Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good bye July


Well its the last few days of July 2013 already, where is the summer going.  We have had over 25,000 people view the blog, that amazes me.  Nice cool night to sleep again.  Bonnie was up before me and I heard her talking on the phone.  She had an unpleasant experience with a flight attendant on Air Tran yesterday and she was letting the powers that be know about it.

I read a few emails and then changed and headed out to cut grass.  Got the front yard done and then decided to recut the side hill.  Thats when I ran into the branch that blew down last week in the storm.  When I got close to it it was bigger than I thought and would need to be cut up.  I changed modes and loaded up the chain saw into the ranger and got it cut up.  I cleaned up the small stuff and loaded the firewood size pieces into the Ranger with Bonnie's help.

A few days of heat for Elizabeth
We had pizza for lunch and I finished cutting the hill as the rain started.  I lasted just long enough to get me and everything outside all wet.  Spent the rest of the day working on iBank setting up scheduled transactions and learning the best way to set up reports and redoing my categories.

Well its 1am going to hit the hay.  Hope to cut more grass and wood later today.


So I should have gone to bed at 10pm when I was tired I ended up being up until 3am.  I did sleep good then until 10am.  Then got up and got busy after some email and blogs.

Today turned into a cutting day.  We are also expecting Elizabeth and Alexus to come after work to work on their wood supply.

I started out by cutting some grass, I took a break to help Bonnie, she was cutting weeds and needed the metal blade put on the weed wacker.

She cut a lot of weeds today
While I was off the mower I also headed down the hill into Varysburg to fill up some gas cans and the CR-V.

Gas keeps getting more expensive
Then once home I finished the grass and got the chainsaw ready to cut some wood.

Already to cut some firewood
So I cut up some of the logs in the pile and got them ready to split later.  Of course today the trash needs to be taken out so I put the saw away and took out the trash.

Trash Day is tomorrow
Then I set up the splitter to split the wood as the girls are not coming until 6 and I want to be done long before that.

Ready to start

Done splitting for today
 The girls got here around 6 and went out and stacked the wood.

Another face cord for next winter
Alexus has decided to spend the night and is making brownies for later.  We all have to get up early in the morning.


Up way to early just after 6AM,  this morning, we are headed in to volunteer at Buffalo City Mission today.  Its the first day of retirement for a good friend, may he have a long long retirement.

Elizabeth was getting a new washer and dryer today so we had to unhook her old ones before we left for downtown.  Also the guys brought the new ones and helped hood them up before we left.  We need to do a little work on the dryer vent but they look good.

We made it downtown and dropped Bonnie off at Cornerstone Manor to volunteer in the daycare as a grandma.   Then down to the Mission.  I set up a spreadsheet to use for a mail merge and then got a bit of a break.  One of the guys is retiring and we got to take him out to lunch.  Then once we got back I sort a months work of donor forms and scan them into the system.

Used this machine to scan all the forms in, its pretty fast

Elizabeth spends a lot of the time answering questions

Another project completed
That was about it for the day.  I did do some research on a couple Outlook issues but am not sure that we found the solutions.

I went over and picked up Bonnie and brought her back to the mission.  Then it was the end of the day and we headed home.  Elizabeth made us supper and headed home after Wheel of Fortune.  I did get a call from a fellow RVer and we talked about some electrical issues he is having with his left turn signal.  I think he has a converter box that has gone bad.  If he does not confirm that tonight I offered to go over and help him in the morning.

The trailer hitch I ordered for the CR-V was delivered and sitting by the back door when we got home.

Looks like it had a rough trip
The box was pretty beat up.  I opened it and all the parts appear to be inside, just no packing inside the box.  Maybe tomorrow we can get this installed.  Bonnie said she would help.  Well I need to work on some of our financial statements so better start on that.

I will go ahead and post this.  Thanks for Checking In!

Sunday, July 28, 2013



Great sleeping weather again last night.  Another beautiful day in store today.  I got my new keyboard and trackpad set up that came in the big brown truck yesterday.

