Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lost Track of the Days


Not sure what happened yesterday but I missed posting the blog.  Maybe the coconut oil I ordered today will help.  I read online where it can help with you memory so we are giving it a try.  Also boosts the LDLs which is good for you.

Most of the day was pretty boring.  I did the towels and watched some TV.  I started working on the taxes but the new Quicken 2012 kept crashing when I tried to run some of the reports I use for Turbo Tax.  So I gave up on that, still plenty of time and I still need some paperwork and forms from the county, since I was still received some checks from them last January.

My main achievement for the day was this.

All set for the next 28 days (mostly vitamins and minerals)

I did prepare some chicken breasts and did them on the grill, baked potatoes in the MW, and mixed veggies.  Bonnie was late as she shopped after work but got home and put stuff away just as the chicken was ready, perfect.  We watched a little TV and talked a nice evening.

I have been researching Smokers as I have mentioned and finally ordered a Bradley tonight.  So next week we should have it.  I am hoping to take it in the MH some and cook with it while traveling once I get it figured out.  A friend, Norb recommended Apple wood for smoking poultry and I like Hickory so have ordered both.  My one goal is to learn how to do BabyBack Ribs the way we like them.

So thats about it for today think I will catch up on Facebook and then read on my Kindle.


4:29AM Is that the phone ringing?  Ok I will be at court as soon as I can get there.  Back home at 6:30 no sense laying down, time for my oatmeal and coffee.  At least I got to see Bonnie before she headed off to work.

I think my two cups of coffee kept me from napping all morning, I did do the wash and ran the dishwasher but I never felt good.  Had some hot soup for lunch after I got the mail and filled the bird feeder.  The soup helped and I started to feel more normal and got a short nap in the chair.

I started to work on my taxes trying to get Quicken to print the reports I needed, but it seems to be a known widespread software issue.  Then the power went off.  Wet icy snow has been falling for a few hours and its pretty windy.  The generator is on but I have not moved the circuit to power the TV and DISH yet.  An hour passed and I tried to get another little nap and the power came back on.  The temperature stayed right around freezing all day so most of the snow is melting.

Bonnie was home on time and we had Nachos for supper, they were good.  Not much on TV so maybe I can get to bed early and catch up on my sleep.  The days have been a bit boring and look like they may stay that way for a while.


Not too cold this morning but it has started to snow.  I think I have a second cold, I usually only get one.  Made it up to court for a few hours but came home not feeling well.

Took it easy all day.  I did get the updated schedule sent out for our camping group but thats about it.

Headed to bed hope I feel better tomorrow.  We did get about 4 inches of snow in the yard, hope it warms up like it is supposed to.


Tough night I did not sleep well, running nose, fever, aching, could it be the flu.  Glad I did get my flu shot or it would be worse.  About 6 inch of snow now but it has stopped so hope I feel well enough later to move some of it.  Decided to stay home from church today and not spread what ever I have around.  Bonnie will go and represent us.

First I was hot, then cold, then felt pretty good so I went out and cleaned the driveway, will rest up and then do the deck.  The birds are out there now for the morning feeding.

Got the deck done too.  Tried to rest and nap.  Then over to my SIL for a haircut, we chatted a bit and then noticed it was snowing.  I jumped in the car and headed home.  The closer I got to home the harder it snowed.  Now just a couple hours later we have a fresh 6 inches of snow.  Guess I will be moving snow again in the morning.

Thats about it for this week.  Hope to get a few more pictures next week.

Thanks for checking in.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter drags on


I am always thankful for a good nights sleep and I got one last night.  Finished my book "Eminent Domain" by Traci Tyne Hilton.  A big wind blew in last night and its warmer air so it is up to 39 this morning.  I hope to get some work done out in the garage since it is warmer today.  I need to hook up a charging port in the Ranger and go out and read the electric meter.  The gas company only reads it every other month and then send me an email with the option to read it the other month.  Otherwise they estimate it.

It was up to 40 and not raining so I headed out to work on the Ranger.  It was a little sluggish to start so I checked the Battery and sure enough it needed some water added.

Just need to take the green caps off and add some water.

Then I added the charging port for the Battery Tender.

