Sunday, March 30, 2014

This is more like it.....Wait a Minute


Nice and sunny this morning, but I rolled over and got about 8 1/2 hours of sleep.  Bonnie is still not well but seems a little better.  She did some sheets and towels today.  I had a call that Outlook was not behaving on the computer I set up yesterday, so I headed over there after trying to fixit on line for a while.  It just took a few minutes to get it working again.  I think it was confused over which data files it was supposed to do.  Back home we caught up on TV and I worked on some planning for Alaska again.

Hey it got up to 45 today, thats more like it.

I had a text last night asking me if I could cover the Worship Team practice tonight so I am headed to church to do that.  Practice went well, still 40 when I drove home in the rain.  The wind has really picked up here's hoping it blows in warmer weather.

Bed time I have an early morning.


Up at 6am this morning and headed to Elizabeth's.  Bonnie stayed home to rest and I rode with Elizabeth to the mission.  She had CRP and First Aid training all day and I worked in the volunteer department on statistics.  We track volunteers and their hours.  The weather is much warmer today and it is raining off and on.

Whats this a Winter Storm Watch has been issued, oh no.

We headed home and gave Pastor Graham a ride home.  Then I went straight home.  Bonnie had supper in the oven and then we did some reading and watching.  Thats about it for today.


Still above freezing when I got up this morning but very overcast.  I ended up watching Kentucky beat Louisville last night so slept in till 9 this morning.  Bonnie is still in bed and still not up to par.
Not much on the agenda I need to work on some finances and get things entered into the computer.

Well the NWS has put up a Winter Weather Advisory, time will tell if we get the nasty weather.  I worked on the computer and my finances for the end of the month.  Well everything is turning white outside again, it started out as rain but ended as the white stuff.  Who knows maybe this is the last time for this spring.  Looks like it could be nasty driving to church tomorrow.  Bonnie was not up to going to our group study tonight and has already decided she is staying home from church tomorrow. Not much else going on.


Last night when I went to bed there was about 4 inches of white stuff on the deck.  This morning it looks more like 8-10.

Lots of the white stuff
So we have lots of heavy wet snow to deal with, I hope I can make it out the driveway to church.  I got ready and headed out a little early.  Bonnie is staying home and Elizabeth texted that she was not feeling well either so was staying home.

Path to the garage
I had to shovel my way to the garage, there is at least 10 inches.  I decided the CRV might make it out the driveway but I was worried about the pile at the end of the driveway that the plow would have shoved up.  So I jumped on the tractor to make two passes so I could get out.

Almost to the highway
I was right there was over 2 feet at the end of the driveway.  I took my time and made it to the road which was clear.  I turned around and headed back.  It took me about an hour but I got a path opened up and headed for church.  Some of the roads were just wet and some were really rough looked like they had not been plowed but I made it.  I was a little late but got that just as the last song ended.

Back home we watched the NASCAR race from Martinsville and the Kentucky-Michigan game.  Hey is that the sun shining out there?

I did try to blow off the rear deck but the snow just kept pushing out in front of the blower so it will have to melt for now.

Going to relax for the evening so will go ahead and post this.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week One of Spring


Today starts the first full week of Spring and of course we had a fresh blanket of snow fall overnight, but the forecast looks like we will soon get warmer weather.

Happy birthday to our youngest grand child Reagan way out in Harvest, Alabama a proud 4 years old.

Looks like she is happy with her present
She is quite the Techno Girl.  She has been face timing me on her own for at least a year.  Looks like she has her own iPad to use now.

Bonnie stayed in bed all day until about 4:30.  She does not seem any better I sure hope she turns the corner soon.  I took off for my men's group and stopped on the way back to pick up some nyquil and dayquil type caplets for her.

We called to wish Reagan a Happy Birthday and they were just about to sing for her so we got to take part in that.  After that a little TV and now off to bed.


A friend last night asked me to quit posing about S....... so I will give it a try but we have had a lot of that.  Anyway I got up this morning and my black driveway was white again.  However it has warmed up to 37 and its sunny now so it is black again.  The grass is showing out back and these deer seem to be happy.  They even stayed when I went out to take some pictures.

