Sunday, April 29, 2012

Have we seen the last of the snow


Good morning at least it is not raining yet this morning.  I have an appointment in Attica for an oil change this morning so need to get a move on.

The new waiting area at Upstate Chevy

Well I got my oil change and tires rotated.  Then it was time to get the fuel system serviced so I went ahead and did that also, sure smelled just like gummout when they were finished.  But I can attest to the fact that it cost a lot more.  Then I went over to church to copy the Sermon from Sunday so I could upload it, but for some reason it did not get recorded.  Then over to D&D Logging to work on some computer and IT issues.  Spent a few hours there and got quite a bit done.

Came home and waited for Bonnie to get home with the groceries and helped her carry those in.  Then grilled some burgers while she made the rest of the meal.  Them we watched our recordings and talked about extending our Florida trip in September for an additional week.  We hope to finalize that by this weekend.

Time for a little reading now and then some sleep as I greet the arrival of Friday.


Cold and pretty dark out when I got up this morning.  There is still snow left on the garage roof.  It also snowed a little overnight as I could see it on the deck.

Will be a slow melt today
It barely got out of the 30s today.  The forecast is for just below freezing tonight again.  It was a pretty slow day.  I ventured out and went up to court for a few hours and once I got home turned on TV and got a short nap.  I did get a pork loan prepared with rub and put in the fridge.  I will put it on the smoker in the morning for about 8 or 9 hours with some maple smoke or maybe mesquite.

Elizabeth and Alexus came for supper.  We had pork, potatoes, and beets a delicious meal.  Then we had banana pudding with vanilla wavers, very good.  We watched a movie and then a little TV.

Down to 34 at 9:30 so I went out and set the furnace in the MH to come on at 40.  I also turned the wet bay heater on it comes on at 40 also and was running.  Inside the coach was still at 43.  Crazy weather.


Woke up this morning and checked that the temp did get down to 29 last night.  It is up to 50 some today and the sun was out most of the day.  I turned the furnace off in the MH.  I had it set at 40 and the low on the thermometer said 38.

As I was having my coffee I heard a smoke detector start to chirp.  I guess its about time as they have been in about a year.  I checked the one in the basement as that seemed to be where the chirp was coming from.  I changed batteries, swapped detectors and then checked the wiring.  All seemed good.  I got my meter and checked the battery voltage and it was good.  I am now at about an hour of trying to find the chirp.  Finally I found it.  Jeff got me again, it was one of the old ones that we had taken down last year.  I found it laying on a table with Bonnie's stuff.  I removed the battery and tossed it i the trash, No More Chirp.

I set up the smoker and put the pork loin into smoke.  I decided on maple and set it 190 with 3 hours of smoke.

Then I headed up to court and was done there in about an hour.  So back home and changed clothes.  The weather was just right so I decided to cut and clean up the limbs that had fallen in the yard.

All cut up

Another load of brush headed for the pile
Bonnie worked on cleaning up the flower beds and after I cleaned up the limbs we loaded up what she had cleaned out and hauled it to the brush pile.  Now in the house and checked on the Pork, its coming along nicely.

Time to relax and watch a little TV and read some email.  Supposed to freeze again tonight so I turned on the MH furnace at 40 again.  Pork is done plan to eat some of it tomorrow.  The snow all melted off the roof today.


Beautiful sunny morning, cold with frost on the roofs and grass.  Promise from the weather folks is into the fifties today.  Soon we will be off to church and then split up for the afternoon.
I am getting a haircut and Bonnie is spending hers with Alexus, both are getting beauty treatments, neither one needs one, they are both beautiful.

After church I headed over to my SIL's for my haircut and lunch, hard to beat a combination like that.  I got to spend some time with my nieces son also, he is quite the talker now and is learning to ride his bike with his grandmothers help.

He is doing great.
 I headed home mid afternoon and actually got a little nap.  The girls showed up and we had a piece of pizza.  Then we broke out the smoked pork loin, Bonnie added squash, and potatoes.  Boy was it good, everyone enjoyed it.

Maple smoked pork
Well thats about it.  We watched a couple episodes of the Duck Dynasty and the girls headed home.  Its been a bit cold but its been a great week.