New charging port just behind the roll bar.
 Then I took a test ride out to pick up the mail and get a reading on the electric meter.

Nice to pull right up to the meter in the edge of the woods.
Now to send in either the reading or NTSEG lets you send in a picture of the meter

Bonnie brought home coffee from her trip to the Dominican Republic and her K-Cups were empty so I took the time to fill them for her today.  I will try some of these K-Cups also as the coffee is really good.  Check here for some reviews,  Cafe Santo Domingo

This is some good coffee
Bonnie got home and fixed supper, then a lazy evening of TV and I started a new book.


Really dark out this morning at 7:30.  It was 32 and most of the snow is gone so it must have stayed above freezing all night.  This is the third or fourth time the snow has all melted, it has been a strange winter, but I am not complaining everyday is one day closer to spring, the days are already getting longer.

Busy day today, I have to collect the trash and take it out on my way to work at court, then Alexus might need a ride to school as she goes in late because of mid term exams.  Then we have our annual Business Meeting at church, we a skipping WW, and then I have an audit of my court records by the Town Board.  So it looks like a busy day.  I got up a few minutes early and need to jump in the shower soon and get moving in case Alexus calls for a ride.

Got my home work done this morning and then headed up to court.  The weather got really nasty up there on the hill so headed home after about 3 hours.  Then home and started to watch a movie.  Then the power went out.  The generator came on but does not run the TV center.  So got an extension cord and got the DVD out to watch on the computer.  Note to self, but the TV center on the generator.  Then after a little over an hour power came back to switched back to the TV and DVD player to finish the movie.

Bonnie's home and we are headed to eat out before the church meeting.

We had a great dinner

Yummy Meatloaf Sandwich

Homemade Lemon Meringue pie 
I made it to both meetings and home, nasty weather in Attica and glad to be home.


No new snow overnight :).  I have been tracking a package we first sent at Christmas time and returned here because the PO Box had been closed, but the address still lived in the same town.  So I mailed it again on the 14th and the tracking app says it is back here in Varysburg today, can't wait to see why.  If I send it again it will be via UPS, no wonder the USPS is in such bad shape.

Lazy day today just a little laundry since I skipped last week.

I decided to check the mail and sure enough the package was there.  I headed down to the Post Office, she is at lunch and the window is closed until 1pm.  So I went up to Prallers and had a Tuna Sub for lunch.  Then back to the post office with the torn up package.  I did not post a picture of it because it has addresses on it.  But the post office worker typed the address into her computer and she said it definitely was a valid address.  She also said it was ridiculous that not only was it not delivered but the route it took.

She apologized several times.  So I asked for a refund, sorry no way to do that with the Post Office.  So I said I realize it is not your fault personally but we would be sending it via UPS, she understood.  Soon there will be no Post Office or it will change drastically and become competitive.

Wow where did the night go,  I missed posting this.

Thanks for Checking In

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home Coming, Bonnie's home and she has a bug


Nice and sunny at 8am when I got up.  Made my oatmeal and coffee and checked email.  Looks like a storm is coming.  Sure enough the clouds moved in and it is getting darker.  The deer must know something is coming they are in the yard eating grass and I caught one at the bird feeder.

Cleaning up the sunflower seeds the birds knock down.
 When it saw me in the door it took off but did not go far.  Turned around and waited for me to leave.

I think she is saying I really like those seeds 
Had my lunch and noticed it is starting to snow so I went out to bring in the mail, sure is windy and cold out.  I had gotten some things together that need mailed but decided to wait until tomorrow to go to the post office.  Looks like another lazy afternoon.  I did notice some tax information came in the mail guess I will take a look at that.

Well we got a blast of lake effect for about an hour and it dropped 3 inches of snow.  Glad it did not last all night.

Then I talked to Verizon about my house phone bill. I asked about a charge on the bill, they could not really explain it, said it was a long distance charge. I asked to what number, they could not tell me but assured be it was a legitimate call. I said I can save $15 a month switching to a cable phone. Just a minute she said. When she came back she said they are running a promotion and are lowing my rate $15 a month. Think I will call every month.


