Sunday, September 21, 2014

End of the Trail and the Golden Road


Started out sunny this morning and then some clouds moved in.  Today is move day.  We moved about 100 miles north and are on the Penobscot River near Medway, ME.  Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park is the the Northern End of the Appalachian Trail.  It was a tight fit to get into the pull-through sight and there is a bit of a slope.  But we got in after unhooking and backing up, and we are pretty level.

Big step up into the rig
Lots of friendly bunnies here
Now we are heading up to Millinocket to find the Pellitier Loggers Family Restaurant and maybe see some moose.  A cool night is in store, lows down to 30 are forecast.

We found the restaurant in Millinocket.  But before we ate we went to look for the Pelletiers shop.  We found the Golden Road but turned around at the scales as I thought the shop was on a highway.  So back to eat.

Easy to spot the restaurant the trademark truck
As we were pulling in I spotted Rudy Pelletier in his pickup truck going the other way.  Once inside we were greeted and made to feel right at home.  The family became somewhat famous through the show American Loggers.  Now they have people coming from around the world just to say hello and meet them.  Our waitress Melissa was very friendly and turns out she donated a couple of the bunnies at the campground.  She gave hints on what to see and do next week up at Island Falls.  Lena Pelletier came in for dinner and Melissa called her over and we got to meet and chat with her.  She is the mother of all the boys

The brothers are in the tile picture on the wall
 Time to order and you know what Bonnie had to eat.

Lobster Mac & Cheese 
I decided to change it up a little and had the rack of baby back ribs

Boy they were good
 We both only finished about half our meals and have the rest in the fridge for another meal.  It was really good and we may go back tomorrow.  Then Eldon came in and he said hello as he went by the table.  Once again our waitress went and got him and he came over.  We had a real nice chat and even talked about the logging business.  He said they have 85 employees and maintain over 100 miles of roads.  He said they had 5 road graders.  He also has a motorhome and enjoys traveling.  They get away during the mud season.

Eldon Pelletier
It was like chatting with an old friend
I asked where the shop was and it is on the Golden Road we just did not go far enough.  We might also be able to spot a moose or two on the road so we headed out there after we finished.  Sure enough we found the shop.

The shop on the Golden Road

They were still working at 6:30

Big Foot
 Big Foot is a super sized tractor with a large engine, built to haul an extra large trailer.  The trailer was empty but here is a loaded regular size load.  They pull these loads on the Golden Road

Regular load
We did not sight any moose but we did get a good look at a Fox that crossed the road in front of us and then waited on the side for us to go by.  After a stop at the market, Bonnie needed carrots for the bunnies, we headed back to the coach.  No TV out here so Bonnie read and I updated my iPad and iPhone to IOS 8.  It is cooling off out side and the heat pump is working hard to keep us nice and warm.  Well I am off to bed.


It did get down into the 30s last night but the front heat pump kept us nice and cozy.  This morning I ran the Aqua Hot and we are nice and toasty now.  Lazy morning today and Bonnie has started a load of wash.  We move to the condo tomorrow and it does not have a washer and dryer.  We will go out for a drive later this afternoon.  My update to IOS 8 went well no problems so I will explore that some today and do back ups.  The sun is out nice and bright so that will help to heat us up also.  Bonnie fed the rabbits some of the carrots she bought and they enjoyed them.

They can eat them pretty fast
Pretty Tame
I changed a battery on one of the cars tire sensors and noticed a low reading on the outside dual so I filled that and kept the compartment doors shut to keep the bunnies out.  They follow you around like a puppy.  After lunch we decided to drive up to Baxter State Park.  We were hoping to get some nice scenic views of the mountain but the trees are to close to the road.  We did catch a couple glimpses.

First sighting
 Once we got in the park the ranger did tell us there was a nice view out back of the ranger station, which is also a bunk house for hikers.  They had gas lights in here and wood heat, just a little solar electric for a radio.

Ranger Station
This was the best view of Mt. Katahdin that we had.  They say it is a 12-13 hour round trip to make it to the summit and back.  The Hunt Trail is part of the Appalachian Trail and none of the trails are easy.
Finally a good view of the mountain
 The lake was very clear and cold.

Mt. Katahdin

These rocks are several inches under the water
 The Ranger said there were no other views from the road in the park so we turned around and headed back.  We drove around some and stopped at an Emporium for Bonnie but it was closed.  We filled up the car with gas again $3.46.  We tried to tour downtown Medway but there is not much in the town.  There were two huge paper mills up here and sadly both are closed many people have had to move to find jobs.

We got back to the campground and noticed that many new rigs had arrived.  There is an annual truck pull this weekend up toward Millinocket and many are here for that.  Plus its the weekend.

Camp office and store
Tomorrow we move up to the condo for a week.  Only about 38 miles and check out is at 1pm so no big hurry.


The campground filled up more even after dark last night and one or two after we went to bed.  It was not quite as chilly last night and tonight should be even warmer.  We took our time this morning and slowly got ready to go.  We packed our clothes before we put the back slides in as we would be moving into the Timeshare condo today.  Bonnie went out to feed the bunnies but they have moved on to other campers and none were around.

Finally we were ready and pulled out at 12:30.  We were only moving 39 miles north today so we decided not to which up the car and Bonnie just followed me.  It was an easy drive and we stopped once at what was called a scenic view of Mt. Katahdin.  Well it was very overcast and the mountain was hiding in the clouds.

The Mountain is in the center mostly in the clouds

The lake was scenic
 There are lots of lakes up here any one of which would be a nice place to build a house with a view.

We were at the condo by 1:30 and check in is supposed to be 4:00pm.  But Grace checked and our unit was to be ready in 10 minutes.  So we looked around the club house and asked Grace a lot of questions.  They have a nice indoor pool and hot tub, game room, and computers to use.  She said if we could not park the coach up at our condo we could leave it down in the parking lot.

Well it worked out that we had two parking spaces and so we backed the coach into one and we were even able to plug it in to keep the batteries charged.

Good news we fit
 It sprinkled a little as we carried in our stuff and the food but not bad.  After the very brief shower I think it got warmer.  Lows tonight are to be in the 50s.s  Anyway we are settled in and hooked up to the internet.  Tomorrow we can start to explore this area.  Grace gave us some hints on where to see moose

Our living room view looking NW.
We have a nice wide deck and hopefully will see some nice sunsets.  Well its after midnight so I am headed to bed.


We both had a good nights sleep even though we were in a new bed.  I was hoping for a sunny day but it is very overcast.  Bonnie did not want to do anything today just rest up.  It has started to rain so I guess that was a good idea.

I decided to ride into town and check out the Historical Society which was supposed to be open today.  I did not have an address but the town is small and I found the Old Jail where there offices are.

The Jail House
Well sadly they were not open and by the looks of the building may not be open at all.  I will try to call tomorrow.  I drove around the town a bit but not real much to see here.  I made a stop for milk at the local grocery store and then headed back to the resort.  I stopped at the game room and picked out a couple movies.  So while it rains we will watch a couple movies.

I did check on the Bills sorry to see that they lost.  We also were able to make a connection to our Dish Sling and saw the end of the NASCAR race, lots of cautions today.

Well it has stopped raining, we have had a nice relaxed day.  I will get this posted and try to upload the rest of the pictures to my Facebook album.  We have had a great week and enjoyed our travels.

Thanks For Checking In!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein