Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Well the big storm is now bringing us rain.  I got dressed and went outside to clean the rear gutter of all the leaves that are packed in it.  The rain was not bad but my hands were really cold by the time I finished.  Maybe I can clean the front gutter tomorrow if the rain passes.

I heard from the RV dealer that they found us a good rate on financing and presented that info for us to consider.  They say the coach will be ready by the 17th of November which should work for us.  So I have been kept busy looking at extended warranty info and learning what I can about the systems on the coach.

After lunch I headed to Warsaw to turn in my plates from the truck.  While there I also got my permit to get an R endorsement on my drivers license for the motorhome.  Back home I had a nice conversation with a friend in Virginia about campground memberships.

The rain is more steady now and the wind is starting to pick up.  I headed up for an evening at court.  All went well there.  The wind really picked up and we could hear it raining hard during court.

Finally back home for the night.  Elizabeth has some leaks in the roof over her kitchen, the rest of her roof is new.  Looks like NY City is getting hit hard with lots of flooding.  We have had just over 2 inches of rain since midnight.  The worst wind and rain is forecast for overnight, but it is to be over early in the day tomorrow.  Time will tell.

Well time to get to bed I trust everyone will be safe tonight.


Slept in a little it was noisy with the wind and rain all night and the house creaking in the wind.  I woke up to this.

Top of a dead tree across the driveway

Split Cherry tree half way down stuck in two trees

Lots of water flowing out back which is normal for this much rain

All cleaned up
Bonnie left for Elizabeth right after we finished cleaning up the tree.  There are a lot of branches still down in the yard but it needs to dry up some before we try to clean them up.  The cleaned out ditch with the new drain tile is working and water is pouring out of that.

I showered and cleaned up and then left to work at court for a couple hours.  I still had lots to do but left there and went straight to Elizabeths.  We were headed in to the Greystone Grill for a birthday dinner.  She likes there fried dill pickles and we all like their food.

This was a wrap with hot chicken fingers in it and home made chips, I thought it was good.
Then we headed to our small group study and finally got home around 10.

I watch a little TV about the storm damage and researched extended warranties and insurance.

I also emptied and took Bonnie's fountain apart, once it dries we can store it.

Almost forgot we joined the Coast to Coast Camping group today, $10 a night camping.  Our friends in VA are members and are happy with it.

Thats it for today its late and I need some sleep.


Well the coffee I had at the small group study kept me wide awake until just after 2am.  I sept once I laid down so thankful for that.  I was up before 8am this morning and felt well rested.  I had my breakfast and caught up on the internet.  Once Bonnie got up I headed right out to get up on the ladder and clean out the front gutters and the front and back gutter on the garage, thats all I can reach from the ground and so that just leaves the end of the house which I may get from the roof as the pitch is not as steep as the rest of the roof.  If we get a nice sunny day I may do that.  It was 38 this morning and cloudy cold hands again.

I need to head up to court to work as the recording I brought home to review would not play on my computer.  Home again after 3 hours, back to work on the RV and tying up all the loose ends.  Bonnie had already taken her pies for the pie contest tonight.  I have to be at Church after the Royal Fair concludes which is a big party for the kids.  I have been making lots of phone calls and researching lots of stuff.  Extended Warranties, camping clubs, hotels for our vacation next week.  I am looking forward to a little down time next week.

I got a call from a friend and he came over and I gave him my old weather tec floor mats for his truck and an under seat box.  He also made me an offer on the 4 extra tires I had that I could not refuse, so they are gone now also.  More room in the garage now.  I have a like new generator that I need to sell also.

Well its time to head for church to help out so I am going to go ahead and post this early.

Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Clean and Repair, So Old and some New


I was up until 2am, just got a second wind I guess and did some research.  Slept good once I laid down.  After breakfast I got started on what turned in to a long productive day.

I had looked at how to service a water softener on the web the past couple of days since the brine tank overflowed.  So I took the valves and screens apart and cleaned them the best I could.  I followed all the cautions and carefully put it back together.  Turned on the water and no leaks.  I started a regeneration cycle and checked on it every 16 minutes.  No leaks and it seemed to work the way it is supposed to.  The tank did not over fill and it is now back in service.  I will have to keep an eye on it.  If the one valve is leaking it will fill the brine tank again.

Then I headed out to give the coach one last check as we are putting it in storage in the morning.  I checked the mouse traps and no more mice since I caught two the other morning.  So I removed them and put out some trays of TomCat and some peppermint oil to deter them.