This one has a keypad and usb ports
Read my email and blogs this morning and then it was time to leave to get Alexus.  After dropping her off at home I headed home.  Changed clothes and jumped on the mower to cut the grass out by the road.  Then I replaced the parts on the trimmer that came this morning so it was ready to go.

All fixed and ready to go.
First I headed out back and picked up the rocks and wood that had washed into the yard during the storms last week.

The smaller rocks that the mower likes to throw
These have made it to the edge of the yard

This washed down out of the woods
They it was time to run the trimmer for a while and trim some of the yard.

The before and

The After
Made some chicken sausage for supper with beans and cottage cheese.  Now to work on iBank some and then relax with some TV for a while.


Well I did not do to much today but the day sure went by fast.  I worked on the computer some this morning and then headed up to court.  Then I headed to church to pick up Alexus.  We stopped at Tim Horton's for a treat and then off to her house to spend the afternoon.  I watched some tutorials on iBank and she took a nap.  Elizabeth had a pot roast in the crock pot and it sure smelled good and was making me hungry.

Finally Elizabeth is home and the pot roast was served.  It tasted great and lived up to the great smell that enticed us all afternoon.  Then we headed over to drop off Alexus for a sleep over.  We watched a little TV and I headed home.

Not a very exciting day but it is what it is.


Well another boring day sorry.  I went to court this morning and then spent the afternoon transferring all our Quicken data to iBank.  I am glad I did a lot of preparation, it took a long time but it seems to have gone very smoothly.  Now relaxing watching Ice Station Zebra an old classic.  Then off to bed.  It looked like rain all day and now it is.

I did have a nice bowl of watermelon that Bonnie had cut up.

Up this morning and ready for church.  However today I headed for Castile Baptist to hear the mission report from the group that went to the Dominican Republic.  This trip got started when Bonnie and I sat next to a couple at a dinner theater almost 2 years ago.  So it was great to go and listen to their experiences.

Each member got to share their story
They all did a great job and there were some very good stories and they all had a great experience.  It was almost 1:30 so I order a pizza from Praller's and picked it up on the way home.  Gas was up to $3.79 and I filled up the car.  Later I saw it was $3.87 at the Yellow Goose.

I watched some of the NASCAR race but napped mostly.  I was sleepy so set the alarm so I would not miss leaving on time to get Bonnie.  I checked and her flight was on time.  I had talked to her earlier and knew she was at the airport.

Time to leave for the airport
I just got parked at Denny's just outside the airport when Bonnie called and said she had her luggage.  I headed into the airport and there she was.  It was almost 6 so we headed out to Chili's for supper.  I had a gift card from a Christmas Gift so we were able to use that.  On the way home we stopped to see how the girls were doing and then finally got home.

Now its time to get this posted and look forward to the new week.  Thanks For Checking In.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Guess who's going to Atlanta


Got my 8 hours of sleep and got up around 9ish.  Bonnie got up shortly there after.  We had breakfast and got the day started.  Bonnie wanted to weed wack today so on my way out we started the trimmer and checked it out.  I headed to court to check the computer, all is well.  Then off to church to pick up Alexus as she is volunteering at VBS this week.

Got there just as day one was ending.
We headed home and she said she had a good first day.  Once home I noticed the trimmer on the back of the Ranger and trimmer string wrapped around it and tools laying around, I should have taken pictures.  I had to look around for the new trimmer string but found it on the seat.  Looks like Bonnie ran out of string and tried to fix it, good for her.  I wound new string on the spool and put it back together.  Something did not look right and sure enough once I got the book out it was missing the piece that cuts the string when it automatically feeds out.  So a quick search on the internet and ebay and I located the parts I needed.  The trimmer is a Stihl and is over 20 years old so parts are getting harder to find.  So they are in the mail and should be here in a few days.

I am looking for a good MAC program to replace Quicken.  Quicken does not make a good program for the MAC.  I down loaded a trial version of iBank and it looks pretty good, just does things a lot different than Quicken, so the learning curve is steep.

Its been raining for several hours now and its time to head to bed.


