Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Cold has returned


After a couple mild days the cold has returned.  Along with it this afternoon we got a couple inches of snow.

My day was spent up at court doing a computer upgrade.  Microsoft support for Windows XP is ending in April and our computers were converted from XP to Windows 7 today.  That took from 11am until 5:30 when we quit to get ready for court.  Then I held court and finally got home at 9:30pm.  Bonnie and I watched the Downton Abbey, the last episode for this season.  But they promised there will be a season 5.

I caught up on blogs and now at midnight I am ready to hit the hay.


Up and at it this morning looks like another 2 inches of snow so I need to clean the driveway of about 4 inches.  I was out and did my court business and then headed back home to get warm, it is cold out. Bonnie went grocery shopping and beat me home.  Once I warm up I will head out and clean the driveway.

Well I got the driveway cleared then had lunch and a nap.  We headed out at 6:30 for our small group meeting in the snow again.  We got about another 1/2 inch but the roads were good.  Finally home and watched a little TV before heading to bed.


Up early this morning and headed to the dentist for a couple replacement fillings.  The sun is now up nice and bright but its a bone chilling 5 degrees and is to go no higher than 15.  We normally go to the mission today but had to change our day this week so I could go to the dentist.

I did shovel a little around the garage today but it was too cold and windy to try to blow the snow off the driveway, maybe tomorrow.  We did not have to go anywhere else today so I took it easy.  We caught up on the recorded TV we had and Bonnie made fish and asparagus for lunch and chicken breasts for supper.

The road to Attica this morning had a lot of snow blowing across it and covering the road in spots.  We heard on the evening news that a local woman slid sideways on the road and was hit by a truck.  She was not wearing a seatbelt and died in the accident.  The driver of the pickup truck was Mercy Flighted to Buffalo for precautionary observation.  You just never know.

Now that the Olympics are over new episodes are on and so we watched a few of those tonight.  Now that its after midnight I am heading to bed.  Oh its Wednesday so I better post this.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Warmer weather, but still some snow


No plans for today, I just need a do nothing day.  It was in the 20s when I got up but it did make it into the low 40's and its still 36 after 10 tonight.  I pretty much managed to not do much today.  I did not even have to go out and get the mail as Bonnie got it when she went to take care of the cats.  Seems the cats are quite handy and managed to not only get into the cabinet where their food is but got the lid off the container and had all the food they could eat.

Just as Bonnie got home it started to snow.  It was like a snow downpour, the snow was literally coming down in chunks.  The snow was so full of water and it piled up on the DISH antenna and we lost our signal twice.  I had to go out and scrape the snow off the reflector both times and it came right back.

The wet snow blocked the signal
I did work on my photo library some trying to organize it so I have a better chance to find a photo when I need one.

We did hear from the girls today, they were in San Juan for the day and seem to be having a good time.

A new friend

Can you tell what it is
I woke up with a sore throat this morning, it is no better nor worse tonight.  Its been a good restful day and hopefully the inch of snow we got in the downpour will melt on its own.


Lots of wind overnight but it is above freezing so lots of melting.  Flood alerts have been communing in on my email all morning for the area.  Not much happening here today so we are taking it easy.  I am headed out later for a mens retreat and will be gone overnight.  I need to make a quick stop at court and then continue on to the retreat.

We had a turn out of over 70 men for the start of the retreat.  Good food and good speakers.  I had a nice room but found a wet spot on the floor with my socks still on, oh well its only one night.  They had some drains freeze up and I guess this was the cause.  Got to sleep around midnight.


Breakfast at 8 and it sure tasted good.  We are at Odosagih Bible Conference about 45 minutes from home.  Then we had speakers and small group discussions the rest of the day.

I headed home around 4:30, unpacked, rested a bit and then Bonnie and I went to another small group Couples Study in Attica at our previous church.  Finally home and time to catch up on sleep.


The girls have pulled back in to Miami and will soon be off the ship.  We pick them up this evening.  This morning we are headed over to Java Village to church.  Our grand niece will be dedicated.  So lots of family time.

She did good and did not cry much

She is a velcro baby and is happiest with her mom
Brielle will also be one year old tomorrow so its a big week for her.  We had coffee and cake afterwards and then headed Home.  Time for the Daytona 500 today.  The girls are at the airport and do not fly until around 5 and we pick them up after 8.

