Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Bottom Dropped Out


So today the bottom dropped out and the temperature fell and is still falling.  We were in the 60s yesterday and 50s today and then pow!  Early evening and its 38 and forecast over night is 26.  But the weeklong forecast show us in the low 70s by Saturday.  I am finding these quick dips don't bother me near as much as when it gets cold and stays cold or weeks.  We are acclimating to the warmer here and before long we will be wearing gloves like some of the natives were yesterday, when it was in the 50s during the morning.

I went out to check the mail today.  We had high winds most of the night, and I noticed one of the foundation vents laying on the ground.  I check around the house and it seems most of them had blown out.  So I went in and got a jacket and screw driver and put them all back in again.  They just use a pressure fit and they do not hold well on the smooth bricks.  It's something I want to fix but keep putting off as they stay in most of the time.

We got a couple deliveries for Elizabeth today and finally the mail got here mid afternoon.  It brought me a bill from a Dr I had seen in August, I guess it finally cleared all the insurance companies.  So I called and paid it.  Then I called AT&T to see why my UVERSE bill went up more than they told me it would.  That ended with me again being told a supervisor would call me.  I am still waiting for the one to call me from last week.  Its almost 8 and no call back yet.

We had Thanksgiving leftovers again for supper and they are better than ever.  After supper I closed the blinds to hopefully keep a little more heat in the house.  Its still breezy and cool and damp.

I spent some time online looking for a Cyber Deal that I could not live without but no luck so far.

Now for the Voice.


Never got out of the 30s today, cold for here especial in November.  Still looks like a warm up is coming the end of the week.

FedEx brought a package and it was for me, for a change.  But then the post office brought one for my daughter who is coming down for Christmas.

I have decided what I wanted to do to fix the vents so made a shopping list for Lowes.  So I got dressed and put on a warm coat and headed out.  First stop was Walmart to fill up with gas, nice to see these prices.

Next stop was Staples.  I wanted to get some card stock to print a few calling cards with our contact information, we hope to meet a few of the neighbors this weekend.

Then over to Lowes.  I needed to pick up a couple LED indoor spotlights, Shower cleaner, Canned Air, Paint, Tap-con screws, and finally some washers.  Then I headed for home with a quick stop at CVS to pick up a RX for Bonnie.

Once home I got busy.  First thing I went in and started cleaning and scrubbing down the shower, lots of grout lines to clean with Tilex.  So I sprayed them and let them soak.  Next I was out in the garage to spray paint the screws and washers that I bought for the foundation vent project.

Then back into the shower to scrub and wash it all down.  Then I sprayed it all with Thieves cleaner, from Young Living, and wiped it down.  Yes it looks a lot better.  My daughter called on her way home in Buffalo and they are having another winter storm.  So I talked and cleaned until she got home.

Next project was the business cards.  I printed up a sheet and cut them up before I noticed I spelled our town wrong in the address.  So I fixed that and printed and cut up a couple sheets into cards.

Bonnie heated up the turkey noodle soup for supper, I added some Chipotle Tabasco and it was really good.

Now for the Voice.


Well it was very cold last night but only for a few hours.  It warmed up into the 40s today and the sun was nice and bright all day long.  That really helps to warm up the house.  I put off my vent project until a warmer day.

We headed out around 1pm for the eye doctor.  We filled out the required paperwork, signed waivers so our last Dr can send our records.  We no sooner finished and they called me in first.  I answered a bunch more questions for the Dr. assistant.  She had me read all the eye charts and left saying the Dr would be right in.  Dr Moody came in and started the exam.  First some drops of dye then he looked at my eyes again and checked the pressure.  Then the drops to dilate my eyes.  He left for about 10 minutes and then came back to do some more examination.  In the end he gave me a clean bill of health and said all looks good.  I do have the start of age related cataracts but that's normal.  Bonnie also was good, but has higher than normal pressure in one eye.  I go back in a year and Bonnie in six months to keep an eye on the pressure.  We did learn that the receptionist is the Dr. sister-in-law and they both live in our neighborhood, small world.  Here I am waiting on Bonnie.

We stopped at Hardee's on the way home and Bonnie treated us both to some chicken strips.  On the way home I notice gas was down 2 cents more.

We ate the chicken at home and they were pretty good.  After the news it was time to head to church, the plan is to decorate the church tonight.  There were quite few people there and lots had already been done.  I checked out the music and fireplace video playing in the sanctuary.

This must be a special Alabama Light Tree, it ended up being set up outside near the mailbox.

There were also a couple of fire pits set up and a table full of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate to make SMORES.  The kids enjoyed that

Some of the younger guys were up on roof hanging lights.

Another team on the other building found it slow going.

Turns out the gutter guard on top of the gutter was giving them a tough time.  Pastor Andy John shinning the light.

There was plenty of help so after about an hour Bonnie and I headed home.  The church was already looking good, can't wait to see it once its finished.

Not quite so cold tonight.


I awoke with a start this morning when my daughter called me just after 7 by mistake this morning.  Luckily I was able to get back to sleep for an hour or so.

Bonnie got up a while later and left to go shopping at Kroger and Hobby Lobby.  More decorations for the house.  While she was gone I went out and was able to get two of the vents modified so that they will not blow out in the next wind storm.  But I really need a hammer bill as the regular rotary drill wore the bit right out.

That and a Christmas movie was about it for the day.


Drizzle again this morning.  I was up early and around 11 I decided to head to Lowes.  First a stop at my sons to pickup his hammer drill.  Then on to Lowes to pickup some more masonry bits and some extension cords for Christmas lights.  Then back home.

The rain was pretty constant all day, so I never got back to my project.  But I did get in a pretty good nap in my recliner.

Then we headed out in the rain for a family dinner.  Two deer ran across the road in front of us and I had to hit the brakes hard to avoid hitting the second one.
The occasion, GD Grace's birthday.  The place Sakara a Japanese Steak house.  So we all sat around the hibachi table, waiting for the chef.

We had our soup and salad while we waited.  Here is the birthday girl with her two Grandmas.

Looks like the rice is ready.

Then it was time t cook the chicken, shrimp and steak.  Of course there was the onion volcano.

Finally time to to sing and say Happy Birthday Grace.

We had a nice meal and a great time.

Just about to head to bed when the news that President Bush had died.  He was 94.


I got a surprise this morning when a package I was expecting on Tuesday was delivered today.  I finished up what I was doing and brought in the package.  It was a Ubiquiti Access point.  It is an enterprise grade piece of equipment.

This replaces the radios in the fiber modem and router that AT&T installed.  The initial tests I ran show an amazing increase in signal strength and good coverage throughout the house now.  All this with just one device and its just laying in on top of a filing cabinet.

Bonnie got busy today and baked cookies.  We hope to deliver these to our closest neighbors tomorrow and meet them.  Its been a year and we have only talked to a couple of them.

My assignment was to unwrap the kisses.

Then it was time for the SEC Championship game between Alabama and Georgia.  Georgia was having their way with us until the 4th quarter.  They had beat up on our quarterback all day and finally he was out.  Jalen Hurts came in and never looked back. Three touchdowns later the game ended and we were ahead by a touchdown.  ROLL TIDE!  Nothing more to say.  Except a big storm and lots of rain just rolled through.  Oh and gas is down to $2.02

Well thats a wrap for this week.

Thanks For Checking In!

"Some people try to turn back their odometers, not me, I want people 
to know why I look this way, and some of the roads weren't paved"

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