Saturday, January 29, 2011

Warming up

Looks like we will not make it above freezing but it is almost 40 degrees warmer today than yesterday.  I was out for awhile today to head up to court to catch up on my work.  There was a light mist falling here at the house and when I shoveled the 1/2 inch of snow there was a crust on top of it.  The roads are just wet and it is much nicer out today than yesterday, but no sun today.  Tonight we have to go to East Aurora and then to Attica for our annual Church business meeting and elections.
All went well this evening, I did go to the business meeting alone as Bonnie felt she should stay home and go to bed.  She is still fighting a cold and has lost her voice but says her throat is not sore.
Now to watch the State of the Union speech.

My day started with a phone call around 7.  Seems the sheriffs office needed me at court to take care of some new business.  That took a couple hours.  So I came home shoveled the little bit of snow that came over night and then went in and had some good hot coffee.  I read a lot today and finished "1984".  Bonnie came home early, still not feeling well and went straight to bed.  My dear SIL stopped in on her way home and gave me my semi monthly hair styling.  She was going to stay for dinner, but with Bonnie sick she decided it would be a good idea to get home before dark.  I dished up some home made soup for her and off she went.  I grilled up some boneless port loin and heated up some corn.  While the pork was cooking I filled the bird feeders.  Been catching up on some recorded TV programs and now I think I will fix something hot to drink and start on the next book,  "Dead or Alive" by Tom Clancy his latest.  Just checked the status of my Social Security application on line, it now says a decision has been made and I should be getting a letter with the details.
Not a very exciting day but it kept me busy and awake.

While the East coast got a lot of snow, my sister said 16 inches in Spring City, we only got about 1/2 inch overnight.  Not much happened this morning and I headed out right after 11 to meet a former coworker for lunch.  We ate at THE AUD in Depew.  Its a nice small sports bar just around the corner from where I grew up.  We had a good lunch and chatted for a couple hours, we were about the only ones in there.  Most of their business is in the evening.
I left there and went out to Hamburg to the RV Show, but it was pretty much a bust.  All they had inside were travel trailers and a few fifth wheels.  The motorhomes were outside and it was snowing pretty hard and cold so I headed home.  Must have snowed all day here as we have another inch of snow to clean up.  Bonnie called and is going to be late, she is doing some shopping.

It must have snowed all night as we got another 1 1/2 inches overnight.  That puts about 4 or 5 on the ground in the driveway so I will need to clean it before the end of the day.  It is prime icicle weather also.  There is enough snow on the roof to insulate the roof so the bottom layer of snow melts and then freezes at the edge of the roof again.  Before we redid the roof we would get leaks from the ice dams that formed from all this.  Now we get icicles out back over the deck.
Some of the icicles out back

I worked on a clients computers for a couple hours today.  While out and about I also had the chance to do some banking in Attica, so all in all a good end to the week.
Bonnie put a corned beef in the crock-pot this morning and it has smelled good all day long.  I even managed to do a couple loads of wash.  I also heard from some good friends in Virginia this week and we are hoping that we may be able to camp together this year in Pennsylvania.

Looks like another 1 1/2 inches of new snow overnight.  I have to pay the taxes today and stop in at court.  Then in to Elizabeth's she has some ice damming and it is leaking in the house.  Not sure what will help.  I have a snow rake so will try to use that and then put some ice melt on the roof to make some channels to allow the melt to drain.  I searched the internet and short of hiring someone to steam off the ice thats about all you can do.  Here are a couple shots of the driveway that I have been working on way to often this year to keep it clear.
This is the entrance from the highway

View from halfway in the driveway

Just a view of the woods

Bonnie has a meeting to help put a presentation together for church tomorrow to report on the mission trip, and thats the plans so far today.

I will get this posted.
Thanks for checking in.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The house is a Home again

Friday Night
All went well at the airport last night.  The flight was on time and there were lots of smiles, both on the faces of those returning and those greeting.  Most arrived with out coats as they had left 80 some degree days behind in the Dominican Republic.  It was easy to spot those of us waiting as most of us carried coats.  Bonnie wanted to stop at Denny's near the airport and we did and all had a breakfast before heading home. We dropped off Elizabeth and Alexus and got home around 1:30AM.