No new snow overnight so thats good.  Not much wash to do so I think I will wait.  I have kept up on the dishes so no worry there.  I did a little reading and then got dressed.  Put on my coat and went out and cleaned the snow off the deck, boy is it cold, in the teens.  While I was dressed I went down and cleaned the snow up around the garage and pavers, glad thats done.  Surprise UPS came early and brought me a set of earphones for the iPhone and iPod.  They block outside noise and I will use them when I cut grass to listen to podcasts.

Then I jumped in the truck and went up to court for a couple hours and to the post office on the way home.  I baked the last of the refrigerator cookies and they came out good.  About the time I got home the flight bringing the mission team landed in New York City.
Back in the USA
 I hope Bonnie is with them I have not heard anything from her.

Just got out of the shower and about ready to head into the airport.  Not snowing yet

The flights were all on time and we were home on time and the roads were clear.  We took care of a few blisters she had developed and then headed for a good nights sleep.


Up at my regular time.  Bonnie slept in a little but her body clock is still set an our ahead of us.  She worked at unpacking and I got to see her new purchases.  Then I downloaded her photos and put them on a thumb drive.  She has a 1pm meeting to put a report together with the team to present in church tomorrow.

Treating the body and the soul

She made a few phone calls so I went out and shoveled snow around the garage, we got a fresh 2-3 inches overnight.

We headed over to Attica for Bonnies meeting which took about 3 hours.  Then a quick stop at Tops for milk and we beat feet for home as Elizabeth and Alexus were coming over.  I jumped on the tractor to push the snow out of the way at the end of the driveway to make it easier for her to get out.  Bonnie had the chills on the way home and never got over them.  So she watched a little TV and went to bed.  The girls went home and I cleaned up the crook pot and put the ham in the refrigerator.  Heated up some left overs and had that for supper.  A little TV and then off to bed.


Bonnie is feeling a little better and we did go to church and she participated in the report the group gave during the service today.  Then it was home and we have just taken it easy all day.  So thats really about all there is to report on today.  I will post a few more of Bonnie's pictures.

XRAY room at the hospital

Local wildlife visit

Patient interview

Checking the BP the guy in red is the interpreter 

Some of the pretty flowers
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A welcome Warmup


It was right at 0 when I went to bed and had warmed up to 19 when I got up headed for a predicted 40 today and tomorrow.

After breakfast I started working on some paperwork for church.  Once it hit 34 I opened the garage doors to dry up the wet floor and warm it up in there.

Forgot it is a holiday.  So I went out and shoveled more snow off the deck so it will dry off with the warm up.  Then went down and moved the truck out of the garage to sweep it out.  Went out to check the mail, thats when it hit me it is a holiday.  I put the 10 gallons of extra gas I got the other day into the truck and CR-V.  Remember it was 70 cents off at Tops.  Of course the spout leaked onto my pants, so when I came into the house I did a load of wash.

Lunch time.  But first I wanted to try baking the cookies I picked up at Tops.  I am trying to learn to use the convection oven we just put in.  Then we can use the one in the motorhome more.
Refrigerator cookies
 The directions said 325 for 15 minutes.  I did the 325 for 12 minutes, it was a minute or two past what I would like.  Plus I like them a little flatter.  Help Caroline!  Can I flatten them a little be bore I bake them.

I need to work on my presentation, only 2 points a piece.
So I had a low point lunch so I could eat the fresh cookies.

Only 3 points
I did eat all 8 cookies but I wrote them down.  Should have saved a couple to have with ice cream latter.


Nice and warm out this morning again with about a quarter inch of rain in the gauge.  This is to go on all day and then Lake Effect Snow, the NWS has already posted up to 1 foot in the forecast.  Of course it all depends where it decides to hit.  I am on my second cup of coffee and already have collected the trash to go out today and cleaned the cat box and fed the cat.  I am also caught up on my blog reading so maybe I can watch a podcast.

Ran up to court for a couple hours and dropped the trash out at the road.  Still raining hard at times but still 46 out wow.  Still supposed to snow tonight.  Heading into Elizabeths for supper, skipping weight watchers.  Then on to the Town Meeting.

Great supper, I ate way to much.  The front came through high winds a gust at 63 mph in Attica, and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees so far.  Reports of trees and one building blown down.  The digital clocks are telling me the power was out while I was gone.  So far no snow.  I stopped in at the town meeting and took care of a little work at court.