All partied out
The girls flight was about 15 minutes late.  Bonnie and I had dinner at the Hillview in Depew, its a restaurant thats been there since I was a kid.  It has been recently remodeled and looks very nice.  The food was really good and we have enough for lunch tomorrow.

Chicken Parm
We got the girls home safely and we are home.  The Daytona 500 was delayed so we are going to see the end of it.  Then off to bed.  Thats about it for this week.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Presidents Day


It was 5 degrees this morning.  I got showered and dressed and headed to East Aurora for a Dr. appointment.  Turns out it was also time for my annual physical.  Other than being cold in the room all went well and I am in good shape for another year.  My lab work was good also except for my higher than normal glucose numbers.

I stopped at court on the way home just to check on a couple pieces of paperwork, no court tonight since it is Presidents Day.  There was still that 4 inches of snow in the driveway, so when I got home I jumped on the tractor and cleaned it up.  I did not put on my boots and carharts and that was a mistake.  Even though the sun was intense it was still in the teens.  I was soaked by the time I finished.  So I went in the house and then out on the deck and cleared it off also.  The sun stayed out all day and it got up into the 20's.  So some of the driveway melted off the rest turned to ice.

Bonnie is feeling better and was out with her sister and on the way home stopped to check on Elizabeth's cats.  Then had the freezer open and knocked a door off a cabinet looking for stuff to eat.  Bonnie fed them and cleaned the litter box.

We may get 40s later this week so I am looking forward to that.  Hope to get the garage swept out and  the cars vacuumed out.  Bonnie did get the Odyssey washed today, must have had a pound of salt on it.  Guess we will watch more Olympics tonight.


The wind howled all night and it was still snowing when I got up, looks like about 2 inches of new snow.  The wind was wicked when I went out to the bank and post office for court.  I did see several cars off in the ditches.  I slowed way down and did not have any problems.  Bonnie was out also to go with her mother to an appointment.  I was glad when she made it back home safely also.  Hopefully the wind will end soon.

Worked on the computer this afternoon and tonight we head out to our small group meeting.  The girls are having a fun day at sea according to their schedule and tomorrow arrive in St Thomas for the day.

We had a good meeting.  The wind has died down so we had a decent drive home the roads are almost all cleared off.  Well its after midnight so I better get to bed.


Up early this morning and it was already 36, first its been above freezing for a while.  We were headed downtown to volunteer again today.  The roads were clear and we had clear sailing on the way in no traffic backups for once.

We kept busy all day at the mission and headed home around 3:30.  I got a notice on the way home that Elizabeth had posted a few pictures.  Sure looks like they are having a good time and no snow.

Meeting new friends on the beach
 Their first Port was Nassau and today they visited St Thomas.

They all look happy
 They are even getting towel pets in their staterooms.  I was disappointed on our Princess cruise that we did not get these.

A crab greeted them in their room
 Even the cats are having a good time at home.  They knew which cabinet the snacks were in.  They got the door open and opened the snacks and finished them off.  (Boy will they be in trouble)

The snacks are all gone now
Well we are home the snow is melting, even though we had a brief heavy snowfall.  The girls are underway to San Juan and we have nothing on the calendar for tomorrow.  Time to rest up a little as I have a busy weekend coming up.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Giant Storm


Well while the Giant storm pounds the East coast we are having sunshine and nice weather for this time of year.  Sure its cold but no need to go out and move snow.

Bonnie is headed out for lunch today in East Aurora and then tonight she volunteers at the Rural out reach center.  I am taking it easy but will go out and clear off some of the steps.  The forecast for the next 10 days looks good in terms of warmer weather, less than 6 weeks till Spring starts.

I did go out for a while today and shoveled snow off the steps up to the deck, I felt the need for a little  exercise.  Then I looked at a loose splash guard on the Odyssey.  I thought I needed some plastic rivets to fix it but turns out it is screws that are missing.  So I headed for Attica Hardware.  Bonnie was headed to the ROC.  I picked up the screws, a pampered chef order, and headed home.

We got some information on Utah yesterday so I took a look at that and added a visit to Utah to our bucket list.  Our new issue of Motorhome Magazine came and I took a quick look at that.  Thats about it for today.  One last thing the snow from the big storm has made it here and while we were not to get any snow it is snowing hard out.