Enjoying something to browse on.
They spotted me on the porch

Keeping an eye on me the others went back to eating
Looks like they got their bellies full
Bonnie is still not well and was up long enough to take some medicine.  The computer that we ordered last week for ours friends business had come in and so I am going to head over there and see if I can get it up and running on their network.

A new dell
I set up the computer and started the process to move the files onto it and will let it run for the night.
Bonnie was up when I got home so thats a good sign.  She still does not feel good but at least she is on the mend.  I made some supper and cleaned up.  Guess we will relax this evening.

On a sad note Ralph Wilson died today.  He was the owner of the Buffalo Bills and was loved by all.


Well my black driveway is white again and getting whiter with about a 2in coating.  Bonnie is still sleeping and I am headed over to Attica to hopefully finish setting up the new computer.  Spotted these as I headed out.

Looks like they are munching on the trees today

Another tree muncher
Took 7 hours to get Windows to behave.  Brand new computer had over 60 updates to Windows 7, it took hours.  Then there is the anti-virus software and the updates and scans with that.  But finally its up and running.  It stayed cold all day but was nice and sunny and in the teens.

Got home and Bonnie was up and about, she even made spaghetti, I hope this means she is feeling a lot better.  I did some work on my records and than sat down to watch some TV with Bonnie.

Thats about it for today.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Sunday, March 23, 2014

SPRING must have made a wrong turn!


First day of SPRING and we woke up to an inch of snow and more falling from the sky.  It has snowed all day but the temperature has stayed around 32 so some has melted while more has fallen.  Bonnie is still sick, she was up for a while and even made hamburgers for lunch, before she went back to bed.  We have nothing on the schedule so we can just take it easy today.

I did an email with our final bill from Verizon for the landline and I paid that.  I also noticed last night that Crabb Oil had not taken an automatic payment from our account.  So I called them.  They only take payments for so many months usually 10 then you have to reauthorize them in case your payment has changed.  Our others are not that way so I will have to figure out what to do in the future.  I did make a quick online payment to keep our account current.

Four o'clock and its still snowing.  I did run out and get the mail, not much there.  I also got a call for an arraignment, guess everyone did not get the word that I'm retired.  Back to TV.  I watched Ohio State lose earlier and I am still pulling for Syracuse in the NCAA March Madness, they are even playing here in Buffalo.

It was still snowing as it got dark and still not piling up much but it is getting colder.  Well I am off to bed as I have an early morning.


Up early today, ate, showered, and headed to Elizabeth's to ride into the mission with her.  Bonnie stayed home today to rest and hopefully do a 31 Party late this afternoon.

Quiet day in the volunteer leader just Sue the Volunteer coordinator and me.  So I got a lot done on the project I have been working on to scan in all the older applications and files.  Bonnie did go and do her party but she is far from better yet.  The driveway is still covered with snow I am hoping it will melt on its own.  I did go out and clean off the back deck.

I was napping when I got a FaceTime call from our friend Bob up in Batiavia.  He was checking on Bonnie.  Also he wanted to reschedule our pancake lunch and he had a few questions about his iPhone and iMac.  So we are trying for Tuesday for lunch, this is our third time so hope it is a charm. Then we got things worked out for the phone and computer.  Bonnie got home about then and we settled in for the evening.

UPS brought me a book I had ordered.  It will help us a lot in our planning for a big trip.

Can you guess where we are headed
Our friends John and Kathy of have asked us to go with them to Alaska in 2015.  We are doing our research in earnest and if all goes well we will be headed North next summer.  It is on our bucket list and we actually talked about it last fall when we had dinner with them in Hershey.  Thats about it for today.


Gloomy this morning and some rain.  It is 34 out so at least the snow is melting slowly.  Not much on the agenda today so will try to do some more reading and dreaming.

The temperature did hover around 30 today and it never got sunny.  It seemed funny not to have to go up to court and work today.  Bonnie is feeling a little better but no where near 100% yet.  I did get to spend time reading my Alaskan Camping book but it tends to make my eyelids heavy and I fixed that by napping off and on.

We did get ready and headed to Attica for our couple study group and had a good time there.  Cindy baked some delicious cookies and the peanut butter ones were just like my mother used to make.  Back home I caught the end of the Syracuse game, they lost.  Well its time to head for bed to ready for church in the morning.