Thanks for Checking In.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The weatherman was right!


Woke up to a blanket of snow this morning and it continues to snow.  It is just above freezing and should warm up a little today.  We have a couple inches on the deck but I believe most of the roads are clear.  Guess I should turn the news on.  It is sticking to the trees so I hope it changes over to rain and melts the snow off the trees.

We hate to see this in April

I did decide last night on a date to go visit my sister.  She had knee surgery a few weeks ago and will be off work for a few more weeks.  So I am headed down there in 2 weeks I think it is.

We also are planning a family vacation to Disney in September, so all are getting excited about that.

But for today I will be content with doing the wash, watching it snow, and then court tonight.

Its been a lazy day but interesting in watching the snow.  It has been above freezing all day but snowed constantly heavy at times.   There is at least 4 maybe 5 inches still on the deck.  So with what has melted I would say we have gotten close to 10 inches.  Well off to court.


I woke up this morning it seems to be pretty bright out.  Still some light snow coming down.  There is a good 8 inches or more still on the deck and again it stayed just above freezing all night.  We have a couple branches down in the yard and some bent over trees.  I am sure there are more down in the woods.

Out back the small tree is half its former height.
And one up the hill

 So hopefully the snow is about done and the sun will be back tomorrow and melt all this snow.

Well it snowed off and on most of the day but not much really came down.  I made it to the post office, bank and court.  Now its about time to head for East Aurora.  I notice a lot of leaning trees in the woods so will have a lot to clean up in our woods I am sure.  It is interesting how bright all the green leaves look against the white snow, quite pretty.

It was raining pretty hard when we headed into East Aurora for our WW meeting.  After the meeting we picked up subway and headed to Elizabeths.  After supper we called Robby and Ashley and confirmed the dates for a family vacation to Disney World.  We were able to book our flights and our vacation package.  So come September we will be headed south to Orlando.  We did not get home until after 10 but the rain had pretty much stopped and its still above freezing so thats good.  Not much else to say tonight but good night.


Nice and sunny at 7:20 when I got up.  Better get started I have a lot to do today.  It is to be in the 50's today so a lot if not most of the snow should melt.

Lets see how much of this melts by this afternoon
It looks like the River Birch that was bent in half yesterday has rebounded well.

Standing tall again
I was able to make an appointment for an oil change and tire rotation for tomorrow, I have a coupon for a good price.  Then I talked to a friend that is recuperating at home with some back and hip problems, hope he can get back to work quickly.

Today is the day for Bonnie to put in her retirement papers with the state and we have an appointment downtown to make sure all goes smoothly.

Bonnie left work early and we headed to downtown Buffalo right at 2pm.  We pulled into the parking garage about 2:40.

Took a picture to remember where we parked
 This is the state building where we were headed for the retirement consultation.

We entered through security and up to the 5th floor
 We got a good view of Buffalo City Hall as we walked to the building.

City Hall
We checked in and sat down but it was a short wait.

Bonnie looks happy to be putting in her retirement papers
 I think we actually started talking to the counselor a few minutes early.  She was nice and was able to effortlessly answer all our questions.  She said the state has 85 retirement plans and 6 tiers.  We had a good experience and Bonnie's papers are all submitted now.  June 22nd will be her last day at work and August 1st will be her first retirement check.

After the meeting we headed over to Buffalo City Mission and Elizabeth gave Bonnie a tour and we were able to meet her boss and several other of the staff.

Then we headed out to Elba for a meeting with our financial councilor which we have about every 6 months.  We meet at his house so it is more of a friendly visit than it is a meeting.  Then we had to stop and drop off a few things for Alexus and finally got home around 7:30pm.  Lots of the snow has melted but I am not sure it will all be gone by the end of tomorrow.

This is the roof at 7:30 tonight 12 hours after the morning picture.
I fired up the grill and did some marinated chicken.  Bonnie made tossed salad and then cut up the chicken and put it on top.  We are catching up on TV and then off to bed.

Thats about it for the first half of this week.  Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

TV install, Move that dirt and SNOW!


I must have needed the sleep as I slept right up till 9am this morning and it was bright and sunny out.
Last night I did check and the new flag light worked well, I will try to take a picture of it and post it.  Lots of things on my todo list not exactly sure what I am going to do yet.  UPS has been here already this morning with a box for Bonnie.

