Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Changing Countries

Monday Day 18

Got a message last night after I posted the blog.  Palmer the trip leader got stung by a scorpion in the middle of the night.  They believe there is no real concern, except that it is very painful.  They did catch  the culprit.

Nasty sting
I also got a message this morning that we have a new Grand Niece down near Erie, PA.

Its a girl, Congratulations
Then a little latter I got a phone call and an invitation to dinner on Friday night, we are headed out for a fish fry.

Elizabeth and I had bid on and won a couple items on eBay.  The seller is actually our Youth Pastor who has run a successful internet business for the last 7 years.  Directions were to head to the big white building on Elm Street.

The big white building

Took a while to figure out what door to go in.

Found it

Loaded up the table top heater and a wood rack, some assembly required
I dropped the rack off at Elizabeths and headed home.  I worked on putting the heater together.  It looks like I am missing one small part so far but I think I can use a bolt and nuts to simulate the part.  I had taken all the seats out of the van but looks like I did not need to do that.  But since the seats were out I vacuumed the floor before I put them back in.  The phone rang while I was in the garage, good news, I now have a place to eat on Saturday night.  So far a pretty eventful day.

Got a quick nap this afternoon then up to court for a few hours.  Winter storm watch goes into effect tomorrow.  No further news from Kenya, the team is scheduled to fly to Uganda tomorrow.  Thats it for today.

Tuesday Day 19

Nice bright sunshine to wake up to this morning, but NWS has posted a winter storm watch, so the end of the day could bring the big storm that is moving in from the West.

Very little word from Africa, Palmer is recovering from the Scorpion sting and they believe it was not the type of Scorpion that can be lethal.  I just checked and Kenya Airlines says their plane is in the air so they should be in Uganda shortly.  They will stay there for the next 3 weeks.  I am headed for Batavia.  I have a lunch date with some camping friends at Miss Batavia.  I called in my RX refills and have a short grocery list to fill.

No confirmation from the team but the airlines says the flight to Uganda was on time.  I did get this picture from one of Bonnie's new friends on FB.

Bonnie with a new friend
I did some banking on the way to Batavia and got my checking account switch to another no fee program, they wanted to switch me to a $15 a month program, no way.  Then a quick stop at ACE hardware for s bolt to put the table top heater together.  Then to do little grocery shopping where I lost track of time and ended up heading to lunch a little late.  But I was just a few minutes late.

We had a nice talk and lots of conversation, Miss Batavia was full when we got there and we were the only ones left when we left, just before the supper crowd started coming in.  Bob bought a few of my filters that I had left from the old coach and I gave him some magazines to look at and he gave me one also.  I forgot to get bananas so I stopped again in Attica at Tops.  Then finally home.  The wind is picking up and the sky is getting dark, quite a change from this morning.

Carolyn had a nice surprise for me as we were leaving.

Fresh baked cookies, I must admit I ate a couple on the way home, very good.
Once home I finished putting the heater together and snapped a quick picture.

Now I just need some propane for it.
I got the groceries into the house and now time to relax a little.

Pickles, soup and bread, can't get much better

Wednesday Day 20

It was an interesting night weather wise I think.  First freeing rain, then sleet, and finally a little snow.  The temperature hovered right around freezing all night and then warmed a few degrees during the morning.  I worked on the budget some but Quicken handles loans in a strange way and the reports come out way off, so I have to figure that out.  I headed out around noon to get the main and decided to see if the blower would clear off the driveway.  The snow was mostly slush but it did manage to clear most of the driveway without plugging up.  It did plug a time or two and I had to get a tool to dig it out.

I also called Independent Health again, still working on getting paid for the urgent care Bonnie had  in November.  This time they took the time to look through the file and could not find where we had called the IH nurse and got the ok to see the DR.  She agreed to have them look through the logs an verify that we had called.  No promise to pay the claim yet but we are making progress.  We still have 2 levels of appeal that we can go through.  They have probably already expended more than the $175.00 that the claim is for trying to deny it.  Time will tell.

