Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Putting the Coach In Storage


I had made arrangements yesterday to put the Coach in storage this morning.  It was in the mid 40s when I went out and started up and checked out the coach for the short 18 mile trip to Copeland's Storage in Gainesville.  I had one low tire, same one was low in the Spring but has been good all summer, it was down to 84 so its a very slow leak.  I got out the Sears compressor and pumped it up to 100.

Getting ready to move to storage
The big CAT fired right up but the Check Engine Light did flash for a couple minutes but then stopped and was fine the rest of the time.  We got to Copeland's and backed into the bay and signed the paperwork and check.  After a brief visit we headed home, I had some paperwork to do and Bonnie fixed a big lunch.  Just going to relax a bit and then head to court.

Finally home after 5 hours up at court, busy night and more to come tomorrow.  We have our first Freeze Warning for tonight, its 32 now and may go down into the 20s.  Looks like we got the Coach into storage at the right time.  Thats it for tonight.


Got up and dressed before I left the bedroom this morning. Headed for court at 9am and got back home at 2pm.  Bonnie made me a bowl of chili and then I headed outside.  I fired up the cyclone rake and picked up 7 loads of heavy wet leaves.  Then unhooked the cyclone rake and cut the front yard.  The sun was below the trees and it was cooling off fast.  I jumped on the tractor and pushed the leaves over the bank.

7 more loads added to the pile
I think thats the last I will need the loader, so I took it off and put it at the end of the RV parking pad.  I hope to put the blower on the tractor in the next few days.

Off for the winter stored where I can get it in an emergency.
One last thing to do.  We collected the trash and took it and the recycle bin out to the road for tomorrows pick up.

Bonnie made supper and now we can relax for the evening.


Up early this morning, Happy Birthday Elizabeth.  Bonnie picked up here sister and took her for her hip replacement, she is doing well.  I went to the Mission with Elizabeth and volunteered there today. We are both home now and all is going well.

Once home I fired up my new snowblower and checked it out.

All ready to go
Then a short time later a friend came and picked up the 17 year old one we bought in Virginia.

This has served me well.
So thats it for the first part of this week.

Thanks For Checking In!

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Not Big Enough"

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cold and Wet and Oh So Slow


Woke up to this Special Weather alert this morning "Bands Of Lake Effect Snow Will Continue This Morning".  Here at the house we just had a heavy frost.  So happy for that.

This is just a few miles south of us
Today was mostly a day, I just took it easy.  The sun was in and out and I felt guilty one time and almost made it outside to pickup some leaves but then it got cloudy again.  Bonnie was gone most of the day taking her sister to the Dr again.  I got some of my preferences reset for the new Mavericks OS on my MAC.  Then updated the maps on the new GPS.  So we are making progress for the November trip.

Bob L stopped in to show us his new Winnebago View, very nice.  Of course it started to sleet pretty hard while he was here.  Bonnie did pork chops on the grill and a baked sweet potato.  Once I finish that I am headed to Batavia in this nasty weather for some court training.

Batavia Court Room
An hour and a half of driving for a 50 minute class.  Now I am off to bed.


Cold and Wet today I spent half the day at court doing research on a case.  Then back home.  It hailed and sleeted for a while this afternoon but did not accumulate.  Sorry but thats about all that happened today.


Up early 0600 and off to the the Men's Conference in Hamburg called Iron Sharpens Iron.

I had a good time on the conference today.  About 600 men attended at the Hamburg Wesleyan Church.  We had a group of about 20 from our church attended.  The Pastor even won one of the drawings.  The keynote speakers were Jeff Kemp, an NFL quarterback for 11 years and the son of Jack Kemp.  Don Davis also of the NFL, he played line backer for 11 years.  Both were very different but very good speakers.  I got home about 6pm, plan to take it easy tonight.  Still wet and very windy.

Jeff Kemp speaking

Up early again this morning its wet and cold but at least it is not raining.  I am working in the video booth at church today so heading there soon.

