Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Radiator is fixed, The Coach is Home and Mouse #13 Caught


It was overcast all day but I finally went out to spread some stone at the end of the parking pad.  Shortly after I got out there it started to rain.  It never did rain much just enough to get everything wet.  So I went out and got the mail and headed back into the house since it was lunch time.  We had stew that Elizbeth had dropped off, it was very good.  Bonnie worked on her trip scrap book and pretty much finished the pages.  It needs a cover and put together.  I got a shower and will leave for court soon.

I made 4 calls for bids on the blacktop and so far only one has called back.  So hope to here from them soon and keep that ball rolling.  Well still only one call back.

I headed up to court and did not get home until after 10pm, busy night.  Two deer were laying down in the front yard when I pulled in.  I sure will be glad when we can pull up to and into the garage again.   We are parking in and on the side of the driveway now.  I also had an email when I got home that the coach was done and they wanted to run it again in the morning to make sure all the air was out of the cooling system.  Then once the warranty people pay we can pick it up.

Time to read a little then bed I have an early morning tomorrow.


Up early for a dentist appointment then I will head to court.  I was 2 minutes from the dentists office when my phone rang.  They were calling to say they had to reschedule my appointment.  I was close so went into the office and rescheduled my appointment.  Since I was in Attica I ran over to John Deere and ordered a filter for my leaf blower.  Its a Stihl and it is hard to find parts for it except at dealers.  Then I stopped at ACE hardware to pick up some items only to learn that the sale does not start until Friday.

Finally at court and I spent 3 hours there catching up from last night.  I got home just as Bonnie was leaving.  She had time to tell me that a second person came to measure the driveway so we should get a  quote soon from them.  Got a call and the third paving company came and worked up a quote and gave it to us.  We headed into WW and I was surprised to see that I was the same.  Then over to Elizabeth's for dinner.

Finally home and time for bed.


Busy day today but I accomplished a lot.

After my oatmeal I headed to Attica to help at the logging company with some computer issues.  They provided a wonder lunch.  I made a deposit for court while I was over that way.  I called Bonnie she was just finishing up a batch of Peach Jam.  She would be ready to take me into Fleet Maintenance to pick up the coach.

So as soon as a got home around 1:30pm we took off to get the coach.  All went smoothly and all I owed was the deductible and the extended warranty paid the rest.  After my month in Knoxville last year this repair was a breeze.  Dealing with extended warranty companies is an Art form and these guys know what they are doing.  The drive home was good and the coach is now parked in the driveway next to its new concrete pad that will soon be cured and ready to park on.

Good to have it home
 As soon as I got home, I jumped in the truck and headed to Warsaw.  I needed to sign some paper work so a friend could register the ATV that a sold him a few years ago.  We thought we were going to get there just as they closed but it all worked out and he was able to register the ATV.

Once home I could not get the key pad on the garage to open so I checked it out and found the battery needed replaced.  Its been in there a long time.  But then it still did not work, I had to reprogram the keypad to the opener.

Garage Keypad
Just as I finished up UPS came and brought Bonnie's new camera.  Its a Canon SX40 HS with 35X zoom so with the iPhone cameras and this we should be all set for the Disney and the Cape Cod trip.

New Camera

Thats about it for tonight, I am still getting quotes on the driveway and one company is coming at 8 in the morning.

Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Time to Catch Our Breath-----Then Back to work


I had a good nights sleep and was up just after 7 this morning.  Around 7:30 Jeff and Tom pulled in and removed the forms from yesterdays pour.  They also marked the concrete for cutting.  I had some things to do so was gone most of the day.  When I came back the concrete was cut and Bonnie had the wash almost done and had baked a couple cakes.  I had picked up the parts I needed to overhaul the hydraulic cylinder on the tractor.  Its still working and seems to have stopped leaking so I will delay the repair as we need the tractor to move some stone and dirt.

The radiator is out of the coach and they are deciding what to do.

We took the food and Elizabeth cooked it so we just got home.  Time for a little reading and rest.


Not too much going on today.  I worked at court for a few hours.  Came home and had a late lunch.  Then a quick nap.

