Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welcomed Rain


Bonnie and I both slept in later than we thought this morning, oh well.  Then it was so hot and humid neither of us felt like doing much.  I got an email form Amazon that they wanted the empty bottle back that leaked.  Seems silly but they pay the postage so not a problem.  I wrapped it up and put the return label on it.  Will either drop it off at UPS or have the UPS man pick it up tomorrow when they bring the replacement.

Bonnie had a meeting in East Aurora so she was gone to that, and then has a hair cut appointment.  I am picking up Alexus for Church and have to make a quick stop at court.  I also took time earlier to destroy our 2000 tax records.  Hoping to do more of that type of cleaning up soon.

Looks like the promised rain is starting.  Not much else happened this evening.  I did take the hard drive out of the enclosure it was in.  I will take it to Huntsville with me and see if we can get the data off it.

Just had a root beer float and now to relax a bit and then get some sleep.


The rain woke me this morning so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Then the phone woke me the second time.  It was Jason the blacktop guy, he is coming to check out the hole in the blacktop.  Jason came while it was raining but looked at the hole and said no problem they would fix it.  Bonnie has left for her sisters and I am headed up to set up the new digital recorders (laptops) at the court.

Spent over 3 hours but got most of what needed to be done finished.    Still beat Bonnie home.  She got home shortly after me and worked at planting some flowers.  UPS showed up and brought my replacement TSP no leaks and picked up the empty bottle Amazon wanted.

On its way back to Amazon
I went out and tried to adjust the mirrors on the Coach.  Could not get the set screws to budge.  Spayed them with PB Blaster and will try tomorrow.  The sky opened up and it rained hard for almost an hour but no issues here from the rain, there was no wind.  So we are settling in to watch a movie.  Listened to some news looks like north of here over toward Niagara Falls got over 5 inches of rain, way to much for that area lots of flooding.


Woke to the sound of rain and birds again this am.  Got up and closed the windows and got a couple more hours of sleep.  Still raining and the birds of course are now quiet.  The farmers should be happy this surely will make the corn grow.  Plan to work up at court this morning and finish up the month end projects to be ready to leave on Monday morning.  Bonnie says she is staying home and doing wash.

I headed to court in the rain and Bonnie has decided to go shopping.  I spent a few hours up there and came home.  The rain has let up and the sun is breaking through.  Bonnie called she will be gone the rest of the day, could I keep the wash going.  Sure I am out working in the garage but will go in and check on it.  I am still trying to adjust the mirrors and can not get the set screws loose.  Finally tried to move the mirror arms and I was able to move them where I needed them.  So got the mirrors lined up the right way just as Bonnie pulled in.

All properly adjusted now
The day ended up nice and sunny and is cooling off nicely tonight.  Looks like the NASCAR race is rained out.  Well thats about it for tonight.  Tomorrow we will be packing.


Beautiful morning, we are up and heading to Church.  Headed to the bank after church so Bonnie could do a deposit for her Thirty-One business.  Then dropped off Alexus and headed home.  Now its overcast but no rain showing on the radar.

The plan was to relax today and get ready for the trip to Alabama in the morning.  Bonnie was watering plants and I was napping.  We had a nice surprise visit from her parents and a call for help in the way of ideas about my SIL's John Deere tractor.  Other than that we took it easy.

Its early evening now and I am going to post this.  I just need to finish packing my suitcase and we will leave early in the morning for Florence, KY and then on to Huntsville to my son and his wives new house.  Thanks for Checking in.  We should have some more pictures for Wednesday's Post.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Prep for the next trip


Home for a week good nights sleep until just before dawn.  Thats when the birds started, I tried to sleep longer but gave in and got up.  Back to my Oatmeal, Coffee, Banana, Coffee routine.  We have a lot of TV recored so I watch one.  Bonnie was up by then and so I turned the TV over to her.  She started catching up on the wash and I headed down to the Post Office to get the mail.  Then started on cutting the grass.  It was hot and humid by 12:30 and I had had enough, so headed in for lunch and to cool down.

Bonnie noticed that a hole has developed in the blacktop off to side of the extra they put in for me by the parking pad.

Oh My
We need tires for the CR-V and I found pretty good prices at BJ's.  I like to put good tires on our vehicles and usually go with Michelin.  I put 4 new Michelin Defender XT tires on with lifetime repair, rotation and balancing.  The factory tires only had 26,000 miles but they were down to the wear indicators.  Odometer only reads 19,190 but we have also towed the car over 7000 miles.  These new tires have a 90,000 mile tread warranty.  So we should be all set.