Got home its almost 10, watched Ice Pilots and now the news then its off to bed after I read a little.  It will be interesting to see what surprises the weather brings us overnight.


The forecast foot of snow turned out to be just a trace overnight.  16 degrees this morning.  Then it snowed hard for about 30 minutes around 8:30 this morning not even a half inch.

Watched a couple podcasts iPad Today and MacBreak Weekly to keep in touch with whats happening in the Mac world.  Also tried baking a few more cookies in the Convection Oven took off a minute and they look good.

Then I got out our Dell NetBook running WindowsXP.  Looks like it will take a while to run the latest updates.

46 updates to download and install, another reason I like my Macs
It took hours but I think the updates are done.  I went out a shoveled the 1/2 inch of snow, I guess just to get some exercise.  Now to get a shower and head to a friends for supper.

Had a great supper of pork, carrots, potatoes, gravy and topped off with pumpkin pie.  Stayed and chatted until after 10 so am going to post this and hit the hay.  Its cold out again 11 degrees.

Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Bachelor Life begins

No worries its just for a week.


Lots of rain all night the sound of the rain and wind woke me several times.  Over 1/2 inch in the gauge this morning.  Sure glad it was not snow.  Rained off and on all morning.

Now the NWS has issued a weather advisory for snow and wind starting tonight.  Figures I have to take Bonnie to the airport leaving here at 2:30am so she can head South.

This is what she wanted for her last meal.  Elizabeth and Alexus came for supper and to say good bye.
We finally had time to watch the Christmas Story, been recorded since Christmas.

Pizza from the Hotel in Varysburg

and Wings, not many left.
Bonnie has gone to bed and I guess I better head in also, guess I will read till I get sleepy.  Not snowing yet.


2am wow that sounds early.  We are both up and getting ready.  39 degrees out thats good.
2:30am Bright eyed and smiling has her coffee and is ready to go

Not snowing yet and still 39.  Left to pick up Mary and the luggage at church in Attica, it is snowing now.  Everyone was at church when we got there and we were on the road by 3am as planned.

It snowed heavy on the way in but it was off and on.  As we got close to the airport the wind picked up and the cars were all snow covered.  We unloaded the luggage and I got them to pose for a group photo.

Unloading the luggage notice the snow in the lights

They look very happy for 3:40am
The trip home was a slow one.  Lots of snow on Route 400 but the plows were out trying to keep up with the snow.  It was blowing and snowing pretty hard.  Saw a couple milk haulers also and one raccoon, not much other traffic.  I got home about 4:40am and there is less snow here than in closer to the airport.  Now do I lay down again or not.

I did go back to bed around 5:30am and got up at 8:30am the cat was meowing not understanding why I was still in bed.  We have about an inch of snow already and boy is the wind blowing.  I checked and Bonnie's flight got to JFK and the second flight is now in the air.  Now to get the wash done, I am a day behind as I did not do the towels yesterday.

They arrived safe and on-time
I read some blogs and then went out and clean the snow off the deck and refilled the bird feeder.  Had the left over pizza for lunch and guess I should go out and clean up the driveway and get the mail.

Well I spent a couple hours outside shoveling and blowing snow.  It was pretty much a losing battle.  Between it snowing and blowing lots of the snow came back.  There are only 4 or 5 inches so it is not that bad.  Its nice dry snow except the bottom is wet from the warm ground.  I used the truck to pack it down again so the blower will not scoop up so many stones.  Hopefully it will freeze tonight and I can us the blower in the morning.  I also had two phone calls inviting me for dinner but decided to stay in and off the roads.  I already have 3 days of dinner invites that I have accepted.

View out the driveway

Only about 4 or 5 inches outside the garage door
Lazy evening watch a movie and some TV.  Time to read a little and sleep.  Its still snowing so will have cleanup to do again in the morning I think there is at least 4 more inches.


Well this morning it is still snowing but he wind has died down, I guess since yesterday afternoon another 6 or so inches.  The birds have been busy at the feeder and have eaten 1/4 of it already.  I read my blogs, had my coffee and watched God Rush.  Nothing left to do but go out and shovel snow so I can head up to court.