I slept in until 8:30 and Bonnie is still not awake and it is 10:00, but I am sure the generator will start soon for its weekly exercise cycle and wake her.  It only runs 10 minutes so perhaps she will sleep through it.  The cold 12 degree temperature last night was quite a shock to her system after a week in the sun.  I have seen forecasts for as low as -12 for tomorrow.  Our thermometer shows 7 as a low for last night.  I am always thankful for a nice warm house to live in.  No new snow overnight and the birds are coming and enjoying the bird feeder so they keep me entertained.
Bonnie got up around 11:30, after her shower she got a quick lesson on the new Keurig Coffee brewer and began unpacking her suitcases.  I put her pictures on her computer and we will figure a way out to share them.  I am trying to rest and nap a little since it was a short night.  Then we are going to head to SAMs club after a bit and then over to my nephews new apartment for dinner.  Since it is so close to where I grew up we will go past my childhood house and show Alexus where I grew up.

We made it to SAMS and drove by my old house and then over to my nephews.  He had prepared a great stuffed pork chop dinner, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes.  We really enjoyed the dinner and the time together.  We even played a little pictionary.  We headed for home a little after 8 as Bonnie is tired from her trip and may have caught a bit of a cold.  It was snowing and the roads were really slick but we make it home safe and sound.  Now for a good nights sleep.

Looks like the start of a couple cold days about 11 this morning when I got up.  Plus we got about 4 inches of new snow over night.  We had no problem getting out for church I will clean it up latter.  After church it was down to 8 degrees and I figured since there was no wind I would go out and snow plow the driveway.  For the first time I put the chemical hand warmers in my mittens and they worked pretty good.  My BIL gave them to me over 7 years ago and they were warm instead of hot but kept my fingers nice and toasty.  I got everything cleaned off including the back deck.  So now I should be free to relax the rest of the day.  Its only about 33 in the garage, which is good the only heat is from the cars and it is detached from the house.  It is 30X40 but we insulated it well when it was built.  The concrete floor holds a lot of heat but now it will stay cold the rest of the year.  If it stays cold I may built a fire out in the   stove and at least warm up the air in the garage to melt off the snow.  Bonnie is slowly catching up but has a cold.  She is going through the mail and even her email.  But mostly the papers.  She also has put on a big pot of the Jae Family vegetable soup which will simmer for hours, it sure did smell good when I came in from moving snow.

What a day so far.  It was -16 overnight acording to weatherbug, but the house thermometer just showed -3.  The sun has been out all morning and I tried to catch how beautiful the woods look.
Lots of snow on the pine trees

It is still very cold out but it is above zero.  Looking at the forecast we may get above freezing later in the week.  We are getting back to normal here.  Bonnie went back to work today, even though she is trying to get over a cold.  I have a clear calendar today but lots to do tomorrow.  Hope to get some reading done today, still working on 1984.  I think Tom Clancy's new book Dead or Alive will be next.

I have measured 45 inches of snow since the last melt off.  Here is picture of whats built up on the roof, it has settled to about 12 inches.  If you look close you can see the different layers.

It is so cold that the deer have not been out much yet.  Here is a shot of the trail one left coming to and leaving the bird feeder.

Not much else happening today.  I did get to read a little and will read some more tonight.  Bonnie is still fighting the cold so has gone to bed.

Enjoy the blog
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Zero Visibility (almost)

Shortly after I got up this morning it was snowing so hard I could not see the trees at the edge of the words.  I watched it for a few minutes and then went to get the camera.  In that thirty seconds the snow eased up but it was still snowing hard.
30 seconds earlier I could not see the woods

I was up during the night and it was clear out so not sure what time the snow started but by 8am there was 3 inches of new snow.  Now 2 hours later there is another 2 inches.  Its not supposed to snow all day so thats positive as Bonnie flies in this evening around 11.  Not much on the agenda for today, just the wash and the recently added shovel and blow snow.  The bright spot of the morning was seeing my first Cardinal of the season visit the bird feeder.
11am on the deck railing all since last night
It snowed pretty steady until about 1:30 so I went out and cleared off the deck.  Its now pretty windy and I am inside warming up and then folding the load of wash I did.  I just checked the computer and the team down in the DR has posted their last update so I wanted to send that out.  They should now be at the airport and arrive here in Buffalo around 11pm tonight.  I plan to be at the airport but have the driveway to clean out shortly and then hope to go to the Attica HS Basketball game.  Just got word after school activities are canceled so no game.

