and got ready to head to church.  First stop was to pick up the girls.  After church we headed to East Aurora.  I needed to stop at our banks.  One to withdraw and another to deposit at.  Elizabeth had a check she wanted to deposit also.  Then we headed for the value hardware.  Elizabeth is working on a project and had a list of items she needed.  We picked up some paint and screws.  But they did not have the sheet metal she needed.  So out in the car we made a few calls and found what she needed at Home Depot.  Off we headed for Lackawana and the Home Depot on Ridge Road.

They had the metal we got a few more screws and some drill bits.  They used my VA card and gave us a 10% discount.  Then across the street.  Alexus shopped for running shorts and Elizabeth went to Aldi's for milk and sausage.  I think I saw a loaf of bread also.  Finally time to head home.

Them made me lunch egg omelets, toast and sausage.  Then we started on the project.  We accomplished a couple of the tasks today.  Here is what I can show you so far.

Can you guess what the finished product will be?
After that we watched the end of the Race at Bristol and had Apple Crisp for dessert.  Then I headed home.  Just relaxing now and ready to watch a little TV tonight.  Thats about it for this week.  We did hear from the Team in Africa today that they attended Church, but no pictures.

Thanks for Checking In.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pearls of Advice

Monday Day 31

I appreciate all the comments from yesterdays blog post regarding treatments for my sore throat and I am giving some of them a try.

I took it easy and napped a lot in the recliner this morning, I did not get much sleep last night as my sore throat kept waking me up.  I had to suck on a cough drop every time I woke up.  I called the Dr. and made an appointment for this afternoon.

I actually got in to the Dr a little early ahead of my appointment.  They checked me all over and tested for me for Strep Throat.  Good news is no Strep, bad news its viral.  That means I just have to put up with it until it passes.  I did get RXs for a sore throat and cough medicine so hopefully that will help.

Picked up my meds here on the way home
The girls brought home made chicken noodle soup for supper.  It took them two trips as they forgot the noodles on the first trip.  While we ate we watched the latest episode of the Bible Series on the History Channel.  They left as soon as it was over.  I took some more cough medicine and continued to suck on cough drops.  Sure hope I feel better tomorrow, lots to do tomorrow.

Well its off to try to sleep and get some rest.

Tuesday Day 32

I was in bed about 9 hours last night and did sleep more than the night before.  The salt water gargling seems to help a lot.  And the cough medicine keeps me from the painful coughing.  My throat does not seem as sore as it was and it is a little easier to swallow.

Busy day ahead of me at court.  Ended up spending 5 1/2 hours up there and then headed to Elizabeths for a quick supper.  Then to church for a small group study.  Finally home around 9:00pm and just really tired almost too tired to sleep.  I feel about 50% better so thats a good thing.  Hope to just relax a little and get a good nights sleep.

I did get some pictures today so will add those.  All I know is that they were at a school.

It was good to hear from the team today as it has been a couple days.
Off to sleep now.

Wednesday Day 33

I spent 10 hours in bed last night and this morning but don't feel like I rested very well.  I am still feeling about 50% well, I feel different but not well.  Throat is still sore but tolerable, eyes are watering and I have no energy.  But all in all I think I am on the mend.  Nothing on the schedule for today so hopefully I can continue to rest and get well.  It was 55 two days ago and this morning there has been 1/2 inch of snow since I got up at 10 and it continues to snow at 34 degrees out.  No news from Uganda today and they should be home in a week.

Here is todays update:  No 3G service here, so no pics.....but, today we visited 6 sites: 1 revisit of a school with 700 students, 1 Church and 4 new installations at schools involving about 2800 children!

So I have tried to rest today but I could not nap but I tried.  It snowed off and on all day and sometimes very hard.  Not much stayed as it was above freezing.  I did walk out to get the mail and the recycle tote during a lull in the snow.

Most of the snow is gone from the front yard
 I just looked out as I heard a plow go by and the front yard is all white again and it is snowing hard the temperature has dropped to 23.

The blue recycle tote was close to being in the creek, hope it was the wind that blew it there
After getting the mail I watched the movie Act of Valor, kind of sad but pretty much true to life.

Had some of Elizabeth's chicken noodle soup for supper and now I plan to watch Survivor and then hopefully head to bed.  My throat is somewhat better but still a bit sore.

Thats about it from here, Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whats Around the Corner

Thursday Day 27

Lets Hope that Spring is around the corner.  Cloudy this morning and a very light snow drifting down but melting as it is 36 out.  Just a short note from the group in Uganda:
Yesterday and today we revisited a number of sites where the filters have been in use for awhile. Because I haven't been crawling out of the van, I haven't taken any pictures to post. We are doing well.....
Time for me to head out.  First stop is at the girls for supper.  Then on to church.  I volunteered to help on the tech team, sound, lights, video in the tech booth.  Tonight starts my training.

Had a good evening at church learning the presentation software they use during the service.  Lots to learn but it makes sense so just need to put in some time.  Snowing hard when I headed home, stopped to get gas and pickup some ice cream for Saturday night.   Good night all.

While I was training some of the men were moving speakers and the projector, hoping to get it done in time for Sunday morning.

This man lift sure helps
Looks like fun
Friday Day 28

The ground is white with just a dusting of snow, but the sun is out and its above freezing.  Bummer is I have a sore throat again, hope to shake that soon.  Headed up to work at court for about 3 hours and then home.