All the snow on the railing is from overnight

Wow over 100 views of Wednesdays blog, thanks for checking in.

It gook almost two hours but I got the driveway blown out and some around the garage, it was still snowing so I left some to do later.  I headed to the post office to remain a Christmas package that was returned and then I spent 3 hours up at court and then came back home.

Changed clothes and went out to clear the deck of about 8 inches of snow.  Was almost done when the little blower quit.  Ended up carrying it down to the garage to look at it.  But first I had to shovel the stairs.  I thought I ran out of gas and so filled the tank but that did not work.  Once in the garage I took out the spark plug and cleaned and reset the gap.  I checked the spark and it looked good.  I put it back in and hit the starter.  It started right up but in the dim light I saw the problem.  The spark plug wire was arcing over to the metal of the the blower body.  Not good.  I wrapped it in black tape and that will hold for a little while.  There is no fix but to replace the wire which is probably molded into the magneto assembly.

I put the tools away and carried it back up to the deck and gave it a test finishing up what I need to do.  While I was at it I cleaned the snow off the DISH antenna.  Time to go in and have a nice cup of hot chocolate and watch Air Alaska.

Watched a little TV then tuned in the football game to see how Denver was doing against New England, oh my, guess I will go read and get a good nights sleep.

Looks like another cold night


I was up early and off to church.  The car thermometer said -3 on the way to Attica, another cold one.
I came home for a few minutes after church changed and headed over to my SIL's for dinner with my MIL and FIL and her neighbors.  Delicious dinner, port tenderloin, carrots, mac and cheese.  Then cake and cookies for dessert.  Oh and if you happened to be a vegetarian there was Salmon.

We played a new card game to me called Skip-Bo, I won the first game and lost the next two.  Then I headed off to pick up Alexus from church for our movie date.  She and her mother were setting up for an appreciation dinner at their church.

It looked real nice for the dinner and they helped with the decorating
So Alexus and I headed to Quaker Run to see the new movie Joyful Sound, it was a fun movie and I really enjoyed it.  It was after 7 when the movie was over, all the stores were closed so we headed to East Aurora for supper.
She wanted to eat at:

Hope this does not keep me up late
We each had a sandwich and donut, the sandwich was really good.  Well it was after 8 so we headed for home.  Elizabeth was home when we got there so I went in to  say good bye and see how the dinner went. Just as I got in I got a Facebook call from my GD out in Alabama so I got to chat with her, my other GD and my son.  So I had a great day and a great evening.

Finally home time to do some reading and catch up a little.

Time to post this and call it a night.  Supposed to be 40 tomorrow, wow what weather.

Thanks For Checking In.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Packed and Ready to Head South

Not me,  Bonnie

I had a reader ask where to get the My-Caps for the K-Cups so here is the link to their site.  I believe I bought mine off of Amazon.  Here is the link
When leaving comments you can put just your name where it asks for the url or work your name into the comment so I know who the comment is from if you are asking a question.


Winter is so much easier to take when you wake up to bright sunshine!  Another day in the 40's.
It was a pretty laid back day.  I did get out the paint and roller and painted the ceiling over where the microwave was installed.  I also touched up above the sink where we changed curtain rods.  Bonnie got home early for her and we watched a pay per view since we had a certificate.  Mr Poppers, it was pretty good and we enjoyed it.

We fired up the grill and had a marinated turkey tenderloin they called it, with carrots and potatoes.  That was good too.

Then a little TV.  Pretty lazy day.  Going to read a little and then sleep.  Looks like Alabama will win the national championship without much of a problem.


Hate to say it but its dark and overcast today, miss the sun already.
Not too bad of a day.  I did have a session at court today.  All went well, and it was a light case load.

The arm of my chair one of her favorite spots to rest and reflect.
Got home just in time to get changed and head to WW and I lost again.  Then on to Elizabeths for supper.  I was even able to help Alexus with some math homework.  We had a good meal and a good time.

Once home we watched a little TV.  Now I am off to read a while before sleeping.  I am hoping this will be my second night without cold medicine.  But I think Elizabeth has the cold now.

3 nights before Bonnie heads to the Dominican.


Still dark when I woke up, rolled over great the sun is out, ok to get up now.

No real plans for today.

