Saturday, November 10, 2018

Started the week with a bang


We woke up early, the result of setting the clocks back I think.  It was overcast and we had the promise of bad weather later.

Bonnie started the wash and then just after 1 we headed over to the DMV to transfer the plates to the new car.  That ended up being quick and painless and not too expensive.  When you register here plates are cheap $25 or less for a year.  We got credit for what we had already paid and the transfer only cost us $4.  Then you pay an Ad Valorem Tax.  Its a personal property tax based on the cars value.  That was not too bad either.  All together with all the fees and taxes it was just over $90.

We spotted a Chinese Restaurant in the same strip mall so we stopped in there for a late lunch.  It was so so and we probably won't go back.

Back home Bonnie finished the wash. I did a bunch of scanning all the new car paperwork.  Then put the plates on the new car.  We still need to go through all the stuff that we took out of the old one and see what we can get rid of.  We don't need the GPS unit as both cars have Navigation and we have our phones as back ups.

We had tuned into the weather channel off and on all day and the weather out West of us kept getting worse and worse and closer.  What a huge storm.  As the evening went on they kept promising us bad weather and possible tornados.  I ended up staying up until about 1:30am.  There were a few tornados but none in our immediate area.  It got very windy here and there was some wind and rain.  We were still under a severe thunderstorm warning when I went to bed.  I had kept an eye on the radar and it looked like there worst weather was going North of us, I was really tired so went to bed.


Nice and sunny this morning and the storm is well East of us.  There was some wind damage in our area but our neighborhood looks ok.  For that we are Thankful.

Bonnie did a couple more loads of wash this morning.  Once that was done we headed out to vote.

 Lots of cars in the parking lot so I figured we would stand in line for a while.  But we hit it just right.

 There were a lot of people at the tables filling in their ballots.  We walked right up to the registration table.  We took out our drivers license and they were scanned and verified.  We were handed our ballots and sat at a table to fill them out.  Then over to the machines that we inserted our ballots into.  Quick and easy.  They we were handed our stickers and headed home.

Bonnie headed out to her scrapbook group and finished up some scanning.

Tonight we are watching the elections results and hoping for the best.


Sunny when I got up, in fact the bright sun is what woke me up at 7am.  An hour or so later it got overcast and cloudy and rained for an hour or so.

Happy birthday to my father-in-law in heaven.  He always enjoyed a good hard days work.

Well the election is over and hopefully congress will get together and get back to work.

We headed to church tonight.  We had a good time of fellowship.  Played some group games and Bonnie got a baby fix.

We drove the car tonight first time after dark.  Bonnie was happy to see that all the buttons on the steering wheel light up.  The headlights are good too and the hi beams are automatic.

Time to relax now here at home.


My mornings have been starting earlier than usual since the time change.  Today was the same even though it was overcast and pretty dark out.  I spent the morning reviewing the election results and doing a little research.  I also topped off the battery in the garage camera.  I use it to swap out the other batteries.

Bonnie left for her haircut appointment.  We have been here almost a year and I knew our TV and internet deals were expiring.  So I called AT&T UVerse to see how much my bill would increase if we did nothing.  Looks like it would be 40 or 50 bucks a month.  But Natalie found a promotion that would give us twice the internet bandwidth we have now for only $10 more a month instead of 30.  Then they were able to get a supervisor to extend a $10 credit we have for a TV receiver.  And then the $10 credit for autopay was extended also.  So not too bad.  Next year we will go through this again.

Then I went out and got the stepladder and the battery from the garage and changed the battery in the front porch camera. Back to the garage to put the dead battery on charge.  As I was finishing the Big Brown Truck and the UPS man brought my new pillows for the bed.  So I opened them.  They were shipped flat so once opened they began to puff up.  I put them in the pillow cases and let them sit.  They are a combination fiber and gel, hope I like them.  Later Bonnie told me to throw away the old ones.

Ashley and the girls came over with Millie, just before Bonnie got home.  They all left and I fired up the grill to cook the Salmon that Bonnie brought home.  Then we got a FT from a Granddaughter, she had some Big News, but thats her story to tell, at least for now.

I covered up the grill and after a couple more phone calls and chats with family, we settled down for a little TV and relaxing time.


Awake at 7 again today so got up and had coffee and breakfast.  Had devotions and read email until Bonnie got up.  I also watched some videos on how to set up the features in the new CRV.

Bonnie decided to visit her Thrift Shops today.  I sorted through somethings in the garage while she was gone.  Actually throwing stuff away that I know I will never use.