Headed out to the MH around 11 to study the TV install.  I tried a few things and decided it looked doable by myself with a few clamps.  So I cut a piece of luan plywood for the floor of the box and installed that.  Then mounted the articulating arm and placed some velcro on the back of the TV.  It looks pretty good, the real tests will be to see how it travels and how it works on the inverter.

Looks pretty good, still need to build the box on the bottom for the DVD player.
Then I decided I would adjust the scissors latch on the front door of the MH so it would stay open better.  I tried to use a ball-peen hammer to tighten the pivot rivet but that did not work.  So I decided to try "adjusting" the arms themselves.

The pipe wrenches did the trick and the door works good now.
 By now it was after 3 and I had not stopped for lunch.  It was a beautiful day so I jumped on the tractor to move this pile of dirt to make room for a load of mulch.

This is a bigger pile of dirt than it looks
 It took almost 2 hours but I got it moved.  FedEx showed up while I was moving the pile and brought the filters I ordered for the home generator and MH engine and generator.

Oil and Coolant Filters from
Been ordering my filters from for a while now.  Free shipping if you order over $100, so I get enough for two years.

Moved to the back edge of this area.
Finally came in and got a shower.  Not sure when Bonnie will bet home, she is getting a hair cut, I did hear her tell Elizabeth she should be home by 5:30pm.  Now 6:40pm no Bonnie, guess I will make some supper.

Bonnie came in after 7 she went out with one of the girls for supper.  Thats about it for tonight.


Up early this morning nice and sunny.  Had my breakfast and took care of some business for our camping club.

Then I headed over to Attica to work on a couple computers.  Finished that up and ran into Bill and Jeff our friends and  contractors that worked on the house last spring.  They will be working close by and maybe able to do some concrete work for us in a few weeks.

Headed to court then for the rest of the afternoon as I needed to upgrade the virus software on our computers up there.  That all went well and I got home around 4.  I had a movie here called Dolphin Tales so I watched that.

Bonnie got home late again so supper was on my own again.  Catching up on a little TV again tonight.


Woke early this am to the sound of rain and its still pretty dark out.  Bonnie left before 8 to go buy plants and I am leaving shortly for a work day over at church.  Will be able to stay a while and then head for court.

I spent a couple hours at church lots of folks showed up and there was a lot of cleaning and painting and a some electrical work going on.

Running a new outlet

Lots of painting took place
I left there and went to check on the backup at the logging company and adjusted a few things there.  Then up to court for a couple hours.  Home now and showered and cleaned up.  We are heading to Bath soon for a dinner concert by Legacy Five.

We drove down to Bath takes about an hour and a half.  We got there just as they opened the doors.  Found our table and to our surprise we were front and center.

Bonne and her sister Carol, the rest of the tables were soon full

We had great seats, very talented and funny group.
The roads were wet but the rain had pretty much stopped.  Now there is a snow watch for 8-16 inches of snow starting tomorrow night.  We made it home around 11:30.  Carol decided to stay over and the girls have already headed to bed.  I think I will follow along soon.


Up this morning and its still raining.  We are also under a Winter-storm Watch.  Could get up to 16 inches of heavy wet snow.  Not good for the trees that already have leaves on them.  We all had coffee and talked a little before Carol headed home and we headed to church.  I did tune in the weather channel and they were interviewing the weather service workers here in Buffalo, guess they are pretty sure we are getting a lot of snow.

Lazy day after church I napped as I tried to watch some TV guess I am tired from a late night last night.

Now we are under a Winter-storm WARNING which means its coming for sure.  I guess its part of the big storm on the East Coast a Nor'easter.  Its not to start now till after midnight but last a whole day.

Guess we will watch a little TV and wait until morning to see what happens.  At least it is not to get all that cold.

Have a good week and Thanks for Checking In.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy week Lots to do


A bit overcast today but not raining.  That means I better cut some grass. Lots on the calendar this week and next it seems.

Bonnie has a Dr. Appointment this morning so she was up at 8.  We called the State Retirement for a consultation appointment and we will file her papers that day, April 25th.  We wanted to go to Rochester but they are booked until past June and she is retiring in June so we are going downtown Buffalo.  Never liked going down there its a maze in the area we have to go to.