Then I headed up to the garage and cleaned out my truck, it looks good, more on that tomorrow.

All clean
 I also put new wipers on the CR-V that my BIL pointed out to me had a $15 rebate so are really cheap.

Good ANCO Contour blades
Then I jumped on the tractor and fired up the Cyclone Rake again.  Just as the 4th load filled up the engine quit.  I dumped that load and headed for the garage.  Bonnie was at her parents still so I decided to see what happened.

Plenty of fuel.  Removed the spark plug, it looks good.  Checked the spark, no spark.  Moved the wire around that grounds the magneto to stop the engine and I had spark.  Turns out that the mice in the shed had build a nest in the engine.  There going in and out had rubbed the insulation off the wires and grounded the magneto.

Cleaned the cooling fins while I had it apart

Taped up wire

Rubbed off insulation
I rerouted wires and taped some up and it is running again.  Almost dark now so headed in the house just as Bonnie pulled in.  She made a nice supper and we talked and watched TV.  Its my bedtime now before I get another second wind.


I was up just after 7am.  I had my breakfast and Bonnie got up before my second cup of coffee.  Once she was ready I went out and unhooked the coach from power.  Then started it up and headed for Gainsville and the storage building.  Dennis had to move a few sleds but he finally backed it in and we put it to bed for the winter.

Backing into the winter parking spot.
After a few minutes visiting we headed home.  I jumped on the tractor and picked up another 7 loads of leaves.  Then I had to dash into the house as we had an appointment at 2pm.

Meeting Vince at 2
 We spent 2 hours with Vince and got quite an education.

Then we headed over to drive a motorhome that Bonnie like.  It drove very nice and I think we will be taking a closer look at it, soon.

Then we were final able to head home, but no time to check out Bonnie's new ride.  Yes we traded in my Pickup truck, the times they are a changing.

Bonnie's Honda Odyssey finally home
Once again I jumped on the tractor and picked up 5 more loads of leaves.  Finally done I believe and just in time as the rain has started and a big storm is coming up the coast.  That makes 31 loads and a total of 1364 bushel of leaves.  Finally quit because it is almost dark.  I would still like to cut the front grass but hope I am done with the leaves.

Then we headed into Elizabeths for Taco's and came home with it raining very hard.  So now its time to head to bed.


My morning started just after 4am when the phone rang.  I was up at court a couple hours then came home laid down for a little while.  It rained all night and was pretty foggy.  I got up again just before 8. Bonnie left to go scrapbooking with Elizabeth, she was gone all day.

Shortly after she left I went back up to court.  Spent some time working on paperwork and then went into look at the Coach Bonnie is interested in.  It rained the whole time so only looked at the inside.

Once home I worked on setting up the home link in the Odyssey so the garage doors will work.  Now I am hoping to head to bed to catch up on some sleep.


Up Sunday morning and we headed off to church.  Then after lunch we headed for the Olive Garden and enjoyed a nice lunch there.  Then it was over to look at the Coach that Bonnie really likes.  Well it was raining and cold again today.  Not a good day to look at the outside of motorhomes but good for looking for leaks and checking the heaters.  Elizabeth was going to come also and give us her opinion.  I also was contacted by an owner in Arizona who owns the same type of coach.  He was very helpful and very happy with his coach.

The heat pumps kept it nice and warm inside and we spent a couple hours looking over the coach.

Everything looked good I took some more pictures and then we headed in to talk.  They made us a good fair offer.  I have them my list of what I wanted changed, fixed, or checked.  They said that is fair and included in what they will do.  My list included all new tires and thats part of their offer also.  Bonnie said she really loves the coach.  So we signed on the dotted line.  Happy Wife Happy Life.

Once all the paper work goes through and is approved we will be the owners of a 2006 Monaco Beaver Monterey Pacifica IV Coach.  Here are a few pictures.

New to us Beaver Coach

Salon with the slides closed

Main vanity 
Double sink

2-Burner Stove

King Size bed

Bedroom dresser

Sitting in the rain
Well now it goes to the shop for tires, a window needs replaced and all the fluids need checked and replaced.  It will take a couple weeks so hopefully when we get back from Massachusetts it will be ready.

Well its been quite a week, I am exhausted so am signing off for tonight.