I made pulled pork, baked potato, and JalapeƱo poppers for supper and invited the girls.  They came and we watched a couple movies, the second was the new Footloose.  Thats about it from here.

Thanks for Checking In!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keeping Busy

Thursday Day 14

Got this late last night our GD rising to new heights

She looks pretty steady up there
Also here are some pictures from Kenya.  They visited 5 different sites today all were schools I believe, the largest had over 1400 students.

Palmer getting set up

Some of the students

Bonnie chatting with the Teachers

Gary working on setting up a system
Not much new here this morning just more snow falling and moving more snow.  Looks like the deck needs cleared off.

Better take care of this
While I was out blowing off the deck I noticed the driveway needed cleared again also.  Weather forecast calls for temps above freezing so guess I will get at it.

I got the driveway cleared and about an hour of sun melted the little bit left and dried it off, what a difference a day makes.  I had some soup for supper then headed in to pick up the girls.  Elizabeth was sick but Alexus rode with me.  I went to our small group study and Alexus went to the youth study.  I got home just before 10 watched a little TV and now headed to bed.  I have an assignment for tomorrow morning.

Friday Day 15

Up this morning and out the door to take Alexus to the dentist.  Of course I took her to the wrong dentist and we were a couple minutes late getting to the right one.  We thought she was getting the final filling in her root canal but it turned out to be just a cleaning.  After I dropped her off at home I went up to the town building for a while to clean up some paperwork.

Then home for lunch and I spent a couple hours working on our budget.  Now that we are both retired and on a fixed income its time to take another close look at our budget and make sure it makes sense for our retired lifestyle.

Checking facebook I found lots of pictures from Kenya and the water filter team.  I have been posting them on my FB.  I do post a few selected ones here.

This system was installed last November

They checked on another older system

I think this is a new one

Pretty bush in front of the school, thats the van they are riding in

Some of the kids at the school 
Gary the beekeeper speaks to the students

I think this goat is a gift to the team
Not much else new today, we are getting sleet and a little freezing rain tonight.

Saturday Day 16

Second day in a row No New Snow!  After a leisurely breakfast I headed up to the town building.  The girls stopped in there and we ended up picking up a pizza coming home and watching a couple movies.  Not a very exciting day but not all days can be.  The Africa team is low on data minutes and they are leaving for Uganda on Tuesday so no new pictures today.

Sunday Day 17

Slept in a little this morning so had to hustle to pickup the girls and get to church on time.  No pictures again today.  But we got a message that one of the men was stung on the toe during the night by a scorpion.  Nothing to bad just very painful is the latest word.

After church Elizabeth made a good dinner or chicken, baked potato,  peas, and pickled beets.  Then we watched history being made.  Danica Patrick started the Daytona 500 on the pole, first time for a woman.  She also led a lap and finished in 8th place.  I came home in the middle of the race and finished watching it at home.

Warmed up today and this mornings snow melted and it rained some.  Got word that my grand niece was being dedicated at church in Pennsylvania.  The church streams their services so I am hoping to be able to watch.  Other than that I caught up on recorded shows and a movie.

I bid on a couple items on eBay yesterday and won.  The seller is in East Aurora so I hope to be able to run in there and pick up the items tomorrow.

Thats it for this week, Thanks for Checking In.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Days are Getting Longer

Monday Day 11

As we move towards Spring each day gets a little longer.  I did manage to stay up and watch The Amazing Race and Downton Abbey last night.  A couple from Buffalo is on the race and its the end of Season 3 for the Abbey.

The sun woke me up this morning before 7:30 but boy is it cold down to 7 over night and 12 now.

This update from Africa.

Crossing the Equator again

Masai Farmers along the road
Caught up on blogs this morning.  Then went out and shoveled snow for some fresh air and exercise.  Then lunch and a movie "The Magic of Belle Isle", I enjoyed it.  Its Presidents Day and I called and invited the girls to come over for pizza and a movie later.  And hey the sun melted the snow off the driveway.

