Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day


Happy Labor Day and Happy Anniversary to my Son and his wife down in Alabama.  In this part of the country this is the end of the summer for the kids especially as they go back to school on Wednesday.  Today is the Maynard Reunion over at Brian's campground on the family farmland.  So we will be heading over there a little later.  So far its a nice day but there is rain in the forecast later.

Well it is now in the 80s and very humid, Bonnie gave me a haircut and I got a quick shower.  Time to load up and head over to the reunion.

We had a great time at the Maynard Family reunion.  Always held on Labor Day.  We had a really good turnout today and it was great to see everyone and get a chance to talk to them.  Lots of family and friends

Mom Maynard, looking Good
The kids had a good time in the creek and ponds lots of critters were caught and released today.

A prize catch today.
After the reunion we followed Mom and Dad into East Aurora and their new apartment.  We had a few things to drop off and then I was able to hang a clock and some hooks for her.

Hooks for Mom to organize
The new kitchen
It is really hot and humid tonight, we headed home and are trying to stay cool under the ceiling fans.


Well last week we decided not to leave on our trip today and take a day to decompress after the Labor Day holiday, and also let everyone get home.  It was humid again this morning also and we did manage to load food and some clothes into the coach before the rain came.  Which also brought cooler temperatures.

I needed to get gas for the mower and Bonnie needed letters dropped off at the post office.  So I headed to town and also picked up the mail that they started to hold today.  Good thing the School Tax bill was in there and it is due before we get back.  So I wrote a check for that and took it back down to make sure it got mailed.  By the time I got home it was raining.  So I picked out my clothes and put them in a plastic tub to go out in the morning.  We load the tubs into the Ranger and it makes it pretty easy.

We still have a bit to do in the morning but we don't have that far to drive tomorrow.  So time to relax a little and make lists of what we need to make sure we do in the morning.


Today is departure day.  We are up and hope to be on the road in the next couple of hours.

We got on the road just before 11am.  Just as we were leaving they called about picking up the old HydroHot, they were coming out of Olean and had another pickup to make on the way.  Thats at least a couple hours.  I told them we would be back home the end of the month.

We went out Route 20 to Leroy and jumped on the Thruway there.  I drove for a couple hours until we stopped at one of the rest areas for lunch.  Bonnie made PBand J sandwiches with chips.  That hit the spot.  Then she drove for a while until we got off the Thruway at Verona.  We got fuel at the Savon station for $4.039 a gallon for diesel.  I had checked Pilot and Flying J they were 4.25 and on the thruway it was 4.11.  So I felt like I was getting a deal.  Then I drove the backroads to get to the campground.  We are at Adirondack Gateway CG near Cold Brook, NY.  We are here for two nights.  This is an older CG but is very quiet and secluded.

Our Site #42 

I believe you can rent this for the night
The cell phones work when they want to and I am up in the rec room using the only hot spot to write and hopefully post this.  We do get a few TV stations.

This is were the hot spot is located
It is cooling off nicely tonight and I think we will sleep well.  Plan to do a little exploring tomorrow.

An ultralight just took off, either the neighbor or the owners.

They came back around
Thanks For Checking In!

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― Albert Einstein