I also started the wash and did the dishes.  Now its time to head out and cut some grass, but where to begin?

Hooked up the roller to the lawn tractor and cut all the grass and rolled it.  Time for lunch.

Hooked up and ready to roll

Lots of Dandelions out back
After lunch I folded the dry clothes and then decided I had time to take the snow blower off the tractor and put the loader on.

Snowblower off just need to remove the adapter.
Washed off and stored for summer
The whole process would have only taken about 45 minutes but I had one bolt on the adapter that would not come loose.  I used a big wrench and a hammer but no luck.  So I got out the PB Blaster and had it loose in two minutes.  Just spray it on and wait a minute or two.  Put the wrench on and gave it a tap with the hammer and it was loose.  The impact wrench would not even loosen it before the PB Blaster did its job.

All set for the summer
I tried it out by turning over the mulch and then put a couple buckets of stone and dirt in some wash-outs.   All worked fine.  Time to hit the rain locker and then head to court.  Looks like we may get some rain, the sky is pretty dark.

It did rain a little and it got windy.  Short night at court and then in to Elizabeths for steaks on the grill.  Did not stay long and home for one TV show and now time to read and sleep.


Not too much going on today.  Up early and did a load of wash.  Then off to court for a couple hours.  Home after lunch time so just had a snack.

Then worked on the MH some and tightened the nuts on the axle cover to 90 ft/lbs with a torque wrench the were pretty loose.  Cleaned up the gear oil on the wheel and will see what happens on the next trip.

Then Bonnie and I headed off to have dinner with a group of my high school class mates at the Fireside in Lancaster.

Karl(drove up from Delaware and Dan both retired this last year.

Paul and Joyce our class artists.  Both are doing a lot to but together our 45th reunion this summer.
We got home just after dark.  I had put out some solar light s to charge today and they seem to be working. Bonnie and I watched a little TV and then off to bed to read a bit and then head off to dream land.


Sunny this morning but in the low 30's, thats right 30's.  I did not even think about going out until after lunch.  Then I headed over to Attica to work on some computers.  Then back home.  I put some solar lights together for Bonnie.  I got the flag pole ready to put up and then the UPS truck brought the new solar light for the top of the pole to keep the flag lighted.

The flagpole is in four pieces

This is the light at the top of pole

Good to have the Flag and the Navy flag up for the summer again

  UPS also brought the mount for the TV in the motorhome so I spent some time studying that also.  Will have to do a little modification and reenforcement before I install it.  Bonnie got home and I headed in to the house.  Supper and some TV.

Where did the night go guess I better get the blog update posted.

Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trees and TV's


Nice and sunny this morning.  Not sure what we will do today.
Had a lazy morning and then after lunch decided it was nice enough to go out and cut up the tree that was in the edge of the woods.  Its cherry so will make good fire wood.  So I loaded up the saw and hard hat.

Another good use for the Ranger
 Just as we got loaded up the phone rang.  Elizabeth was headed to the hospital for a CAT scan.  Seems she banged her head when she stood up the other night and was still not feeling right.  We would keep in touch by phone.

This was the main tree the big branch was already cut up

Alexus caught me resting after cutting up the main trunk
 Then we loaded everything up, took three trips in all and it made a nice little pile.  We also cleaned up most of the smaller branches and hauled them to the brush pile.

This tree fell a couple years ago and was hung up in another tree until last fall, its finally taken care of
Elizabeth called and she has a concussion so is coming out and then picking up Alexus so she will not be alone at home tonight and the DR told her to not work until Monday.  Maybe we will all watch the movie Water for Elephants tonight.  I think I am the only one that has read the book.


Another sunny morning I could get used to this.  I made a list and headed to Attica to look for light bulbs for the kitchen lights.  Ace did not have them so headed to Home Depot in Batavia, no luck there either.  I also was looking for TV's for the MH.  I did find one to replace the one in the bedroom.  Since I was in Batavia I called some camping friends to look at their new TV install.  They were on their way to McDonalds for lunch and since I had not eaten I joined them there.  We had a nice visit and after lunch Bob and I went back to his house to look at his install and Caroline went shopping.  She had a knee replacement about 9 or 10 weeks ago and is doing super.