All went well with the worship service this morning.  I had to miss practice so I was a bit nervous but all went well.  My niece attended and sat with Bonnie and Elizabeth.  Afterward we hung around and visited a bit and Elizabeth had a meeting to attend.  So the four of us went to her house and waited for her.  We waited because she had prepared dinner.  A delicious pot roast, with turnips and veggies.  I have to say I would prefer potatoes but beggars can't be choosers.  After dinner we headed home.  Bonnie read the paper and we watched the Bills lose and later Jeff Gordon win.  I got a brief nap and now we are watching a movie.

Well I admit its been a slow week which makes it hard to write an interesting blog.  Hopefully we will have more interesting subjects soon.  I did make arrangements to put the coach in storage tomorrow, someday we hope to live where we will use it year round.

Thanks for Checking In.  I did read this quote this week and believe it is the title of a book also.

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time to Winterize


Sunny when I woke up this morning, Bonnie has already left to take her sister to the Doctor.  I took care of some paperwork first thing and then had some oatmeal.  Then I headed out to start winterizing the coach.  So much to do here before we put the Coach to rest for the winter and head out on our Nov. vacation.

I took all the clothes out of the drawers and packed them in plastic tubs, same with the kitchen drawers. Then I brought the food into the house.

Packing up for winter
I cleaned the inside of the refrigerator and left the doors open for it all to dry.  Then I removed the water filter under the sink and put the bypass in.  I opened the fresh  water tank drain and let it drain.  I unplugged the refrigerator and ice maker also.  Then I took out the TV converter box that was not working and tried to solder it.  Put it back in and it did not work.  So I installed an old one that we had and it works.  I also fired up the HydroHot and it worked well again I also ran the generator and heat pumps to get a little heat in the coach and to exercise them all.  I then put pepperment oil on some cotton balls and distributed them in all the basement compartments and cabinets and drawers.

Took time to replace the lightbulbs in the garage door opener
I went to plug in the coach and my dogbone adapter is missing.  A quick call to Colton and its still there.  Jeff is going to have it brought to the house tomorrow.  By now it was after 2pm and I was hungry.  So I grabbed the mail and headed into the house.

Had some lunch and now to relax a bit before I head to court.

Busy night at court finally home, had some cookies and milk, now off to bed.


Woke up to overcast wet morning.  Today is the day I plan to put the pink antifreeze in the coach water systems.  A friend is coming over around 10 to help me.  Its in the 40's today yesterday it was in the 60's and beautiful.  Once again snow on the hill tops is forecast for tomorrow night.  Bonnie is off to take here sister downtown for her pre admission workup today.  Once I finish the coach I will head off to catch up on paperwork at court.

My friend came over around 10 to help me winterize the Coach.  I had already blown out the water lines and all we had to do is run the RV antifreeze through the system.  I worked the inside and he kept the suction tube in a bottle of the Pink stuff.  Only took a few minutes to do the sinks, shower and washer/dryer, also the outside shower.  Then we dumped a cup of antifreeze into each of the traps.  Last but not least we did the ice make line and valve.

All ready to get started
I cleaned up and put the stuff away.  While I did that and changed clothes, he loaded up some firewood.

Loading up some wood for winter heat
Then we headed to Ranchers Choice in Orangeville for lunch.  After that he headed home and I headed to the bank, post office, and court.

Finally home I got a call from another friend.  They just bought a new Winnebago View MH and he wanted to talk about winterizing it.  So I took out the trash for tomorrows pickup and waited for him.  We had a nice visit and it was good to catch up.

Had some of Bonnie's delicious chili for supper.  Time to relax and rest up for tomorrow.


We were up at 6:30 this morning and on the road an hour later.  We picked up Elizabeth and headed down to the City Mission.  Bonnie watched the babies in the morning and then helped me in the afternoon.  I am still scanning old volunteer records into pdf files to be stored on the server.  Then we can shred the paper records.  Elizabeth and I did go out after lunch for a bit to pick up supplies.