A fresh blanket of snow this morning and it continues to snow.  I am thinking we will not get to much.  We are off to church.

After church we headed into East Aurora to make some deposits at the bank, then out to the produce market, and finally to the egg man (no eggs).  So we headed home with a stop to drop off Alexus at her house.  Elizabeth was not feeling good and stayed home.

I'm not sure Bonnie should have gone today either, but she wanted to hear what the group that traveled to Israel had to report on i church.  I think she has relapsed and she spent most of the day in bed.  She got up a time or so but soon went back to bed.  I watched the NASCAR race off and on and caught up on some recordings and blogs.  Then I put down the computer and spent the next few hours reading my book on Alaska.

Well thats about it for this week I had some soup for supper and figure I too will get to bed early tonight.  We ended up with about 3 inches of snow today.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A bit of a warmup


Brilliant sunshine this morning and 12 degrees.  It is to climb to 26 degrees today.  I am still getting used to the idea of being completely retired with no plans to find another job.

I think it did actually get up to 28 today and the sun did stay out most of the day.  I spent the day work on research for a long trip we are in the planning stages of.  I worked on that for a few hours.  I am also an admin of a face book group called Living the RV Dream.  John and Kathy Huggins started the group and it has grown to over 4000 members so we get lots of requests to join each day.  So I spent quite a bit of time looking at the requests.  There are a whole lot of spammers that try to join groups.

I did manage a little bit of a nap in the recliner before supper.  Bonnie made corned beef and cabbage for St Patricks day and it was pretty good.  Then I was off to my Men's Study group at church.  Back home by 9 and a little TV before bed.


Another nice sunny morning and already it is 32 degrees, on its way in to the mid 40s they say.  Last night when I was getting ready to go out some thing looked different out back.  I looked again and there were deer about 6 of them laying around the bases of several trees at the edge of the woods.  The snow had melted and they could lay on the grassy ground.  That opened a new trouble ticket.  I could not find my telephoto lens for my camera, and the battery was dead in Bonnie's so no pictures.  I had my iPhone ready as I went out to leave but they immediately got up and scampered off into the woods.

We do have a lunch date today and tomorrow so are looking forward to those.  For now its back to the planning table.  If it gets warm enough maybe I can run the antenna cable in through the basement instead of the front door.

Not being able to find my camera lens has been bugging me.  I usually put stuff in the same place all the time so I can find my stuff.  I knew I had it on the trip to Florida so I decided to check the car.  Sure enough.

There it was in the door pocket.  Case closed
We had a nice lunch with the folks that I worked closest with at the Town Hall.  We had a good time at Smokies in Java Center and the food was pretty good also.  It was up to 46 and still sunny when we got home so I changed clothe and headed under the deck to run the antenna cable into the house.

Tight spaces under the front porch
 The ground was still frozen so no mud that was nice.  I had to crawl on my hands and knees and on my back for the last little bit but I got it done.  Had to drill a hole in the rim joist and feed the cable in to the basement.

Ran it in next to the DISH cable
Then I crawled out and went into the basement.  I fed the cable up along side a pipe into the living room and Bonnie pulled it up the rest of the way.  I hooked it up to the repeater again and we a back in business.

The deer were laying in the edge of the woods again when we got home.  They got up and retreated into the woods again.  Maybe they will get used to us doing and going.  Bonnie had collected the trash around the house and I took that out to the road.  Now I need a nap I feel warn out.  Boy am I out of shape after a long winter of sitting around.


Well our plans got stirred up today.  Bonnie went to bed early last night not feeling well and this morning she was even worse.  We had plans today to go to lunch for pancakes with friends of ours, the same lunch that got canceled last week due to the blizzard.  So I contacted them and let them know.  When Bob called me back my phone did not ring but I did get his voice mail.  Not sure what causes this.

Bonnie went back to bed and I needed to run to Attica to look at a computer and then turn in my keys to the court to the Town Clerk.  I washed my car in Attica, just to insure that it would rain as forecast.  Then I looked at a computer and set it up, update the virus program on another, and ordered a new one with windows 7 to replace an older XP computer.  Then up to turn in my keys and finally home.