Bob and I had a nice visit and I learned a lot from looking at what he has done in his MH and it gave me some good ideas like make sure the speakers are in the front.  The time passed quickly and it was after 4 when I headed home.  Once home I put the new TV back into the bedroom.  I am not sure I like the way it looks and my reinstall it later.  It worked great and picked up the Rochester stations which the other one did not.  I cleaned up and headed in to wait for Bonnie.

Old broken TV is gone

New one is in but I think it sits back in the hole to far.
We are have a quiet evening at home again catching up on the recorded TV's.  Still have to find some light bulbs.


Dark when I got up this morning, very overcast day.  Had my breakfast and then headed up to court.  But first I stopped at the RV and removed the old TV in the front overhead.

All Gone

Big empty box with lots of wires.
I only had to spend about an hour at court and then I headed for the Lowe's in Orchard Park.  I was able to find the light bulbs I needed for the kitchen lights I needed 3 so I bought 6 and saved a little with my Veterans discount.

Then I headed over to another Walmart to look at TVs for the front of the MH.  No luck.  I was close to SAMS so I headed over there and was able to pick up a 26 inch Vizio, the larger brother to the one I bought for the bedroom.  These are good for the MH in that the have the speakers on the front of the TV.  Shopping done I headed for home.

I unpacked the TV and set it in the box and now need to get Bonnie's ideas about how we want it mounted.

It works now to mount it and trim it out.
Heard from Bonnie she was on her way home from a bridal shower but needed to pickup some groceries for Elizabeth and drop them off.


Overcast again this morning.  Looks like it was a bad evening for the midwest yesterday, now a lot of that weather is headed our way.   Looks like it will hit while we are at church.  By the time it dries out again our grass will be extra long.  We have been traveling and away from our home church for about 4 weeks it will be nice to get back there this morning.

I ordered a mount for the TV last night off Amazon so it should be here Tuesday, got to love the free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime.

Not much to say about today.  It stayed wet all day but never really rained much.  We napped and watched TV.  Not much on there either.

Looks like once it dries up a little the grass will get its first cutting of the year and maybe rolled at the same time.

Well thats about it for this week.  Thanks For Checking In.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alexus visits


Another nice sunny morning.  Bonnie is off to work and Alexus is still in bed.

I finally knocked on her door and said I could use some help in the yard.  I headed out to pick up sticks in the yard.  Figured it was her vacation but thought she should at least get up.  I started picking up the branches and noticed she had come out and started helping me. :).  So she was the designated driver for moving the Ranger as we finished up the whole yard before lunch.

Designated Driver
There are still a few things to do, but they require the chain saw so I will have to get that checked out and cut up the larger limbs that landed at the edge of the yard and a tree or two that have blown over.  I came in and cut up the pork butt and put it in glad containers.  Alexus came out to the kitchen saying "What smells so Good".  I gave her a piece and she thought it was so good.

I'm off for a meeting in Warsaw.  We have started the wash so hopefully Alexus will keep that going.
Home again and I had a nice visit and most of the wash is done.

Good supper of left overs and now some TV and reading.


Sunny and windy this morning.  After breakfast I headed for court and then the post office and the bank.  Stopped to snap a couple pictures on the way to the truck.

Outside the basement door

Glad this came out the wind had it moving around
I spent a couple hours at court and then home for lunch.

Then I ran over to Attica to help with some computer issues.  Bonnie was home when I got here and she had brought pizza for supper.  It was good and Alexus had been asking for it so she was happy.  Bonnie caught up on some TV and now she is off to Arcade for her eye exam.  Just me and Alexus here this evening.  During supper it was snowing out, not hard but good sized flakes.  Hope it does not get too cold tonight.

Alexus and I watch some TV and tried to answer the questions on Jeopardy.  Bonnie got home and now all except me have gone to bed time to do a little reading.


Woke up this morning to snow, the roofs were all covered and some of the trees.

At least it did not stick on the ground
I have not felt very good all day so have been taking it easy and napping some.  Alexus got up on her own and has been using her computer since noon.

