Monday, November 29, 2010

Ready for the Winter Snows

Since it snowed about 6 inches last week I figured it was about time I get ready.  I was slowly getting ready but did not have my main snow fighter ready yet.  I took care of that today.  Yep I put the 60 inch blower on the John Deere Compact Tractor.  Its main job is cleaning the 510 foot driveway.
The Blower is all ready to go

I even went ahead and put the chains on
Then I also have a Cub Cadet blower for cleaning around the garage and between the house and the garage.  It comes in handy as it is too easy to hit something with the big blower.

Cub Cadet and JD at the ready in the garage
I also have a small blower I use on the back deck to keep the snow off of there.

 I gassed it up and moved it up to the deck.  Then I remembered that the flags and flag pole needed to be taken down, taken apart and stored for winter. So thats done also.

One of several snow shovels used for clean up work.  Somedays to clear a path to the garage.
Then I cleaned up the snow that has not melted yet.  Rain is in the forecast with high winds so that could prove interesting.

I also made a run to Attica to do a little banking.  I also stopped at Attica Hardware and picked up a 100lb drum of ice melter.

So it has been a productive day, time to sit back and relax, I already took a couple ibuprofen.

I almost forgot my niece posted a picture of my GrandNephew and me.  Here it is:

Thanks for checking in.


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