Talked to my sister she had her knee replaced yesterday and sounded really good on the phone today, I know she had a rough day yesterday.  Thanks for the prayers.

This update from Uganda is all I got today no pictures:  Today we went to Foodstep, a Children's Home for those rescued from a nearby prison. Tomorrow we will visit the prison. The children's crimes? They are orphans who are found living on the streets......

Had some leftovers for lunch and put my baking hat on to make some brownies for dinner tomorrow night.

Mixed up the brownies

Ready for the oven
They came out not very thick but its the right sized pan.  I did sample one and it pretty good.  Spent the evening watching some recordings.  


Saturday Day 29

Nice and sunny today and in the 40s.  No news from Uganda.  My sore throat is worse today.  Did not do much today.

Heading over to Holland to have dinner with in-laws and then see the play at the high school.  But first I need to hit the rain locker.   I have been on standby to help fix my SILs John Deere, but just got word she fixed it herself, good job.  So we had a good supper and then down to the play.  You could tell the kids put a lot of work and practice into the play.  However the play was not my cup of tea.

Leftovers from Dinner
I turned the clocks ahead and headed to bed.

Sunday Day 30

I have been sick all day and not feeling feel at all so thats about it for this week.

Thanks for Checking In.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Madness

Monday Day 24

I forgot to mention last night that the meatloaf was half goat meat, it was pretty good.  It was a blind test as Elizabeth did not tell us until after we had eaten it.

20 degrees this morning, sunny, and snowing.  It has been snowing for days nothing heavy just constant.  They are forecasting above freezing temperatures starting tomorrow.  Paid some online bills when I got up this morning, rather I checked them as most are auto-pay now.

The snow stopped and I headed out to clean the snow off the driveway, hopefully it will melt the ice that is under the snow.  Then I headed to the back deck and cleared the snow off there also.

Just enough time to take a quick shower and head for Warsaw.  I had a whole list of things to do.  Before I walked out the door I placed a bid on a snowblower on ebay way below retail price.

First stop in Warsaw was to pick up a prescription the Dr had sent a week or so ago.  Then a stop at the VA services to pick up my original DD214 discharge papers that they were finally done with.  Then I headed to the other end of town to pick up more RXs at WalMart as they have good prices on maintenance drugs.  I was running a little ahead of schedule so I checked in at Sears to see if there were any tools on sale but did not see any good deals.  I check the price of a similar snow blower and it was over 500 dollars, I bid 330.  It was still early but I went to the Dr. office anyway.  They put me in line early and I was out of there 15 minutes before my appointment time, that does not happen often.  I am all cleared for another colonoscopy its been over 10 years since my last one.  Then I was off to the pharmacy again to pickup the prep solution for this procedure.  Finally headed home.

I had a voice mail when I got home.  Independent Health wanting more information on the claim we put in last November.  Yep I am still trying to get that $175 bill paid.  I believe they have now spent more than that trying to deny it, while telling me we did everything we were supposed to, but its coded wrong.

Then I headed down to some friends house for dinner and an evening of fellowship.  Another great meal.  Melanie sure can cook a great pot roast and the carrots were like eating candy.  Mashed potatoes and gravy rounded out the meal.  The carrots for so good that her daughter asked for seconds, not just seconds but she asked if she could have 15 more!  The cake for desert was delicious and I have two pieces that I brought home with me.  The girls entertained us with piano and song after they were ready for bed.  Mallory read a bedtime Bible story that I got to pick out.  Then Macy asked me to say a bedtime prayer and off to bed they went.  Mark, Melanie and I talked about camping and many other things and it was very late all of a sudden so I headed home.

Got home and found out that I won the snowblower so I will be headed into East Aurora to pick it up as a replacement to the one I use on the deck that has been giving me issues the last couple of years.

Well its well after midnight and I have a few more things to do then off to bed.

Tuesday Day 25

No snow over night and the sun is out some, still pretty cold.   We did get a couple pictures from Uganda.

Looks like a good deal

At another school 

They seem pretty interested

Teaching how germs spread
Caught up on some reading this morning and then headed out.  First stop was court.  Couple hours up there and then I headed toward East Aurora.  Made a stop at Elizabeths to drop off a TV stand to give to the thrift shop.  Then in to pick up the snowblower at the ebay business.  Headed for home and canceled dinner plans with Elizabeth as we were both pretty tired.  I did take time to set up the snowblower.

The new blower
Trying to stay awake long enough to update this tonight and then off to bed.  I did hook up the GPS to the computer and let it update the maps.

By the way I have these filters that used to fit my 2004 Chevy truck, if you can pick them up and need them give me a call.

Just received this sad news from the team in Africa:
Today we heard the sad news that our friend, Gerald has passed into eternity. We were at Gerald's house when Palmer experienced the scorpion sting. He loved everyone so much and was an inspiration to us all. Please join us as we pray for his family.

Wednesday Day 26

Some SUN this morning and above freezing, while friends in Virginia are getting snow and have the day off due to the snow.  A couple days ago the driveway was all ice and now it is not only clear but dry, I like it.

Watch some recordings and read some this morning.  After I showered I threw in a load of wash and walked out to get the mail, 3 pieces of junk mail, it went in the trash before I came back up stairs.  So far no new pictures today.

Well I got to spend the whole day at home today and other than the wash just took it easy.  Not much else to report on today.

My little sister is having a knee replacement tomorrow morning so please keep her in your prayers.

Thanks for Checking In.