Curtis did a good job I think
Got home from there and got caught up reading the mail and sorting bills.  Now time to relax and watch a little TV.  Bonnie went out to get signatures on petitions for the upcoming November elections.


Surprise overcast this morning and the birds were not singing enough to wake me before sunrise.  I was still up before 8.  Stripped the bed and started the wash to clean the sheets.  Bonnie was up and dressed to mulch around a few of the trees before it gets too hot.  I have to do some court work and a trip to the post office and bank.  I also remembered to have the mail held and paper stopped for the next trip, more on that later.  It may not get too hot today if it stays overcast, actually we could use a little rain.

Headed up to court ended up spending about 6 hours up there.  New digital recorders came in and I was busy starting to set them up.  Bonnie had picked up Alexus and the two of them went shopping, oh my.  When I go home I changed and jumped on the mower to finish up the lawn, its been looking like it might rain all day but none so far.  Not quite as hot as yesterday.  Went out to read the electric meter and found a deer next to the meter.

Guarding the meter
Bonnie got home and we watched more of our recording for the rest of the evening.


I have nothing scheduled for today.  Bonnie is volunteering at Buffalo City Mission today.  I did go out and work on the RV a little.  I installed a drawer catch on one of the kitchen drawers that likes to open in travel.  Then picked up the mail and came in for lunch.

FEDEX delivered some things today, but with a problem.  I had ordered some Holding Tank treatment and it leaked and soaked the box.

The box just fell apart


The leaking bottle
There was wet tread tape in there also, I was able to save it and installed it on the other two slides on the coach to help flip the slide seals.  The water filter box was soaked but the cartridge was shrink wrapped and safe.

Bonnie got home and we headed out to visit a friend who just had surgery.  Happy to say he is doing well and we had a nice visit.  Came home and worked a little on our November trip down the East Coast and a week in Florida.

Thats about it for the start of the week.  Next trip is in 4 days, stay tuned for the destination.  The new tires on the CRV are great the ride is much softer and smoother than the old ones.

Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Busy as Beavers


We got to sleep in until 7:00am this morning and we still made it to GAIN in time for breakfast.

This is the building we are working in.
Last night I remembered to take a picture of the spot we are parked in.

Our home for the week here in Manheim, PA
We had a busy and productive day today.  We packed medical supplies that will be sent to 3 locations, unknown exactly where at this time.  We got the pallets loaded up and tomorrow we will shrink wrap them.  Most of the supplies we had been doing have been donated and many are new straight from the manufacturer.

Sorting the pallets of supplies

Kids will like these for scrapped knees and elbows
It was a somewhat cooler day and our work pace was a little slower than the day before.  The time passed quickly and we got extra kelp when we needed it and that was nice.  We had a nice surprise when we got home tonight.  Our hosts the Kellar's had prepared dinner and we all ate in the Pisle's motorhome.  We had a really nice time and it was great to meet the nice people that are allowing us to park here.  We visited until almost dark and then headed back to our coach.  Tomorrow will be another long day.

Sharon, Jon and Rhoda our hosts

Palmer relaxing
Plans have changed a little we are no longer taking Palmer home with us, they have decided to leave for home right after they finish tomorrow afternoon.  So we will stay until Saturday morning and then head for Ives Run a COE campground where my geezer pass gets us a full hood up site for $17.  Plus we will be able to visit Bonnie's brother along the way.  Well thats about it for tonight need to get my beauty sleep.


We were up and at the GAIN site by 7:30am this morning.  Another beautiful day is forecast.  Today was a good day.  We topped off the boxes and shrink wrapped 12 pallet loads of medical supplies.

Bruce our boss wraps a short pallet.
Doug wraps the top of a tall pallet
Doug took vacation from his job yesterday and today to come and help the project.  We could not have finished without his help.

I ran the pallet jack and lined everything up for shipping.
Thanks again Doug
It was 4:30 before we knew it and the day and the week of volunteering was over for us.  Tomorrow we start the trip home.  We rested a bit when we got home and then headed down to the house to visit with the Kilmer's and to thank them for allowing us to park on their property in such a beautiful setting. We chatted until dark and after we all admired what looks like a full moon we headed for the coach.

We are both tired but feel like we got a lot accomplished and know it will make a difference in the lives of people that need help.