Another good night to sleep, I did not get tired until around 2am.  Then slept about 7 hours.  After breakfast I got ready to head to court.  I was planning to pick up Alexus from VBS again but Bonnie decided to go to East Aurora after she picked up her glasses in Chaffee.  So I headed up to court for a couple hours.

Made it home and worked some more on the new computer to find a replacement for Quicken.  After 20+ years using quicken it is hard to switch, but I do not like having to use windows on the the new computer for one or two programs.  Once Bonnie got home we took out the garbage and settled in for a nap and a little TV.

Bonnie is packing for her trip to Atlanta tomorrow and its raining again.  It did not rain long so thats good.


It was nice and cool to sleep and I even close all the windows.  It got into the high 50's and without the birds to wake me I slept until 9am.  Then had to get a move on.  We had breakfast and then carried Bonnie's suitcase down to the car.  We headed to the airport at 10:30  After I dropped her off I headed to Elma to pick up Alexus from VBS.  Bonnie's flight was on time so thats good news.  It was nice and sunny when I got home.  So decided to fix a couple things on the coach.  I had stopped at Carquest in Depew and picked up the light bulbs I needed to replace the ones on the coach.

Looks like I can get to the backside of the light assembly

East to see that the light is blown
 The lights were easy to replace so I moved on to the next thing.  One of the snaps was missing for the sun screen and MCD had supplied a replacement one.  So I got the drill and put in a pilot hole.

Snap missing from hole

All installed and ready for the sunshade
It was going on 2 when I finished so I headed in for some lunch.  When I checked I confirmed that Bonnie's flight had landed on time.  She texted that she was taking MARTA downtown and later I heard that she was settled into the hotel.

I grilled some hamburgers Bonnie had got for me and fixed a salad to go with it.  Had a call from Bonnie that she was finally registered and safely back in her hotel room.  It is down to 53 already tonight and I am shutting windows again.

Well the internet has been off and on tonight and it is almost midnight so I am going to see if this will post.  Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Few Repairs and something new


Already hot and humid when we got up this morning.  I was up till after 1 am waiting for it to cool off so slept for about 8 hours.  I had some breakfast, Bonnie and I had devotions together and then I helped her load some things in the van to take to the consignment store with her sister.  I had the camera to take some pictures but it was just to hot to even remember to do that.

Plan is to cut some grass after lunch, the riding mower creates a breeze but it is still hot.

Well I got most of the rest of the grass cut today and then came in to shower.  Then I headed into the mall and picked up a new Apple iMac 27 inch computer.

It came in a big box, impressed with Apple's packaging
My old Vista maching has been giving me lots of error messages and so I decided to replace it before it failed.  Tomorrow I hope to start to set up the new one.  Then it was on to church for the worship team practice.  Sunday will be my first time running the projector for the service.  Practice started late, I drank to much coffee and now it is 1am and I am still pretty much awake.  But I am heading to to lay down and try to sleep.

Unpacked and set up to start loading it tomorrow

Well another stinking hot day.  Just opened the windows tonight around 7:30pm.  I went out of the house once today and that was to go out and get the mail.  The rest of the time I have been preparing the new computer and moving files from the old one.

Setting up the new Apple
Like many I really need to go through the files and get rid of the ones that I really do not need.  Same with pictures.  Maybe that will be a winter time project, so much time a day to review and delete.  So not much to say about today.  Now we are waiting for the cold front to go through and cool it off.

Well the rain and storms came.  The rain blocked the satellite signal and then the power went out.  It came back on before the generator could kick in.  The first wave passed and it cooled off some.  Then the second wave came a little after midnight and knocked the power off and it stayed off till after 3am.  The generator got a work out.  I called NYSEG a little after 1am and said there were no reported outages in our area, so I put in a report.  Its always good to call and make sure they know.


After the power came back on I slept good and managed to not wake up until after 9.  Then after breakfast I headed to court for a couple hours.  Now its time to take the old computer apart and hook up the new one.  Raining again and the water is running in the back yard.