So the girls brought a cheeseburger pizza (yes it tastes like a burger) and chicken wings for supper.  Then we watched a movie "The Addams Family" it was an ok movie.  They headed home then and I watched a little TV.  I think I am headed to bed.

Tuesday Day 12

No sun this morning, rain instead.  I had my breakfast and then headed up to the town building for about 5 hours of work today.  Then headed into WW in East Aurora.  I stopped at CVS, they have been calling and saying I had pictures there, no pictures.  Then on to WW and from there to TOPS to pick up milk, oatmeal, and bananas.

Alexus made coconut chicken for supper with green beans and a mango sauce.  It was good.  We also had some pull aparts that Elizabeth had made.  I headed home and the weather was really getting bad, snow and wind.

Time for a little TV and then a good nights sleep.  No pictures from Kenya today.

Wednesday Day 13

It was windy all night, as a matter of fact the wind woke me up several times during the night which is unusual.  About 8 new inches of snow.  Even the railing on the front porch which is under roof has several inches of snow piled up.  Temperature is down in the teens.

Good news several pictures from Kenya today.

Bonnie prepares to stitch up a patient

The Patient

Bonnie found a baby to love, Gary the beekeeper, and Palmer the trip leader

Gifts of a necklace and earrings.  The water filter set up in the background 

Sharon shows her gifts

I decided to do the laundry today.  Three loads, towels, whites, and colors.  Watching TV while I do that.  Then I will head out to clean the driveway as I am heading out to dinner tonight.

Got the driveway done it took awhile as there was a good 8 inches plus some bigger drifts and a coating of ice once I got down to the pavement.  I had about an hour after I finished the driveway.  Then I headed to Batavia for dinner with a couple friends.  One of them has just bought a new motorhome and so we talked about that.  The roads were dry up in Batavia.  However the wind must have shifted while we were there and the blowing snow was starting to drift across the otherwise dry roads.

I balance the checkbook once I got home and am settling down now to watch Survivor.  So thats about it.

Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Watching the Mail

Thursday Day 7

Still watching the email and mail for some news from Bonnie so I can report whats been happening.  Nice and sunny all morning here on the hill.

I headed in towards Buffalo for lunch today.  One of my favorite places to eat and a place my mother would ask to go to when I visited.

La Bella Sicilia on Genesee Street near Harlem
Bob C and I worked together at the Bureau and one of the best guys I ever worked with.  He beat me to retirement by a little even though I am a month older.  We still get together for lunch several times a year.

A serious looking Bob
We had the lunch specials mine was a lunch sized lasagna.

I wonder how big the dinner sized portion is
Despite its size it was easy to finish the whole portion.  I have never had a meal here that was not great.

I stopped at Harbor Freight on the way home but did not find anything I needed to buy.  Once home I tried to replace a corroded and broke shut off valve under Bonnie's sink but could not het it apart.  Then I worked on updating and backing up her computer.  Then it was off to pick up the girls for our small group study and youth group for Alexus.  We always have some snacks.  Karen made carrot cake from scratch and boy was it good.

Finally home, its snowing and the roads are covered in snow on the tops of the hills.  I was following a school bus keeping an eye on it.  Then I noticed a car that had spun out, it was across the ditch.  Too late to stop and check on it, but I did call it in to the dispatchers at the 911 Center so they could send a car to check on it.

Thats it for me today.

Friday Day 8

Well the decaf coffee I drank last night kept me awake until 2am.  Then I was up by 8 this morning.  It was snowing a little when I got up but it did not last long.  Lots of ice out on the pavers so when I went out to head up to the town building to work on paperwork I spread a lot of salt.  I was gone just a couple hours.  I spread salt on more ice when I got back.  Funny there was no mail today.

I did get some pictures from the Mission Team today.

Bonnie instructing

One of the groups

At a school

Good news both my tax returns have now been accepted.  Bad news is the Dr from Massachusetts called and there is nothing more he can do to help with the insurance company.  He is also an Attorney and told me to sue them.  Don't think we will do that but we will certainly go to an emergency center the next time.  Just watch TV most of the day and dozed off and on.  Hope to get to bed early tonight.