Happy Birthday to my lovely wife who looks younger to me every year.  We are getting going this morning.  The plan is to head to Lewisburg park at Walmart unhook the car and go visit Bonnie's brother.  Then latter in the day after shopping at WalMart we will head for Ives Run in Tioga, PA to spend the night.  So far a nice cool day but it is to be 88 later.  We have had a great week and have enjoyed getting to know the Coach better.  We have just been plugged into an extension cord so no air conditioning and limited use of the microwave since it draws 17 amps on its own.  The coffee pot was only 7 which surprised me.  But no blown circuit breakers this week so that is good.  If need be we would have run the generator.  We will use it later today after lunch to run the rooftop A/C to keep cool between Lewisburg and Tioga.  I try to exercise all the systems on the coach, its good for them.

we both packed up things and we were ready to roll.  We headed for the highway and stopped at one of the large church parking lots in the area to hook up the car.  We had a nice short run up to Lewisburg where we stopped to visit with Bonnie's brother for a couple hours.  Then back on the road for another 90 some miles and we pulled into Ive Run at Hammond Lake a little after 5.  This is a nice Corp of Engineers Lake and campground. 88 degrees when we pulled in but the air conditioners are doing a great job.

Home for the night site 36
We had some of Bonnie's pea soup for supper and then some ice cream.  Relaxing and watching a DVD trying out the surround sound, seems to work good.  I walked down to look at site 27, we will be there in September.

Nice and roomy and there is a creek in the woods.  Site 27
Well thats about it for tonight, tomorrow we should arrive home.


Long night of sleep almost 10 hours.  I was up at 8 and Bonnie got up a little after 9.  With the windows shut and the A/C on I never heard an outside noise.  We had our breakfast and Bonnie wanted to try our first load of wash in the Coach.  Its been a little over an hour and it seems to be going good.  It is a combo unit so will go right into the drying cycle.  Sometime after noon we will pickup and head north for home.  Its already in the 80's here so it will be hot and humid today.  Neither of us like that.  Its beautiful here today and I am glad we stopped to relax and catch our breath after a full week.

It worked good
Bonnie finished the load of wash, it took two drying cycles but worked well.  Bonnie wanted to watch a movie so I started that and she made sandwiches.  I never got into the movie, so emptied the tanks and packed stuff in the coach in preparation for hitting the road.  The movie finished around 2:30.  Bonnie vacuumed the carpet and packed the last stuff.  We pulled out right at the 3:00pm checkout time.  In fact while we were hooking a young female ranger came up to talk to me to make sure we were moving as fast as we could hooking up the car.

We had a nice ride home.  Lots of wind today and we ran both roof airs and the dash air, it still was a little warm for Bonnie.  We got off at Dansville to avoid the 9ton weight limit in Warsaw.  Route 436 is really hilly and we did not get home till 5:30.  We unloaded quickly and headed into Elizabeth's for Bonnie's birthday dinner.

Dinner was great.  Time to post this and relax a while.

Thanks For Checking In.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On the Road to do some volunteer work


I was up at 6:30 this morning headed to the dentist.  Dr Joe was nice enough to come in early and replace a filling for me.  Then I headed home and load things into the coach and we were on our way.   All went well for about 100 miles then the ride got very rough.  We tried a few things but no remedy.  To make a long story short I believe that the front air suspension is not staying inflated like it should when we are driving down the road.  Hope to get it looked at tomorrow or the next day.  We got to GAIN in time to get a few instructions.  Then we went out with a group and had a very nice and filling dinner.  Then to the farm we are staying at and we set up the Coaches for the night.  We have 15 amps for it looks like we are set for the evening.  Time to get to bed now as 5:45am will come early.

The forklifts were busy when we arrived
Palmer and Sharon saying hello to old friends

So the alarms went off at 5:45am this morning and we were in the car by 6:25.  We picked up Sharon and Palmer and headed to Gain.  We even got to eat breakfast when we got there and got some last minute instructions.  Then we got our assignment.  We were to help sort and pack used donated clothing.

Bonnie packing clothes
We wore the red hats so people knew who to ask questions of.  We got lots of help and the clothes were unpacked, sorted and repacked in the wooden boxes.  They when go to the bailing machine where 3 boxes are emptied into the machine to be compressed and bailed before shipping.

We got our morning break at 10:30 and everyone had to leave the warehouse floor and go into the Gospel hall so the fork lifts could move around safely.  Plus there were snacks.  During the break I went outside and called Coach Net to see about a repair shop to look at the coach.  They called back with the info and I called and set up an appointment for tomorrow morning.   Then back out and I continued packing clothes and Bonnie moved to an area to pack medical supplies.  By the time lunch time came my knees were all but locked up it took a while for them to bend when I sat down.  Bonnie joined me at lunch and we discussed tomorrow.

