Sunday, June 29, 2014

Better Weather, good for growing grass


Overcast this morning but the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.  Bonnie headed out to pull weeds out by the road and then spread some mulch.  I headed out to try the new switch kit in the coach to fix the over the door awning.  I tried a bunch of things but could not get the awning to work. It seems to draw a lot of current but the motor does not run.  So I will have to try to figure out how to get at the motor.  It is what is called a tubular motor and fits inside the roller of the awning.  All the directions say to open the awning to work on it, so thats the first issue getting the awning open.

Spent the rest of the day reading magazines and just taking it easy.  I asked Bonnie if she wanted to go up to Lake Ontario for a nite or two.  She said yes but for 3 nights.  I checked and we were able to book 3 night at Golden Hill SP.  It also looks like we can pick cherries at Browns Berry Patch.

Bonnie went to the Rural Outreach Center for a couple hours.  They had a couple patients tonight so business is picking up.  Not much else happened today, the awning not working bummed me out.


Bonnie got up early this morning and went to pick strawberries, looks like she got 6 quarts.  Then she went and visited some of her family, got gas and headed home.

I worked on the end of the month financial stuff and made sure all the bills were paid.  My RXs came in the mail yesterday from WalMart and I will dispense them into my daily containers today.

Bonnie put turkey tenderloin in the crockpot this morning so I am looking forward to that for supper.

The humidity is back and its hot.  I did go out briefly and check on the motorhome.  All looks well and success we caught the mouse in the basement compartment, lets hope it is the only one.  I also put the flagpole in and hoisted the flags, pretty late this year but at last its done.

Long May She Wave
We decided to watch a movie and then had dinner.  The turkey was very good.  Its cooling off so should be good sleeping tonight.


Hot and humid today, and it was like that this morning.  I closed up the windows as soon as I got up.  The house was down to 71 and outside was rising.  It made it to 87 outside and only to 79 in the house.  Bonnie made some jam in the crockpot to freeze and also did the wash.  The only time I went out was to get the mail and boy was it nasty.

We watched a couple movies and worked on a few things.  I did some research on Grills.  We have a nice Weber Q in the coach but never use it as it is so big and hard to clean.  So I decided on a O-Grill and low and behold they were on sale this weekend at Camping World.  So its on order.  Our big grill has been acting up.  So more research and I need a few fittings to convert the Weber for use with a big propane bottle here at the house.

We decided on Pizza and wings for supper so I am soon headed down to Prallers to pick them up.  Wow we will have pizza and wings for a while.  We got a sheet and a bucket of 50 wings, thinking the girls would come for some.  Nope they did not, so we have lots of left overs.  But they are good so its ok.  Time for the NASCAR race from Kentucky.  We have some friends on turn 1 in the infield so we get some updates from them.  After the race its straight to bed for me.  I opened the windows and am hopeful that it will soon cool down out side.


We were up early and off to church.  Its the fifth Sunday of the month so the Youth Band let the worship time.  They were really good today and did a great job.  They we had special speakers a Jew and a Gentile brought the message together and did a really great job the hour passed quickly.  The girls were going shopping so had driven separately.  Bonnie and I stopped at the produce place in East Aurora and then at Elizabeth's to pick up some things.  Finally home.

We watched a few shows and rested a little, wow the afternoon is gone.  We headed back to church for a special evening with the same speakers as this morning.  Another great time.

Thats about it for this week.  We had one line of showers go through earlier and another is just about here.  Its been another good week and with the rain and heat I can hear the grass growing so will be on the tractor a bunch this week.  The rain has cooled it off some, so it will be good to sleep.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shorter Days


Well each day the amount of daylight is getting shorter, not by much yet but a little every day will add up.  We were up this morning and went out to get a few things done before it gets to hot.  Its to be up in the mid 80s today.  Bonne was working on the garden and first pulled the weeds.  I got the Mantis Tiller out of the shed and it started right up, but was not running exactly right.  I left the tilling to Bonnie to go and cut some grass.

The Mantis is doing the job
I finished the grass I wanted to cut and took over the tilling.

