Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Air Leak (Monday) Radiator Leak (Tuesday)


This morning when I started the coach I noticed it took longer for the air gauge to get up to 120.  Then when I turned off the engine it bled down to 90 quickly.  I went outside and could hear it hissing.  I called coach-net our roadside service provider and they called back in about 10 minutes with a place to to take it to get it looked at.  We finished packing up and headed to Nebraska-Machinery.  They are a CAT dealer but were willing to fit us in where others said we would have to wait weeks.  I met Rick Todd who was filling in for the Service Manager and he assured me they would be able to fix it.  He had kept a bay open for me and had me pull right in.  I left it in his hands and we headed for the mall.  Penny's was having a going out of business sale and Bonnie wanted to go.  We got there a few minutes before 10.  We stayed cool and the ladies shopped.  It cost more here than the coach repair would cost.  I talked to Rick just before noon and it was all fixed $65 valve and 1 hour of labor at $92, cheaper than most RV places.  So we were on the road by 1pm.

We pretty much focused on driving the rest of the day with only a couple stops to stretch and hit the head.  We also entered the Central Time Zone and lost an hour, pulling into the campground around 9:20.  Hope we can sleep in a bit in the morning.  Then we will head for Iowa.  Once again everyone is in bed and I better get there also.


Told Bonnie tonight I was getting tired of working on the MotorHome.  We started out this morning in the 70's in Henderson, Nebraska and finished up tonight in Iowa City, IA 106 on our thermometer.  Nothing really to take pictures and it is just too hot for anyone to go sightseeing.  So we are in travel mode and will probably be home earlier than planned.

Would hate to break down while hauling a tank.  This is at Flying J where we fueled up

When we got here tonight I checked the oil and coolant.  The coolant looked a little low and so I added some.  But then looking around I saw some stains in the dust and dirt on the back and crawled under and sure enough the radiator is leaking some.  I had it replaced in October 2010 so it should not be leaking but it is.  I think we will be able to get home with it as it is.

We ate out at a local Italian restaurant tonight and it was really good, we all shared a pizza, Dad even asked for seconds.  Then back to the coach to shower and have a little ice cream for dessert.  Tomorrow we will lose another hour so it will seem like a long day again.  But we plan a couple nights in Shipshewanna, IN.

Thats it for tonight, stay tuned for more adventure.


The radiator seeped a little today but other wise no problems.  The GPS let us down a couple times today or I missed turns and got us a little lost.  But we finally made it to Shipshewanna, IN about 5:30pm.  Its just to hot to tour much so we will relax tomorrow and then head the rest of the way home on Friday.   That will make 29 nights on the road, I think it will feel good to be back in our house for a few weeks.

I could not believe the number of trucks on the road all day especially as we went South of Chicago and Gary Indiana.  Many of them being driven like sports cars.  Cars cutting us off were also a concern.  But we made it and I think we are all tired again tonight.  So tonight will be an early night to bed for all of us.
Bonnie made BBQ with cole slaw for supper and ice cream for dessert.  I went up and washed the car.  It gets awful dusty behind the coach and we got some tar on it out west somewhere.

So thats about it for the trip home, no pictures again as we are in travel mode vs tourist mode.  Many of you have commented on the pictures, I am glad that you have enjoyed them.

Sundays update should be from home and I will try to do some recaps of the trip.

Thanks for checking in.