Once Bonnie got home I set up some things on the CRV.  Then I started to update the Garmin Navigation system in it.  An interesting process.  First put a USB drive in the correct port in the car.  Use the car menu to update device.  It copies some into to the drive.  Then into the computer and use Garmin Express to update the device with the latest maps and programs.  Finally back to the car and insert the drive again and continue the update.

About 20-30 minutes later the update completed.  All looks well.

Well the update was going on I programed the second garage door button in the car and got that working.  I also sorted through more stuff in the garage.  Put my hats in the washer, they came out pretty good.  I found several gift cards when we cleaned out the car.  I check their web sites and found that we have 30 some dollars on one of themSo I got a lot done during the update.  I pulled the cars back in and called it an afternoon.  Time for a little Netflix before the news comes on.


Sunny and low 30s when I got up this morning.  Thankfully the sun was nice and bright.  Of course it woke me up at 7 again.  So we hung around the house all day today, don't think we got any mail so did not even check on it.  Had a sandwich for lunch and that prepared me for the afternoon.

I tuned in the Alabama - Mississippi State Game.  Alabama won 24-0 Roll Tide.  A couple of our players are a bit beat up so I hope they can recover in time for the SEC Championship and even before that the Iron Bowl, when we play Auburn.

Bonnie picked up a set of Double 12 Dominos yesterday.  She asked me to sort it out and see if any were missing.  I started last night but was too tired and barely got started.  I started again this afternoon.  I started with the blank and 1's.  It was looking good until I go to the next to last domino.  The 11-12 was missing and so we have 90 of the 91 dominos.  Guess we can use it as a smaller set like a double 9.

Well time for the Auburn game and I am out of things to say.  Oh supposed to be below freezing tonight.  Cold but no snow.  Our WNY family had a good dose of Lake Effect snow today with up to a foot of snow.  Nope we do not miss it.

Well thats a wrap for this week.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Medical Monday


First a bit about Sunday.  We of course went to church, then home for a couple hours.  Then we headed for downtown Huntsville.  Some time back I bought tickets to see the Newsboys band, a pop Christian band.  They are the band from the Gods Not Dead Movie.  Also the lead singer Michael Tate is Bonnie's Granny Crush.  Some how I bought Premium Tickets, I was just looking for "good" seats.

So that got us in an hour early.  During that hour there was a 30 minute question and answer time with the band.  That itself was really good.  It gave a lot of insight into each of them as individuals, I enjoyed it and would do it again.

We were about 12 rows back so had a good view.  After the Q&A the people in the very front got to go back stage and meet the band and get a picture taken.  So right on time Adam Agee came out and opened up with a couple songs.  Then he acted as the Master of Ceremonies the rest of the evening.

Then the band Zealand came out for several songs.  They are lead by Phil Joel one of the former members of the Newsboys.

Phil is also part of this Newsboys United band.  The sixth member is Peter Furler the founder of the band and former lead singer.  The band played 29 songs.  Michael Tate and Peter Furler each sang lead on about half the songs.  Duncan Philips the drummer is a show himself.  He puts his all into every beat.  His drum kit also elevates and spins, then flips 90º and spins.  Search him on Google its quite the feat.  So needless to say we enjoyed the concert and traffic was not too bad it being a Sunday night.

Now Medical Monday
We were up this morning and headed to Athen for our Dr appointments.  The office was busy and we had to drive around the block and wait for someone to leave to get a parking spot.  Finally we made it into the exam room.  Yes we now go in together.

Dr. A came in a short time later and we went over the lab results and chatted about our concerns and hers.  We never real rushed with her and we both like her.  Then she gave us a RX for the new two shot shingles vaccine, we made an appointment for 4 months and headed out.  We dropped the RX off at CVS.  The vaccine is backordered around the country and they told us to expect it sometime in January.

Once home we got the mail and the County Tax bill had come, the amount was as expected.  Bonnie asked the Dr for a referral for our eye exam.  So I called the Dr and got us both appointments in November.

So I was a little sore from yesterday but not too bad at all.  Now for the Voice.


Happy Birthday to my Favorite Daughter can't wait to see you.

I got up and had my breakfast before the Apple Event from New York started.  They announced a bit update to the MacBook Air, and MacMini today.  Then the updated iPad Pro, which was really impressive.

After that we had our semi annual meeting with our financial advisor.  Since he is in NY we did it using FaceTime.  This is the second time we did it this way and it worked well.  Now we just need the markets to turn around.

After that Bonnie headed to her scrapbook group.  I worked some more on sorting my stuff, and took some of it back to the garage and put it away in the cabinet.  Then I vacuum marinated a couple thick pork chops for supper.