Bonnie was still in bed so I did some more trip research and watched a little TV.  As predicted the rain has started.  So they say tomorrow is the start of Spring......time will tell.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Blizzard has moved on


Its not snowing this morning but it is only 7 degrees out, the sun is out but the wind is still blowing some.  It will be a cold day clearing out the driveway.  We have places to be this evening and I need to clean out my desk at court.  I best get bundled up and start the clean up.

It took a couple hours of hard steady work but I got the driveway and pavers cleared off.  While it was only 15 out the sun melted off a lot of the snow.  Hopefully tomorrow with the warmer temperatures the rest will melt off.  There was 6-8 inches of snow in under the deck and almost a 3 foot drift in front of the garage doors.  The snow was the kind that is hard to blow and I had to stop and clear a plug in the chute.  I was good entertainment for the driver of an 18 wheeler that was broken down just to the east of my driveway.  I will clear the deck tomorrow before too much of the snow melts.  It was nice to come in and Bonnie had some hot soup and a sandwich ready for lunch.

I watched some recorded programs with her and then she left for a meeting and I got a shower and headed to church for Worship Team practice.    I was surprised how good of shape the roads were in.  The sun really dried them off today.  Then came home and went to bed as I have an early morning tomorrow.


Up before the sun this morning, I am headed to the Mission to volunteer for the day.  Bonnie has a Dr. appointment so will not be going.  Hey is 25 degrees out and windy.  It is to stay windy and climb up into the 40s, that will melt a lot of snow.  Here's hoping there is not a lot of flooding.

The snow is still piled high 4 and 5 foot piles

At last a clear dry driveway
The day went quickly and after a quick stop at Walmart for Elizabeth we headed home.  I did pick up the new Road Atlas large print edition also.  This will help with our planning.  My plan was to get to bed early tonight but it is now almost midnight.  The wind is blowing hard and it is raining hard.  At least it is still 40 degrees out.  Well off to bed now I really am tired.  I worked on statistics on volunteer hours all day.


Snowing when I got up this morning and I am hoping it melts off soon.  I headed up to court to clean out my desk and finally got home a little after noon.  Now a little time to rest up before we head to a family dinner and then off to see a play at Holland High School.

We had a nice time visiting with family and had a very delicious dinner before we headed to see Bye Bye Birdie at the high school.

MIL, FIL, 2 SILs  always a good time when we are together

Selfie with my niece

Hey Bonnie and I got photo bombed
Turns out the girl that bombed us had been in at least two other plays that we have been too and went to Houghton College where I attended for a year.  The play was good and we enjoyed it.  Its a tradition and we have done it for quite a few years.

Good to be home and I am off to bed to try to get 6 hours of sleep in before I have to get up.


The alarm went off promptly at 6am.  I rolled out of bed and worked hard at waking up.  Coffee and breakfast helped.  Yep its snowing again, looks like about an inch so far.  Bonnie got up and soon we headed for church.  The Worship Team ran through their songs again and we were ready to go.  The service went well and the sermon was a good one.  We gave Alexus a ride home and as we walked into the house we got a FaceTime call from our GD Reagan out in Alabama.  However they were in Biloxi, MS for a dance competiion for Gracie her sister.  Also the snow has stopped.  The sun is out bright and the snow is melting where it hits even though its only 16 out.

The race is delayed in Bristol due to ran so we watched some recorded programs and Bonnie fixed stuffed pork chops for lunch.  Now for the race and some cat naps.  More rain at Bristol, so I watched some more TV.

Not much else happened today so I am going to go ahead and post this.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Almost Spring....I think not


It warmed up into the low 30's overnight, but snowing enough to cover the driveway.  But it continues to climb up into the 40's, still snowing but melting.  Bonnie got up and headed to Warsaw to get lab work done for the upcoming Dr appointment.  It was 4 by the time she got home and the sun is in and out.  So I got out the clippers and we went out to the front porch and I got my haircut.  It was a bit chilly but clean up is much easier on the front porch.  I will have to add the hair clippers to my check list for packing for long trips.

After catching up on my email and blogs this morning I have spent quite a bit of time working on our itinerary for this Spring so thats coming along.