Saturday Day 9

Its almost midnight and I have not updated the blog at all.

Got up this morning and while cold it was sunny.  After breakfast I went up to the town building and did a little paperwork.  Then back home and let the girls know I was home.  They came out as we had planned to go through the freezers and get rid of the really old items that seem to get buried in the back or bottom of the freezers.  The chest freezer was first and it had a lot of old stuff with freezer burn.  Not much frost and that was easy to clean up.  The side by side was next and there was not much in there that was bad.  The whole thing took more than 45 minutes and we have been putting it off for years.  Well now its done.

I did a pork tenderloin and some chicken for supper on the grill that we found in the freezers.  As I started to grill we got a blast of snow maybe an inch in an hour.  Elizabeth made mashed potatoes and peas.  Later we had a little ice cream.  We found a couple movies on Amazon Instant Videos and watched them.  The girls went home after the movies and I finished catching up on email and watch a couple TED videos.

Off to bed now.

Sunday Day 10

Woke up to a scene from the movies this morning.  Three inches of new fallen snow.  All the tree branches are covered.  The is no wind and giant flakes are drifting down.  Just beautiful.
But of course it means I will be cleaning out the driveway later today.  I think I can get out for church.  Picked up the girls and made it to church without a problem.  The pastor had a great message today.  We should not strive for success in our lives but rather significance.

The snow stopped and the wind has picked up some.  Guess I will wait awhile before cleaning the driveway.  Watching the mail has paid off, more pictures from Africa have arrived.

Waiting to see the nurse and Dr. at the clinic

Bonnie checking ears

One for the Doctor
Took it easy this afternoon and watched the Daytona 500 qualifying for the first time a woman Danica Patrick will start on the pole next Sunday.  Then I headed out and cleared the snow.  It only took me 35 minutes because I had shoveled right after church.  Twenty minutes after I came back in it was snowing hard.  Hopefully it will not snow long.  I heated up some home made vegetable soup that I had found in the freezer yesterday and it hit the spot on a cold day, it down to 10 right now.

Thats about it for this week.  Thanks for Checking In.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Going it Alone

Monday Day 4

It was still 35 when I went to bed just after midnight this morning and a few degrees warmer and raining when I got up this morning.  Another day up in the 40's with snow in the forecast for tomorrow.
I am hoping to review the Tax return today and give it the final Ok.

Rained here off and on today, I still have not gotten to the tax return.  I did walk out to get the mail and saw the dead deer was picked up from the lower driveway, thanks to our 911 Center that calls these into the state to pick up.  I snapped a couple pictures

One of the many deer trails out front

The creek is starting to run again
 Our new coach has a combo washer/dryer.  I have heard good things about the seminar Sandra Jones gives on how to use these European machines.  So I ordered her book to see if we can get ours to be Wrinkle-Free.

The Title speaks for itself
Wow were did the wind come from it is howling out and the temperature is down to 34 degrees.  Now its spitting snow.  Time to head to court.  Even though it is overcast today its still light out when I got to court.  A few weeks ago it was always dark at this time.  The days are definitely getting longer.

Really windy up on the hill at court I was glad to get home.  I checked in with the girls and settled in to have some soup for supper and watch a little TV.  I did finish the review of our tax return so I will send that off in the next day or so.  Thats about it for today.

Tuesday Day 5

Busy day today but not much to report on.  Still windy this morning and an inch or so of snow.  I left late morning to take care of work for court.  Then a session of court this afternoon.  Got home in time to change and head into WW.  Then over to Elizabeths for supper.  Came home in time to hear the State of the Union Address.  Now its time for some sleep.  Dr. Appointment in the morning.  No news from Bonnie in Aftrica.

Wednesday Day 6

Ash Wednesday

I was up early by 7:30 this morning, but I still struggled to get out the door by 9:00.  A few minutes late but I was headed to East Aurora for a Dr appointment.  I thought it was just my every 4 month routine visit but it turned into my annual physical.  All my lab numbers were good and no problems turned up during my physical.  Only bad news is that its time for another colonoscopy.  Actually I am about a year overdue.  So I have to get that done.