Then I went out and cut all the grass under the watchful eye of a doe and her fawn who watched me for quite a while, I stopped twice to get a picture.

only about 50 feet away but in the shadows
Once I finished cutting the grass I got on the tractor and moved a few rocks and filled in a little where the water has washed out the road.

Then in for supper and somehow I slept through most of the news.

Thats about it for today.


Not much planned for today.  Got up had my coffee and oatmeal and then headed up to court for a few hours.  On the way I picked up Elizabeth's vegetable share for her.
Once home I asked Bonnie if she wanted to go hear the Kingsmen Quartet down in Machias.  She said yes and so we plan to head down there later.

I cleaned some of the concrete dust up in the garage today but there is so much more to clean.  I also used the leaf blower to clean the slab off some and noticed that the air cleaner needs replaced.

We headed down to the concert a little early.  Friends are camping down there and were kind enough to pick up tickets for us.  We visited for a while and then headed up for the concert.  The Kingsmen are from North Carolina and we really enjoyed their singing.

The Kingsmen
Finally got home and now ready to head to bed.


Up this morning and off to church.

Watched a movie and napped this afternoon.  The girls came for supper and left for home around dark.

Sorry its been a bit boring the past couple days.  But Thanks for Checking in.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Its Pouring......................Concrete


Set the alarm again for this morning, this is a bad habit.  We were up early and pulled out right at 9am to head for Fleet Maintenance to have them look at the leaking radiator.

The guys should be here at 1 right after lunch and the concrete truck is due at 2.

The guys were here and Bills cousin also came as he is the concrete finisher.  The truck rolled in at 2:08 and the concrete was poured and floated 45 minutes later.  As soon as it sets up they will finish it and be gone.

Ready to pour

The pour is started lots of activity

Setting the pitch to the drains

Floating the edges

All floated 45 minutes after starting.  Just needs to set up a bit then finish with the power trowel.
Then I headed to court for the evening.  Now home and relaxing.  Lots to do tomorrow.


Up early again today and headed out to the bank and post office.  I actually got to the post office before they opened by a few minutes.  I checked the concrete before I left and it was hard so thats a good sign.  Now to give it time to cure.  I had some work to go over at court so I stopped in there for a couple hours and finished that up.

Our hot water boiler has been booming when it lights so I brought in the air compressor and vacuum to give it a good cleaning.

Our boiler
 I put it all back together and it still did it.  I called Bill S who works on these for us and asked him to put us on the schedule.  Then I took one more look and filed the top of the ignighter a little and made sure the small gas tube was not kinked.  I test it and it worked right.  Tried it 3 or 4 more times and it worked.  So now will have to wait and see if it keeps working.  Bill can't fix it if it is working.  Our boiler heats our domestic hot water also and it has been getting to hot.  So when I called Bill S back to let him know it was working I asked him to order a new thermostat for the hot water tank.

I ordered a new one of these.
The other Bill and his guys rolled in just before 1 to finish the prep for the next concrete pour.  The truck is due here about 2:30.  Its a beautiful day so all should go well.

Pins in the edge of old slab to keep it in line with the new one

Lots of dust from cutting in the expansion joints
After the joints were cut I washed down the floor and guess what all the water ran to the drains and ran out the drains, just like it was supposed to.

The first of three trucks was on right on time and the 2nd and 3rd were waiting as the one before them finished up.

First truck and all five guys swing into action

Bill manned the Bull Float to push down the stone and bring the cream to the surface

First truck is empty

Third truck is almost done

All done with a broom finish
The guys started the pour right around 2:30 and the last truck left right at 4:00pm.  The finish work was done right around 5 and the guys headed home.

Bonnie came home from taking her sister to the Dr and we have an evening to relax.

No word on the radiator repair yet.


Slept in a little today.  Bonnie was up early to take Alexus to the dentist.  They got home just as I had to leave for my annual eye exam.  Alexus has to have a tooth looked at and as always they dilated my eyes and I had trouble in the sunshine the rest of the day.

The guys were here and busy when I got home.  They took off the forms from yesterday and were forming up the pad where we park the coach.  This is the third day of pouring.  Day 1 was 6.5 yards, Day 2 was 25 yards, and today is 11.5.  Total is 42 yards.  Most of the work is done for the contractors but Bonnie and I have all the final grading and seeding to to do all around the edges of the concrete.  Plus I need to get some estimates on what blacktop will cost.