Once Bonnie got home we headed to Reagan's soccer game.

This was the first playoff game, sadly we lost.  The girls have improved so much this fall and I really have enjoyed watching them improve.

It was dark when we got home so I lit the grill and then took out the trash tote for tomorrows pick up.  Then a little seasoning on the pork chops and on to the grill.  I seared them and got some nice grill marks.

Once they got up to an internal temp of 145 I pulled them off the grill and took them in.  Bonnie fixed some mixed veggies and we had ourselves a good meal.

Apple also released some updates to iOS and MacOS today.  So I downloaded them and updated our iPhones and iPad.  Plus I did my MacBook.  The updates went smoothly and seem to be working well.

A pretty full day and so now to watch a little TV and relax.


Happy Halloween.

It was 3 years ago that we left our NY house behind and lived full time in our motorhome, it was a grand 2 years.

Not much for today.  We headed South to Decatur to look at Hondas.  Bonnie is still searching for her new car.  No decision yet.

Tonight we will have our first Trick or Treaters.  One of the first ones.

So we have had lots of kids in the first hour, a steady stream.  Bonnie moved a chair and is sitting by the door.  They are bringing kids by the car load to our street and neighborhood.  We had a steady stream of kids from before 6 until after 7:30.  There was a lull so Bonnie turned off the light and it was all over.  She figures well over 100.  Down on the main road thru the neighborhood people reported a whole lot more.  One person ran out after handing out 20lbs of candy.

Time for bed.  Forecast is for bad weather tomorrow.


The weather did not get too bad here just lots of rain, heavy in the early morning and then light the rest of the day.  Once Bonnie got up the rain was very light so we decided to go look at the Subaru Forester again.  We spent a couple hours there, and Richard the salesman came in on his day off.  In the end Bonnie said she could not make up her mind and we headed to Decatur.  We wanted to look at the Honda CR-V again.  Still no decision.

My vote is for the Honda.  But the Forester is a good car also.  It has a lot of technology not sure Bonnie will use much of.  I am partial to Honda and familiar with those systems.  So I am trying to not influence her decision.  One big complaint about the Subaru is the passenger seat is pretty uncomfortable to me.  My complaint about the Honda is the crappy sound proofing they put in the spare tire well.  It's like ground up cotton material with some type of binder to keep it in the shape to fit the wheel well.  It's hard to explain.

We had a Mexican supper in Decatur and then headed home in the rain, nice to be home.


Kind of dark when I got up this morning, it was pretty overcast all day.  Bonnie headed out to do some shopping after she had breakfast.  I worked on a few things in the den and scanned a bunch of stuff.  Also got a delivery from the post office.  Then Carey showed up and cut the grass.  I also contacted our insurance agent and got a couple quotes for insurance on different cars.  Bonnie came home with many bags of groceries and put them away.  She also told me that she had made up a decision on the car.  The winner is.

Yep she choose the Honda CR-V.  I am a fan of the Honda automobiles and we have enjoyed the ones we have owned, hoping this one is the same.

Then I fired up the grill and we had hamburgers for supper along with a nice fresh salad.  After we watched the news, we went out and cleaned out the car.  I found the title and of course the check book.  Tomorrow we are to pick up the car and sign lots of papers.


Looks like it will be a nice cool day today, but also nice and sunny.

We were up pretty early and finally got ready and headed down to Honda of Decatur.  We had told Kalib that we would be there around noon to pick up the car.  As we pulled in there it sat.

Kalib was also outside and he helped us find a place to park as the dealership was very busy today.

After parking we went inside and filled out a little bit of paperwork.  Kalib gave Bonnie a Honda Hat.

Bonnies name is first on this car so she had the majority of the paperwork to sign.  Then we went out and went over some things in the car as Chris the Sales manager was busy closing another deal and we wanted to work with him.  We worked with him when I bought the Ridgeline and like the way he does business.  So Kalib helped us pair our phones and showed Bonnie a few things and answered her questions.

Then it was back in to see Chris, sign more papers and finally write the check.  It was quick and easy. Back out to the car.  It looks sharp in the sunshine.

One last picture with Kalib on the left and Chris on the right, good guys to work with.

We said our good byes and headed home.  Now to watch the Alabama-LSU game.

Well thats a wrap for this week.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"

Saturday, October 27, 2018



Wow low 40s overnight.  It was 64 in the house when I woke up and so I turned on the gas fireplace for the first time.  A little stinky as the summers dust burned off but then it did a nice job of warming us up.  No heat pump yet.