Thanks for checking in

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Up early again today and caught up on some online reading and some podcasts.  No new snow over night. I shoveled off the back deck and plan to do around the garage later after lunch.
I have a dinner tonight with my Depew High School Classmates.  After over 40 years we still enjoy each others company and usually have a good turnout for dinner which we try to do at least 4 times a year.  I need to swing by the bank on the way and deposit a check so will leave before dark.
I cleaned the driveway before I left for dinner and still made it on time.  We met at the Fireside Inn in Lancaster.  Had a real good turnout and a fun time catching on everyones news.  I had the Grilled Salmon salad really good.  It snowed the whole time I was in there and the roads were covered and a bit slippery on the way home.  But I am home safe.
The update for Bonnie s trip was posted so here is a link to that.  A little reading and then bed for me as it is almost tomorrow.

Link to the trip

Dark Icy Wednesday

I woke up at my normal 7:00am time today to the meows of the cat outside the door wondering why she did not hear me up.  Well it was still dark out.  This time of the year it should be a bit light out, when it is not that usually means one of two things.  One it is snowing hard or Two it is just very overcast.  The good news is that it was door number 2, just overcast.  As hard as it was snowing when I came home last night it must have quit soon after because at most there is a half inch of snow.  Life is good.

I do not have anything on my schedule today until 5:00pm, then it is over to some friends house for dinner. Venison meatloaf is on the menu.  For the last three years Nell has invited me over for dinner while Bonnie is on the mission trip and I look forward to it.  Friends and family take good care of me, I even had to turn down some invitations as my calendar was full, maybe Bonnie will have to go for two weeks, just kidding, I miss her and am beyond ready for her to be back.

I noticed this morning that the sunflower seeds were about gone.  So I filled that up and discovered that there was a fine mist in the air that was turning to ice on the deck and now has coated all the trees.  Have not seen the deer today yet but the birds and the squirrels are back.  I am getting a little reading done today and even a little TV.  I also did some bookwork and ordered some coffee online.

The venison meatloaf was great and the potatoes and green bean casserole were too.  We had a good time talking and catching up on news.  Before I knew it it was way after 10 and I did not get home untile around 11.  It was snowing pretty good earlier but was clear on the way home.  There was just enough moon light to see lots of deer out feeding in the fields.  I had one deer meander across the road in front of me on the way over there but I got slowed down and she made it across the road.  It has cooled down again about  17 right now at 11:30PM.

No update from the mission trip so will check in the morning for one.

Still no update so I will go ahead and post this, I will update if there is an update later.

Here are a couple pictures of other visitors to the bird feeder.

The birds sometime fill every port

The squirrels have been coming for a few weeks now

Breaking a seed open

Digging for another

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a difference a day makes

Minus 10 yesterday and already 36 at 9:00am today, and best of all the sun is out.  Today is a busy day for me so its off to the rain locker and then into the Dr. for my annual physical.  More later.
My physical went fine looks like I am even coming off of one medication.  We have been attending Weight Watchers since November and its been working.  I feel better and some have even said I look better.  Best of all is its good for me.  We hope to be able to do a lot of traveling once Bonnie retires and I want to be able to enjoy hiking and walking to see as many of our National Parks as possible.  So after the weekly WW meeting I had a quick supper with Elizabeth and Alexus.  What was a steady rain in East Aurora turned into a heavy snow fall by the time I got to Sheldon for the town meeting.  There must have been over an inch of snow by the time I left there.  But the roads were in pretty good shape and since the house is not at the top of the hill there was only about a quarter inch of snow at the house.  Still snowing as it is bed time, I can't wait to see what there is by the time I get up in the morning.   Did not get much reading done today hopefully tomorrow.  No update yet from the Mission Trip.

