Monday, December 6, 2010

No news is Good news

If you are wondering what happened to my posts, nothing.  Yep pretty much not much to write about.  Our area missed most of the Lake Effect snow that Buffalo and the Southtowns got.  We did get about 8 inches one day, it was a surprise it had not been forecast.  That caused quite a few accidents but once the road crews got rolling everything was under control.  After that we pretty much have received an inch to an inch and a half a day.  Today was the first I cleared the driveway since last week.  I have been shoveling off the deck and the apron in front of the garage almost every day.

Sorry about the lack of pictures but this is pretty much how it looks out the front window all winter.  Except the sun is casting shadows on this day.

Thats about it for today.  I hope to update the blog at least once a week during the winter and will do some review and put some pictures up to remember the summer.

Thanks for checking in. . . .