Lunch is underway, all the chairs filled up
After lunch I asked for a new job where I could sit and was given the job of tying the first knot for the story bracelets they make.  It has to be in a certain spot so there is a jig that you use.  Then others put the beads on and tie the finishing knots.  I sat next to Dennis from Michigan so we had an interesting talk all afternoon and tied lots of knots.
Tying knots
The lady packing the finished bracelets told me that there were 19,000 done already, thats a lot of bracelets.  We had several really hard rain storms today and the coach stayed dry inside, good news.  There were even flash flood watches.  On the way home we stopped at a huge Amish auction and farmers market.  Bonnie picked up a few things.  My legs said take a quick look and wait in the car.  Bonnie was not gone long and the others were going to ride home in the other car.

We skipped supper and Bonnie was in bed by 7:30pm.  I am trying to be quite but have been told I am not succeeding.  It is beautiful here in Lancaster county and we are parked next to a corn field and horse pasture, interesting smells.  Different than the cow smells back home.  An Amish buggy will go by every one in a while with the clip clop of the horses.

Well I am going to get a shower (more noise) and read and hopefully get to bed soon, I need to head for the repair place early in the am, about 22 miles away.


The day started early I pulled out of our spot at 7am to head 22 miles south to Willow Street, thats a town in PA.  Thats where the repair shop that Coach Net found me is located.

Small shop but they know their business
The GPS took me all back winding roads but I was there before 8.  They had one coach in the bay and moved a cat so I could pull in.  They evidently do a lot of coach work here as another pulled in right after me.  I met Jim and Randy the owners and Randy crawled under the coach and quickly found the problem.  The rubber part of the linkage was broke on the from ride height control valve.  Randy checked their parts and they had a parts kit.  So about an hour of labor and 40 bucks in parts we were all fixed up and checked out.  I was back on the farm where we are staying parked and set up again.  The ride was much improved and all seems well.  I called Bonnie and she picked me up during the morning break and I headed back to GAIN with her.  This is the link to where we are.   GAIN

I tied some more knots until lunch time and then after lunch switched to using the knotted cords to make the Gospel Bracelets.

A good supply of beads

The finished product
These are used to tell the Gospel story.  Bonnie and team gave out hundreds of these in Africa in January.  Before I knew it time for the afternoon break was upon us.

Presentation during the afternoon break.
Bonnie came and found me and asked me to work with her in sorting and packing medical supplies.  She was working with Bruce up in the loft.  So I headed up to help her in the loft.  Mostly I used the pallet jack to move boxes and I open boxes and broke down boxes.  Before I knew it it was time for supper.  Tonight is the late night.  So we have supper from 4 until 6 and then a large group of people came in to work until 8pm.  We went back up in the loft and worked until 7 when Bonnie said she had enough, I beat even before that.  So we cleaned up and told everyone we would see them tomorrow.

Bonnie in the medical supply area

View from the loft

Lots of busy people
The coach was hot when we got back but the fans are doing a good job of cooling it down, and it will cool down tonight.  We both had nice showers and now can relax and hopefully get a good nights sleep.

Thats about it for the first part of this week and this trip.  Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lots of Rain and some Mud


Last night I noticed one of my backup drives had failed.  Lots of pictures on there but I believe they are also on the other backup drive.

Woke up this morning to lots of rain.  The Good Sam Rally in Syracuse is getting dumped on also.  Heard from friends there that the parking area they are in is flooded and incoming rigs are getting stuck.  We would have been there if we did not have a trip planned for next week.

Over an inch of rain so far today stream should not be there
Orvilles showed up on time to fix the microwave.  The vent louver was not working right.

These parts were replaced so far all is working
Once the repair man left, I got a notice from FedEx that my Amazon package had been delivered.

Sure enough its on the steps
I checked it out and it is the 65psi one that should fix the low water pressure and flow in the coach.  They say its a 10 minute job to change it.

New City water inlet
Now I am heading out in the rain to the bank and hardware store.  Home from the bank still raining.

Lots of rain
Fuel Filter
I did manage to pick up a primary fuel filter for the coach while in Attica.  So am all set with a spare set of filters to hit the road on Monday.

Now we have to head out again.  We had an appointment with our financial advisor in Elma.  We got there but he was a few minutes late as he had to detour due to some flooding.  But he made it and we enjoyed our time with him and our review.  We left there to meet for a few minutes with the folks we are going to PA with.  They too were a little late but they did end up bringing a new to them Dutch Star Coach home, for the trip to PA.  Then we dashed out to our daughters who had supper ready for us and I had 10 minutes to eat that, all while checking some prices for a friend that is at the RALLY in Syracuse.

