Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all !

Thanksgiving always brings back memories of large family meals and days spent playing with cousins that I only got a chance to be with once or twice a year.  We always had great times and great food wherever we were.  Today is a bit cold and right now outside there is a light drizzle.  However we are under a winter weather advisory for freezing rain and tomorrow for the dreaded "Lake Effect" snow warning for up to a foot of snow.  The bright spot is the forecast for the next 7 days shows warmer temps.  That will give me a chance to set up the snow blower on the tractor and officially switch over to winter mode.

No snow on the ground yet this year but it is in the forecast
Many of you have followed our travels on my old blog and I am just learning how to use this one so please bear with me and feel free to leave comments and offer suggestions.  If you have trouble with the comments, it asks for an identity if you do not have an online one, you can use the anonymous but put you name in the comment section so I know who you are.

My next trip is planned for the end of April out to Indiana.  I hope to blog from time to time this winter as a form of practice so you should be hearing from me.

Bonnie has finished the preparations for dinner and the oven is set on auto to heat it up.  Then we load up the car and head for Java Village for the family dinner at the church as there are to many of us to fit into any of our houses.

All this to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! to all our friends and family.  Have a great day and enjoy time with Family and Friends.