Phone call, now I have plans.  I am headed to Batavia this afternoon.  I need to go to BJ's to shop a little and then get fuel at Tops (Bonnie has credits for $.70 off a gallon)  I should take fuel cans too, then on to pick up the files and get a little instruction on being the Holiday Rambler Chapter 12 Secretary.  I always have a good time with Bob and Caroline so that will be fun.  Bob is our new President.  Caroline writes a blog also every week.  Here's Another Sunday  check it out.

I made it outside to take care of a few things.  I covered up the wood pile where the metal had blown off and started the tractor no problem and the Ranger it barely turned over but did start, guess I should put the charger on it for a while.

Looks good in the sun

All covered until the next big wind storm
So I am off for Batavia.

I had a great time chatting with Bob and Caroline and learning what my duties as secretary are.  I also was given the club records, lots of history there.  They kept very detailed and organized records.  I have big shoes to fill.

Caroline and the box of records plus the black briefcase in the back.
So once we finished with the records I tried to answer some of their questions on the iPad they bought for their daughter.  We had some coffee and some excellent cookies.  I am hoping they have more questions so I can visit again.

Rv'ing to me is all about relationships and we have great people in our club and I enjoy spending time with all of them.

Bonnie had a tough day at work so we are watching a little TV and she is decompressing.  And thats about it for this posting.

Thanks for Checking In.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Welcome Warmup


I had a good nights sleep without any medicine for my cold.  I am not 100% yet but in the 90s.
The alarm (which I seldom use anymore) went off at 6:30am.  Once I shaved and took my morning pills (part of getting old) I went out to eat breakfast and found that Bonnie was still sleeping.  Looks like I did not get her alarm set right.  My reason for getting up early was to take Alexus to Attica to the dentist.  Since Elizabeth just started her new job she could not take off, but she did bring Alexus here.  They were a bit late (seems Alexus had a nightmare and did not get much sleep).  So we called the office but ended up only being 2 minutes late.

Then it was off to her school, she only missed her first class and the dentist office even provided a note for her.

Dropped off at school with nice clean teeth
Then I headed into East Aurora and closed a checking account I have not used since October and they wanted to start charging me for it, so I closed it.  I had a nice chat with the manager and turns out she was a neighbor of one of my co-workers at Wyoming County when she grew up in Pike.  Finally I am headed for home.

Worked on my finances on the computer the rest of the morning until it was time for lunch.  Of course I had the towels in the washer and then the dryer.  The washer attacked me when I bent over to pick up a wash cloth.  Actually when I stood up my head ran into the soap drawer that was extended and the sharp edge cut my head.

No hair left to protect my head!
I also took time out to load coffee into K-Cups for Bonnie using my K-Caps to reuse them.

Reusing K-Cups
After lunch I worked on a project for a company I help from time to time to figure out some acreage.

Google Earth and Sketch
Not totally accurate but both programs are free.  If you pay for Google Earth you get better accuracy.
I also got a call from a friend with a computer question, after we discussed it he got home and answered his questions himself after all.  A fresh look at a problem often unlocks the answer.

Bonnie called and will be a little late but not bad.  She made it earlier than she thought, good news.
Supper time and then some TV after we look at the snail mail.


Relapse, yep had a rough night and took some different medicine, did not sleep well.  The first load is in the washer.  I plan to be up at the town building by 11 to help hook up the Verizon cellular phones that we are going to use in place of the cable VOIP phones we have been using.

Well bummer the Verizon setup is not going to work because we have multiple phones on the same number.  I did get a computer upgrade done and worked on setting my files up for the coming year.

It was a beautiful day nice and sunny and warm.

Over 48 degrees today, very nice for January in Buffalo
Since it was such I nice day I got the compressor out and checked the tires on the trek and tractor.

Added a little air to all the tires.
Once Bonnie got home we all headed to the Lodge for a fish fry and celebrated Elizabeth's first week on a new job.  Dinner was great and we had a good time.  Then on to home a little TV and a good nights sleep.


Another fitful night, lots f coughing that keep me awake some.  Sunny warm in the 40's day again :).
Off to court for a while.  returned home 3 hours later.

Just in time to head for Jackson's birthday party.

Get all the paper off and then open the box!