Then Alexus and I head for church.  She for youth worship and I to worship team practice.  Finally got home just before 10pm.  Then I had an iPhone 4 to update the IOS on for a friend and that went smoothly just took time to backup, update, and restore.  It appears to be working properly now.

Its now 12:30am and I am headed off to bed.  Actually did not make it till 1:30am


Got up before 8, see Shannon picked up his updated iPhone a little after 6.  Sent him a text on what time we are to meet.  He is tied up till 11, I should have slept a little longer.  Starting to look like rain again.

I went out and changed the city water inlet.  It was an easy 10 minute job.  Will have to wait until the next campout to see how well it works.

Old 50psi one is out
The new one is chrome and 65psi
Then I got a call and headed to the windmill project in Orangeville to help survery some parcels the logging company is clearing.  We were trying a new app on the iphone.  After all the rain its really muddy and of course I tripped and fell in the mud.

A muddy leg
I was up there about 4 hours and I think it went well and they will be able to do it themselves now.  By the way I did snap this one picture of the foundation for a windmill.  This will be back filled with dirt.

Lots of concrete
I got a shower and threw my clothes in the washer.  Relaxed for about an hour and then we headed to the McKinley Mall to go to a movie.  Oz the Great and Powerful.  I stayed awake for the whole time so it must have been pretty good and it was 3D.  Alexus went with us and her and Bonnie shopped a little at Macy's after the movie.  I was really tired and stayed in the car.

Finally home I think I will sleep well tonight.


Woke up this morning, thought I heard the doorbell.  Bonnie was gone she was doing a talk on Africa for one of her mother's groups.  Turns out it was the doorbell, because I had a call a few minutes later and it was the young lady that was supposed to ride with Bonnie.  She was in the driveway, I gave her the best directions I could as I did not know the the name of the place.  So I got dressed and had some breakfast.  Then up to court.  Seems like the paperwork never ends.  Had a piece of hard candy that was a little sticky and it pulled out a filling.  Figures with us traveling on Monday.  So I got in touch with our Dentist, who happens to be a friend.  He is going to fit me in at 7:30am Monday so we should still be able to leave before noon.  I am very thankful he is able to do that.

Got a text from my SIL she was available to cut my hair today.  So I headed over there and stopped and picked up subs for lunch.  She was on a break from cutting grass.  We had lunch and then the haircut.  We visited awhile and then both figured we better get back to work.  I had stopped at Strykersville Hardware on the way over and picked up the non skid tape I needed for the Coach.

So when I got home Bonnie and I put the non skid on the sides of the drivers sides slides to flip the seals.

Before but look at the big gap on the top of the slide.

After the strip is added
 We put the slide in and out a time or two and it seems to work good.

Lots of ladder work
 Then I cleaned up and jumped on the Deere to cut the back grass.  What a mess again.  I do not think I have ever seen the grass this wet.

Muddy but it did a good job.
Grilling chicken for supper and then maybe a movie.  We did watch a couple movies now its off to read and sleep.  No rain yet tonight!


Happy Fathers Day.  I had a Great Dad, no complaints at all other than he left us too soon.  We never got to spend much time together as adults.  I can only hope that I am remembered in the same fond ways that others remember him.

The rain arrived here right around 8:30 and looks like it will be off and on all day.

Rainy Day ahead
We headed off to church in the rain and then to Elizabeths house.  She cooked me a delicious Father's Day Meal of Chicken, collard greens, mac and cheese.  For dessert Sweet Potato Pie.  Plus all the fathers at church got a nice sized bag of home made cookies.

Good eating

Great dessert
We heard from our friends the Rindo's and they were home safe from the Good Sam Rally.  We watched the end of the NASCAR race and headed home, hey the roads are dry.

I started to get my clothes together and Bonnie laid down for a nap.  Then I got out the grinder and ground up the ham for ham salad.

This will be good on the trip
So I cleaned up, need to finish my clothes packing and count out my pills for the week.  Might even catch a little of the US Open while Bonnie naps.

Packed up some clothes and took them out to the coach.  Bonnie got up and finished the ham salad.  We skipped supper and snacked on the cookies from today and some grapes.  We watched a little TV and now I am headed to bed early for me.  I am getting up at 6am and then headed to the dentist at 7 for a 7:30 filling replacement.  Then home and load up the coach for the trip.

Thanks for Checking In.