Sunday, November 3, 2013



Raining when I woke up this morning and looks like it will rain all day.  Looks like the local Trick or Treaters will be wet tonight.  We are helping at our church's Harvest Fest tonight so I am thinking that  the weather will give us a good attendance.  We are preparing for our trip South so today may be a good day for me to work in the garage and get some things done.

After I posted the blog last night I had a FaceTime call from a friend about the new MAC Operation System called Mavericks.  Bonnie and I upgraded to it a few days ago and have figured out some of the new "features" and I shared that with him.

Bonnie caught up on her sleep this morning and finally got up.  We have each been running in different directions but today we both are home till 5pm.  So we were able to sit down together have a short Bible study and then pray together for friends and family.  Then I headed out to work on my Winter preparations.

I moved out the cars and set up the tractor to put the snow blower on it.

The before picture
 I lined up all the pieces and the tools and got to work

The During 
Everything went smoothly and it took about an hour to mount the blower, then about another 30 minutes to grease and lube everything.  Then I fired up tractor and revved up the blower.  It ran smoothly and no strange noises.  So I think its ready to go.

The After ready for winter.
Since the cars and equipment were out of the garage I took the time to run some of the gas engines and put Sta-Bil in them to help stabilize the fuel.  However I have read that the new gas with alcohol in it does not store well.

After that I swept out the garage, sweeping around things.  I need to move stuff and give it a real good cleaning.  Then I opened up the drains and cleaned the dirt, bugs etc.  Then a final flush of water.  Glad I looked they were pretty full.

Nice and clean now.
Thanks again Bill Beck these drains work so well.  Hoping to relax a little now.

Got in the house and Bonnie was having internet issues and trying to put in a Thirty One order.  Our modem has been going off line about once a day lately.  Elizabeth is having the same problem a few miles away.  Hoping its Time Warners problem.  I called Time Warner and the machine told that my modem was off line again.  I unplugged the Modem, plugged it back in and it came back on line.

We made it to church and got our assignments.  I did security and Bonnie did a craft.

Pastor and his brother the ballon artist
Everyone had a good time
Bonnie's craft
Rain and very windy on the drive home, the roads were so dark.  Glad to be home.


The wind howled and it rained hard most of the night, over 1.5 inches in the rain gauge.  The sun did come out around 9 this morning.  Time to make some more preparations for winter,  Bonnie was busy in the kitchen making corn chowder for supper.  I headed outside to do a couple of things.

I broke down the Cyclone Rake, drained the fuel and put it away down in the shed.  Last year I started putting the engine and blower in a a big plastic bag which kept the mice out the the engine.

Almost ready to go into storage
The yard is so wet I decided to blow off the mower and put it in the shed also.  Then I decided I would put the stakes along the driveway to mark it, to help me when I blow snow.

Lots of stakes, but the ground is nice and soft after the rain

Ready for winter
I worked my way out to the road, then I grabbed the mail and put the Ranger in the garage.  I grabbed the fuel can and headed down to Praller's to get diesel fuel for the tractor.  Once home I topped off the fuel tank.

Dropped off some mail while in town
Yep I mailed some Medicare information back while I was in town.  Home again and one last thing to get down.

I took down the flags and the pole and put them away until spring.

Took these down for the winter
Then we jumped int he car, picked up Alexus for the night as her mother is helping at the Woman's retreat.  We headed over to Uncle Harry's his wife just passed away and we took the corn chowder for supper.

Finally home safe and sound for the night.


Another wet morning with more liquid sunshine to the West headed this way.  Heading up to work on my monthly report.  LED prepared the monthly report and I submitted it, so another preparation is checked off.

I had hoped to clean the gutters this afternoon, but the rain never stopped so that will wait for another day.  Bonnie was helping her sister get from the hospital to the rehab facility.  They called once for help with an address so hopefully she will be home here soon.  Elizabeth stopped in for a few minutes and I put air in her tires as her low air light was on.  They were down 10 lbs so really needed it.

Hopefully it will be a nice quiet light.


31 when I got up this morning, first time below 31 for this season on our thermometer.  We all got ready and headed out early to pick up Elizabeth as she was working in the nursery this morning.  Pastor Todd finished up his 6 week series on the book of James.  After church we deposited a check for Bonnie's sister and then did a little shopping at Tops in East Aurora.  One last stop to pick up eggs for Elizabeth.  Then lunch at her house, Stuffed Pepper soup.  It was good and then we headed home. Watched the beginning of the race and then the end of the Bills game,  they lost to the KC Chiefs.

It stayed cold today but Bonnie did go out and planted some bulbs.  I still need to clean the gutters but otherwise I think we are ready for our trip and for winter.

Well the clock were set back last night and sunset was 5:02 today and it was dark by 5:30.  Not much else planned for tonight so I will get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Not Big Enough"