After that we took Elizabeth to Alden to the dentist.  We were early and stopped to do a little shopping.  About that time the sleet came down and iced up the windshield.  It did not last long so thats good.

Not much exciting happened today so thats about it.  We got home at dark, the UPS truck pulled in behind us dropped off a new GPS for us.  Some of the neighbors reported snow covered roofs tonight.

I had started updating my MACs to the new Mavericks operating system so I finished that up while Bonnie headed up some supper.  So far so good.

Well thats about it for the first part of this week, so I will get this posted.  Its 34 out at 9pm, sure am glad I winterized the Coach yesterday.

Thanks For Checking In!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

First 2 bad Stir Pumps but now Happy! Happy!


The rain stopped before midnight.  I did not sleep well kept waking up thinking about the Coach and why the HydroHot was not working right.  Before I went to bed I emailed the manuals and information I had to Jeff at Colton.  He is flying today to a seminar but is staying in touch by text updating me on the coach.  He had me send the manuals again to another person at Colton to get them there.

Today has been a lazy day, so much that I feel a little guilty, wish I could go and help fix the Coach.  We are watching recordings and I paid some bills and continued to plan our November trip.  Later we have an open house to go to with Alexus.

Latest text from Jeff is that the old stir pump is not working in the new unit either.  They are trying to get a new one shipped.  A while later I got an email that the pump was being overnighted and will be here by 10:30am, good service from Roger Berke.

We were looking forward to going to Alexus's open house at the Ormsby VoTech school  She is studying Animal Science.  It started to rain as we picked her up.  She had to go early to help with the animals.  Elizabeth was meeting us there.  By the time we got there is was starting to rain harder and harder.

There was a lot to see and do there.  The Culinary Arts Program had cookies, pizza, chili, Buffalo chicken wing balls, corn chowder, Bananas foster, and a chocolate fountain.  So we did not go hungry. It was interesting to see all the kids and their enthusiasm for learning.  I also ran into several people I knew.  Ray from Fleet Maintenance was there helping, he has helped me with several repairs on the Ambassador coach.  Then we ran into Tom and Jackie, Tom and I worked together at the Bureau and we meet Jackie at weight watchers.  Also some of the kids we know through Alexus.  So we had a good time and each classroom had you sign up for a drawing so maybe we will win something.

We got to Alexus room and she was working with the Rats that she really has taken a liking to.

I think his name is Linguini
There were colleges to talk to and lots of various companies and service organizations.  I had my blood pressure taken and Elizabeth even got her Flu Shot.

Signing all the Forms
The two hours went quickly and we headed home.  Lots of rain and dark roads again, I do not like driving on nights like this.  Time to relax a little and and then head for bed.  Hope I sleep better tonight.

Oh I almost forgot someone suggested that I start my our reality show about RV repairs.  I just noticed that the blog has over 29000 page views.


Up this morning and the sun was out, then it was gone by the time I finished my coffee.  Then Bonnie headed to her sisters and I headed to the logging company to help make sure a presentation would work for next week.  I had been tracking the new stir pump and saw that it was on the truck to be delivered.

A while later I got a text from Jeff letting me know the part was in, then a while later that it was in and working.  Then Shawn called and told me it was all set and ready to be picked up.  I told him I would be there and would like to spend the night.  He said he would put it in the campsite for me.

I finished up at the logging camp, made a quick stop at home and then a stop at court to make a couple calls and to do some paperwork.  I got to Colton just after 4 this afternoon.  The coach was parked at the campsite but not hooked up.

Camp Colton
So I took a quick look around it.  No drips around the Hydro Hot and no leaks that I could see.  They had run the unit for a couple hours.  I checked the engine coolant, no coolant in the tank.

No coolant, that could have ruined someones day
On this unit the tank is under pressure and part of the cooling loop.  It also is and expansion tank.  So I reported that and then went back out to hook up the electric and water.  Shawn came out and put about 4 gallons, maybe more of antifreeze in the coach.  We ran it a little and the level stayed up.  Sure am glad I did not drive off and start home.