I stopped at CVS on the way home again.  I had gotten an offer for a free 8X10 photo.  I had picked it up yesterday and did not check it untilI got home, bummer they had chopped off the people on the sides.  I emailed customer service and they said no problem bring it in and they would reprint it.  So thats what I did today and in 10 minutes I had a new print.

A nice memory from last summer, now to frame it
I jumped on the tractor when I got home and made a couple quick passes of the driveway.  Its cold but the sun is out and it finished the job, the driveway is nice and clear now.  Then I got the blower out and cleaned up around the pavers.

Had my second cup of coffee once I got in the house.  Then I walked out to get the mail, then fired up the small blower and cleared the snow off the back deck.  Wow it takes a lot of equipment to keep the snow cleaned up around here.

Well nothing new in the mail for the IRS so I went ahead and e-filed my returns.  The federal one was accepted within an hour.  Waiting to hear on the state. No update on the state.

No further updates from the Mission Trip either.

Thats about it for tonight.  Thanks for Checking In!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

BIG Storm Coming and I am all Alone


Today was a pretty nice day.  Bonnie washed all the bedding and did her final packing.  I worked on the taxes.  Since she is leaving for 6 weeks we each dealt with that in our own way.  Our DIL and the grand kids called from Alabama to say good by also.

We headed in around 6, dropped off some stuff to the girls so they could say good by.  Then into Dr. Zittles to pick up an otoscope so Bonnie can look in ears and noses.  Then finally to drop her off.  The other 3 were already there and doing some last minute packing.

Last bag to get packed
I said my good-byes and then headed for church for our small group study.

They will drive to JFK airport in a rented van and hopefully fly out before the Big Storm hits tomorrow.  Thanks to all who are praying for a safe trip and the opportunities to place all the water filters they are taking with them.

Friday Day 1

First day at home without Bonnie.  It looks like there plane was just a little late and as I write this they still have about 5 hours in the air until there first stop in Dubai.  Then a couple hour lay over and then onto another plane for another 5 hours landing then in Kenya.  We had rain and it was just above freezing then the snow started and it snowed hard most of the afternoon.  I did go out to clean off the back deck once and walked out to get the mail.  The heavy snow was north of us and they got hit pretty hard.  The temperature has really dropped now and the wind is picking up so I thought it was a good day to stay home.  Elizabeth called earlier and she was headed home from work early and made it without any problems.

We are still dealing with Independent Health over Bonnie's visit to a Walk In Clinic in November.  I wrote up a letter and faxed it to the Dr. so I am hoping he will re issue the bill with the proper urgent care code.  I also got some mail ready to send and spent a lot of time tracking Bonnie's fight.  I still need to go over the taxes one more time and then wait another week to make sure I do not get any more statements in the mail.

I did make a good supper.  Chicken Sausage with red peppers and garlic, bread, Green Beans, and a baked potato all washed down by a glass of low fat Chocolate Milk.

Saturday Day 2

Had an email from Emirates Air this morning that the plane got in on time, so Bonnie should be safely in Nairobi, Kenya.  I hope to hear from the team later today, I am sure they are tired from over a day of traveling.

Our part of the Big Storm dropped about 6 inches here at the house, I just got in clearing it all from the driveway and pavers.  A very light snow is still falling but I must admit it is beautiful out.  Well time to head up to court for a while.

So the snow stopped I was back home after a couple hours and cleared off the back deck before settling down for the rest of the afternoon.  Not much going on here.  Still waiting to see an update from Bonnie.  Really cold here tonight down to 10 already.

Watched TV and had a couple phone calls this evening now headed off to bed early for me.

Sunday Day 3

What a beautiful morning bright sunshine and 14 but it is to get up to 40 later.  I headed to pick up the girls and then on to church.  Right after church we got word that the team Bonnie is with had left a voicemail with family that they and all their bags and supplies also.