Lots of rain again over 3.23 inches since last night
Bonnie got wet while out so stayed out in the rain weeding the garden and pavers.

Weeding and getting cooled off
Only thing in the mail today was a sensor for the RV tires.

Now to figure out how to program it into the system
Well back to the computer project while Bonnie watches an old movie "Dirty Dancing".

I moved all the old computer parts, cleaned and dusted everything and set up the new computer.

Won't look this neat till I clean up next time
Wow its after 6.  I was hoping for corn tonight I had sent a text to Merle's earlier and found out they have had corn for 3 days.  So I texted Mary and let her know I was on my way.

Finally corn is on the sign

Its was after 6 but I was able to pick up the corn as they were still open.
Bonnie did the corn in the microwave with the husks on, then cut off the bottom, and the corn squirts out without the silk.  Boy it was good and we had it with a chicken sandwich.  The girls had been at a pig roast today and they stopped on the way back home to say hello.

Its nice and cool so it should be a good night for sleeping.


Well once I got to bed a slept good.  Then up at 7am to get ready to leave for church.  I had to be there around 9 as today was my first day of working in the video booth for the service.  I realized my shoes were out in the coach so I had to put out the back slides to get into the cabinet where they were.   All went well during the service and Bonnie went early with me.  The sermon was really good today and was the third in a series on marriage.  We headed home, first stop was at a roadside stand to pick up more corn for lunch, and a zucchini that we stopped and dropped off at Elizabeths.

Another dozen ears
The corn yesterday was so good we picked up another dozen ears and had them for lunch, then a few hours later we had some pizza.  My plan was to nap some today, which I did in my chair but my snoring kept waking me.  So I went out and programmed and installed the sensor on the coach wheel.  I also put some lime out in the toilet that would not hold water last week.  I also did a little research on where to buy the tank sensors for my Aladdin system.  It tells me how full my holding tank is and does not seem to be working.  Then I checked the backup lights that were not working and found both the bulbs to be burned out.  So lots more on my list to do this week.  Finally I think I can relax and watch some movies with Bonnie.

Its been a busy but a good week, first it was hot and now it is very comfortable.  Thanks for Checking In.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hot, Humid, Home


First of all here are a couple pictures that would not post last night.

Our President Bob packing the breakfast supplies

The group that stayed Sunday night
We met again this morning and had one last meal together.  We only had a few things to do after breakfast to be ready to leave.  I had put the awnings in and cleaned up last night.  While I unhooked the water Bonnie vacuumed inside and wiped things down.  Then we pulled in the slides hooked up the car and said our See Ya's.  They I pulled out and turned the wrong way by listening to the GPS.  It wanted to take us the shortest way and I wanted to go the fastest way.  So I had to go down the road until we found a business with a big enough lot to turn around.  Finally back on track we caught the Rindo's in Jamestown and followed them up to Irving where they got off to fuel up.  We had a good trip home and got unloaded.  Wow is it hot and humid here at home.

We skipped lunch and had an early supper.  Then I went out and cut some grass, bad decision.  Just too nasty out I will need a lot of fluid this evening.  Now to catch up on our recorded shows and do some planning for a big trip in September.  It ail be tough sleeping tonight.  We were having to run the hear in the morning while we were out camping.  And then lots of A/C in the heat of the day.


Up early this morning. Leaving the windows open cooled the house down to about 72 degrees, it is to be close to 90 today.  We had a leisurely breakfast and only one cup of coffee.  Then Bonnie left to pick up a 31 shipment and I headed to court.  Five hours later I headed back home.

I had a late lunch of salad and then collected and took out the trash to the highway.  Then I finished emptying the coach of food and took a quick look at the hydro hot to see if I could figure out how to get to the back of the unit to see if there is a small leak.  I can see a panel so I posted a question online to see if this panel comes off.  Then I jumped on the mower and cut grass for about 45 minutes.  So I am about 1/2 done now.  Then in to shower and eat supper.

Now time to relax and watch a little TV.