Today was movie day.  I watched message "Message in a Bottle". Then later in the day the 3 hour long "Pearl Harbor".  In between Bonnie and I vacuum packed some of the meat she had bought.  Then I ordered some more bags for the sealer.

My GFCI tester came in the mail and so I went out and got it.  I tested it in a know GFCI outlet and then tried it in the downstairs guest bathroom.  It looked like a regular outlet and I wanted to make sure it was GFCI.  I heard something click and found the controlling GFCI outlet upstairs in the bathroom that is above the downstairs one.  This house is wired a bit strange but I guess they all are now a days.

Ashley dropped off a Lasagna she had made.  It was very good and I even had seconds.


We were up and out the door shortly after 9 this morning.  We headed the 12 miles to Athens to get our lab work done at the Dr office for next week.  The lab tech and the nurse came out to explain that we were 3 days early and the insurance would not pay for it, if we had it done today.  We were a bit perturbed but also thankful that they had checked and saved us that expense.  So maybe we will get it done Friday closer to home.

From there we headed to Mia's to try their breakfast.  It was very good.  I had there breakfast special.

Looks like this Cotton field is ready to harvest.

A lot of the cotton has already been harvested in the fields that abound in our area.

Bonnie headed out to her scrapbooking group and I stayed home and watched a little TV.  I also did a little research and I think we can go down to the lab on the Madison Hospital Campus on Friday morning for our lab work.  Seems like it has cooled down enough that the low air light has come on in the CR-V, pretty much a yearly occurrence.  I got out the air compressor and air gauge.  Then I added some air in the Ridgeline tires, so hopefully all set for winter.  I will wait till later tonight or in the morning to let the the CR-V tires cool down.

Then I headed up to Reagans game and Bonnie worked on supper as everyone is coming here after the game.  The girls scored first but the other team has some good players and one in particular is very good.  She scored a number of goals so I guess they won.  Our girls are getting pretty good at passing and being in position to score.  We did score another goal.  Reagan and the others have gotten so much better this year and they are having a good time doing it.

Bonnie made a New England style boiled dinner.  She used ham instead of corned beef and it was very good.  Grace even had seconds, she is getting much better at trying new things.


I do a lot of business online, but there is a lot of value in doing some things directly with a person who is an expert.  For example, I had checked with our mortgage company a couple weeks ago to make sure that our home owners insurance would be paid from our of our escrow.  No problem they told me.  Well yesterday I was contacted by our local insurance agent, she actually lives in the neighborhood.  She told me that the mortgage company was rejecting the insurance bill because of the account number, which had changed and they would not tell them the correct number.  So I sent her the information I had and within a few minutes it was all corrected.  Now that could have become a big mess but thankfully it did not.  Thank You Wendy.  She also told me they review our policies and make sure they are the best coverage and price each year.

I worked on a few small things today.  Made up some labels and organized the pellets in sealed buckets out in the garage.  Then I went upstairs and put a label and shield on the switch for the attic light so it won't get turned on by mistake.

Then we headed to church for our Wednesday night group and we wrapped up the study on Daniel.


Not a whole lot on the agenda today.  I did a few things in the den and watched a little TV.  Bonnie decided to do a little car shopping research.  Today she looked at Subaru's mostly the Forrester.  I did my research on line.  Our Silver Maple in the front yard is starting to turn red.

Before she got home I picked up the granddaughters and dropped them off at the stables for their horseback lessons.  It was raining when I dropped them off and it has continued to rain all evening.

I brought in all of my plastic totes and bins that I had used for storage of small items in the motorhome.  They are spread out on the kitchen table so now I need to get busy and sort them.


It Rained pretty much all night and has continued throughout the day.

We were out the door just after 9 and headed to Madison Hospital to have our blood drawn at the lab service center.  It was pretty crowded but we logged on on the computer touch screen and each found a place to sit.  It was a while before they called our name, copied our insurance and id and said have a seat they will call you soon.  It was a while but they called us, first Bonnie and then me.  More exchanges of information and then a jab, filled two test tubes and I was done.  Bonnie came out a short time later and we headed home in the rain.

I started the coffee as we headed home and it was done shortly after we got home.  We took our morning meds and had some breakfast.  I checked the clock and we were back home exactly 1 hour after we left.  It was a bit chilly so I switched on the gas logs.  No Joy.

The pilot light was out.  I relit it and tried again.  It lite up, happy Bob, but wait it went out again.  So I finished breakfast and got some cleaning supplies and the Vaccum together.  I know from past experience that often a good cleaning fixes this.  I ran it a while without the logs in place and all looks good.  Put the logs inlace and it ran for 10 minutes.