This update came in late last night so I will go ahead and post it here in the blog

Chapel Medical Trip 1/18/2011

Today was a real challenge. We left early for El Seybo (pronounced sabo) prison. This prison is located in a military base but houses only civilians. It was built to accommodate 400 prisoners but today the count was about 1440 and we saw several new additions to the population enter the gate. The guards are all military personnel with some inmates who have shown good behavior assisting the regular guards. A few of us were given a tour of the facilities and were speechless at the conditions we saw. Hundreds of prisoners were just inside the gate pushing and hoping to be one who would be let out to be attended to either medically or by dental. Just inside the hall we entered a common yard where we saw inmates milling about or sitting under canvas canopies. Garbage was strewn all over the yard. Prisoners are given one “meal” a day and if they want more they have to either buy it at small shops inside or send out for an order from a local restaurant. This of course is IF they have money to do that. Cells are about 6 x5 feet and may have two or three inmates sharing them with one sleeping on cot and others on floors that have all kinds of disease bearing objects or critters. Bathrooms are a common hole in the ground in a corner of a cell block which is shared by several dozen inmates. This writer has never seen such deplorable human conditions but was told they are very similar to conditions in neighboring Haiti. The Chaplain who is initiating the ministry here had gotten permission from the warden to bring in TV cameras from stations in Santo Domingo to show what was happening at the prison today. The warden needs prayer because for this gesture he can lose his job or worse. But he wants government help to clean it up.
The reason we went to this facility is because a godly chaplain asked us to come. Prior to our arrival there had been a day of prayer where hundreds of Christians had walked the perimeter praying and asking God to work. Yesterday some area churches went in and painted the entry way and one room which we used for our medical and evangelism stations. The best room inside the prison was the church which is being started. Inmates were busy painting it today and we got to see it. Over 200 men will also use this room to sleep on the cement benches but the primary purpose for the room is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. It was extremely crowded but God had a lot of work to accomplish. The first two inmates we encountered asked to receive Christ as Savior and that was just the beginning of a great harvest of souls. About 200 inmates were treated in one way or another.
After this very difficult day, the team returned to SCORE with thankful hearts for what they saw God accomplish today. To Him be the glory.
Tonight SCORE missionary Pastor Abby led us in devotions with a very challenging message about obeying God. God spoke to many of our hearts.
Read more…

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wow -10 This Morning

I was sitting here reading and glanced out the door to see a couple deer in the sunshine on the side of the hill in the woods.  That reminded me how cold it was this morning.  According to the Attica HS weather bug station it was -10.  While here at the house I saw 1 above.  Either way its cold, especially considering Bonnie and team are in 80 some degree weather.  Anyway I am thankful for a warm house and often wonder how the animals like the deer stay warm in this weather.  It has been a great morning the new Keurig coffee maker is working fine, I have a good book to read, and even watched a little TV.  It is almost time for lunch and then I will clear off the back deck and make a run down the hill to the Post Office to mail a few bills and buy some more "Forever Stamps"  I just read that all the stamps will be this type from now on.  I also saw that the forecast is for above freezing temperatures tomorrow, but just for one day.  I just checked and only about 62 days until Spring starts.
Well I will bet a bunch of you realized unlike me that today is a Federal Holiday and the post office is closed.   It hit me when I got out to the mail box and it was empty.  On the bright side, the deck is clear of snow and the pavers and around the garage are like wise.  Time for a little more reading!
Went out to eat with a friend tonight.  We went into East Aurora, we had a great time of fellowship and catching up since we do not work together at the county anymore.  I had a great Buffalo Chicken Salad and he had a nice fish dish with a great tasting butter sauce. Here is a link to Pasqualies
He has a new Kindle and I have the iPad and we chatted about them and what we have been reading, among many other subjects.

When I got home there was an update from the Team in the DR so here is the link to that.

And the deer are back so here is a close up of one I could not even scare away from the bird feeder.

I keep posting when I get an update.

The Bachelor Life with an update from the DR trip

Friday (continued)
So after getting up to see Bonnie off at 3am I went back to sleep for a few hours.
I was up pretty early not exactly sure when I got up.  No new snow so thats a good sign.  I caught up on the mail, did the dishes and watched a podcast.  Pretty exciting so far.
I checked Bonnie's flights on line and they should have arrived in Santa Domingo almost on time.
The weather is much better down there.  Santa Domingo
After a lunch of Beef on Weck I headed up to court to catch up on the paperwork and also helped the Town Clerk set up her new HP Printer, the old one squeaked whenever it printed so everyone will enjoy this new one that also Scans, Faxes and Prints and does it all very quietly.
Then a quiet evening at home.  Elizabeth had invited me in but she is coming out Saturday so decided to stay home and do a load of wash.  So Bonnie's uniforms are done.  I read a while but did not finish "The Shack" maybe tomorrow.  Turned in early (before midnight).

