Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday Monday

Christmas eve was a traditional family gathering and we had a great time.  We were too late for the sledding but it was really cold so thats ok.  Most everyone that is in the local area was able to make it and enjoy time together.  It was Bonnie's sisters birthday and we continued the tradition of singing happy birthday to her via speaker-phone.   We got home after 9 and Bonnie was able to video chat with her sister out in Reno, NV and wish her a personal Happy Birthday.

We had a great Christmas.  Slept in a little and then in to my daughters around 10am.  We opened gifts and there were several surprises, not the least of which was a skateboard for Alexus, which was her last gift and was hidden so she had to find it.  We had watched the Christmas Story the night before when Ralpie's BB gun was hidden behind the desk.  Alexus asked me if thats where a I got the idea to hide a present.  No not really I can remember my parents hiding something we really wanted and making it the last present we would find and open.  One of the new games was Pictionary for the Wii and we enjoyed playing that.  Then a movie or two and finally ham and turkey with lots of fixin's.

We also got to video with my son and family out in Alabama via Skype.  Its fun to see the kids and amazing how fast Reagan is growing.  They even had some snow overnight to enjoy and make it feel more like Christmas.  A pretty busy day but very enjoyable as it was filled with family both in person and electronically.
Grandpa the oldest at the party

Bonnie with two of the 4th generation, including Kaellyn the youngest, oops 3 Alexus is in the background

Sunday found us at church in Java Village, with Bonnie's parents and lots of family.  Our nephew Briss is visiting with his family from San Diego, CA and there was a baptismal service for Kaellyn their daughter.  Then I set up Bonnie's mom and dad's new TV.  They live in a valley a tough spot for TV.  So far 2 channels come in so they could watch the Bills yesterday (another lost game) and Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy during the week.  Then I went up to her sisters house to talk and watch the Bills lose.

Then the family gathered again at 4 for Jackson's (my nieces son) second birthday.  Another great get together and a good time.  Bonnie and I have been married almost 40 years and its been fun to watch her younger siblings grow up, raise up families of their own, and now watch their children raise families.  We are proud of them all.

It snowed about an inch and a half last night, nothing like the East Coast got and continues to snow today but not bad.  No court tonight but I have some work to do there and have to do a bank deposit.  I was able to schedule an oil change for the truck this afternoon also so will get that done also.

I was about to post this when I noticed one of the deer climbing the three stairs to the deck.  I went for the camera but it saw me move.  I guess the sunflower seed on the deck is easier to get than the seed in the snow.  Anyway it did not run away just got off the deck so I got the camera and got a few shots to post.  I even had time to change lens.  Hope you enjoy them, I believe they were twins born this last spring.  Mom stays in the edge of the woods most of the time.  I need to run to the bank then, a funeral service, and then the Post Office.

Thanks for checking in.
View from the dining room

Did I see someone move in that house

Lets get to a safer distance

Nope the seeds are just too good to leave

Wish I could smile for that guy

No fair opening the door

I will be back later