I ran the new unit on diesel and electric to check the hot water and to check the heat, all seemed good.  Then I turned it off ran the water until it was cold.  Then I could take the cap off the boiler to make sure it was full and it was.

The 12 under the word AMP means the electric is working in the Hydro Hot
It was after 7 by then and I headed down the road to Mighty Taco for some supper.  I enjoyed the meal, but wish Bonne was with me.  She did not make this trip as she has stuff to do in the morning.

Super Mighty Combo with Loganberry drink
So I talked to Bonnie and my sister as I got back to the coach and filled them in.  Then later to Elizabeth to arrange with her to pick me up as I will need to drop the car off  some place where it is level and then have her bring me back to it.  I am getting a taste of what Solo RVs have to go through.  Supposed to rain a lot starting tomorrow afternoon so hope to be home by noon.

The front TV has never worked right since we picked up the coach so I am hoping that Shawn will show me the right combination of switches in the morning to make that work.  The bedroom TV is getting lots of channels.  I did try to catch the Lunar Eclipse tonight but a huge cloud was in the way.

Well I am hoping to get a good nights sleep so will sign off for now.


Well I stayed nice and toasty in the coach overnight.  The new Hydro-Hot ran as designed and cycled on and off during the night.  I had set up the coffee pot last night so I woke up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and better yet in my own Coach.  I got dressed and headed over to the Shop to find Shawn.  We found a few of the old parts that I was taking with me.  Then he came to the coach and looked at the front TV.  We have not seen Off The Air TV on the front TV since we got the coach.  Turns out the converter box has a loose connection.  At least now I know how it needs to be set up to work.  I have another box and will swap it out.  I had them test the engine coolant and it looked good.  So I paid my portion of the repair and headed home.  I called Elizabeth and she met me at Harris Corners where I unhooked the car.  She followed me to the house and I parked the Coach.

Finally home after 40 days and parked
Then she took me back down to my car.  She headed home and I headed up to court.  Thought it would be a quick stop but stayed there almost 3 hours its getting busy up there.  Then I headed home and straightened up a few things on the Coach.  I also had to add another gallon of coolant to the engine.   I have the old hydro hot and so Bonnie helped me unload it.  Then I cleaned it up some and put it in the garage.  Then I went out and topped off the batteries its quick and easy with my Pro-Fill System.

Battery water filled in about 2 minutes
Then I headed into the house and it was time for a shower, I felt exhausted but the shower revived me a little.  While I was in the shower the girls came.  I had to take passport photos as they are trying to get their them for a cruise.

Bonnie had made some spaghetti for supper and it sure was good.  She also made up a batch of chili so I am looking forward to that for tomorrow or Monday.  Now I am signing off for tonight and relaxing.   See you tomorrow.


Raining hard when we got up this morning.  Still it was good to look out and see the Beaver in the yard.  Alexus had spent the night and we all got ready to head to church.  Pastor Todd had another good sermon and it was good to be there.  As soon as church was over Bonnie and I headed for my class Halloween get together.  Paul and Rose had invited us all over for an afternoon together.  Rose is a chef and wow was the food ever great.  They live in an old farm house with several additions.  It has been a project for them but it is looking wonderful and the Halloween decorations were great and plentiful.  Here are a few pictures.

The Pumpkins were just the start of the decorations

The food was amazing, Rose used to own the Blue Parrot near Chicago
The decorations were very realistic

Quite a sight when you open the door to the bathroom

They were everywhere

Notice the extra finger
 Paul and Rose have done an amazing job on turning this house into their home.  They have collected antiques etc for years and have a wonder home to display their collection in.  We visited the basement last which we believe was the location for the old kitchen.  Here is Paul in front of the cooking fireplace.

Paul is Still Stirring the Pot
We had a wonderful time visiting and catching up.  We have missed the last couple of get togethers so I really enjoyed catching up.  The Bills also treated us to a WIN!