Still not feeling great my stomach has been churning most of the day.  Bonnie and Alexus are making cupcakes tonight and then we are having some of the smoked pork for supper.  Then we hope a quiet night.

Thats about it for the midweek update.  Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

When will it warm up again


Sleep in till 8 this morning, my back is sore.  Guess thats from horsing around the snowblowers yesterday.  I tried to take it easy this morning as it was only 33 out and not sunny.

I did eventually go out late in the morning and picked up the branches in the front yard.  I still have the back to do and up on the hill.

Only one really long one

Lots of small ones
The grass is starting to grow and parts of the yard could stand to be cut now.  I thought that the bending and stretching would help my back, but it has had the opposite effect.  So I am back to trying to take it easy.  Hope I feel better tomorrow as I am to help Elizabeth move some things.

Bonnie is shopping today so dinner will be late.  She was home before I figured and lots of groceries.  Then supper and now a little TV and then some reading.  I have been getting to bed earlier since we got home.  It is to be another night in the low 30s.  So its soon off to bed to read and rest.


Cold morning again.  Plan for the day is to go to Elizabeths and move some things she is getting from a friend that is moving.  She is to call when the water system people show up.  Then I have to hook up the trailer and load a few things and head to her house.

Well almost 11 and they are a no show.  So I went out hooked up the trailer and loaded the garden way cart and dirt screen.  Got to Elizabeths and unloaded then off to her friends.  Once there we loaded a love seat, foot stool, treadmill, and another small couch.  My back was bothering me so I was not much help.  We headed home and unloaded.  All was good leg is missing off the Love Seat.  We had a quick sandwich and jumped in to the car to retrace our path.  I think we all said a prayer that we would be able to find it.  We got into East Aurora and there it was laying on the edge of the road.  Alexus jumped out and ran back to get it.

So happy we found it
I headed home and Bonnie got home on time.  She had bought a pork butt yesterday so I put the rub on it and wrapped it and its in the refrigerator for the night.  Plan for tomorrow is to smoke it and a ham for Easter.  Hoping now for a quiet evening at home, maybe watch a movie.


Nice sunny cool day so far here.  Once Bonnie got up I got busy and got the smoker fired up and the ham and pork butt ready to go into the smoker.  Elizabeth wanted the spiral cut ham smoked and then we will reheat it tomorrow.

Adding nothing but Hickory Smoke to the Ham
Pork Butt has Pappy's Rub and has sat overnight now 6 or so hours in the Bradley

Once I get the meat in the smoker I am headed to court for a couple hours.  All set up and ready to go.

Ready for 4 hours of smoke 
At the start of 5 1/2 hour cycle
The rest of the day was pretty routine.  Now after supper we are catching up on the recordings and then bed after a little reading.


Started the morning off headed to Java Village for the Sunrise Service at Bonnie's parents church.  We have been doing this since we moved back here.  We got there just as Pastor Norm did and so got a picture with him.

In front of the church
 Two of Bonnie's sisters were also there and one of her brothers.  The service is followed by a nice pancake breakfast with fresh maple syrup.  They always do a nice job and have plenty to eat.

Mom and Dad and brother Alan

It was so good can you tell its seconds
After church Bonnie went to her one sisters and I went to the other one to set up the TV we had sold her to receive digital channels without the converter box.  Two of my nieces and their families were there also.

Jackson and his Ducky mom Carissa

Easter Egg hunt for Jackson he finds the first one

He had lots of help and was very excited

He found a whole bucket full
After the egg hunt there were enough people and time to put the dock into the pond for the season.

Everyone on 3 heave-ho

All set for the summer
Then I picked up Bonnie and we headed into Elizabeths for our Easter dinner.  We had the smoked ham, cauliflower, biscuits, and coleslaw.  I was still pretty full from breakfast.

The ham was a big hit and everyone had seconds
Time for a nap in the recliner was in order and then we headed home.  Alexus is spending the week with us and she and Bonnie are out planting a few flowers.  Time for me to catch up on the Master's and maybe another nap.

A former co-worker had a heart attack up in Alaska he is doing ok but has a tough road ahead of him for recovery, Please add Rich to your Prayer List.

Thats about it from here this week.  Thanks for Checking in.