Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Teddys and Chocolate


We woke to another beautiful day today.  It took us a while but we were finally ready and we left the park for the day.  First stop was the chocolate factory.

We signed up for the tour
The tour was free and we never left our seats.  A girl gave us an interesting and informative talk and we could watch the workers making the candies, when they were not on break.

This is the Pod that holds the cocoa beans
Candy making
From here we headed down to Shelburne again and visited the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory.


Friendly Greeter

Each bear has 20 pieces 

Each bear is sewn by hand no automation here

We enjoyed the tour.
We looked around and Bonnie bought a couple things but no Teddy Bears, and they did have some huge ones on sale for $35.  I could have got one to put in the CRV when we are towing it.

We decided to cut cross country to stay out of the traffic on the way back.  We took the dirt roads and I noticed on the map that we were near two covered bridges.  We got lucky and found both of them.  They were both Arch style bridges and were in great shape.  Each handles lots of traffic everyday.

First Bridge

Downstream at the second

A view downstream

Easy to see the arch

The view upstream through a know hole
We were soon able to get on I89 and easily got back to the campground.  We put in a load of wash and Bonnie fixed supper.  Now to relax a little.  Hopefully we will be on the road by around 10am tomorrow, we have about 279 miles to drive tomorrow.


So we got up a little early today, another beautiful day in Vermont.  It is a bit cooler today and that suits us fine.  We had the coach packed, unhooked and ready to go by 10am.  As we were about to hook up the car a gentleman came over and introduced himself.  It turned out to be a fellow Beaver owner and one that I have corresponded with on the Beaver Ambassador Forum, Ed B.  We chatted for about 20 minutes and then said our good byes and see u on line.  Then we finished hooding up and checking the lights.  We pulled out around 10:25.

I took the first shift behind the wheel and drove us to the visitors center and rest stop as we entered New Hampshire.  Bonnie fixed some sandwiches and then she took a seat behind the wheel.  She drove us across the state and into the Visitors center in Maine.

Could that be the bridge to Maine

Why yes it is
We picked up some visitors information and then I took the wheel for the last leg of the trip.  Our GPS let us astray again and we missed the turn for the campground.  So that added about 10 miles to the trip by the time we used google maps on my phone and got turned around at a fire station.

Blueberry Pond CG is a small 49 site family owned campground.  We are in a thick pine forest and we will be well shaded for the 6 nights that we are staying here.  We were both tired so we had spaghetti for supper and relaxed.  We get TV here but have not found the network channels yet.  It took me a while but I got my cradle point router set up so that all our computers are connecting to the WiFi here and it is working well.  We are 4.5 miles out of Freeport where LL Bean is and we have the name of a local lobster restaurant so I am hoping for some lobster tomorrow.


Nice and sunny when I woke up now the sun is in and out of the clouds.  They say rain tomorrow so we will save the shopping until then.  No moose sightings yet just a lot of warning signs.  The WiFi is pretty good here but gets pretty slow at times.  So we are off to see whats up in the area.

First priority was to get some lobster for lunch.  The campground owner told us were the locals go and we headed toward the water to check out Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster.  It was right down on the water and we were able to sit outside and enjoy.

Where the locals eat
A nice small busy harbor

One of the lobster boats
 The Long Haul lobster boat pulled in but they were loading up to go out and check their pots so no catch to view.

Checking local events while we wait for lunch

Finally our lobster roll was ready
The lobster rolls were good.  I was expecting a different taste but these were good and there was a lot of lobster on the roll.

After lunch we drove through Freeport which seems to center around the L.L. Bean stores.  Bonnie wanted to look in a few consignment and estate sale stores so I waited in the car and read a little and napped a little.

Bonnie found some things to buy.

She has a purpose for all this
Then we headed back to the coach.

Nice roomy site
It was already cooling off when we got back.  I went over and borrowed a miter box and saw and cut the supports for our trash bag holder.  Hopefully the bag will not pull out of it now.  If so I will cut a little more.

Well thats about it for tonight.  I tried to sign into a webinar for but not enough bandwidth so I listened in on the phone.  Now its time to get ready to see what the President has to say.

Thanks For Checking In!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein