Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 2 Wisconsin Dells, July 3rd moving to Welcome, MN, Mitchell, SD


I think we all slept good last night and was up at 8am.  We plan to take a boat ride today around 11.  It is already getting hot out, some have sat out and some have been on walks.  Bonnie and her mom picked a few blackberries.  Of course Bonnie found a rock to hide away in the basement, another treasure.  I caught up on email and managed to get the blog posted.  Last night I could not connect.

Off to downtown Wisconsin Dells.  I won't write much will let the pictures tell the story.

Not the jet boat tour

Some of the boats behind us

Lots of interesting rock formations

Our boat was just like this passing one on the Upper Dells

This is a Bacteria that starts to grow once the water is 72 degrees it is not an Algae  
Interesting Rock formations

Some of the ducks are used as shuttles

On the Original Ducks it was a good experience

Sarah our pilot for the trip did a good job

We even saw the Trojan Horse
It was a pretty long hot day as the temperature approached 100 and the heat index was way over 100.  The breeze on the water felt good and it was cool back in the dells.


A front went through this morning a few drops of rain and a little thunder is what we got which is ok but this area needs some rain like most out this way.  We are headed to Welcome, MN so better get moving and break camp.

The temperature was not bad most of the morning but we did have to start the generator after we got fuel as it was in the 90's again.  The chrome tip came off the generator this morning, it looked funny when I did my walk around, when I grabbed it it came right off.  It just needs a screw, I will take a look at it later tonight as it helps keep the fumes out of the coach.

Lunch under the shade of a pavilion at a rest area

A great overnight stop and got Passport America rate 50% off full hookup 50amps

Dad keeping cool in the shade

Road repair the screws come out so I put in bigger ones

Still mighty hot
Bonnie and Mom have gone to do the laundry and Dad and I are sitting in the shade, where it is still hot.  The AC is running in the coach and it will be cool in a little while.  It seems there is not much around Welcome to see and Bonnie said leave the car hooked up.  I ran it for a while to charge the battery and almost forgot about it.

It took literally hours for the laundry to dry but Bonnie got it done.  Dinner was a great salad she made and we all enjoyed that except Dad who said he was not hungry.  We topped it off with some sherbet.  Then they watched a little TV and we headed off to bed to read a little before going to sleep.

Wednesday July 4th

Happy Birthday to our Country still the Greatest on Earth.

I think we all slept good and were up a little early today, with will be good since it is to get even hotter today.  Looking ahead we should get a little reprieve toward the end of the week.  Time to pack up and head for Mitchell, SD home of the Corn Palace we should be there until the 6th.

Just a short run to Mitchell around 177 miles, we were in the campground around noon.  This is a good stop over campground, we have a level cement pad to park on, the pool is 100 feet out the front door, and the office has super fast internet.  I have lots of signal in the coach but seldom can I connect.  They say they have trouble with the provider.  I think the routers need reset but they are saying they know nothing about it.  So here I am in the office where they have two nice recliners to relax in while I update the blog.  Best thing is this is a Passport America member park and we get 50% off even on the 4th of July.  The folks next to us are from Syracuse and just started full timing.

Our site 104

I love their sign
After lunch we headed over to the Corn Palace.

Even though the car thermometer said.

Thats right 104 and the wind was like a blast furnace
Its an interesting place. All the murals are made from corn and other natural materials.  This is the time of the year they start to replace the natural material and change the theme.  This year is Youth Athletics.

The left spire is lighter and new the right side is last years

They have 13 colors of corn to crete the murals
After that we headed to WalMart.  Bonnies accordion file had already broken so she exchanged that and we picked up some groceries.  Since it was the 4th of July Bonnie prepared and I grilled chicken out on the grill, while the others sat in the air conditioning.  Just kidding it had cooled off to 96 so it was not bad.  Plus I had just come from the pool so was somewhat cooled off.

Supper turned out great.
Well thats about it for tonight so I will get this posted.  We are spending another night here and then moving over to Wall, SD for 3 nights. We will visit two or three National Parks over there.

Since the internet is fast here I will add a few more pictures from the last couple days.

Thanks for checking in.

The leaping dog