No new snow again.  But that was short lived it was snowing by 9am and the NWS has posted a winter weather advisory Winter Weather
Had a leisurely breakfast then started the wash, last load is in and the dish washer is about to finish.  Caught up on the news and now hope to read a little in the book.
Elizabeth and Alexus came out and brought supper, so good.  Alexus had a couple school projects to do on the computer so I helped with that.  Elizabeth says there is a lot of snow in the driveway but I only see about 2 inches.  I was hoping that the mission group would post an update but nothing yet.  Still no update from the DR Team.  The girls left around 8 and I went out and blew out the driveway so they would not have a problem getting out.  There was probably about 4 inches in the driveway.  I can clean the rest up tomorrow after seeing what we get tonight.

Hoping to see an update from the DR Team today.  Talked to Marcie at church today and she got a call from Joe yesterday confirming that all is going well.  Went into Elizabeths today and ended up at Target and picked up a new Keurig Coffee brewer that uses K-Cups.  We had a pod coffee brewer from Bunn a while back that gave us nothing but problems so will give this one a try.
After supper with the girls I came home and watched a little TV, downloaded George Orwell's book 1984 which I have not read since high school so will finish this and then start it tonight.  Its after 11 so I will not be reading much.
Hey finally a post from the DR Team here is the link, sounds like they are keeping busy.

Chapel Medical- 1/15-16  I will go ahead and post this so you all can see what they are up to.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Interesting week

The highlight of the day was my first visit to "The Lodge" at the Hidden Valley Animal Adventure Park.
It is a beautiful setting.  We had a WNY Fish Fry, very good and very large.  Out side the windows you could see some of the Elk in their pen.

Pretty much a typical Saturday, up to court for a few hours, still working on closing out the year and getting set up for this year.  Looking forward to Elizabeth and Alexus coming for a visit and supper.
The girls came and after supper we played some games on the Wii.  They were able to spend the night so it was nice to have them here.

6:05pm, Just got back from a quick run to East Aurora.  Seems while I was napping Bonnie promised Alexus I would bring in here turtle project that she left here this morning and needs for school.  Plus they left a bunch of other stuff.  So we loaded up a bag and I took it in.  I shoveled a couple minutes when I got home and came in to find Bonnie already for bed.  So looks like a quiet evening.  Hopefully I will finish my book.  Just had a nice surprise, Gracie my granddaughter called me via facetime.  She uses her iPod Touch and when she calls I get to see her and talk to her on my MacBook.  They were expecting snow in Alabama and the schools were already closed for Monday.  It was not snowing yet so I will have to wait for a report.
Finished the Teeth of the Tiger and started The Shack.

Today is off to a good start, no new snow overnight and the sun is out.  I was able to do lots of email and blog reading in the morning.  With the sun out I headed out to push all the snow off around the garage so the sun could melt it.  Then I grabbed the bow saw and headed out the driveway.  When we had some of the heavy wet snow in December a good sized branch broke on a tree and landed near the edge of the driveway.  So I was able to cut that up and drag it off into the woods.  While I was out the mailman brought our mail to the house since we received a package from Alabama.  I waited till Bonnie got home and she opened it and we got some very nice pictures of my son's family out in Alabama.  So we can enjoy them.  I worked on organizing for the taxes and sent off a payment to the state for estimated taxes.
Bonnie thinks she is coming down with a cold, just in time for her trip.  We watched a little TV and she headed for bed early.  I read some more and then headed for bed.