This Doe watched me cut the grass for a while
Still not running right.  I pulled out the in tank gas filter and blew it out, I also topped off the oil.  After that the tiller seemed to run like it was supposed to.  Bonnie had some old wire fence and wanted a couple tomato cages made to I started on that task.

Ready to start
 The wire was a little heavy and hard to bend but I did get it done.

All done
Now into the house for a little lunch.  After lunch I even got a little nap.  Bonnie came in after she planted the small garden.

During supper Bonnie asked if I would ride over to her sisters and mothers with her, so we watched the news and headed over to Java Village.  Just before we left it rained hard for about 20 minutes.   Donna was planting tomato plants and I went over to see Mom and answer a question about changing electric suppliers.  Bonnie came over for a few minutes and then we walked back over to Donna's and soon headed home.

Looked like they were still at court so I stopped in to meet the new Judge and to look at the mail that Laurie was holding for me.  It was all stuff that she could file and we were soon headed home.  I jumped in the rain locker and we watched one show and now its off to bed.  We have an early morning.  Looks like the comfortable days are gone for a while and the humidity is back.


We are up early this morning and its raining.  We are headed downtown to volunteer at the mission.
Not a lot to write about today.  We had a good busy day at the Buffalo City Mission.  I caught up on the volunteer statistics and Bonnie did a lot of different things.

We picked up Alexus and then I dropped off the girls at Elizabeth's house.  Then I headed to church for the Men's Meat and Greet.  I mens only dinner for good food and just a time to talk and get to know each other.  It rained twice for a few minutes but the storms stayed away.

Finally home and we took out the trash for tomorrow.  I checked the rain gauge and saw that we had over an inch of rain.  It looks like more rain and storms are coming.

The rain has arrived and it is heavy at times, we even got some thunder and lightning.  I am tired tonight and looking forward to a good nights sleep.


Hey we made it to Hump Day.  Still raining this morning and looks like it will continue most of the day.  Nothing on the calendar until late afternoon.  Then we head into Depew for dinner with my classmates.  Guess we will catch up on TV today.  Still waiting on UPS to bring the switch kit that I ordered to fix the awning on the coach.

Surprise when I went out to get the mail the post office had delivered the switch kit for the awning and the air filter for the Odyssey.  I thought UPS was delivering them, nice surprise.  It was raining some but I checked the coach and the new RV Gutters were dong their job and keeping the water from running down the sides of the coach.  The trash had been picked up so I brought in the empty cans and recycle bin.

We headed in for the dinner around 4:30 just after the rain ended.  We had 12 of us for dinner and it was great to see everyone, its been a couple months.  We were back home shortly after 8 and ready to relax.

Time to get this sent out before we head off to bed.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A couple more appointments


Up before the alarm went off this morning.  It seems that our yard has become a rookery for the local crows.  Some of the young ones are trying to learn how to crow.  It is a very irritating noise.  Anyway I needed to head into Ray Laks Honda with the CR-V today, time for and oil change and they need to replace the TPMS sensor that we broke.  Once I checked in there it seems the price for replacing the TPMS had gone up 30 some dollars.  It went back down after we did a little negotiation.  So here I sit with good internet waiting on the car.  Trying to pick up Alexus again today to help around the house.  Lots of projects to choose from not sure which ones we will actually get done.  I did notice that the sheet metal and boiler are gone this morning, some lucky scrapper picked it up.

We booked a week on our time share program last night for a week way up in Maine for the last part of September.  I emailed them to see if they had room for us to park the coach for the week we are there.  Hopefully we can make it into a nice long trip before the end of the season.  Just got an email plenty of parking for the rig so we will plan a nice slow trip to Maine in September.

Car was ready in about an hour and I picked Alexus up on the way home.  We decided to get subs for lunch and they sure were good.  They really filled me up and made me a bit sleepy.  After a short nap I changed and we headed out to scrub the garage floor to get rid of the winter salt and dirt.

Getting the floor clean

Almost done
We finished up the garage and then moved the stuff back in.  Then we headed back into the house.  We rested and watched a little TV then had some steak for supper.  I heard a chainsaw and thought it might be Darren out front.  So Alexus and I jumped on the Ranger to investigate.