It rained a little on the way home and it cool out.  I finally turned on the heat this morning.  One of the neighbors near us reported seeing snow flakes this morning, in the air not on the ground.  Than reminded me I need to replace one of our thermostats so we stopped at BJ's on the way home.  I picked up a thermostat, and some cotton balls (used to put the Peppermint oil on in the Coach to repel the rodents), Bonnie picked up some candy for the church harvest festival and some sausage and rolls.

Finally home and we watched the end of the Talladega Race.  Now time to get this posted and relax this evening.  Its been a busy week but it was good to get the coach home.

Thanks For Checking In!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Homecoming or Not


It rained overnight and was overcast this morning.  I woke up and fired up the Bradley Smoker to do the loin for Elizabeth.  After a quick breakfast I headed to East Aurora for a routine Dr. appointment.  All was well and my next visit is in February.  I also was able to to get my Flu Shot.  Back home and checked on the smoker all looks well, six more hours.

Smokes On!
The rain stopped and the sun came out for a while.  I checked the smoker every now and then all is looking well.  Elizabeth is off today so I told her to come and pick up the loin around 5 which will have given it around 8 hours in the smoker.  The pork was up to 175 when she came to get it.  We wrapped it in foil and put it in an insulated cooler so the internal temperature will continue to increase.  Later tonight it will be ready to pull.

Ready to come out of the smoker

Double wrap it for a few hours
I changed and headed up to court.  Only had a couple show up as it was a holiday.  I caught up on paperwork and then got home early.  Not much else happened today.  Bonnie did some shopping but did not bring home much.

I did hear from Jeff and he thinks if they do not run into any problems tomorrow the coach will be ready.


Nice and sunny this morning.  Will today be the day the coach is ready, heavy rain forecast for tomorrow, you choose which day.  I have some running around to do for court this morning so had better get busy.  Just as I got to court I got a text from Jeff at Colton that the coach would be ready for sure on Wednesday morning.  So I got in touch with him and we have reservations to stay in the campground at Colton tomorrow night to make sure all systems are working properly.  So we are ready to spend the night there tomorrow night.  This will be our last night in the coach before we winterize it. We wanted to get in one more trip but it just will not work out.  Just got it back to late and too much going on.  In fact our camping buddy winterized his yesterday.

Once I got home we watched some recorded TV.  Elizabeth called and invited us for supper with pulled pork and other goodies.  So we headed over there.  But first I took the trash out to the road  Bonnie finished the last load of wash.

Today was Nick Russell's birthday and I got a surprise in the mail.  My Medicare card came.  I still have 4 months till I am 65 but I have to make decisions now on what coverage I want to pay extra for.

Supper was great and we are home again and watching a little TV.  I started working on our travel plans for the November trip.  So far we know we are spending a few days with friends in Spotsylvania.  We were friends when we lived there and we both have RVs now.  In fact they are at the Rally in Atlanta right now.  We are excited and looking forward to seeing them.  Also hoping to see some friends we made when we were in the Navy.  They still live in the Norfolk area.  They camp also, in fact they are Camp Hosting in Southern Virginia right now.  Well off to bed soon as we are still Volunteering at the Mission for half a day tomorrow.


We are up and heading to the mission, its raining hope it moves past quickly.  The rain had stopped by the time we got downtown.  I let them know we were planning to leave at noon.  Shortly after that I got a message that the coach would not be done at noon but should be ready by 4pm.  So we stayed and worked until 3pm, then headed for Colton RV .  Well when we got there they were just about ready to put the coolant in it.  About an hour later we had a problem but they had a fix.  Seems the stir pump was broken in shipment.  They called Roger Berke, he is sending a new one but they are moving the pump from the old unit to the new one and it should work fine.

Broken Pump
So they swapped the pumps and filled the coolant.  The burner fired right up but the unit is not sending coolant to the heating loops.  Maybe the new control board is bad.  So by now it is well past closing time.  The guys were willing to stay but I used to be a tech and you can only troubleshoot so long in a given day.  I said please just quit and get a good nights sleep and start over in the morning.  I said we would just head home and take the pressure off them to fix it tonight.  I want them to take their time and fix it right.