No snow again overnight, but wait they have issued a snow advisory for tonight.  So I read a little in the morning and before I knew it, it was noon.  I had to go up to court for one of our six Assistant DA days that we have each year to handle misdemeanor cases.  That went well and I was home by 3.  The lassagna was in the oven and heating.  We had to stop in at weight watchers (good news another 2 pounds total of 36) and then get this go to a pot luck dinner.  Well it all worked out and the couple hosting the pot luck run a bed and breakfast in East Aurora in a large beautiful house built in 1890.  They have had it for 6 years.  It was being used by raccoons and other vermin when they took it over and returned it to splendor.  He is retired Navy so we hit it off well.
The house is a full 3 floors with a ball room on the 3rd floor.
Well the snow came and by the time we got home we had a good 5 inches with more on the way.  I read awhile and set the alarm to get up and clean the driveway before Bonnie left for work.  Also have to remember nothing to eat in the morning as I have to have blood work done for an upcoming Dr visit.

So I had planned for today to be an easy relaxing day.  So much for that.  I changed my plans last night knowing I would have to get up to clear the driveway this morning so that was fine.  I was up at 6:45an and dressed and outside by 7:00 I had the driveway done and was back in the house by 7:45am.  It still needs some work but the main part is done.  I got changed and left for the lab for my blood work and got inline behind a slow driver that went almost as far as I was going.  But I was only 3 minutes late, this lab lets you make appointments.  The waiting room was empty so I was in and out of there in 5 minutes.  I then went up the street to Charlie's Diner for a hearty breakfast, I treat myself on lab work days.  Charlie's has lots of regulars and it was easy to tell I was sitting at some ladies table when they came in.  Must of taken them 5 minutes to find another suitable table.  Left there and headed home, still snowing.

Its snowing faster that the plows can keep up so the roads are slippery.  Made it home just before 10.  Sat down read one email and the phone rang.  It was from the Sheriff's office asking me to do an arraignment.  So put my coat and shoes back on and headed for court.  All went well and then a lady came in to pay off her fine, so I took that and gave her a receipt.  That meant I needed to go down to the bank and deposit it as per the states rules.  So off I did to do that and figured I would get gas while down that way also.  Then on the way home a lady and car were in the ditch so I called that in to dispatch as she had hit some signs and would need help to get out, she was unhurt.  Then finally home, hope now to relax a couple hours and then go out and move some more snow.

So I did get some reading done and actually a bit of a nap.  Bonnie came home and I saw that we had at least another 4 inches of snow.  I cleaned off the back deck and we had split pea soup for supper.  Then over to Attica to take and pack some supplies for Bonnie's mission trip.  She and 4 others from our church are joining a larger group from another church for a Medical Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic.  They leave Friday morning.

So since Tuesday evening when the snow started we have gotten about 12 inches, nice light fluffy snow at it is cold.  It was down to 10 this morning when I got up.  And yes it is still snowing, its light but still coming down.  This stuff settles down and compacts after a couple days.  Plan of the Day (The POD as we called it in the Navy) is to read and catch up on some podcasts, (listening to Living the RV Dream as I write this).
I cleaned out the driveway late this afternoon and of course it snowed a little again.  Bonnie came home and finished packing for her trip.  I took her suitcases down and put them inside the garage door.  She is getting picked up around 3AM.  I had a meeting in Warsaw and got home after she went to bed so set my alarm to get up and see her off in the wee hours of the morning.

Bonnie last year with Dr Joe and NJ

So I got up early to say goodby and Bonnie's ride was already here so we said a quick goodbye and off she went to the Dominican Republic.  I just checked and the first flight was early into Atlanta so in a few hours they should all be there.  So far its sunny today here and it should be nice and warm for her down there.  I will get this posted, still hoping for something besides snow to take pictures of.

Saddle up and Follow Your Dreams


Friday, January 7, 2011


Saturday night it was still 46 out late into the evening.  This morning it was down to 26 and just starting to snow.  We drove over to Attica to church and it continued to snow, Lake Effect machine has been turned on again.  Seems we are on the southern edge of it so it is not snowing hard as of 1:30.

Tuned in the Bills game on TV in time to see an interception returned for a Jets touchdown.  Mercifully the season is over.

What a nice surprise this morning.  Last night when I went to bet it had been snowing most of the day and continued.  We were under a Lake Effect snow warning for 4-7 inches of snow until 10am on Monday.  This morning there are only about 3 inches, it is not snowing, and shortly after I got up the trees started forming shadows, yes that means the sun is out.  Beautiful new snow and sunshine!  Had a call from my dentist and I have an appointment tomorrow at 8am to replace the filling that fell out last week.