I worked a little on the camping club newsletter today.  I will look it over again tomorrow and then get it sent out.

12X50 Pad all formed up and ready

Steve cut yesterdays pours, boy is it dusty

2:27 truck one arrives and the pour begins

Almost done, ended up going 55 feet to finish the concrete on the truck

3:28 the pour is finished now to let the concrete set up

Ready to put the broom finish on

5:25 almost finished. 
The guys were gone by 6 and Bonnie and Alexus had gone to Hidden Valley to attend a Republican event.

Tomorrow the forms come off and then we just have to wait for it to cure and then seal it.

So thats about it for the beginning of this week.  Thanks for Checking in.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It must be the year of the mouse


The alarm woke me again at 6:45 and the guys pulled in the driveway just before 8 this morning.  A few minutes later Genesee lumber pulled in with supplies.

Wire mess and drain tile delivered
Bill laid out where the drain was going and Jeff dug out what he could and they finished it up by hand.

Lay out

Dig what you can with the machine

Finish up by hand 
Forms in place and regraded yard
So the garage is ready with the pour scheduled for Monday afternoon, and the driveway apron is ready jus the bottom form had to be put in once the garage is done.  Hopefully they can get concrete ordered for Tuesday, if there is much rain that could get pushed as the concrete companies get behind.  Then the parking pad will get formed and ready to go.

While the guys worked on the driveway I cut the grass.  All went well till I had just a couple passes to go when the main drive belt came loose.  In the process it took a big chunk out of the belt.  So I had to take the deck off and then lift the mower so I could work on the bottom and figure out how to get the belt off.  I called the John Deere shop and they had a belt so I went and got it.  Just over $47.00 wow hope it lasts a long long time.

Deck remove
Bottom of lawn tractor
I had to take two pulleys off and one end of the steering arm but other wise it was not too bad of a job.  The whole time I was working on the belt I kept smelling something dead.  So I checked under the hood and saw grass under the screen of the blower that cools the engine.  I pulled the engine shroud and found two mouse nests and two cooked mice.

Mice are gone just need to clean out all the remains of the nest
Then I flipped over the deck as I had hit some rope the guys had dug up earlier.

Just took a minute to cut this away from the spindle
I reassembled the mower and hung the deck, checked it all out and then finished cutting the grass.  Wos I am beat.

I plugged the coach back in and started the engine and let the air come up, we should be ready to roll in the morning.

Supper was Sahlen hot dogs on the grill.  Now I think I can relax a little.


Bonnie woke me up at 3:30am, no water to flush the toilet, I guess the toilette stuck again.  I restarted the pump and went back to sleep.  Woke to rain this morning but rolled over and went back to sleep.

Bonnie is baking and making cole slaw for the campout.  I packed my clothes and will start to load the coach in a few minutes.
Tubs ready to get taken to the coach
So I was able to get the motorhome loaded up and ready to go.  I pulled out of the driveway right at noon and was pulling into the East Aurora Fireman Fields about 20 minutes later.  Bob and John were already there and I picked out a site and pulled in close to Bob and Caroline.  Bonnie and Alexus pulled in just as I finished setting up.  John got bit by a couple bees or yellow jackets as he sprayed the nests they had build in the electric boxes.  He did not seem to have any allergic reaction so that was good.

Most have arrived
We spent the afternoon catching up with everyone’s travels and just enjoyed hearing all the stories.  Snacks appeared out of several coaches and we all brought our own drinks. 

Start of Happy Hour

Around 5:30 we all headed to Walliwiens for dinner, most had fishfrys but everyone was able to have what they wanted.  I discovered that I did not have my wallet I am hoping that I left it at home.

Most of the group

The rest of us
My fish was GOOD!
I worked on my strongback chair when I got back and ended up dropping one of the nuts in the grass.  Alexus and Elizabeth helped me look for it and Bob R brought over a couple magnetic screwdrivers to help.  After a few minutes Elizabeth spotted the nut and I got the chair fixed and put back together, all is well.