So we headed home in the pouring rain.  We were hungry and stopped at Wendy's for a quick meal.  Then back on the road, hard to see with the rain and spray from the cars on the highway.  We made it home safely just after 8PM.  I got soaked getting the mail and recycle bin.  But finally we can relax and hope they figure out the coach in the next day or two.  I emailed the service manual to them and the users manual.  Dealers are slammed this time of year, everyone is trying to winterize, etc.  So we want to do that also once the hydro-hot is fixed.

We did get to visit with both the owners and some of the other people there that we know from when Elizabeth worked there.  Owning a RV dealership seems like a high stress job to me, glad I don't have to do it.  Somedays like today being a RV owner is also stressful, if they had made me decent offer I may have sold it to them, but its a beautiful coach and it will get fixed.

So I am disappointed that its not fixed but I try to be understanding.  Well thats about it for today.

Thanks For Checking In.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dr Visit--Freezing My Flesh


Up to the sun again this morning.  I have a Dr appointment, dermatologist for a routine check.  Its been a couple years and the last Dr no longer sees regular patients.  So I had to find a new one and it takes a while to get an appointment.  After that we have a lunch date with the Rindo's our camping buddies.  Hopefully while all this takes place they will be working on the Coach to get the Hydro-Hot installed.

I had a pleasant first visit with a new dermatologist Dr Severson.  She gave me a good look over and then froze 6 or 8 spots.  Then she scooped out a spot on my back and said she was sending it for a biopsy.  Bonnie was in with me and said its a form of cancer the biopsy will tell what kind.  Anyway I have to go back in 6 months.

I gave Bob and Caroline a call and we met at the Miss Batavia for lunch.

I told him to smile
 We had a delicious lunch again I enjoyed my hot Turkey and fries with gravy.  We talked about lots of RV stuff over lunch and then decided to check out Caledonia RV just east of here.  We had a nice chat with the service manager and looked around at the RV supplies and a couple of coaches.

We stopped for a train on the way
We took the Rindo's back home making a brief stop at the Penny Saver for Caroline.  Then we headed home.  Boy am I sleepy.  Taking it easy tonight.  Tomorrow will be busy again if it does not rain.


Another early morning.  I was up and out the door by 8:30.  Headed up to court to meet one of the IT guys who was dropping off a new hard drive.  He had enough time to change out the drive.  Then we fired up the computer and set up the RAID array to rebuild the new drive.  I had several hours of paperwork and computer updates to do and by the time I finished that the new drive was mirrored and ready to go.

Back to normal
 Once I was done I headed home.  Nice blue skies and the clouds are not too bad.  Its been pretty sunny all day and after lunch and a quick 10 minute nap, I headed outside to pickup leaves.

Nice views up at the town building today
 I picked up 4 loads of leaves, they are nice and dry and really packed into the cyclone rake.

Dumping another load 
I took off the rake and then cut the back and front yards as the grass is still growing.  It was supposed to rain this afternoon but it has not.  I showered and hope to relax some this evening.  Bonnie put some ointment on the wound from the mole removal and said it was deep.  Hopefully it will heal quickly.

I did check on the coach today, not sure the reinstall has started yet, but was told we are still on for Monday.


Up this morning and lots of sunshine again, I am loving these days.  One of the spots the Dr froze came off last night and Bonnie covered it with a bandaid.  This morning she was off to a woman's retreat with Elizabeth.  Alexus was babysitting at the same.  I headed up to court for a couple things and was back home in about an hour.

I had a bite to eat and then went out, hooked up the cyclone rake again and picked up the leaves and grass that I had wind rowed yesterday.  Now I think I can relax the rest of the day.

5:30 hungry so I fired up the oven to make some jalapeno poppers.  About that time Bonnie got home but it looks like I am still on my own for supper.

Peanut stick donuts, Bonnie brought some home for dessert.


