Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Refrigerator Recall

I have been reading for quite some time in the RV Blogs that I follow about refrigerator fires in RVs.  The refrigerators in RVs are for the most part gas absorption technology.  This enables them to work off or electric or propane.  Our refrigerator is made by Norcold and they have just issued a large recall that covers units all the way back to 1999.

This is the business side of the Refrigerator

So I called Buffalo RV a couple weeks ago, they ordered the recall kit.  I finally got a call last Saturday and today I had the recall done.  The recall basically puts in a temperature sensor that will shut down the unit if it gets too hot and hopefully before a fire starts.

I arrived at Buffalo RV around 10:30am for an 11:00am appointment.  Check in was easy and they took the coach to the shop about 10 minutes early.  This is their first time doing this recall so it may take longer than the estimated 30 minutes that Norcold says it will take.  They have a comfortable waiting area with power to plug in computers but no WiFi.  So I am using my phone to access the net.  I asked if I could take pictures of the process but Mike told me they usually do not allow customers back in the shop.  So I will try to get a copy of the instructions and look up inside and see if I can tell what was done.  Its almost 12 noon so it should be done any time now.  My plan now is to take out to storage latter today as there is snow in the forecast for later this week, you figure it is in the 50's today.

You can see the new module near the top.
The recall was finished just after noon and I signed the paperwork and after a quick look in the access panel I headed home.  Boy is it windy, one gust literally blew the MH halfway into the next lane which was thankfully empty.  I made it home safely and put out the slides to allow the awnings to dry some since we have had a few days of rain.

The shiny silver insulation on the right is new also.

I plan to leave shortly and head for the storage place in Gainesville.  Bonnie will pick me up after work and we should be set for the winter as far as the motorhome is concerned.

Well the Motor Home is all tucked in for the winter

Since I am new to this way of blogging I will try to post a few times this winter and both keep you informed and practice for next years travel.

Thanks for checking in and God Bless you and your family.