I went to Elizabeths for lunch and started a fire for her.

The start of a nice warm fire.
Pooh Bear the cat crawled up on me and we napped through most of the movie Thor.  After that I headed home.  Its still beautiful out and it did hit 40.

Elizabeth called a while later and had heard from Jim the son of the other woman on the mission trip.  They reported that they had repacked all the bags and gotten ready for the week.  Today they were attending the Bishops church and each of them spoke.  The Bishop will help them the rest of the time they are in Kenya.  They also have picked up a cell phone so Jim should get regular reports.  So far they have not been able to connect to the internet.

Well thats about it for this week.  More interesting weather on the way, NWS just posted warnings for high winds and freezing rain in the morning.

Thanks for Checking In.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Drags On


We made it to the end of the SuperBowl last night in at Elizabeth's.  It had snowed all evening and as we headed home the roads had not been plowed or treated on the last half of the trip home.  Coming down our hill I had it in a lower gear and the ABS brakes were pumping away.  As we approached our driveway we had a car coming up the hill with room to turn in front of, I would have preferred to wait but the car coming down the hill would have never gotten stopped.  So we were moving slow as I turned into the driveway but the CR-V pretty much kept going straight.  We were headed for the creek. As the right side tires left the blacktop the car turned and we were safely headed into the driveway.  An exciting way to enter ones driveway.  I hit at least one of the fiberglass marker stakes so I will have to check on that this morning.  It has been snowing a bit all morning and of course the driveway needs cleaned out again.

Every time I get ready to go out it snows hard.  Well it has to be done today so I am headed out to clean the driveway.  Well the driveway is done and its still snowing, but then it is winter.  Off to court in a few minutes.

It snowed the whole time I was in court but only about 1/2 inch on the car when I came out.  The salt is working on the roads and they are clear and wet.  Watched a little TV with Bonnie when I got home and now its off to bed.


Beautiful bright sunshine when we got up this morning, no new overnight snow so thats good too.  Forecast is for high temperature of 26 today, looking ahead it should be above freezing on Sunday for the first time in quite a while.  Bonnie and I have a bit of running around to do today as she continues her final preparations for her 6 week trip to Africa.  I also have some court work to do so this afternoon will go by quickly.

We finished our running around and got back home in time for lunch.  The sun disappeared and its overcast I think it is getting ready to snow again.  We are headed for WW tonight and then dinner with the girls.

Well our plans got changed.  Bonnie had a call for help from Palmer, he is leading the trip to Africa.  So after we went to WW we headed to their house.  We had a nice spaghetti supper and then up to the third floor ball room to pack and weigh all the bags they are taking to Africa.  Each person will check in two bags and then carry on one more with their personal stuff.  We finished up and then talked until well after 10pm.  The house they live in is the Palmer House in the Griggs Mansion in East Aurora, they have made it into a bed and breakfast.  Click the link to read about it.

Time to hit the hay now.


Sixty-Four years ago today I brought great joy into my parents hearts.  The sun is out and its not snowing so it should be a great day.

Couple hours later now and its snowing!  Only lasted a little while then the sun came out again.  I headed out and cleaned the driveway and the sun melted off some of the snow.  The car ran out of windshield washer fluid the other day and I got it refilled with our favorite stuff.

This rain X works really well
Since it is my birthday Bonnie made my favorite cake.  My mother called it Eggless Cake and while she never frosted it Bonnie puts cream cheese frosting on it and I like it even better.  We had a lot of the local family come over for cake and ice cream and I had a good time.  Then my sister called and sang to me also.

My Favorite Cake
I have been receiving birthday wishes on FB all day and that is really nice.  Well all have gone home now and time to catch a show or two on TV, then off to bed I have a dentist appointment in the morning.

I will post this now, Thanks For Checking In and thanks to all who made my 64th birthday a very good one.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Get Ready for a Big Change


Someone asked about my sore toe from the slip in the shower, well all is well I kind of forgot about the whole incident.

