Sunday, November 24, 2013

Leaving Myrtle Beach, Orlando Now


Very overcast again first thing this morning.  Everyone is finally up and the sun has come out and is nice and warm.  Today is our last day here so we are doing a few things to get ready for travel tomorrow.  Sharon will be flying home and we will be dropping her off pretty early in the morning as we leave town and head South for Orland.  Elizabeth will fly down there tonight.  Bonnie is doing two loads of wash so we will leave here with clean clothes.

We are heading down to Murrells Inlet for lunch, hoping to visit the fishing piers and see some boats come in.  So we found the Marsh Walk which is about a 1/2 mile board walk.

Sharon found a big fish
And a Pirate

A real Fishing Boat 
We also sound a few Pelicans preening themselves

A nice fishing pier to walk out on

Another type of Osprey flew over
Interesting little walk and all the signs for the eating establishment caught my eye.

One of my HS Classmates, suggested we look up a place called Flo's so we did.  It is a New Orleans style restaurant and has a large parking lot that only had  a few cars in it.  It was after the lunch rush so we went in.  Well to say the least we were disappointed, disappointed that we had not come here earlier in the week.  The food was the best we have had all week and the prices were good room  The waitress we had was very friendly and helpful.  Just as we ordered the man at the next table over asked to talk to the manager.  Turns out he wanted to tell her how good the service was and that he loved the Key Lime Pie.  We shared a bowl of Gumbo to start and then we had a Seafood Basket, a Shrimp Poboy, and an Oyster Poboy.  They were wonderful.  The hush puppies were real and the sweet butter, wow.  Then Bonnie had Creme Bulea and Sharon and I shared a piece of key lime pie.

Flo's Place in Murrells Inlet, SC

New Orleans style gumbo

Oyster Po'Boy

Creme Brûlée 

Wonderful Key Lime Pie
We waddled out of there and after a brief stop at the Christmas Mouse so the girls could shop we headed back to the Condo.

Bonnie made her last trip to the beach and we are in the pack up and rest up to head out in the morning.  Now a little TV and then early to bed.


The alarms went off at 6am this morning.  Everyone was up, packing and getting ready for the day.  We ate a quick breakfast and then loaded up the car.  Sharon got a notification that her flight would be a little late, but we took her to the airport and dropped her off on our way out of town.  I got a text around 2pm that she was home safe and sound.

We headed West and about 100 miles later hit I95 and turned south.  The girls did a few things and then checked into the condo.  Later they did some shopping and then turned there rental car in.  The car was more convenient and cost less than a taxi from the airport.

We had a long, over 500 mile trip, but good trip.  We made a stop at Hardee's for Bonnie and later a rest stop.  We crossed into Georgia and kept on going.  We did see some unharvested cotton fields and others that had been picked with large bales of cotton still sitting in the field.

We stopped at the Florida visitors center and tried to buy a Sun Pass for the toll roads.  My credit card could not be verified, we tried a couple times.  Then used cash.   Back in the car we tried to activate the pass, no go my card was rejected.  I figured I better call the credit card company.  Yep they had a block on my card thinking it had been compromised again.  So I got that straightened out and we got the card activated and funded.

Unlike EZ-Pass this is like a sticker you put on the windshield, very thin
 No accidents today on the roads we traveled but we got to Orlando during the rush and traffic was slow for about 10 miles or so.  We made it to the Condo just before dark.  Alexus met us at the gate with the gate pass and helped carry up the luggage.

Elizabeth had nice salad plates ready for supper.

We were greeted with nice salads for supper
The girls had picked up a movie and we watched it after supper and then the Friday night shows.  I think I will sleep well tonight.


Nice and sunny this morning and ended up in the 80's.  While back home they had lake effect snow and cold.

We headed over to Gatorland today.  One thing we wanted to do was get Alexus's picture sitting on a Gator again 11 years after she did it the first time.  Lots of traffic here but we made it over there before noon and spent the whole day.

Traditional arrival photo

Some of the little ones

Lots of Wood Storks here

And Parrots

and another

One of the White Gators 
Gator Wrestling

Christian Opens his mouth

Don't try this at home

The money shot

Looks like she is enjoying it

Even Bonnie got in on the action

Gator Jumparoo show

Turns out the Croc got most of the chicken

His second chicken

They were jumping high today

Close encounters

A big diamond back


More birds

This guy was a ham

Catching the last sun rays of the day

Last show of the day

The final jump
We headed from here over to the Super Walmart to pick up groceries and a night light.  Its so dark in the bed room I walked into the closet last night looking for the bathroom, no alcohol involved.  The girls shopped for an hour.  Many grocery bags and $200+ dollars we had lots of food to eat this week but no night light.

Well thats it for tonight.


I was up first this morning at 8am the others slept till after 10.  Its overcast and windy today and we have nothing planned so we may just take it easy today and plan for the rest of the week.  We are planning to visit Lazy Days on Tuesday to have lunch with John and Kathy of Living the RV Dream
We keep in touch with them and meet up for a meal when ever we can.

We we really took it easy almost all day.  We did all go over to an outlet mall and the girls did a little shopping.  Then a stop at Sonic and back to the Condo.  Traffic is just crazy here.  The mall parking lot was overflowing and cars were parked everywhere.  Glad to be back at the condo for the night.

Going to watch Alaska The Last Frontier, Thanksgiving episode.  It was on 63 today and the natives are all bundled up.

Thanks For Checking In!

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