The East coast is still suffering from the giant storm.  We ended up with about an inch of snow from it so not bad.  It is a little warmer but still in the 20s.  Bonnie started on the wash and I headed up to court for a couple hours.  Then I picked up Bonnie and we headed for Warsaw.  We picked up some RXs for Bonnie but one was 4 days to early so she will have to go back for it.  Then over to tractor supply to pickup solar salt for the water softener.  Then back home.

Spent the rest of the day napping and watching TV.


We were up early and it was snowing maybe another inch overnight.  We left the house around 8:30 to pick up the girls and their friends to take them to the airport.  They are going on a week long cruise while we stay up here in the cold.  Once quick stop at Tim Horton's on the way to pick up Lisa and Chelsea.

2 bags a piece sure adds up
 Then on to the airport, roads were clear and we were there in plenty of time.

See you all in a week
The plane ended up being about 40 minutes late but they made it to Ft Lauderdale and checked into the hotel.  They board the ship tomorrow.

We headed over to the mall I wanted to pick up a Time Capsule at the Apple store to be able to do our backups wirelessly.  Then we headed to the Avenue store for Bonnie and then to Tuesday Morning.  While she was there I went to Home Depot and used my Veterans Discount to pick up another NEST thermostat for the kitchen.

It was after 1 so the headed to the Red Mill Inn to meet up with our camping club for what we call The Polar Bear lunch.  Its for all that have not headed to warmer climates for the winter.  We had 18 show up which was a really good turnout.

Most to the folks that turned out.
It was heat to see everyone and catch up.  It was especially good to see several that have been dealing with health issues and are now doing terrific.

Still snowing a little tonight here on the hill.  I installed the NEST and the Time Capsule so I am headed off to bed.  Tomorrow is church and we begin our cat watching duty.  I did watch the NASCAR Unlimited race and it looks like the season will be an interesting one.


I got up this morning to get ready for church.  Bonnie got up with a sore throat so we decided to stay home.  It is snowing some but not adding up to much.  We have a couple inches in the driveway and I should go out and clean it up.

I have been trying all day to get enough ambition to clear the snow but it just has not happened.  We have spent the day watching TV, napping, and looking at the pictures Elizabeth is sharing as they board the ship for the cruise.
Waiting in lines
They made it aboard
We did also get a nice picture from my son's family out in Alabama.

What a good looking family
They have been waiting on the last passengers that had weather delays.  They are finally underway.

Elizabeth pointed out the RV parking area to me

 The Epic pulled out right in front of them, its supposed to be the largest cruise ship in the world.

I found a site on line that tracks ships, the larger blue dot is them.

This was their view of South Beach
 I also found some web cams and I was able to catch a screen shot as they entered the ocean

Bon Voyage 
So while they bask in the sun on the girls winter recess we are left to deal with the snow and take car of the cats.  Ain't retirement great.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The deep freeze continues


Cold, snowing and sun when I got up, an interesting morning.  First order of business was to Wish My Favorite Sister Happy Birthday.  After breakfast I headed out and cleaned off the deck and the driveway, we had about 5 inches of snow.  The sun stayed out a while and the snow stopped.  Bonnie watched some TV.

Over the weekend I finished the first run through of the taxes.  I had quite a surprise.  Our NY taxes were zero.  Seems that NY does not tax most of your retirement income or your Social Security.  In this tax and spend state that surprised me.  So I checked with some friends and their NY tax is zero also.

I also started working on our first trip of the year. In May we are going to the Escapees Boot Camp followed by their Escapade and then beating feet to Alabama to watch the grand kids for a few days.  Then we will work our way back home.  We are hoping to make it over to North Carolina and maybe Virginia.  We are members of the Coast to Coast system and see what showed up in the mail today.

Arrived just at the right time
I had a phone call from a friend today.  He called to wish me a Happy Birthday and welcome me to the over 65 Club.  Of course he did also mention that he was sitting at the pool in their Florida Campground.  I am happy for them and looking forward to when we are someplace warmer in the winter also.  Thanks for the call Don.


Up early this morning and headed to the Quest Lab for a blood draw.  Looks like we got about an inch of snow last night.  Then quickly over to Tim Hortons for some coffee and timbits.  I also did a deposit for Bonnie at the bank and picked up an RX for her at the pharmacy.  Then I did my running around for court in Strykersville and then up to court for a couple hours.

