Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Orlando Sea World


We finally got going this morning and made it to Sea World at 11 two hours after they opened.  The lines to get in were still long and people everywhere.

And this was preferred parking

Confusion at the entrance
Once we got in we headed to see the Orca's perform

Completely out of the water

3 different sizes

Forward flip

Back flip

Past an eagle

Close encounter
Then to see the Sea Lions

A pirate theme

Is he stuck

Unsuspecting guest about to get wet
Then the Dolphins


A good look, high and dry

Lots of jumping

Perfect dive

High flying

All together now

Asking how to become a trainer

Just as the woman yelled get off the wall
Where did the day go its dark out already.  We finally headed back to the condo around 8pm.  Elizabeth made a salad and then the girls headed to the hot tub and pool.  My legs are to sore to even head down there.  It will not be a problem getting a good nights sleep tonight.


I knew I was tired last night but I did not even wake up until 8:55 this morning.  By 10am Bonnie and I were in the car headed for the Cracker Barrel near Lazy Days to have lunch with our blog and podcast friends Kathy and John Huggins.

Kathy and Bonnie catching up

John and Kathy on the porch at Cracker Barrel
We would have been there in just under an hour if not for the two accidents on I-4.  As it was we were only delayed about 15 minutes.  We had a good meal and  even better time visiting for several hours.  They were there to have some work done on their coach and so we went over to check on that.  They headed to service and we talked to the salesman that had shown us around last year.  We chatted with Ron Alexander for a while and then went to see how there coach was doing.  It was done and they were headed out to return to their campground.  We headed back to the condo and it took less than an hour.

The girls had not done anything special all day just took it easy.  Elizabeth is fixing a nice dinner and we will take it easy tonight.  The big storm that is causing the snow back home has brought us warm temps it was 82 here and we have a tornado watch going on just north of here.


Been seeing many pictures on Facebook of the snow back home.  We had a brief shower this morning and its still 65 here, they say it is cold, feels good to us.  We have an airboat tour booked for later if it does not get too windy.  I will soon have to get the rest of the crew up so we can get going.

Well the skys cleared and the sun came out nice and bright.  We headed for Christmas, FL about 11am.  We were headed to Airboat Rides @ Midway.  We got out there early so we drove through the campground there and then over to Fort Christmas for a quick tour.

Fort Christmas Entrance

Lots of Spanish Moss
Then over to the Airboats.  We were happy to see that Pork Chop the Pig was still there.  This is the same place that Bonnie and I were at last year.

Pork Chop
There were lots of smiles on the trip

Some also looked serious
We stopped a number of times to look at gators and even saw two Bald Eagles

One of the larger gators

The second eagle we saw

The water in the Cyprus grove was way down from last year.
Then when we got back the girls got to hold a baby gator

 It was the middle of the afternoon by now and we were all hungry so we found a Chick-Fil-A

From there we went to WalMart and picked up some hair clippers.  I really need a hair cut and Bonnie is going to try her hand at that tomorrow, stay tuned.

Thats about it for today, we plan to hang around the resort tomorrow and partake in their activities, find a turkey meal somewhere, and pick up some oranges for Bonnie.

Thanks For Checking In!

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