Wow Wednesday night already and it just turned to Thursday according to the computer.  Bonnie got up this morning and headed to Buffalo City Mission to volunteer as a Grandma for the babies at Cornerstone Manor the woman's portion of the mission.  I got up and took care of some things around the house and then headed out to run some errands.

First stop was court.  We had received some new laptops that we use as digital recorders and the old ones needed to be prepared and packed to return.  Windows XP will no longer be supported by microsoft after April 2014 so the new laptops are all loaded with Windows 7.  Then I headed to the bank and then to fill up the CRV at the Red Apple gas was 3.73.  I grabbed a sandwich and chocolate milk and headed for East Aurora.  Stopped at one bank to do another deposit and then across the street to get our cash for the week.  Then it was on to the UPS store to mail the computers.

Then I beat feet for downtown Buffalo to meet Elizabeth at the City Mission.  She jumped in the car and we headed over to pick up Bonnie.  I got a quick tour of the facility and we took Bonnie back to the mission.  After a few minutes Bonnie and I headed to Tonawanda to meet some of my Depew Classmates for dinner at the River Grill.  We had about 16 or 17 show up and the food was excellent and abundant.  I had the Niagara Chicken which was a grilled chicken breast on linguine with a red sauce and two stuffed hot peppers on top smothered in cheese.  I could not finish it all and will enjoy it tomorrow also.  Even next to the water it was pretty hot and humid.  There was a live band and the place was packed for a Wednesday night.

We headed home just before dark and after a quick stop to pick up the Odyssey from Elizabeth's house we made it home.  The roads were wet out this way, must have been the big thunderhead we saw from down town that dropped some rain.  A long busy day but we had a really nice time.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, just too busy.

Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Camping in Jamestown


I woke up around 7 to a bright sunny day.  Bonnie was up around 7:30.  We had breakfast and finished packing for the trip.  We pulled out of the driveway around 10:05 headed for Jamestown.  First stop was Native Pride in Irving, NY to fill up with 80 some gallons of diesel at 3.59 a gallon.  Then we jumped back on the  thruway and headed for Hidden Valley Camping area in Jamestown.  Several of the couples were already there and a few more were not far behind us.  Tomorrow even more will be here.  I think 28 are signed up for dinner on Saturday.

Hugs all around
We made a run into town with the Pitts and had dinner at Davidson's a nice casual place known for their fish frys.

Even the fish sandwich was huge
Then a quick stop at WalMart to pick up some last minute supplies and some Blue Bunny Ice Cream.  The Pitts used the "Self Check Out" lane.  It took a cashier and a manager to get it to work and then it was wrong and they had to go to the managers position to get a refund.

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with self-checkout machines?
Then back to camp where Bonnie read and I joined the circle at the campfire.

Then as the fire burned down we all called it a night and headed for the coaches.  Now as it approaches midnight I am calling it a night.


I heard the coffee brewing around 7:45 this morning so got up and started my day.  Its very foggy out and quite overcast.  The forecast promises sun later which will raise the 58 degree temperatures into the mid 70's.  I have to add some fluid to the Hydo-Hot boiler as it looked low last night.  Not sure where it goes but a search on line indicates that they all use fluid.  We should have a lot of folks pulling in today so there will be lots of visiting and an early fish fry is planned at a very popular place.

Two more couple arrived today and we did a lot of sitting around and visiting.  Bonnie searched the creek and came home with a few new fossils to add to her collection.  Then around 4pm we headed to Sugar Grove for our tradition Friday Fish Fry.  The food was excellant and I think we had 17 people at the table.

Camp fire was started and again lots to talk about and share.

The Fire is Lit

Giant building blocks
Beautiful fire to end a wonderful day

I called it a night at 11 and came in to update the blog.  Now its almost midnight and time to get some sleep.


Woke up to a beautiful morning.  Breakfast was fantastic.  Biscuits and Gravy, Bacon or Sausage egg and cheese sandwiches, coffee and fruit wow, we already knew we would skip lunch.  Then a little rest in the coach.  An hour or so later the past members that were coming for the day started to roll in.  The circle of chairs formed out by the campfire and the visiting and catching up on each other began.