Well late this afternoon the NWS upgraded the Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Storm Warning with up to 12+ inches of new snow, high winds and much colder.  Lets hope this is winters last hurrah.  Well I am off to church for a men's group meeting.  Still in the 40's when I got home hard to believe we are to get another big storm.  Well off to bed now.


Some sun this morning got up to 50 today.  Had an easy morning then I headed up for my last day in court.  I had a full calendar and did not finish until 5pm.  Then we had notified one case to show up at 6:30 and I got a call just as I finished supper so headed back up to finish that case.  Then home to listen to all the news on the storm that is coming.  Time will tell but they have issued a blizzard warning for the first time for most of WNY.  Some predictions are for up to 18 inches of snow but hight winds so it will be hard to measure.

Well I am headed off to bed its 1130 and its still 39 outside.  It should be an interesting 24 hours.


Its the Second Blizzard of the Year

Its been quite a day so far.  I had a good 8 hours of sleep last night and got up at 9am.  We had about an inch of snow.  Shortly after I got up I noticed the noise from the wind increasing and the snow fall increased also.  I got busy checking on friends and family.  Most of the schools if not all in the area are closed, so Alexus was safe at home.  Elizabeth had gone into work only then to see the email that she could have stayed home.  Several of her co-workers had also made it into the mission.  Bonnies sister was also downtown at work.  I tuned into the weather channel and it was all about the Buffalo Blizzard.  I got busy on email and texting and encouraged them all to head home as soon as they could.  To make a somewhat long story short they were all home safe before the heavy snow and really hight winds started, so that is great.

We had several inches of snow on the deck railing by 11am but at noon the wind had blown it all away.  Still snowing hard but blowing very hard.  On the somewhat sheltered deck we have 5 or 6 inches.  I just checked and there is a 1 foot drift on the deck now the snow is being moved and piled up quickly by the wind.  I tried to take a couple pictures but its hard to catch what it is really like.

Imaging the wind noise

The trees are moving back and forth

We can barely see the woods
The good news is this should just be a one day event and then much warmer on Friday.  We also got word that our Federal Tax return is in the bank.  Its not much but it will be used for Travel this summer.

Well Sunset and its still snowing and blowing but they say a couple more hours of snow and and the winds will abate overnight.  I did go out and clear the foot of snow off the rear deck.  It was packed solid but dry.  With all the wind I looked like a snowman when I was finished.  The driveway will wait till tomorrow.  Oh well I will post this and do a little more planning for this spring and summer.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Warming up just a bit


The sun looked nice and warm this morning but a check of the temperature chilled me right off its only 11 degrees out.  Well at least the forecast says it will warm up.  I did go out and cleared the snow off the back deck, hopefully the rest will melt off in the next couple of days.  Bonnie called in some RX's and has taken off to Warsaw to pick them up before she meets some friends at the beauty shop and maybe go out for supper.  Nope she came home after her haircut and fixed leftovers.  But mine was some of the delicious salmon and a baked sweet potato.  As soon as I finished that I headed to church for worship team practice.

Just got home at 10pm, practice went well but was a little long.  So a few minutes to relax and then off to bed.  Early morning tomorrow.


Up early this morning and on the road to downtown Buffalo to help at the mission.  I worked on statistics most of the day and Bonnie made phone calls and worked on statistics some also.  Lunch time came and we ordered from the Dinosaur BBQ that has recently opened in in Buffalo.  It was good but not great and too expensive to order anytime soon.  The weather was great today and got up to 40.  But all the melted snow froze again as soon as the sun started going down, I actually but some salt on the pavers outside the basement door as they were all icy.

Thats about it for today, we had a good day and it went by quickly.


No new snow this morning but it was cold enough that things were iced up.  It has stayed just below freezing so far today.  Bonnie got up and said we had a problem, the bedroom was right at 81 degrees.  I was getting ready to leave for court, put that on hold.  The problem turned out to be dead batteries so it was an easy fix.  But in looking at the furnace zone valves I did find a couple of loose wires that I was able to fix properly.  So far all is working well again.

I have been working on plans for our summer travels and made our first campground reservations today for Howe, IN.  We will spend a night or two there before we move to Goshen for the Escapees Bootcamp and Escapade.