Nick coming out of his visit to the new tent.

Jackson enjoying his cupcake and Woggy waiting to clean up the crumbs.

We had a good time at the party and the food was great as always, glad I saved lots of WW points.
We got back home around 8 watched a little TV and now its time to call it quits.

I also spent the evening researching Home smokers and how to smoke meats etc.  It anyone has experience let me know


Another rough night.  Sure wish I could shake this cold which now is mostly a nighttime cough.  Last night took a shot of two different medicines.  The second being NyQuil at 2am.  So I have a NyQuil hangover this morning.

I made it to church and started to feel a little better.  While we were in church it snowed enough to cover the cars and grass, most of it melted during the afternoon.  We had lunch and then I was planning to go to the movies with Elizabeth and Alexus.  I got to feeling not so good so ended up staying home.  We watched a little TV and a movie between naps.  Feeling somewhat better now so will get this posted.  Bonnie leaves for the Dominican Republic next week, keep her and the rest of the Misson Team in you your prayers.

Thanks for Checking In

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1st Week


I slept better last night than I have lately I may just be on the mend.  Only about 2 inches of snow here and about 30 degrees.  The snow has stayed South of us so far they have 6 or more inches so far.
I did clean the deck off as it is easier to move a couple inches at a time.  Shortly after that the sun came out for a couple hours.  We watched some movies and Bonnie is sorting through old photos getting ready for here next project.

We heard from Elizabeth on her way home.  She had a great first day at work and seemed very happy.

Buffalo Chicken Wing dip for supper (Melanie's recipe) so good.  Then more TV and now off to bed.
All in all a pretty boring day, but so far good news very little snow.


Its a cold 12 degrees out this morning but the sun is trying to come out and it is snowing.  The good news is the Lake Effect Warning has been canceled.

I was about to jump in the shower when the guys called and said they would be right over to install the shelves and paint.  So in a few minutes they were here.  And here is the almost finished project.

Just waiting for the ceiling primer to dry
I say almost done because I still need to put the final coat of paint on the ceiling.  Nice job guys.  Contact me online if you need any work done.  Now I am headed up to court to catch up and to drop the trash out at the road.  Later today is WW.

Wow is it cold out.  The car thermometer said 3 degrees on the way home from court.
At least the sun was out and the days are getting longer again.

Good week at WW Bonnie and I both lost 2.6 lbs.  Then on to Elizabeths for one of my favorite dinners Shake and Bake Pork Chops, potatoes and peas.

Hard to see but it says -4
-4 on the way home from Elizabeths tonight.  So cold the low tire pressure alarm went off in the car, I checked them all and they were just a lb or 2 low.  I topped them off so they should be good now for the winter.  Its a good night to curl up in bed with a good book and an extra blanket.  Think thats what I will do.


Well the sun came out today and warmer air moved in again temperature got up to almost 30 degrees.  Even so the snow did not melt much.  I had a long list for today and worked on the computer most of the morning.  Then had a quick lunch.

After lunch I shoveled off the deck all the way around the house and the stairs going down to the garage.  Then filled the bird feeder, those Gold Finch have been hitting it hard.  I notice a few deer tracks up to the feeder also.  I have also seen 3 squirrels at a time out there.  Then down to the garage and shoveled the paver area and then used the snow blower in front of the garage.  I have not used the tractor and blower yet so figured I better start it and use it to pack down some of the driveway.  That led to adjusting the garage door as it was not going up all the way with out stopping.  Finally done with the snow but still had to move the truck out and sweep the water out of the garage.

Once back in the house I sorted receipts and paperwork, preliminary work for doing the taxes.  Then around 4 I was done and sat back down.  When I was out I took a look at the propane tank, down to 20%, I checked the records and its been almost 2 months since they came.  A short time later the propane truck backed in and filled the tank, 202 gallons.  So we should be good till the end of February unless it gets extra cold.  Next in the driveway was the UPS truck with an Amazon delivery.  Some adapters so we can plug in the new phones next to the beds.

Bonnie came home, made a good supper and then I napped while she watched some of her shows.
Then we watch Hawaii Five-O and thats about it for tonight.  Sorry not much exciting happening and sometimes thats good.

Thanks for Checking In.