I showed our pictures to all interested using the iPad and then headed to the coach.  I am watching a little of the Bills game but its not that exciting so I am heading to bed.


We had a great pancake and sausage breakfast and afterwards some stayed around to gab and others went looking for garage sales.

The cooks are busy
Bonnie and I left just after noontime to go to her brothers and our nieces birthday party out at the family campground on the farm.  We had a nice time and got to visit again with lots of family.

Then we headed to pick up the vegetable share that Elizabeth and Bonnie share plus Bonnie picked up a half bushel of peaches.  Then we went home where I found my wallet safely in the pocket of another pair of jeans.  I answered a phone message and then we were on the move again.

Next stop was Elizabeths to drop off the vegetables and to pickup some candles that club members had ordered from Alexus as part of her fund raising for Kingdom Bound.

Then back to camp where all the goodies for Happy Hour had just been spread out.  Everyone tries not to eat too much but we all do and then its on to supper.

Lots of good food for supper
And lots of desserts
Supper and the desserts were great.  I was pretty beat and went to the coach for a shower and a little reading before hitting the hay.


It was a nice cool night to sleep again.  We got up to an nice continental style breakfast, cold juice and hot coffee.
Waiting for breakfast
Afterward we cleaned up and then went outside to visit for awhile.  Bonnie went over to church with Elizabeth and all but one couple decided to stay and have lunch before we all packed up and left.  Bonnie came back for lunch and then we chatted till almost 3pm.  We broke camp and dumped the tanks.  Bonnie headed to her sisters and I headed home.

Once home I unloaded the coach and got it ready to go to the shop tomorrow.  Bonnie is home and we are going to relax the rest of the night.

Tomorrow we take the coach and the concrete gets poured in the garage in the afternoon.

Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

House Mouse #3, #4 and Concrete work


Emily left 2 mice for us in the basement today, I found the first and Bonnie found one later on.  Neither of us are feeling well today but mine hit later than Bonnie.  I got some things cleaned up in the garage and cut up some more of the big branch that fell.  After that I ate lunch and then started not feeling so well.  I have court tonight and tomorrow so hope it passes quickly.  Bonnie has headed to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for her.

I also talked to the shop today and I am taking the coach in next Monday to have them look at the radiator.

Court went fine, except for me, I have not felt good since after lunch today.  I started feeling ok just before I went to bed so hope I sleep well and feel good in the morning.


Feeling good this morning and hoping for a good day.  Got a call that my partner at court was ill so that meant I had the whole calendar to handle today.  I ended up spending about 7 hours at court.  We missed WW but did go in to Elizabeths for supper.  Alexus has been sick and turns out she has a double ear infection.  She was at the Drs today and is spending the next couple days with us.

Got an email from Bill and they are starting on the concrete work in the morning shortly after 8, I will have to set the alarm tonight.  The challenge will be keeping the MH and cars out of the way.

No mice today.


Up at 6:45 with the help of the alarm.  Read my email and now its pushing 8 when the guys are supposed to be here to start tearing out the concrete in the center of the garage.  Heading out to move the cars and hopefully remember to take some pictures.

The guys were right on time and we worked all day with a short break for lunch to remove the concrete from the center of the garage.  We took out a 14 X 30 block of concrete.  The guys used a diamond blade on a gas powered saw, and an electric jack hammer and of course sledge hammers.  I used my tractor to haul the concrete pieces away.  Here are the pictures.

First the tarps went up to try to keep things clean

Marking out the cut lines

Jeff manned the saw most of the time

Bill scored the lines with the small saw

A rare moment of watching Jeff cut most of the time all are busy

Time for the Jack Hammer

Tough getting started

Then the big pieces started to come out

Hard work but we were making good progress

Shortly after lunch all the concrete was gone, and the hole was cleaned up

Then the trench was dug for the new drains

The new drains are set and the trench is filled back in
 So the garage is ready for wire and the soonest the concrete could be ordered is 1pm Monday.  Tomorrow we start on the driveway.

The guys left and I showered and headed for a dinner with my classmates.

Good food here with good friends
We had a good time visiting and I made it home just after dark.  The days are sure getting shorter and shorter.  Time to post this and get some rest to be ready for tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in.