Up to court for a couple hours this should be my last Saturday of work up there.  Foggy and some light frozen drizzle when I came home.  I did sweep out my bay in the garage and got about 2 gallons of grit and dirt off the floor that has fallen off the car.  We watched some recordings and napped the afternoon away.

Time to head over to Attica for our couples study and I looked out and the driveway is covered with little white ice balls, I think the roads will be fine.  We made it in good shape and had a good discussion.  Once home I set my watch and the non-automatic clocks ahead an hour.

I am off to bed as my alarm is set to 6am, sure hope the automatic DST time set works in my alarm clock.  I am working in the booth at church in the morning.  The worship leader is sick so one of the others will lead but they are changing the song list so we will practice before the service and rearrange the Media Shout program.


Well my alarm clock did what it was supposed to.  It sprang ahead at 2am and woke me promptly at the new 6am.  Now to get some coffee and a shower before heading out to church.  Its back down to 16 degrees, burr!

Church was good again today and all went well in the booth.  The sun had come out and the snow has melted off the parking lot and driveway at home again.  We stopped at Elizabeths to pick up some stuff and I helped her hook up the Apple TV she bought yesterday.  That was easy also.  Now for some NASCAR and nap time.

In between naps I worked on our Spring Trip schedule.  Its still a little fluid so I will share more later.
The heat is working right again so thats a good thing.  Only about 10 days left of winter at least according to the calendar.    Well thats about it for this week, I am expecting things to pickup and get moving quicker in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned, have a great week.

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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another cold week and its almost Spring


Another cold morning but so far no new snow.  I had planned to work on the taxes today but that never happened.  We had a few phone calls and at one time we were both on the phone at the same time.  I did make the call to Verizon to cancel our phone service and they did offer me $20.04 off a month.  I said no thanks I talked at length to them last week and they never offered me that.  So in less than an hour our dial tone was gone.  So far so good, we just remember to tell folks to call our cell phones, guess I should call the Drs to let them know.

I did go out and clear the driveway and grabbed the mail, but I left it out in the garage.  I did work on the back mudflap on the Odyssey again as the screws had pulled out again when they loaded up with ice.

We are changing our day at the mission to Friday so we did that also.  Bonnie made salmon for supper after the grill would not heat up enough, it is 5 degrees out.  So I am off to a Men's small group study at church tonight hope to be home not too late.  Well I was a minute or two late getting there, I have trouble with timeliness since I retired.  Boy is it cold out right now its -3.  Time to go get under the covers.


Sunny morning and then a light snow started and has remained light all day.  Bonnie left to go with her sister to the Dr and I had to run up to court for an hour to finish my monthly report.

Once home I decided to finish up and e-file the taxes.  All went well until I transmitted both returns.  I got an error.  So I tried to to file one at a time and they uploaded just fine.  Shortly afterward I got a txt that my federal return had already been excepted.

Then it was TV time.  After supper we headed for our small group meeting.  This is the last night with this group.  We have had a good time together and good discussions.

Drank some coffee at the meeting tonight and it is now midnight and I think I am ready to lay down and sleep.  Both my tax returns have been accepted and I already have estimated dates for checks.


I was the last to bed this morning and the first one up.  Supposed to be sunny today but alas it is snowing, just a light snow.  We have warmed up to 16 degrees and may get above freezing later this week.  Don Paul our famous Channel 4 Weatherman says we have seen the last sub-zero temps for this winter, I hope so.  We have changed our day of volunteering at the mission to Friday again this week and I think we will probably keep it that way.  So today is our only day this week with no commitments.  Well I had one I was on standby to take some friends to the airport for their trip to Hawaii in case it was snowing hard or storming, but no call this morning so I guess all is well.  I am still trying to remember who all I need to call or email about our different phone numbers so I will work on that some today.  My tax returns have been accepted but the State has posted that mine needs further review and it could take 90 days.  I think they just want to use my money longer before they return it.

So far a nice easy day.  We vacuum packed some roasted chicken that Bonnie picked up at SAMS and caught up on recorded TV, I also took a few naps.  We got about an inch of snow so far.  I only went out to get the mail and boy did it feel cold it still cuts right through to the bone.  I sure am ready for some warmer weather only 14 days till Spring according to the calendar.

