Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hanging Out in Myrtle Beach


Guess I was the first one up and in the living room this morning.  I opened the door and listened to the waves, quite loud today, as I read my email and blogs.  Sharon got up a while later and then Bonnie.  We had a bird fly in the door but it did not stay long it went over into Sharon,s room and out her door or its hiding in there.  It was very foggy all night but the sun is trying to burn through now.

We hung around the condo this morning and made some plans for later in the week.  Then after a quick lunch we headed down the beach.  We ended up at Huntington State Park.  It is mostly a large Salt Marsh and some water.  We saw lots of birds and our first alligator.  Here are a few pictures.

Our first gator we saw him crawl up out of the water
I think this is a Great Egret

I don't know birds is this some type of crane

Oyster beds

So much to look at

Large green grass hopper


Listening to the clapping shrimp

Some birds have large feet

This guy had some serious lens on his camera

Pathway to the Sea

Some fun time

Looks like Edith Ann

The State Parks Fishing Pier, they were not biting

Yep thats Bonnie shelling

Stopped at DQ for supper
It gets dark so early.  We were back before 7 and now the girls have headed for the hot tub.

Warming up in the Hot Tub after a DQ Blizzard
Thats it for tonight.


Bright and sunny this morning no fog the room shades could not keep the sun out at 7 this morning.  Its a bit cooler today and perfect to have the doors open and listen to the ocean.  Bonnie went out shelling for a while before she had breakfast.  Sharon is excited as her long time friend Verlynn is driving down from Wilmington to see her today.

A visit from a friend
Picking up shells on the beach
Nothing on the agenda for today until 6pm, when we are heading over to Medieval Times to see the show as Sharon has never been.  Verlynn is here and Sharon has taken her to walk the beach.  Then we visited for a while and they went out for lunch.  Its much cooler today and most people outside have jackets on.

Just a lazy day for us so far, I did notice that over 31,000 people have viewed our blog.  Not many compared to some blogs I read but a lot for me just the same.

Late afternoon we headed over the the Medieval Times arena for the 6pm show.  There were maybe between 80 and 100 people there.  We did get to sit in the first row center so most of the action was right in front of of us.  The show was pretty good but I am sure its better when there is a big crowd there to cheer them on.  Never the less we had a good time.  My only gripe is that the tickets are not cheap and then they come by twice to sell you pictures at $15 a piece, flags to wave for your Knight $5 and various other things.  Then at the end a special tray to put a gratuity on for your wench.  All in all a good evening.

The Lord Chancellor

Her Ladyship

Lord and Lady

Our Wench 
Opening of the show

Lord Chancellor was also the MC

Our Knight

Line up the Knights

I was up again around 7:30.

I caught the beach cleaner this morning
We have a 9am appointment with Michael to get a complete tour of the property and of course hear the sales pitch.  For this 90 minutes we get breakfast and our internet access free for the week.  So it should be worth it.

The tour went well, breakfast was ok.  He did not really try to sell us as we told him we already have 2 weeks else where and the Coach to travel in.  So he told us their plans and showed us the nice new condos that mostly are sold out.  We could not have bought the size we would need if we had wanted to.  So we had a nice visit with him and then came back up to the room.  Bonnie is not feeling good so not sure what we will do today.

Well Sharon and I decided to go out an explore a little.  I had seen a brown sign for Wachasaw Landing so wanted to go and see what that was.  It turned out to be a public boat launch on the Waccamaw River which is part of the Inter-coastal Waterway.  Some very big and nice boats there.  We did watch one smaller boat get launched.  The sun did come out but its a bit windy and cool today so not much outside activities.

Then we headed over to Camping World to just look around but I did find a couple Christmas presents.  We were both hungry by now and decided we would try Mexican.  The Hippo Nacho was ranked high in Yelp so we headed for that.  It turned out to be an upscale but casual place but not very authentic.  We both had fish or shrimp tacos.

Fish Taco only my second but I like them
Fried Sweet Plantains
I should have had my Wall Drug T-shirt on
I have the shirt I got at Wall Drug with me an I always get comments when I wear it from people that have also been there.  After lunch we headed to the boardwalk area of the beach.  This place must be a zoo in the summer.

Still limited parking

Sidewalks are full in the summer empty now
 Even though there are few people here the stores are still open.  We are told there will a lot of visitors Thanksgiving week.

This place was the size of a phone booth

Sharon walked down to the pier to get a penny pressed

187 feet high the Sky Wheel

Pretty impressive

One VIP cab with a glass floor
We looked into taking a ride but its $15 and no one was on it the whole time we were there.  We continued down the beach and soon arrived back at the condo.  Bonnie was still laying down but said she was feeling better.  She had gone to the beach earlier to pick up a few shells.

Well thats about it for tonight, it gets dark so early and fast this time of year.

Thanks For Checking In!

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