My personal driver
 We found his truck and soon found him.

Busy cutting
Its a nice cool night and good for working in the woods.  We chatted a minute or two and then we headed back to the house.

It was a good day and we got some things done and taken care of.


Leisurely morning and then Bonnie and I headed out to work on the coach.  Todays project was to install the RV Rain Gutter we bought last fall.  Hopefully this will help to minimize the black streaks on the side of the coach from the dew running off each morning.

Set up the ladder and got to work
All I had to do was clean the edge of the roof with some Simple Green and then alcohol.  The 3m adhesive strip stuck real well.

Just finishing up the last of the first side
Bonnie has her annual eye appointment in Warsaw so we quit after the first side and will try to finish tomorrow.  I got a shower had a quick sandwich and we were off to Warsaw.

While Bonnie was at University eye I headed to Walmart to pick up air cleaners for the two cars.  They only had the one for the CRV.  Next stop was at the can redemption place.  A local church runs this one and the two guys in there are fun to watch as they sort the cans and bottles.

They are really quick
Then back to wait for Bonnie.  I had my iPad so was able to do a little research.  I have been researching WiFi extenders, I know we need one just not sure which one.  Once she was done we headed back to Tops for some groceries.  Then over to Sinclair's to pick up some RXs for Bonnie.  While she was there I went in to the new Warsaw ACE hardware to pick out a new handle for the basement door.  Bonnie wanted a lever handle so she can open it with her elbow when her hands are full.  Installation will be another day.

We stopped and put over $60 of gas in the Odyssey, what a crime the gas prices are here in NY.  Finally home.  We took in the groceries.  Then I changed and went out and cut the front yard.  Bonnie got supper ready and we ate and watched the news.  Now for a nice relaxing evening.


I was up pretty early this morning but Bonnie slept pretty late in the morning.  Once we got going though we headed out and started to work on the RV Gutter on the other side of the rig.  It went well and it was pretty nice out.

Tools of the trade
Bonnie kept a close eye on me

Looking back down the new gutter, almost done
After we finished the gutter, I went up on the roof to look at the AC units and see if I could unplug the drains.

First step was to remove the covers
 The covers came off easy and I used the air compressor to blow out the dust and old wasp nests.

Big old nest on the side, sure glad it was not an active nest
I never could see how to clear the drains but I did blow air in the drain pans and hopefully that will clear them.  Then we started the generator and put a load on it for about an hour by running the AC units and the Hydro Hot, all seems to be well.  Then I opened up the panel over the door to see why the over the door awning was just buzzing and not opening.

This is what is buzzing
I tried to find the unit online but no luck so far.  In to the house for a sandwich and then I got a nice nap in the chair.

I grilled some sausage for supper and then headed out to cut some of the back yard and the side hill.  Now to relax and get a good nights sleep.


Happy Birthday Bonnie!  One more year until Medicare.

We were up and off to church picking up the girls on the way.  Today was membership Sunday and we joined the church along with about 40 other people.  Then we headed to the produce market and tried to go to the egg man but they were not home.  Then when we dropped the girls off Bonnie stayed there for a few minutes and then brought Alexus and Elizabeths car to our house.  She was going to our nieces wedding shower latter and then we were all going out to dinner after that.  But first she had a project to work on.

Bonnie's project area
Then she headed back in to pick up Elizabeth,  Alexus and I spent the afternoon together.  I almost forgot.  I notice signs of a mouse in the Coach basement so I put a glue trap in there.  It was gone this morning.  I found it this afternoon and could tell it had caught the mouse but it got loose.  So I set a couple traps.  Hope we catch it soon and that it is just one.  I ordered more peppermint oil tonight as that seems to work.  I also ordered the switch kit to replace the defective awning control.

Once the wedding shower was over the girls called and we headed to pick them up at Elizabeths's house.  Then in to Orchard Park to the Longhorn Steakhouse.

Deciding what to order
We had a good meal and they even brought Bonnie a birthday sundae.