Thanks For Checking In.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winter Preperation


Up to bright sunshine this morning.  I got a call and ended up at court last night until 1:00am but was up by 8am anyway.  Once Bonnie got up I helped her order some prints so she can work on a picture album of our Disney trip.  Then she started the wash.

We went out together to work on preparing the Coach for its winter storage.  I put the slides out and Bonnie worked on the inside and I worked on the outside.  I brought the tires up to the proper pressure.

The little Sears compressor does a great job.
I ran the generator to exercise it and to power the compressor.  Then I removed and stored the tow bar.  Bonnie was about done inside so we took a load of things up to the house.  While up there she harvested her Quince

A nice Quince harvest
So the Coach is ready to go into storage this week and I think we will take it on Friday.  Bonnie headed to the house to continue the wash and put the Coach stuff away.

I cleaned off the new concrete on the driveway apron and sealed it.

Sealer equipment for the driveway.
It took a couple hours but the majority of it is done.  Once the Coach is gone I will do that area and then inside the garage needs done also.  Well time for some advil and then up to court for the evening.

When I left for court I noticed water on the floor in the basement.  Checked it out and it is coming from the overflow on the brine tank, part of the water softener.  Bonnie called her brother since he installed it, he thinks it is a bad valve in the brine tank.  So another think to add to my list.  I rigged up a hose so it will go down the drain if it overflows again.

We listened to the debate tonight even though we already voted.


Well it rain all night but I was happy to see that the driveway sealer had set up enough that it did not wash away.  I headed up to the bank, post office and court this morning.

Home from court just in time to take out the trash and head into East Aurora.  Bonnie had to pick up here photos at CVS, I ran to the bank while she was in there.  The we headed to weight watchers, supper with Elizabeth and Alexus, and then our small group study.

Finally home after 9.  I watched the Apple announcement about the new iPad Mini, new iMac's, new MacBook, and new iPad.  Its midnight still raining .91 inches for today.  I'm headed for bed.


Busy day today.  Bonnie and I left the house at 9am and got back home 9:pm approx.  Hope to have something to share with you on the the next post or earlier on Facebook.  Stay tuned.

I did manage to get the Coach registration done for the next 2 years
Also renewed my drivers lic.

Thanks for Checking in.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beautiful Day before the rain--Time to Vote


Up early but I took my time having my oatmeal and coffee but once I got going I accomplished a lot.

First on my list was to scrap the garage door trim and then paint it.  Used a new paint that is both primer and paint.  I even got 2 coats applied.

Fresh paint looks good
 Then there is the clean up not too bad today one paint pot and one brush.

Clean up is done
 It was lunch time and I needed fuel.  So I headed down the hill to C&G for a couple slices of pizza and  to pick up a couple cans of fuel, topped off the Silverado while I was there.

Then I filled the tractor and Cyclone Rake and headed up into the yard.

This section is almost done
 I picked up 9 loads today at 44 busels a load.  The yard looked pretty good up on the hill still has a lot of leaves. The leaves were nice and dry today which makes them easier to pick up.

If only it would stay this way
 As I put things away and closed the windows in the Coach I decided to top off the water in the batteries, another step closer to storage.

All I have to do is pump in the water.
Finally done outside for the day.  I headed in to hit the rain locker and then threw in a load of towels.  While they washed I balanced the checkbook and paid a couple bills.  Bonnie came home from her parents and made a nice supper.  Then we relaxed with some TV and did a little on line ordering of things we needed.  One was a new water filter cartridge for the Coach.

It started raining after dark and is still raining pretty hard, no leaf pickup tomorrow.


We headed to Warsaw shortly after we got up this morning.

Hard to see but someone hit the one pole already and broke it off, bet that put a dent in something 

First stop Lantz's Bulk foods for Bonnie to pick up a few things.  We even got to visit a few minutes with Jacob.

Then back into Warsaw to the Board of Elections, we turned in our applications for absentee ballots.  The ballots were in and we were able to vote and submit our ballots.  Glad that our votes are done as we will be in Massachusetts on election day.  Then off to Tops and Big M so Bonnie could grocery shop.

I took Bonnie home and then headed to court to catch up a little.  When I got home the girls had already left for the Woman's retreat.  I jacked up Elizabeth's car to try to see what was making a rubbing noise on the back wheel.  Found the problem, it was rubbing on a shield.  Moved it out of the way and no noise now.

Alexus called and she is going to the school football game and I will pick her up after that and bring her to the house for the night.  Time to watch a movie and relax a little then go to school to get Alexus.