Well the big change showed up just before I got to sleep and I ended up still awake at 1:30am.  The wind was howling making the house creak.  I did get to sleep and woke up early but did turn over and then slept till 9am.  We got a dusting of snow and the wind continued to blow until mid afternoon.  Yesterdays high of 65 is now a high of 23, quite a change.  I only went out to get the mail, and run down the hill to get a can of diesel for the tractor.  Bonnie and I watched a few more episodes of Downton Abby.

Time for us to pick up the girls and head to our small group study and Alexus is going to her youth group.  Its snowing a little and the wind is blowing again.  The roads were bad on the way in and with the blowing snow it was tough to see until we got close into Elma.  Then the snow stopped and visibility cleared up.  The trip home was uneventful and we are home safe and sound.


Another big change from yesterday.  Woke up to several inches of snow, no wind, and a gentle snow falling.  Hopefully today will be a nice calm day.  It has snowed off and on all morning but not much has accumulated here.

I went out after lunch and cleaned the driveway and gathered the paper and the mail.  Now I believe I need a bit of a nap not sure why shoveling and blowing snow tires me out so much.

No nap but Elizabeth called and was coming to get wood and wanted some help.  I figured she would not get here until after dark.  So Bonnie and I took the Ranger down to the wood pile and loaded up a trunk-full for her and dumped it on the Coach parking pad so she could easily load it in her car.

The girls stayed for supper and watched a couple episodes of Downton Abby with us.  We are just about caught up now.  We had to watch the last two episodes using the PBS web site and then stream it to the TV using the Apple TV.  Bonnie is really into it now also as we have stayed up to midnight two nights in a row watching it.  I have also discovered that PBS Masterpiece Classics has many of these classic stories so we are looking forward to watching more of them in the future.  Well off to bed now.


It was nice and bright out when I woke up this morning a few more inches of snow and clear skies.  Only about 10° out but thats ok.  After breakfast I will move some snow and then head up to court to prepare for Monday night.  Later today we have a dinner meeting with our RV camping friends up in LeRoy and the weather looks like it will cooperate.

Light snow all day but not much accumulation.  Finished at court all ready for Monday.

We headed for our dinner get together right at 4pm.  It started to snow pretty hard but as we headed north we drove out of the snow.  We arrived at Stafford a little early but the Rindo's and Parkhill's were already there and waiting for us.

Bonnie at the door
After we greeted them we were told of the sad news that one of our Chapter members had passed away today, John Gaydica.  John and Wendy were at almost all the campouts and are always busy helping where ever needed.  I always look forward to seeing and talking to John, he went out of his way to help me and I will miss him immensely.  Keep Wendy in your prayers during this tough time.

Norm and Pat and Bob and Carol soon arrived and out group was complete.  While the sad news changed the mood for the night we made the best of it and I think we all enjoyed the evening.  Our waitress Amber was fantastic, so positive, helpful and cheerful she kept us from being down.

Scott being served his Lobster Bisque

Bob was served next

My Steak and Lobster Pot, with mashed potatoes
The food was good not great but the company and atmosphere were top shelf.  We had eaten early to beat the crowds as this is a very popular spot.  That allowed us to be home shortly after 8, thankfully the snow had stopped.  We streamed the latest episode of Downton Abby so we are all caught up.  The nest one will be on TV tomorrow night.  Thats right it is also Superbowl night, we will watch for the commercials.

Thats about it for tonight.


The water system Chem-Free recycled last night and we lost our water pressure at the beginning of the cycle again.  I had to go down at midnight and restart the pump again.  Maybe it is in the valve assembly on the top of the tank.  Guess I will have to research that now.  No new snow overnight so after church I will hopefully get the driveway cleaned out.

We picked up the girls on the way to church and then dropped them off on the way home.  I changed right away and went out to clear the driveway, around the pavers, and finally the rear deck.  It took a while but now its done.

Bonnie made a delicious salad for lunch and then I got a couple cat-naps while we watched the recorded shows.  We are headed into Elizabeth's to watch the SuperBowl.  Not much else to say so I will post this and enjoy the game.

Thanks for Checking In.