Woke up to the sun but since then it has been trying to rain all morning.  We were off to church and it did rain in that way.  After church its still trying to rain.  Lots of traffic out on the road.  Its the main route from Buffalo to Letchworth State Park which hosts a huge craft fair this weekend.  Plus today the Buffalo Bills are playing at home so that also adds to the traffic.  I am dealing with a knot in my neck causing pain down my right arm, so am taking it easy after Bonnie rubbed in some Sports Cream for me and the hot rice bag on my neck.

Took it easy and relaxed even got a nap or two.  The girls came over and brought some chicken wing dip.

Good dip with celery
She also brought over a pork loin and I showed her how to prepare it.  Tomorrow it will go in the smoker.

Ready for the smoker
Well its been a good week and now its raining out sounds pretty loud, must be hard.  Thats about it for tonight so I will get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Delivery Days


The rain woke me again this morning.  The windows have been open the past couple of nights but now the temperature has dropped into the 50's again.  Lots of those little bugs that fit through the screen are all over my sink by the night light this morning.

The part came in for the water system air injector today and the old one was leaking more all the time.  I was emptying the bucket several times a day.  So I ran over to Strykersville Hardware to pick it up.  Its a different design but it fits and looks like a better design to me.

First delivery of the week
I installed it as soon as I got home and no leaks, yeah.

It rained off and all day sometimes very hard and lots of wind.  I checked on line to see where my packages were on their trip to our house.  I discovered the cabin air filters for the cars had been delivered.  I went out and installed them both in about 10 minutes.  The dealer wanted like $70 bucks for these installed.

Top is the old dirty filter, the new came in a nice box
Bonnie went to pick up RXs and some groceries.  She also brought a pizza home so I had some of that.  Paid a couple bills and actually laid down in the bed for a 10 minute power nap.  Then a quick shower and off to court.  Busy night but got a lot done.

Finally home and as soon as the coffee I had earlier wears off I am headed to bed.


Bright sunshine this morning when I woke up, what a difference from yesterday.  The deer are outside in the back yard again.  I have not seen them lately but the UPS man always tells me he sees them late in the afternoon when he comes.  I have a couple hours and then will head to court for the afternoon again.

Spent the rest of the day at court.  Busy day.  We did have UPS deliver us a new paper shredder.  Two days two deliveries.

Off to bed we have an early morning.


Not much to write about today but something big to report.

We were up early today and headed into the City Mission to volunteer for the day.  We drove in ourselves as Elizabeth had an appointment afterward.

A got a notice early today that our Hydro Hot was in town and on the truck to be delivered.  A little later I received this:

Finally the delivery we have been waiting for
I texted Jeff at Colton and he verified that the unit was there.  The tech that will install it has to finish up two coaches that he is working on and then will do ours.  Maybe done Friday but more than likely Monday.  I also told him we wanted to spend at least a night there to make sure all the systems were working and full of coolant and that we did not have any air locks.

We finished up the day at the Mission and then headed for Elma.  Bonnie had missed church Sunday and wanted to hear the India mission groups report on their trip which was repeated tonight.  We grabbed a Subway sandwich on the way and listened to the RV Navigator podcast.

The church service was good and Bonnie enjoyed hearing the report.  Finally home and watched a couple programs.  We did have a small packaged delivered from Amazon.  Time to post this and get some sleep.  We are busy tomorrow also.

Thanks For Checking In!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Visit to the Vampire


Up early again this morning and left the house hungry.  I have been fasting overnight and am headed to the Quest Lab.  They were busy, boy was I glad I had an appointment.  I needed to get in and out as I had another appointment in West Seneca.  So the Vampire called me back (her words not mine)  I only had to give two vials today and I was in and out in a couple minutes.  The waiting room was even more full.

Next stop was McDonalds I needed something quick, Egg McMuffin.  Then hit the road to Ray Laks Honda.

The Service Dept was ready for me.
I was there with the Odyssey for routine maintenance, oil change, and State Inspection.  Vince our salesman was there and we got to chat for awhile.  I asked him about the new Honda's having CVT transmissions and if they would be towable behind our RV.  He was not sure but said he would check into it.  Everything was done in just over an hour, car washed and after I paid I headed out.