Snow is piling up at the edges of the parking lot
Finally home and decided to watch the Beatles tribute that got recorded the other night and enjoyed that.  Split pea soup for supper and now we are off to our small group study on Ecclesiastes.  We had a good time but boy is it cold.  We saw -9 on the car thermometer on the way home.  It clear as can be out no wind but lots and lots of stars are visible.

Time to hit the hay as we are heading to the mission in the morning.


We are up early and its -7 as we head out the door for the mission.  We had a good day and got lots done at Buffalo City Mission.  If you are interested in volunteering checkout .  We had supper at Elizabeths and then came home to relax.  I checked with friends that are in the path of the storm and so far all seem to be doing well.

My BIL got the parts for his TV and installed them.  The TV is working again and all for about $60 in parts.  So thats great and much better than $500 or more for.

We have been cold here but no new snow so that is good.  Time to sleep now.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Aging of America--I'm Doing My Part


Today I am officially old, the big 65.  I received my Medicare card in the mail a while back but today it is effective.  My expensive health insurance is now my "secondary insurance".  I started the day by getting up early and was at the dentists by 8am, just a cleaning and checkup.  Oh I do have a follow-up appointment for a filling.

We had another couple of inches of snow overnight but the roads were clear and the sun was out so it was a beautiful morning.  Once home I did a little shoveling and caught up on my email.  After a few minutes of relaxing I headed out to clear off the deck and then out to jump on the tractor and clear the driveway again.

Its been a good birthday so far lots of birthday wishes on FB and email, some cards in the mail, and Bonnie got me some home lights that we can control from our phones through the internet, so that will be fun.  We have an appointment later with our financial manager and then I believe we will be eating out.

We asked the girls to go to dinner with us and so Elizabeth is going to meet us at the Elma Towne Grill after our meeting.  Its snowing a little again but I do not think we will get much.  Dinner turned out to be good.

My birthday meal
I had the Shrimp and Scallops, cole slaw, pasta salad, and fries. Finally home about 1/2 inch of new snow.  We have a wind chill warning for tonight and it was windy when we came home.  Good news my sister got her power back after 33 hours.

Its been a good birthday and I have heard from a lot of family and friends the highlights of my day.


Cold and sunny today.  Had a slow start this morning and we just caught up on email and blogs.

Then this afternoon we got started on the taxes for real this time.  Spent most of the time getting Bonnie's expenses for her Thirty-One business figured out and documented.

Relaxing and watching a little TV this evening.  Maybe even some of the Olympics.  Only time I went out today was to get the mail, I did a little shoveling to get some exercise.  Another cold night as its down to 7 already.


Sunny again and the US won its first Gold Medal at the Olympics today.  Well after breakfast I headed up to court for a couple hours and then back home.  Catnapped in the recliner most of the afternoon.  Then I headed in and worked on the taxes.  Now I will let them alone for a while and then go over them again before I send them in.

Not much on TV except the Olympics so I guess we will watch them or go to bed early.  No snow today but its in the forecast for tonight.


Up and at it.  Getting ready to head to church just as it starts to snow.  Then to lunch which my Grand daughter is preparing.

Church was great as always and the kids are getting ready for the annual pine wood derby.

Some of the previous years cars
 Some the cars show a lot of creativity and craftsmanship.  After church we headed for a friends to pick up a suitcase for Alexus, then we headed for the farmers market where we ran into Bonnie's parents.  Finally to Elizabeth's house for my birthday lunch, which turned into dinner being as it was later in the day.  So Elizabeth made some good soup for lunch.

One of Elizabeth's friends came over and we all had a nice visit.  Then I started a fire and Alexus started to work on dinner.
Taking a break while the cake bakes
So we had a very nice Cheeseburger Salad for dinner.  Then for dessert we had home made angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

Time to head home and I had to scrape ice off the car windows and the roads were snow covered.  We had light snow all day and it looks like its between 2 and 3 inches.  Now a little TV and then off to bed.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter is Back


Bright and sunny when I got up, but that ended after an hour.  Now the NWS upgraded the winter storm watch to a warning starting tomorrow afternoon.  We got a phone call Bonnie's Mom is having vision problems, they called the Dr and Bonnie is taking her to the MAC Emergency Center to get checked out.  Hopefully all is ok.

