Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bar Harbor


It was cooler last night as the AquaHot fans ran off and on all night.  This morning I even flipped on the engine preheat about an hour before we planned to leave.  We took our time getting ready and had a lot to put away after being here for 6 nights.  We finally pulled out a little after 11, it was finally up to 50 degrees outside.  The engine preheat had the CAT up to 90 degrees and it started easy.

We only had about 150 miles to go and our first stop was for fuel just after noon.  We took on 70 gallons.  While I fueled Bonnie went in and picked up sandwiches and drinks for lunch.  Then back on I95 to Bangor, then over Route 1A to Ellsworth and Trenton.  We are at Narrows Too CG just before the bridge to Mount Desert Island and Bar Harbor.  We are staying here under PassPort America which gives us 50% off the campground fee.  Plan is to be here 3 nights.  No pictures today, I drove the whole way.  They have these crazy rocks here at the entrance to your site and I guess it is to keep you off the grass.  I was talking to the work campers and a lot of people hit them and damage their rigs.  I almost backed into one but thanks to Bonnie she got me stopped in time.

Our site
Our site is nice and level and roomy enough since we do not have a neighbor.  The other nearby rigs are all work campers here.  Once plus is that we are near enough to the free hot spot that my CradlePoint router is connected to it and we can sit in the comfort of the rig to use the internet.  I was able to order our RXs on line and we hope to pick them up at the local WalMart tomorrow after we visit Acadia National Park.  Time for some rest now.


It was raining when I got up this morning so no big hurry to get going.  I did finally wake Bonnie at 10 and we got ready to go.  It was a light rain and so we headed for the Acadia NP visitors center first.

Someone is in a hurry
We watched the movie and were surprised at how busy the visitors center was.  Then I used my Senior Pass to get our entrance pass and we headed for the Loop drive.  The rain was very light but no sun for good pictures.  We drove around the loop the whole twenty some miles.  There are some nice views but most of the time you are looking at trees.  Our first stop was sand beach and there was one man in swimming.  Sandy beaches are rare in Maine.

Contrast beach and rocky coast
 The sea at high tide also occasionally takes down a tree or two.  These would have been so much better to shoot if there was some sun

Claimed by the sea that then cleaned the roots

Another one bites the dust

Hey I made it into a picture

Just a view of the sand beach
 Bonnie spotted these shells and the sand dollar in the middle.  I think they were dropped here.  People forget for a while that you can not take anything but pictures and memories out of a National Park.  This picture is for Bonnie.

Sand Dollar
We got word that our friends that were leaving on a 20 day trip today in their coach, had a diesel leak that they noticed while hooking up the car, good catch.  It turned out to be a one day repair, so happy that they can leave tomorrow.

Next we stopped at Thunder Hole and the tide was out so we got a good look at it but no Thunder.

Thunder Hole

Look who I found
Then we drove the rest of the loop and decided that we were hungry.  Bonnie said more lobster so we headed to:

Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound

Wood fired steamers

A couple of 1 1/2lb New Shells

Happy! Happy!
 The rubber bands on the lobster are proof that they were Wild Caught!

Wild Caught
Last night I went on line and order our RX refills at a local Walmart, plus we need new lights for in the kitchen area.

Bad bulb
 So we headed for Walmart.  Bonnie wanted to stop at Goodwill and look around.  After sitting in the car for an hour, I went in and told her I was going to Walmart, she said good idea.  So I went and picked up the RXs and lights, also some milk.  Then back to get Bonnie, she was still shopping.  So I went in and encouraged her.  Finally we are headed to the coach.  Once quick stop for gas and we are now in for the evening.  Supposed to be Sunny tomorrow.


Nice and sunny this morning.  We are planning to head back to the park and Cadillac Mountain and take a drive over to Bass Harbor, Bonnie wants another lobster.

First Bonnie decided to go down and look for "unique" shells and rocks at the shoreline here in the CG.  I believe we are taking back a good share of the Maine Coastline.  Then shortly after noon we headed out with Cadillac Mountain as our first destination.  It was pretty busy up there today but we did finally find a parking spot and it was in a good location.  We walked around and enjoyed the views.  It was a bit hazy so the picture again are not that great.

Looking out to sea

On watch for ships and whales

A large cruise ship was in Bar Harbor again today

Looks like she is on the edge of a cliff

The entrance to Bar Harbor at low tide
It was now mid afternoon and we decided to drive over to the Quiet Side of the island.  Destination was Thurston's Lobster pound in Bernard, which is on Bass Harbor across from the town of Bass Harbor.  It is very nice and appears to be a busy port lots of lobster boats coming in for the afternoon.

I have a picture of this place from years ago.

This is still a working truck

Pretty harbor views

My crab roll and corn
 The roof material was yellow and cast a yellow hue on everything.  We chose our sandwich or lobster and then added the meal of corn, cole slaw, and blueberry spice cake.

Her 4th lobster this week plus a lobster roll earlier

The blueberry spice cake reminded me of my Mothers eggless cake, very good.  Well we are done touring here.  In the morning we move about 100 miles north over closer to the mountains and hopefully Moose.  We will be across the road from the Penobscot River.

The forecast is for some more cool weather.

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