Bonnie went rock hunting and I visited until 2 when a lot went to the campground ice cream social, I went to the coach to relax.  Then Bonnie came back and after a brief rest backed corn bread in the convection/microwave oven.  She did a wonderful job and it looks great.

Bob Taylor pulled in today, he has a brand new Holiday Rambler Endeavor and he was gracious and allowed us all to tour his new coach.  It is very nice and he will enjoy many happy miles in it.

We had a ham dinner with a ton of side dishes, Bonnie's cornbread received lots of nice compliments, but the fact that it had jalapeƱo peppers in it scared off some people.  Anyway we were all stuffed after a delicious meal and the desserts were just as great also.  Then the campfire started and I sat out there until 11:30.  Since it is now well after midnight I am calling it a night.


We were up and ready for breakfast at 9am again this morning.  We had a light meal of left overs from yesterday and the sausage grey and biscuits were a big hit again.  Then we visited and said good by to all those that were leaving today.  All but 8 of us are leaving today and then 6 of us leave on Monday.  Wow was it hot today.   The internet has been super slow and we can not get pictures uploaded.

Five of us played some cards most of the afternoon as it was to hot to seat outside.  It was a good way to pass the afternoon.

The eight of us got together and had a pot luck with all the left overs we had more that enough to eat as usual.  Then it was campfire time and we had a good time visiting again around the fire.  Around 11pm Carolyn brought out the fixings for smores and most of us had one and boy were they good.  Finally time to say good night as the dew was really settling in.  Well its almost midnight and I am heading for the bed.  Sorry we can't upload picture.

Thanks for Checking In

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Travel Mode


Not much to say about today.  We were up and on the road by 9am this morning.  We drove over 550 miles and changed time zones so lost an hour.  We arrived in Mansfield, Ohio around 6:30pm.  The girls needed a pitstop 5 minutes from the hotel and of course the skies opened up with a heavy rain just as we pulled in.  We parked under the covered entrance and checked in.  I parked a few minutes later and got a bit wet.  Then the rain passed and we headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  Now a little relaxing while we listen to more thunder, and hopefully get a good nights rest here in the Hampton Inn.
Less than 6 hours of driving left to get home tomorrow.  Thats about it for today.


We were up shortly after 7am this morning.  I showered and headed down for a hot breakfast at the Hampton Inn.  They have the make your own waffle machine.  The girls came down just before I finished.  They got their food and I headed up to read my email while they ate.

Alexus got the award for the best waffle
Then we checked out and were on the road shortly after 8.  No problems today and we only had a few sprinkles of rain.  We dropped Alexus off and headed home.  We ran down to the post office and got there right at 1PM.  With the new hours they open at 2pm in the afternoon.  So we headed home after a brief wait at the bridge that they are repaving.  We unloaded and got everything in the house.  I plugged in the coach and turned on the refrigerator.  I set it on gas and once the batteries charge for a while I will switch to electric.  Not much sun here the last week so the batteries are a bit low.  Bonnie started the wash and I am going to run down and get the mail since it is after 2.  Then we can catch up on recorded programs. I also started my computer, it ran a chkdsk since it detected a problem.  I am still trying to get all the disk backed up on CrashPlan an online backup service.  Still hoping to cut the grass before we leave on Thursday.

I went down and picked up the mail and sorted it.  Then spent time on the computer to catch up on the bills.  By the way we spent just over 33 hours in the car on the trip, lots of seat time.  Total cost of the trip was around $900.  Thats food, groceries, gas, and hotels for 2 nights.  I decided to cut some grass and while it is still pretty wet I got about half of it done.  Tomorrow I hope to finish what needs done.  There is no food in the house so Bonnie went down and got pizza and wings for supper.  Now its time to relax and get a good nights sleep.  Its so humid out we have not opened any windows or doors yet.  Maybe tomorrow.