1st dessert
Then Elizabeth suggested we go next door to the Cold Stone Creamery.  It was very good but we all decided we were stuffed.

Very good but way too much
We took the scenic route home with a quick stop at Colton RV.  Luke was just closing up so we said hello and good-by so he could get home.  We dropped off the girls and made it home just before dark.  It was a good but busy day.  Now its time to post this and relax a little.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Appointments


Bonnie was up before me this morning and gone when I got up.  Her sister has a Dr appointment and they are going together.  I was up to get ready to take the Odyssey to the Honda dealer for some routine maintenance.  Then back home again we switch cars and Bonnie has an appointment for a haircut.

I was a few minutes early for my appointment and they were ready for me.  While they did the oil change and rotated the tires I went to parts.  I picked up the new sensor for the CR-V and the other parts that go with it.  The bad news is that the sensor has to be programmed to the car which is a $50 charge for a couple minutes of work, but the equipment is not cheap that they use.  I also got to visit with Vince our salesman for quite a while so the time went quickly.  The car was done, no other problems.

Then I headed for East Aurora and picked up a few things that I needed at the Valu Home Center.  Since it was almost lunch time I went over to Mighty Taco for a Super Mighty and a glass of LoganBerry.  I really missed these when we lived away from Buffalo.  Time to head home.

It is in the 80s today and the humidity is climbing fast, looks like it will be an inside day.  Bonnie got home about 10 minutes after I did and all went well with her sisters appointment, and turns out she had lunch also.  Around 4 Bonnie headed down for her haircut and came home happy with the way it turned out.

Watch a movie this evening and then early to bed.


We were up again early this morning for more appointments.  Today we had routine Dr. visits.  This is the first time we both had appointments at the same time.  All went well and we were quickly on our way with Rx refills that we need to send in to WalMart.  We dropped off a bag to be returned at Bonnie's friends and headed home with a quick stop at Tim Horton's for an Iced Capp and CVS to get one of Bonnie's Rxs.

Once we got home I worked on the coach a little.  UPS brought the new Hubcaps this morning.

New hubcaps
Lots of little things to do.  First I opened all the slides and awnings to make sure they were dry, good thing the awning was full of water from when we rolled it up.  I also got busy and measured and cut the dowel to hold the closet door shut, then I mounted the smoke detectors, and labeled the switches.

Baby Moons look good
New dual technology detectors photo cell and ionization

They mounted easily
This should keep the sliding door closed
Borrowed this from my daughter

Labeled In and Out, Open Close on all our switches
These will stop the fuel leaks when I change filters

Never enough water fittings and tools
All opened up
I went in for lunch and left the coach opened up.  It clouded up and got pretty dark so I grabbed the trash to take out and stopped on the way out to close up the coach.  It started to sprinkle as I jumped in the Ranger to take the trash out to the road.  It was raining hard now and by the time I got into the garage I was soaked.  Of course 10 minutes later it was sunny again.

The rain came back just as it was getting dark.  We watched a movie and relaxed.  Lots of warnings from the NWS but nothing too nasty here.


Nice cool but a little damp morning.  I think it is to be overcast all day.  I am hoping Alexus will come over and help us wash the coach.  No appointments scheduled for today but we have a couple more to take care of before the end of the week.

Well the hope was that Alexus would come out and we would wash the coach today.  Bonnie went out to pull weeds and trim bushes.  Alexus slept in and said she would not be ready to come out until 2pm.  I went out and repaired the trim that came loose when Bonnie pulled out the grape vines.

All I had to do was re-nail it
I put the ladder away and decided that it was time to start to take the old Hydro-Hot apart and hopefully be able to get rid of the parts.  I also was hoping to be able to see where the leak was.  This is what it looked like getting started.

Lots of parts to be removed

Part way done
The silver colored box is the boiler, the burner has been removed and almost all of the sheet metal.  Bonnie was done for the day and we headed in for lunch.  During lunch we talked to Alexus and the decision was made to put off washing the coach and that Alexus would not come out today.

After lunch I headed out to the garage again.