I thought about calling the extended warranty company.  When I did they told me they do not cover the fireplace or gas logs.  So I turned to the DESA website.  They made our unit.  Their troubleshooting suggested using compressed air to clean several air intakes.  So I tried that and so far so good.  Its been running for an hour.  So a good cleaning of the Oxygen sensor seems to have helped.

I also put in a call to the tax collector since we did not get a tax bill.  They did not have our info, but checked the assessors database and found us.  So they are sending us a bill.  Our taxes are in escrow so hopefully I can get all this straightened out before they are due.

Well the logs burned for a couple hours but then the pilot went out sometime after it shutdown.  So maybe some adjusting is needed.

Bonnie made French toast for supper, delicious and I have been hungry for it.

Plus she made some bacon.

Add real maple syrup to that and you have a delicious meal.

Checked the pilot flame on the gas logs before bed and it was out again.  So I relit it.


I checked the pilot this morning and it was still lit, so that's good.  I turned on the logs and the house warmed up nicely.  After I turned it off and checked a while later the pilot was still on, more good news.  Only in the 50s outside so its nice to have the gas logs.  Pretty damp out also.

Nothing on the agenda for me today Bonnie has a woman's fellowship dinner later.  I took a first cut at organizing the plastic boxes and think I made a lot of progress.

Bonnie has headed for her Woman's Fellowship Dinner at Church so I had some soup for supper.  I jumped in the shower and am all set for the evening.  It never never got out of the 50's here at the house today, nice and cool.

Well thats a wrap for this week.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Fall Could be Here


The weather was very pleasant today but now a front has arrived and the temperature has dropped from 80 into the lower 60s.  The nice thing is that the AC does not need to run.

We called in Bonnie's RXs yesterday and all but one is ready so once it comes in I will head down to CVS and pick them up.  Bonnie did wash today and we watch a couple of the sermons from back home this afternoon.  Then I started watching a movie about the July 22nd terrorist attack in Norway.

Supper was a baked potato with some of the pulled pork on top of it and Bonnie's homemade Cole Slaw.  It was all very good.


I have not taken many pictures lately and that continued today.  It was raining by 11 this morning and it has continued all day and now into the evening.

I noticed a mistake when going over some of our financial things this morning so I called the Credit Union and got that straightened out.  Bonnie went to her scrapbooking group and before she got home I left to take GD Reagan to the staples.  When I got to her house to pick her up she was trying to get their dog back into the house.  She finally lured her in with treats.

Then it was back to the neighborhood and soon time to pick up GD Grace and take her to the stables. Then I was to take Reagan to soccer practice but it was canceled so she stayed at the stables until their Dad picked them up.

I did watch a Tom Hanks movie today "Hologram for the King" a bit strange but it was ok.

I cleaned up the diffuser tonight and loaded it up with some drops of Thieves Oil, we love the smell.


Not raining today but cool and a bit overcast.  We got ready after breakfast and headed for CVS to pick up Bonnie's RXs and restock our vitamin supply if they were on sale.  Bonnie found all the vitamins buy one get one free, so thats a good deal.

While we were gone FedEx delivered our new Chamber Vacuum Sealer.

This will not only be used for sealing and preserving food but also for cooking.  We can use it to infuse flavor into vegetables and meat before we smoke it.  We are looking forward to giving it all a try.

Back home we had an early supper of split pea soup that we had frozen.  Then it was off to church for our group study of Daniel.


When Bonnie got up this morning she asked me to smoke a ham we had.  She wanted to add more taste to it.  So I had her get the ham out of the refrigerator and let it sit a while.  Then I rubbed it with some mustard, it helps the rub stick.  Then I covered it with some Wild Hogs BBG Rub.  Then while it sat I set up the pellet smoker and loaded it with some Competition Blend Pellets.  Time to fire up the grill and put the ham on to smoke.

I smoked it at a low temperature for about 3 hours and the bark was starting to form.

I turned up the temperature some and let it go a couple more hours.  Then around 5 I took it off and we let it rest while Bonnie prepared the baked potatoes and coleslaw.

Needless to say it was very good and we enjoyed it.


It was bright and sunny when I got up this morning and after my devotional reading and breakfast I watched a little TV.  After Bonnie got up I did a little cleaning.  I vacuumed and then cleaned the bathroom floor and toilet.  USPS brought me some new cables from Amazon.  I noticed that my iPhone charging cable was fraying the other day so I ordered a replacement.  I use the Amazon Basic cables and the last one had lasted almost two years, so they are a good deal.