I have court so am headed up there.  Light night but some important matters were handled.  Bonnie's mother's tests were all negative so other than some follow up with her Dr. all is well.  The NWS has upgraded the Winter Storm Watch to a Warning and says we could get 7-10 inches.  Now here that is not bad.  It will be tough driving during the storm but will be cleaned up shortly after it ends.  At least that is how it usually goes.  Off to bed now


Sunny this morning, but the storm that was birthed in Texas is on its way.  I am off to take care of court business.  Got home pretty quick, still no snow but it looks like it is coming.  Well we have a few hours to relax and then head for our small group study.  Been thinking that I need to get going on the taxes again, although some more paperwork came in the mail yesterday.  Well we made it home before the snow started so time will tell how much we get tonight.


We made the decision last night to stay home today and not go downtown to the mission.  Looks like it was a good one.  We had 3 inches of snow when I got up and 90 minutes later we have 5.  The Governor has declared a state of emergency for the whole state, must be worse elsewhere.  Looking at the Radar this should end this afternoon but the NWS says we may get 13 inches.  Time will tell.  We are Thankful for a nice warm house and the ability to clean the snow off the driveway.  The snow slacked off so I went out and cleared the deck 7 1/2 inches.  A while later it started to snow hard again.

Snowing this morning out the back door

A little later out the front door
After 4 I went out to clear the snow on the driveway.  Still snowing but starting to slow down.  By now there was about 12 inches of snow.  I had to go slow and it took me 2 hours to finish the job.  There was still light snow coming down.  But I have a dentist appointment at 8am so needed to get it cleaned out.  Bonnie had chili for me when I came in, so that was good.

Heard from my sister in Philadelphia they had ice storms and have not had power since 5:30am, their trees are damaged and the neighbors tree broke and branches landed on their roof.  She is home tonight after spending last night at the hospital where she works to make sure she was there today.  Hopefully they will get their power back soon.

We are staying warm and watching the youtube of last night Creation vs Evolution Debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham.  I hope you all are warm and safe.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Whats Next


Very nice and sunny today temps are in the 20's so thats a nice break from the sub zero temps we were having.  Bonnie's sister called and so she has headed into Buffalo General to bring her home.   We finally were able to download her 1099 from Thirty-One turned out their site uses pop up windows that Safari does not like.  So I will get a little farther on the taxes today.  I think we have most if not all the forms we need but seems one or two always surprise me by coming late in the mail.

Well its twice as warm today as yesterday, but thats not saying much, it got up to 28 today vs 14 yesterday.  UPS dropped off some vitamins late this afternoon.  I did work on the taxes just did a down and dirty quick run through.  I still need a few things but I am confident we will be getting a little back.  I do think we may need to adjust our withholding this coming year.  All the kids were back in school today and so most things are back to normal.

Thats about it for today.


Overcast today.  We both slept in late.  Then there were a couple phone calls.  I headed up to court for an hour or so.  I got home over 3 hours later.  I am still keeping up with the paperwork and weeding out all the older outdated stuff that I need to get rid of.  Bonnie left for a haircut when I got home.
Once home she made a great meatloaf and coleslaw for supper.  Her sister called and is doing well, her at home therapist got lost so he will try again tomorrow.

We watched some TV and thats about it for today.  Big news in Buffalo today is that Donald Trump is in town, he is considering running for governor.


Snowing some this morning but it did not accumulate and it got up to about 38 today.  Bonnie had a meeting to go to and I worked up at court.  I am really getting the itch to travel and there are so many places we would like to go, we really need to edit down the list.

Tonight is going to be a movie night.  We are watching A Long Road Home, a little old but good.


Well I must be in a picture and blog slump.  Hopefully it ends soon.  We were up and off to church today which was good.  We had some snow and ice overnight but the roads were pretty good, but our driveway is icy.  On the way home we stopped at a new farmers market and the girls picked up some fresh produce.

We watched a couple movies this afternoon right up to the kick off of the SuperBowl.  The first half has been good for Seattle,  Denver has not shown up yet.  Bonnie made some good chicken chili and we enjoyed that.  There were a couple good commercials but since most have been leaked on line or on TV they were not surprises.  Bonnie's folks were going to come over for the game and I put down a lot of ice melt but it made it worse than it was.  We had some snow and freezing rain around 5 so I called and asked them not to come, no need in having them get hurt on the ice.

Well halftime is over and it will be late when the game finishes so I am going to post this.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"