Still a bit to disassemble
I finally got the insulation and sheet metal off the boiler.

Lots of sensors and fittings to be removed

Naked Boiler
 So I got down to the bare boiler and did not see and obvious leak.  I started to take out the fittings and see that lower right brass fitting.  Well it broke right off.  Turns out it was split.

Split fitting
 I think that perhaps this brass fitting was over tightened when it was built.  Anyway the fitting was buried behind the sheet metal and insulation.  It would have been a $10 part if we could have seen the leak.  Instead it was a $7000 replacement, lucky for us the insurance paid for most of it.

Stripped as far as I can get it
I took the sheet metal and boiler out to the road and hopefully a scrapper will stop and pick it up before long.

Waiting to be picked up
Bonnie made spagetti for supper boy was it good.  Now I may just need a short nap, so I will go ahead and post this.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lab Work / Yard Work


We were up early this morning.  Not only is it our 43rd wedding anniversary we had to be in East Aurora to have blood drawn for lab work.  After the lab we went to the bank and then headed up the street to Charlie's Diner for a nice breakfast.  Once home we had a nice visit from a friend, we took a ride in the woods and locate a bunch of dead trees that he can use for fire wood this year.

I was still full from breakfast so skipped lunch and we watched a few recordings again.  Then I went out and cut some grass for a while.  Rain all around us but none here.  Then I put the vacuum back together in the coach and checked it out.  I think we are all set with that.

I also got on line today and found the hubcap I needed,  I ordered two so they would match, these are stainless steel so they should not match.

After supper I got busy on the computer and entered a bunch of financial info.  Then we relaxed and listened to the rain that finally has gotten here also.


I was awake and up early this morning.  I even had to turn the coffee pot on.  Took my time with breakfast and reading my email.  I looked like rain all morning but it never did.  Bonnie eventually got up and shortly there after left for her sisters.  The rain arrived and canceled my grass cutting plans.

I did a little computer work and watched more recordings.  Then the UPS truck came and brought the new Smoke Detectors for the coach and a couple other small things.  Bonnie got home around 5 and made supper.

More recordings in the evening and now its bed time.  So all in all not much happened today.


Happy Flag Day Long May She Wave
It was cloudy and dark when I got up this morning.  I took my time hoping that it soon would be sunny as it was in the 50s out.  At least it was not raining.  I finally gave up on the sun and headed out to get some stuff done.

The first order of business was to sharpen the blades on the mower.  First I sharpened my spare set then swapped out the blades on the mower with them and sharpened the ones that came off the mower.

The tractor is a big help
While the tractor was up I did scrape some of the grass off the deck.

Some of the grass that stuck to the bottom of the mower deck
Then I went out and checked on Darren and Kyle who were getting firewood out of the woods.  I am glad they came I hate to see the dead and down wood go to waste.

Gathering heat for the winter
They got a good start
After that I cut grass for a few hours.  Then I decided I would rake up the heavy grass that was really tall when it was cut.

One small pile

One of several loads of grass
That done I called it a day.  I headed in and waited for Bonnie to get home from taking Alexus home, she had been here helping her go through her old clothes  Supper was very good broccoli stuffed into chicken breasts with a nice sauce.

One last thing for a today, I needed a haircut and Bonnie took care of that out on the back deck.  Now finally we can both relax.


Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there.  Today has been a great day and a bit emotional at times.  Remembering my Dad and all that he did with me, for me and all that he taught me.  Also thinking of all that my children have become and how proud we are of them.  Then the Pastor had a great sermon and shared the many things that he learned from his Dad.

Then off to have a special lunch with Elizabeth, Alexus, and Bonnie.  Sahlen hot dogs on the grill, with tuna mac salad with olives in it.  Very very good.

Elizabeth Grilled the hot dogs
Chilling out after lunch
We watched a movie and after that Bonnie and I headed home.  We tuned in to NASCAR in time to see Jimmy Johnson win the Michigan Race.  Then we finished up watching all the shows that were recorded while we were gone.

It was a great Sunday and a great fathers day.

Thanks For Checking In!

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"