The snow stopped without much more accumulation.  I did go out and clear off the rear deck again and shoveled off the garage apron.  I even walked out to the road and picked up the mail.  Did lots of reading today after I sorted out the receipts and other information to prepare to do the income taxes.  I even downloaded turbo tax so as soon as all the official W2's and 1099's come I will get that done.

Just a trace of snow overnight.  Up early at 6am and at the dentist by 8am.  Got the filling replaced and after a cup of coffee with Dr. Joe I had my 6 month cleaning, all set now until July.  Then up to court for a couple hours.  Closing out last year and getting set up for this year.  We have to keep lots of records.

Just as we headed into East Aurora the snow machine turned on.  It is around 30 and the snow made the roads very slick.  No problems and we had a nice supper at Elizabeth's.  Best of all the snow stopped.

No new snow overnight.  I had to go to the bank so I cleared the deck and around the garage.  Before I could change to leave it was snowing.  The lake was down to 35 so perhaps it will freeze soon and that should stop the lake effect.
Well it did not snow much just a dusting so that was good.  Otherwise a pretty bland day.  I did a bunch of reading and email.  Started to look a little more at the taxes just before Bonnie got home so we are catching up on the news now.
The days seem to pass way to quick.  I need to get started and put some details to this summers planned travels.  Indiana in May and Tennessee in July.

With the melting of the snow, over the weekend the deer have not been coming to the bird feeder.  That is until this afternoon.  The ground is covered again and it had started to snow again when I saw the deer headed for the feeder again.  I pretty much took it easy today and did a lot of reading my book, email and blogs.  Hard to believe it is already Thursday night.

So far a bright sunny day, so nice.  Yes its cold and we got 3 inches of snow overnight but it is sunny.  The light seems to me to make all the difference in the world.  It really lifts my spirits and makes me want to get outside.  Maybe even take some pictures.  I had to take a couple to post.
Looking to the back woods where the deer hide

Looking out towards the road

Bonnies trail as she left for work today.

Its been a pretty uneventful week so I will get this posted.

Let me know if you like the once a week post or if I should post more often.  So for now.

Saddle up and Follow Your Dreams

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Yesterday Wednesday was a bittersweet day for me.  It was the last day of my contract with Wyoming County.  I have enjoyed consulting on the radio system, 911, addressing, and most recently Emergency Management.  I think we accomplished much but so much more remains to be done.  A lot of it changes continually and needs constant updating.  The county is fortunate to have many many dedicated professionals doing their very best to make sure all our citizens are kept as safe as possible.  It has been a real privilege to have worked with them for the last few years.

Today Thursday was our first day in over two weeks that the day time temperature got above freezing.  By this afternoon a lot of melting was taking place.  I cleaned off the deck and started clearing the snow off the  garage apron down to the concrete.  So today was mostly moving snow and reading.  I finished a book on RVing by Philip May and have started on The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy.  I have read a lot of his older books years ago and am enjoying this one so far.  Bonnie is home and we will watch some travel channel shows on Alaska.  More tomorrow.

Its New Years Eve.  Had an easy morning of reading and threw in a load of towels.  Then met Elizabeth and Alexus for a trip to the movies.  Chronicles of Narnia,Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  My first 3D movie in years.  It was pretty good and we all enjoyed it.  Now an evening together watching a series on Alaska and then some Pictionary.  Time will tell how many make it to midnight.

We made it, stayed up past midnight,  Happy New Year!!!

After a good nights sleep, me 7 hours and the ladies 10+ hours, the generator test woke them.  I woke up and almost all the snow is gone.  It has been above freezing day and night for several days.  It is not yet noon here and it is 51.4 degrees and raining so no sun to help the snow melt.  A quick check of the weather west of here shows colder temps are on the way and soon to be here.
Snow should be gone by the end of the day

This had up to a foot of snow earlier

Icy driveway I hope it melts off today it should it raining pretty hard.

The deer stand here and root under the snow to eat and eat, they are a bit messy.

I trust 2011 will be a great year for all and pray all the best for you.  Enjoy the parades and football on TV today, and spend time with family.

Along with the new year a new sign off that I read else where.

Saddle up and Follow you dreams!