Bonnie did a little sewing for Ashley in the afternoon.  Looks like it is starting to cloud up, maybe some more rain is on the way.  I decided to watch "The Green Mile" again I saw it years ago.  I have been watching the Aviators Series on Amazon Prime also, so far only Season 1 is available.


It was raining when I got up this morning.  But the rain ended and Robby picked me up and we headed South to Hartselle, AL for a soccer game.  Reagan had a game down there, I think it is part of the end of the season games.  We got there on time but no one else was there.  Then some more of her team arrived.  Then finally the other team came.  The game started 30 minutes late.  The other team scored first but that was their only score.  Reagan scored a her first goal today and then played goalie the 4th quarter.

She did a good job here also.  She was in good position and stopped several goal attempts.  We won the game by a good margin.  She had fun and we stopped at Wendys on the way home.

I got home just in time to see the start of the Alabama - Tennessee game.  We won pretty easily 51-21.  All in all a good day even with the rain.

Well thats a wrap for this week.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Mini Beach Vacation


So this morning we loaded up the car and headed South.  We are headed to Sea Crest Beach near Panama City Beach in Florida.  The Grand Kids are on Fall Break and we are going down for four nights.

We had a nice drive, it takes a little over 6 hours but we arrived before dark so that was good.  The others had left before us and got there about an hour before us.  We all went up the road to an area called Sea Side for dinner.  First a quick walk to the beach.

We waited about 2 1/2 hours for a table.  But we all were seated together and the food was pretty good.  We got out of there about 9:40 and needed to make it to Publix by 10.  Robby and family left just before got our bill paid.  I did not remember where I parked the car so it took a while to find it, but we eventually did.  We got to Publix just after 10 but they let Bonnie and Reagan in.  So we have cereal and milk for morning.  Plus a lot of drinks and snacks.


Bonnie got up at 7 to go to the beach today, but could not find one so came back in the house and got back in bed.  We had cereal for breakfast and Robby and his family rode bikes to breakfast.  Then we watch the Alabama-Arkansas game, Roll Tide.  We won 65-31.  Then we went for an early supper.  We just walked across the street to a place called the Hub.  I thought it was a bit expensive, expected in a beach resort area, but it was not very good either.  So on to the next place.  I watched part of the Florida-LSU game on the Jumbotron while I ate.

Back at the condo we relaxed and watched a little TV and called it an early night.


Bonnie and I drove down to Panama City Beach to look around and I showed her a couple places that my sister and I had visited years ago.  So much traffic that we decided to head back to the condo.  We did notice long lines at all the gas stations. We knew the reason why.

Tropical Depression Michael is now Hurricane Michael.  I turned on the Weather Channel and they were in Panama City Beach, they interviewed the Mayor and he said they expected to issue a Mandatory Evacuation Order tomorrow at 6am.  That was enough for us.  We did not want to sit in all the traffic trying to leave if the order was issued.  Every report seemed to be more and more sure that we would be in the eye of the storm if we stayed.

The rest decided to stay but then a few hours later they headed home also.  We arrived home about 9:30pm.  We saw lines at gas stations out to about 50 miles from the beach, Robby said they had gone to Destin for shopping and supper.  He said some stations were already out of gas.  So I'm glad everyone is safe and at home.


A bit overcast here at home but the temperature is in the 80s.  Guess we will spend the day catching up on our shows and relaxing.  We probably need to do a little grocery shopping.  Maybe tomorrow Bonnie decided to do some wash today.  Looks like the hurricane is intensifying and mandatory evacuations have been issued.  So looks like we made the right decision leaving yesterday.

I did take the car down to the car wash to get it and the underbody washed.  Then I vacuumed out the inside and noticed there was still some dirt on the side.  So I went up and told them and they had me run through again.  This time the guy did a better job of cleaning the sides and wheel wells.  Looks good now.

We had Tuna Casserole out of the freezer for supper.  Then a quick visit from the family.  Then a call from our daughter on her drive home and a FT from GD Kaylee at school.  Through in a little TV and we had a full evening.


Well Hurricane Michael has pushed a lot of clouds up our way, wonder if we will get some rain out of this.  We tuned into the weather channel many times today to see what was going on in Florida.  The hurricane hit just East of where we were staying.  We know we made the right decision in leaving a day early.  Sorry to see all the damage that the storm and winds did, what a difference from a couple days ago.  Bonnie did the grocery shopping today and I carried the bags in.  We had fresh shrimp for supper that we steamed.  Then we headed to church for our group study of Daniel.

The post office started our mail again today and delivered the mail they were holding.  So we are getting back to normal, at least for us.