Well I was just chatting with my sister online and she reminded me that I need to post the blog so as the thermometer keeps dropping I will make my post.

Thanks For Checking In!

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another big storm forms


Another cold day here and we had a couple more inches of snow.  At times it looked like a full blown blizzard.  We were fortunate it did not last long.  Elizabeth and the rest of the commuters were not so lucky as the snow hit during the rush hour.  She reported that she tapped the brakes and was sliding sideways before she knew it, but all turned out well.  I am hoping it is not snowing when we go into the mission in the morning.

We spent the day watching the recordings from last night and keeping an eye on the weather.  With the wind it is just too cold to go out.  It is 3 degrees at 8PM and it is to get colder with wind chill reading down to -30 tonight, wow too cold for me.  Saturday is to be in the 30's so I will let the driveway go until then unless we get a lot more snow.

The $20 a month credit we had on our house phone has expired.  For just basic service they want $54 a month plus long distance and it costs us more to call Warsaw which is 12 miles away.  Since we have cell phones that drop calls in the house and will not make calls I did some research and decided to install a repeater to boost the signal in the house.  Our phones work outside so I am hoping this will work.  If so we will give up the house phone and use the phones.  I also ordered some wireless Panasonic blue tooth phones so that we do not have to carry the cell phones around with us in the house.  In about 7 months we will be $54 a head every month.

Repeater Base

Blue tooth phones
Bonnie did her volunteering tonight at the ROC center and made it back home safely she said the thermometer in the car read zero most of the way home.


Its been a long day.  We started the morning off at 6am and headed downtown to the mission at 7:30.  It was -8 degrees and the snow was crunchy.  The traffic receiver on the GPS was telling me there were traffic delays ahead so I was not looking forward to that.  We picked up Elizabeth and kept on going.  By the time we got on the 190 traffic was moving again, a little slow but we were at the mission before 8:30.

We had a busy day trying to enter data for the end of the month reports.  While I did that Bonnie made a bunch of phone calls to remind people about an upcoming meeting for Chapel speakers.  We had an outstanding lunch fried fish, chicken, shrimp, hush puppies and potatoes.  Bonnie and I skipped supper.

UPS had delivered my Cellular repeater and wireless bluetooth phones.  It was all a breeze to set up and is all working as advertised.  I have the coax run through the door now, but will redo that once the weather gets warmer.  I have some tweaking to do as the phones have lots of options.  If all goes well I will cut the cord on the house phone before long.  I have my phone set up in the field test mode and I was reading -103db before turning on the amp.  Now the reading is -70 which is 33db better which is huge.  A reading of -80 is full bars on most phones.  So I think we will be ok.  I turned on the hot spot and it works well in the 3G mode also.  We have LTE coverage out here but that is in the 700MHz band and is only data.  Since we use time warner for internet I did not need it, plus the repeaters that cover all the bands are 3X as expensive.

Well time for me to get some rest not sure where the week has gone but it went fast.


So far the Big Storm has stayed out West, lets hope it stays there.  We had some sun today and it did get up to 36 degrees.  I worked at court some then came home and cleaned the driveway and pavers.  Later in the day I cleared off the deck.  I caught a cat nap and then we headed to Attica for a small group meeting with friends for a Bible study.  Finally home a bit of tv and now ready for bed.  Does not seem like I did that much but the day sure went by fast.  The new phone set up with the repeater is working well.


Well the big storm has not hit here yet but the single digit temperatures are back.  We did get about 3 inches of snow overnight, but headed out through the snow to church this morning.  We stopped and picked up the girls on the way.  After church we went to SAMS, then to Mighty Taco for lunch, I had my favorite Super Mighty and Rostito, with my favorite drink of Loganberry.  Then we headed home but Elizabeth talked me into stopping at WalMart.  Now we can head home.  Nope now she needs to stop for eggs from her egg person.  Finally we dropped her off and headed home.

We got home and the girls came out to spend the day and work on computers and ordering healthy food off line.  I watched the end of the race and got a brief nap.

The new Cellular House repeater is working great and I plan to cancel our house phone this week.  So  those of you that call us use our cell phone numbers from now on.  If you don't know them leave a comment or email me.  Its been a good week.

Guess we will watch a little TV and then head to bed.

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