Woke up to a nice sunny morning the leaves were golden on the trees.  That lasted about 30 minutes and its been overcast since then and rainy.  Not much to report.  I picked up the vegetable share and then I worked up at court for a couple hours and then stayed in out of the rain the rest of the day.  Alexus and I just took it easy all day.

Waiting now for the ladies to get home from their retreat.  They are home and now it is raining.


Up this morning and headed to church.  A good message and lots to think about.  Then home and we took it easy for the rest of the day.  I had both the Bills game and the NASCAR race on the TV split screen for a while.  Looked like the Bills were going to win but wait an interception ended that.  Then Bonnie watched one of her shows and finally we caught the end of the race.  I worked on our chapter news letter and hope to finish it this evening.

Not much exciting to write about the past couple of days, sorry about that.  Two more weeks and we will be on the road again.

Thanks for Checking in.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time to Winterize


It rained again most of the night but the gauge only is showing .08in of rain, so not that bad.  I have not been able to pickup any leaves yet as the yard has been wet all the time when I am home and have time.  After yesterdays 70's today it is in the low 50's.

It ended up being misty and it drizzled rain all day.  We did not do much of anything today just caught up on the recordings on the DVR.  I did go out and empty Mouse #20 out of the trap under the sink, will it ever end.  I also stripped the bed and made an appointment to get the beast inspected.

Now its time to head up to court for the evening.  The evening went well and I was home early to spend some time with my bride.


Finally a dry day.  I took the opportunity to set up the Cyclone Rake and was able to vacuum up two loads of leaves from out back.

Lots of leaves out back

The Cyclone Rake picked up 88 bushels before I had to quit.
The rest of the day was spend up at court.  Then to our small group meeting, after supper with Elizabeth and Alexus.  Now home and time for bed.  A long day that actually went by quickly.


Up early today lots on the agenda.  After a quick breakfast I went out and unhooked the Coach and prepared it to hit the road.  It was a pretty short trip just over 8 miles over to Becker's Bus Service to get  and inspection and chassis lube done.  I got there no problem and on time.

Brian put it up in the air and we both looked over the suspension and steering.

A view from outside.
 All checked out and in just over an hour I left with a new inspection sticker.  Brian is a friend also and a lot of that time was spent chatting.

I headed home and parked the coach so I could get at both sides to work on winterizing.  I went into change and Bonnie was fixing a great lunch so I took time out and we enjoyed lunch together.

Then I headed to the bank and court to finish up from yesterday.  Then back into the house to change into work clothes again.

Then out side again and I drained the Hot Water Tank and went through the rest of the winterizing procedure.  Bonnie came out and helped me pump in the "Pink Stuff" so we should be all set as far as the water and drain system go for the winter.

10 gallons makes a big puddle
I took time to vacuum and wipe out some of the bays where the mice had made a mess.  Having trapped 20 mice this year I feel fortunate not to have had any serious damage to wiring or plumbing.
I closed up the coach and put the compressor and vacuum away.  Going rate is $45-65 dollars to get this winterizing done, so saved some on that.

Time to jump on the mower and use the Cyclone rake to pick up more leaves.  I had time to pick up 4 loads before the the end of the day.  Leave count is now at 264 bushels, it hardly looks like I have made a dent.

Bonnie made a nice supper for me and we even had ice cream for dessert.  Time to relax post this and catch up on a little TV.  Hope we continue to have this warm, dry weather, maybe some wind to get the rest of the leaves down-------Then I can clean the gutters.  There is always something to do.

Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cool Camping


Up early today and headed north to Genesee Community College.  I had a full day of court training.  This will be a short post.  The weather was nice all day, figures I was inside.

Picked up a few things at BJ's on the way home.  Bonnie got home after 7 after shopping and spending some time with her dad.  Relaxing now and we will pack in the morning and get on the road for the short trip to the campground.


Rained over night but now the Sun is out as we pack up for a weekend camping trip.  It could be the last one for this year, especially since most of the campgrounds are closed now or close by the end of October.

So we got loaded up and left for Caledonia just before noon today.  We were the second to arrive and before we got checked in the third and final unit pulled in.  We are a small group but we will have a good time.  Before long we were all together sitting in the sun and catching up on all the news.

Sharing our summer travels
Yes we had to bundle up a little but it was nice and warm in the sun.  The CG owner told us he was going to shut off the water tonight because of the low temps that are predicted.