The weather is much cooler today.  Didn't do a lot during the day today.  I put away the shipment of pellets I got a while ago and also working on some financial things.  Also had to make a few phone calls.  I also got a voicemail that I think was from Koren Airlines and of course it was in Korean.  Jae is a Koren surname and we often get mail that we can not read.

Then this afternoon we picked up our Granddaughters and headed to the movies.  We saw Goosebumps 2.

It was better than I anticipated it would be.  I was real happy that it was not animated.  The girls enjoyed it but it was a little scary for Reagan.

After the movie we headed for Petco to pick up a Beta Fish for Reagan.  She saw an ad for $1.99 fish.  Of course that fish was so small you could hardly see it.  So she picked out a bigger one, the tank for it, gravel, and some food.  Then on to Dollar General for Purified water.  But I think she will enjoy it.

Then a quick stop at Subway for some sandwiches.  One last stop to pick up one of Grace's friends.  We dropped off the girls and made our way home.

Forgot to mention that before we left for the movies I trimmed up a 9 lb pork butt up and seasoned it then wrapped it up.  Now its in the fridge for the night.  Tomorrow I will get it on the smoker early.


One project for me today.  That is to smoke the pork butt that has been in the refrigerator all night.

I set it out on the counter to warm up a little.  Got my thermometer and probe ready and then set up the Camp Chef Pellet Smoker with some Hickory Pellets.  The pork butt was still at only 44 degrees when I put it on and closed the lid.  Low and Slow is the phrase of the day.

Four hours later we were at about 150º and starting to develop a good bark and smoke ring.

Then we finally hit 165º after about 5 1/2 hours.  I put it in a foil pan and covered it with foil.

Finally at 5:30 or 7 1/2 hours in to the cook we hit 195º.  I turned off the smoker and let it sit for about 30 minutes.  The internal temperature rose to over 200º.  Then into the house to rest for a couple hours.

We had salad with the rest of the shrimp from the other night and watched the news.  Finally the pork was cool enough to handle with some insulated gloves.  We poured off the juice and I pulled the pork apart so we will have pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow or Sunday.

Just have to cover it and put it in the refrigerator once it cools a little.  Then its all over but the eating!

Congratulations to GD Alexus, her college had a ceremony tonight for students that made the Deans List.


Late posting this today.  We were at my son's house.  Ashley made homemade soup and chili along with cornbread.  Everything was very good.  Robby had a nice fire going and we sat out back and watched the Alabama Game.  Bonnie and Millie did a little Bonding.

We beat Missouri 39-10.  ROLL TIDE

Well thats a wrap for this week.

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"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Hello October


Overcast here most of the day but it failed to produce much in the way of rain here at the house.  We did have rain all around us again but most of it went to the West of us.

Our Pastor has always had good sermons and I have always appreciated the preparation that he puts in to them.  Its easy to tell he spends a lot of time preparing.  When I saw this picture yesterday I had to copy it and send it too him,

Saturday's mail brought some new ScanPower guide lights for our GFCI receptacles.  These had a little longer prongs on the sides.  So I grabbed one this morning and headed upstairs to install it.  This one worked and now we have light.


Then I put one in our bathroom and it also worked so I boxed up the two that did not work, stuck on the return label and took it out to the mailbox.  Hopefully it will be on its way tomorrow.

I noticed while I was out there that a new weed is coming up in the grass.  So I took a picture of it and sent it to the lawn maintenance folks

It wasn't long before I got an email back and they will be here Wednesday to spray.

Bonnie worked on her scrapbook this afternoon.

Leftovers for supper and now we are watching the voice.


Nothing planned for today.  I did finally find a trailer light adapter I have been wanting to put in the truck.  It was not exactly where I thought it was but it was close.  So I I put it in the truck along with some tie down straps in case I need them.

Then I caught up with DWTS and some of the other recordings.  Bonnie cut my hair late this afternoon so I am looking pretty bald now.  I got a text from a GD to pick them up at the stables so I quick ran over there and brought her home.  Then of course its Tuesday so I took out the kitchen trash and wheeled the tote out to the curb.

Tonight we will watch the Voice and see the results on DWTS.  Rain around us again today but none here at the house.


Waynes showed up mid morning and did our lawn treatment and sprayed for the fall weeds.

Also today is the day for the big test where every cell phone, TV etc will get a message at the sometime.  This is part of the National Emergency Notification System.  The Test was to happen at 1:18 our time and right on time I got the message on my phone.

Hopefully we will get some rain to water in the weed killer.  I worked a little in the garage and even changed one of the camera batteries.  However it was not completely charged so it will need changed again soon.