So humid we have not had the windows open since we got home.  Rained a little overnight but not enough to register in the rain gauge.  Bonnie headed for Warsaw this morning and I headed for court.  I came home a couple hours later and Bonnie was an hour or so later.  I did a few things on the coach, I have one tire pressure sensor that keeps eating batteries.  I talked to TST and they said send it in and they will replace it.  Bonnie pulled in and I helped her take in the groceries.  Then I jumped on the mower and finished all the grass that could be cut.

All cut at least until next week.
Bonnie got here permit to drive the Coach so I guess we will be doing some practice in the future.  I loaded up my clothes and the clean linen into the coach after I looked at the radar and saw a storm coming.

The wind came but the storms slid by to the south of us again
At least it got windy and it cooled off, seems that the humidity has dropped a lot also.  Looking forward to a cool nights sleep.  The good news is that the forecast is good for the next few days.  We are off in the morning for Jamestown to camp with friends for the weekend.  We are also making plans for another car trip in November after we put the Coach in storage for winter.  We are headed down the East Coast with stops near Fredericksburg, VA, a week in Myrtle Beach, SC, with another week in Orlando.  Then we will beat feet back to Buffalo for December.  We are also hoping to spend part of September in Michigan.  So stay tuned and Thanks for Checking In.

Lots of pretty flowers in front of the porch

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rain--Flash Flood watch


Happy 4th of July, so far we have had about 3 inches of rain today.  Not sure much is going to happen today.  The kids are hoping to go to the pool if the rain stops.  We were able to get in touch with the Alston's, friends from Buffalo and hope to be able to see them Saturday.  Well the rain let up a little.  Robby went out to work on the gutters that were overflowing and the girls put on bathing suits and headed to the pool.

Cleaning and repitching the gutters

Almost done
It rained again before Robby finished and before the girls got to the pool.  No lightning so they did swim for a while.  Robby got soaked also.  Then he grilled the chicken in the rain also.  Ashley got home from work and we watched the Macy's fireworks on TV from NYC.


It was raining again this morning and continued off and on all day.  So not much to do outside again today.  Robby and I did go out for a while and look at a towable that he is interested in.  Then we made a stop at Walmart to pick up a few things.  Then back home the girls were coming back from an attempt to go to the pool but it rained again so they came home.  Bonnie and the girls worked on supper.

Preparing celery
So today was pretty much all rain and food.  Ashley's mom and sister stopped in.  Robby and I picked up some pizza for supper and now its late and time for bed.  Hopefully it will not rain all day tomorrow.


Still raining when we got up this morning.  Another day pretty much house bound.  Robby is working at setting up some beds.

Mid morning snack
Reagan and I spent a couple hours out in the garage watching the ducks Fred and Lucy, rumor is they roam the neighborhood and keep the geese away.

Riding in the rain
Fred and Lucy
Rain most of the day
Then we headed over to Rosie's Canteena and had a nice dinner with our friends from NY John and Sandy,

At Rosie's
Good eating
Then we headed to 32 degrees a frozen yogurt place and visited some more.

A rainbow greeted us
Then drove on home with just a few sprinkles on the windshield.  Alexus is spending the night with Sandy and John and we are planning to attend church with them in the morning.


We were up early and got ready for church.  We were meeting John and Sandy friends from NY for church.  Alexus had spent the night with them.  So off we went.  About half way there I realized it was an hour earlier than we thought.  Bonnie had looked at her watch but it was still on East coast time so we pulled into a Hardee's for coffee and a biscuit.

On the floor near my foot.
We finally headed to the apartment and met up to ride together for church.  They attend the Rock Worship Center, its a lot like our church back home.

Bonnie, John, Sandy, and Me
After church we had a bite to eat at IHOP waiting for their new house to open.  They have bought a model home and have to wait for the new model home to get finished up and readied for them to move in by the 26th.

We headed back to Robby's and it looks like we are having a cook out for supper.  They are all at the pool right now so I am going to post this.  We will be heading north in the morning and hope to be home Tuesday.

We passed NASA on the way back and went right past the Saturn V rocket.

Snapped this on the way by.
Thanks for Checking In.