Next stop was at Colton RV in Orchard Park, I wanted to take a look at the new service bays and building that they are expanding.  Its coming along and scheduled to be open the end of the month.  I was hoping to meet Jeff but he was at the other store.  I talked to Ryan for a few minutes, he sold us the Beaver Coach.

Next stop Tim Horton's for a Pumpkin Pie Iced Capp and some Timbits.  Loads of sugar but I survived it.

We do love to stop at Tim Horton's

Gas is down so I stopped at the Yellow Goose to fill up.

Lowest its been for a long time here
Then finally headed home.  Checked the UPS site and looks like our Hydro Hot is still on schedule and our Vegetable Cutter from Royal Prestige is on schedule also.

Supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow so I jumped on the John Deere and picked up 4 more loads of leaves and cut the front lawn.

The first 300+ acres
Bonnie got some chicken ready and I fired up the grill.  Planning to get to eat before I head to Worship Team rehearsal at church.  Busy day that has flown by.

Worship rehearsal went well and as an added benefit a community group is using the church for a quilt show.  They are beautiful:

Going to relax a little then hit the hay.


Heard it rain hard a time or two during the night.  Over 28,500 blogs views as of this morning.  Was up late as a early evening cup of coffee kept me awake.  I got some reading done and some financial computer work done.  Still up before 8 this morning and Bonnie was up shortly after.  She is washing bedding today and we put some new bright red sheets on the bed, hope I can sleep they are quite loud.

Then I headed up to court.  But wait there is a trail of water on the basement floor.  Traced it back to the water treatment system.  Seems that the Hydro-Charger device has a valve that was leaking.

Hydro Charger
So I shut off the water and started to take it apart.  The valve that keeps the water from leaking out was really dirty so I cleaned it and put it back together.  I put a piece of tubing on it and ran it to a 5 gallon bucket.  Of course now it is not leaking that is a good thing.

Cleaned up valve
So I took these pictures and sent them to Bill at Strykersville Hardware.  He was able to order a $12 rebuild kit.  So next week I will have that and if it leaks again I will rebuild the Hydro Charger.

I hooked a computer back up that we are having problems with.  We lost a hard drive but the mirrored drive is keeping us running.  The court system IT tech and I finally made contact with each other and he has ordered a replacement drive.  I told him I would be comfortable installing it myself.  So hope to get that fixed next week.

It has rained off and on all day so once I got home I managed to get a small nap.  Bonnie used the smoked pork and scalloped potatoes to make a delicious casserole.  A little TV in the evening and then off to bed.


Rained a lot over night and it continues to rain off and on today.  I headed to court and Bonnie over to Strykersville to set up for a pancake breakfast tomorrow morning.  Computers were still working and we got our monthly reports done.  I ordered a new shredder and then headed home.

Guess we will catch up on our recordings and take it easy since it is still raining.  I had a couple gallons of water in the bucket I set up in case the Hydro Charger leaked, guess it was a good thing.  I took it apart and cleaned it again.  Hopefully the new part will solve the problem on Tuesday.

Today is the homecoming dance for GD hope they have a good safe time.  I was napping when the phone rang, headed up to the town building to take care of a little business.

Home and headed for bed.


It rained a time or two overnight.  I heard Bonnie leave to work at the pancake breakfast, so  got up and got ready to head to church.  I had to help some in the visual arts booth.  The service was good today and the Team that has been in India did the service and reported on their trip.  It was good to have them back.

I headed to Elizabeths for pizza after church and Bonnie came there from the breakfast.  The pizza was really good and we stayed to visit for a little while before heading home.  We watched the NASCAR race from Kansas and napped a little.

We have a viewing to attend tonight at the funeral home in Arcade so I am going to go ahead and post this.  We are picking up and taking some of Bonnie's family so not sure what time we will get home.  Its been a busy week but we did get a lot done.  Hoping to have the coach back by the end of the week.

Thanks For Checking In.