We headed for a the LB Grand around 5pm for dinner, fish fries for some and pasta for the others, it was all good.  Once home Bonnie called out of the MH that we had a problem.  Yep we did.  I had left the filtered water faucet running to fill a pitcher for Bonnie.  Well it so happened that the sink drains were also closed so it all over flowed and we had some wet carpet.

Using the CG wet vac

Used a few towels
Thanks to the loan of the campgrounds wet vac it did not take too long to clean up the mess, the good thing is its clean water.  The heat is on so it should help dry it all up tonight.  The cold temps will keep the furnace running.  Bonnie was pretty upset at first, which I can understand, but then jumped right in and helped and encouraged me, that really helped.  I felt really bad but at least there does not seem to be any real damage.  The carpet is wet like it is after you clean them.

Well I missed the campfire but we can have another one tomorrow.  Time to rest up now.


So it looks like it got down to 29 last night, the furnace ran quite a bit but we were nice and warm and the carpet is pretty much dry in the main area.  Under the counters will take a little longer but it is drying out nicely.

We had a great breakfast up at the camp grounds room that is set up for groups.  We had pancakes and sausage.  We each took our own coffee and we had juice.  We pretty much cleaned up what was made except for a couple sausage.  We chatted for a while after breakfast then each took off for a few hours in our own directions.

Is the griddle hot yet?

Guess so pancakes and sausage almost ready
 We did blow the circuit breakers a time or two but finally got that all figured out.

President Bob resting after a big breakfast
Some went to farmers markets and local apple farms.  Others went fishing.  We went into Leroy to check out the Farmers Market.  It was small and not much there that caught our interest, we did not stay long.

This math dog would pick out the block with the correct number on it for  a math problem given him.

Even a little guitar playing to entertain

Bonnie checks out the veggies and fruit
Then we headed to the hatchery.

 This is the oldest hatchery in not only New York but the oldest in the Western Hemisphere.  They raise about 70,000 lbs of Brown Trout every year and stock NY streams.

Lots of trout runs filled with fish

Some of the yearling Brown Trout

Found this pretty lady under a nearby tree.
Just as we were ready to leave Bob and Carolyn pulled in and we chatted for a minute or two.  He was headed fishing and We were headed to Camping World.  We looked at a few motorhomes but none really interested us.  Then Bonnie ran into Sue and Jay.  We used to work in the same office and she had an extra $10 coupon that I needed and had left home.  So we visited for a bit and then I bought a short hose and some 303 Protectorate.

Bonnie spotted these in a tree close to the coach
Glad it is too cold for these to be active
We headed back to the campground and Art got a fire going and we all sat out and enjoyed the fire.  It spit a little rain but just off and on.  It looks like rain is coming so we better enjoy it while we can.  We all headed over for dinner at the group room again.  Hot Dogs, Mac&Cheese, 2 kinds of beans and potato chips were the main course.  Then apple crisp, chocolate cake, and cookies for dessert.  We all left with full bellies.  We may be a small group but we are having a good time and we all get to talk with everyone.

It was sprinkling when we got back to the rigs so Bonnie and I came in.  Bob started up the fire again as he missed the afternoon fire to take a nap.  When I looked out he was sitting under his umbrella and enjoying the fire!

It was a good day and now it is raining off and on a little harder so all have retired for the evening.


Wow did it rain hard most of the night.  Lucky for us the ground here drains very well and by breakfast time most of the puddles were gone.  It had also warmed up over night so that was good news also.

Breakfast was delicious waffles that Donna made and muffins that Bonnie baked fresh this morning plus juice and coffee.

Fresh Muffins
After breakfast we shared pictures from our summer adventures and then cleaned up and said our goodbyes.

I used the dump station and was able to rinse out my tanks well for the winter.  We made it home in about an hour.  We stopped in Varysburg and unhooked the car.  Bonnie went ahead and grabbed the mail and papers.  I backed in the Coach on the new paved driveway.  One turn is really tight otherwise it was no problem.  We unpacked the Coach and Bonnie started a load of towels while I cleaned up a few other things.  Then she headed into take Alexus shopping.  I cleaned out the basement bay and wiped it down.  I think it gets wet when it rains hard.

I set out the chairs to dry

Nice clean bay now
I will go out later and put stuff back in if it is dry.  Time to watch a little TV and maybe watch the Bills.
We had a fun weekend and it was good to get out one last time this year.

Who ever turned around here Thursday did not come back to fix it.
Thanks for Checking in.