Then I picked up the granddaughters and took them to church with a quick stop to pick them up something to eat at Zaxby's.

Then home to pick up Bonne and we headed to our church for our small group study.  Then home and we got our nightly FT from our GD in college and then caught up with the recorded news.


Not much to report on today.  I needed to change a battery on one of our cameras today.  Robby has been doing it for me as I could not reach it on the step ladder.  Bonnie reminded me that we had the RV fold up ladder and it was much taller.  So I got that out today and it worked well.

Then evidently Ecobee had trouble with their servers today but this evening they are back up and on line.  Thats about it for today.


I got behind on blogs so will post this and catch up next week.

Well thats a wrap for this week.

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"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"

Saturday, September 29, 2018

First Week of Fall


Yesterday was the first full day of Fall and we started off with a nice dinner with grilled Pork Chops

Got up this morning and called the water department to have them turn off my sprinkler meter and save a little money each month until spring.  The water season is over here, which I confirmed with my neighbor.  I checked this afternoon and its off.

UPS delivered 80 lbs of pellets for the grill this morning.  I got a good deal with free shipping last week so we should be set for a good long time.

We finally got some of the rain they have been promising, it rained for maybe a half hour.  I also heard from SnapPower about my GFCI guide lights not working and they asked for a few pictures, which I sent.

So hopefully they can recommend a fix.

I also emailed Ecobee as one of my sensors is draining batteries much quicker than it should.  Sounds like they are going to replace it.

It was a day of updates also.  I updated my Mac to the new Mojave OS, no issues it loaded and updated in less than an hour.  Also while that was going on I updated to the latest AppleTV OS also.

Looking forward to supper.  Bonnie did a roast in the instant pot.  It was delicious


Just a leisurely morning with a little bit of rain.  Then we were planning to go out for lunch.  At first we talked about Greek but then Mildreds posted their menu for the day and we quickly decided we would head there.  Mildreds is about 15 minutes away and is a Buffet and is quite reasonable, $15.10 for the two of us and that includes drinks.  Plus they gave me a to go cup of iced tea.

The fried chicken is already good, and the hamburger casserole delicious, even had some chicken fried steak, plus the fried okra.  We ran into some more rain on the way home.  Then it seemed to rain off and on the rest of the day.

The mailman brought some reading material today.  Need to check on the updates for this year.

Thats about it for today.  I will leave you with this thought of wisdom I saw online.


We had lots of rain overnight but my rain gauge showed just about .5 inches when I got up.  Then we had flash flood warnings and more rain we are up to 1.07 inches.

Stayed really overcast all day, we had lights on in the living room most of the day.  Mostly the blinds are closed all the time, today they were open to let in any light we could get.  Bonnie made a nice stew with the left-over beef roast, with potatoes and carrots it was delicious.

Then we headed for church for our small group study tonight was Chapter 5 of Daniel.  We had a good turnout and good discussions.

Now home for the first night of the new Survivor.


Today is a day that will go into the history books.

I spent the day watching the Senate Judiciary Hearings for Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.  He had been accused of sexual assault when he was 17 by a woman who was 15 at the time.  She sounded credible but the 4 people she named as witnesses all said that the event she cited never happened.  It was a very divided committee.  Thats all I will say.  Judge Kavanaugh has denied this.  Time will tell if he is confirmed.

Bonnie made some delicious Jambalaya for supper.  That was about it for today.


No rain in the forecast for today, first time in awhile.  Not much in the plans for today.

Well Judge Kavanaugh's nomination was voted on in committee today and will be voted on by the whole Senate, maybe next week.  But they also requested and President Trump ordered the FBI to reopen the investigation and investigate the 3 current allegations against him.  The limit for the investigation is one week.

Other than that it was a pretty unremarkable day.  The weatherman is saying our 90 degree days are pretty much over for this year.  We shall see.


Early Soccer game today 10am.  That was a good thing as the Alabama game vs LSU starts at 11.  Wow the other girls soccer team was aggressive and pretty physical. The ref called them on a lot of it.  Listening to their coach it was clear why they are that way.  Our girls played well and are showing steady improvement week after week. Plus I think they have a good time.  On defense.

On offense.

My view for most of the day thru an umbrella.

It was much cooler today for them and they did not look so worn out.

I have been noticing the cotton fields are getting really white.  I suspect the cotton harvest will be starting soon.

By the time we got home Alabama already had 21 points.  At the quarter it was 28-0 and at the half 49-0, 56-0 after 3 quarters.  Final score 56-14.  We played 3 quarterbacks today and most of the players on the roster got a chance to play today.

Well thats a wrap for this week.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"