Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not the BIG One but SNOW never the less!

Its pretty but it still has to be moved.  The big snow never came Monday but the Lake Effect Machine as it is called kicked in on Tuesday.  When I came home from court on Tuesday afternoon I had to turn around on 20A on the hill above Byrncliff trucks and cars were stuck near the top.  I was able to easily get to my driveway by going around the block so to speak.

I say to my driveway because when I got there a car was stuck in my driveway.  Our driveway has a bit of an incline to get up onto the high way, but his tires must have been bald.  He came to my truck window and said he could not make it up the hill and so backed in to turn around.  About that time his sister showed with shovels to help him get out.  I managed to squeeze by and get to the house.

We were to attend a dinner that night at Salvatore's Italian Gardens in Depew, we decided that the smart thing to do was to stay home.  I hated missing the dinner as it is a good get together.  Looking at the radar online we were smack dab in the middle of a Lake Effect band the started up around Niagara Falls and stretched past us to at least Warsaw, 12 miles to the East.  It snowed for a couple more hours and we ended up with at least 8 inches of new snow.

I had cleaned off the back deck while Bonnie worked on dinner.  After the snow stopped I went out and cleared the driveway so we were ready to go in the morning as we both were working.  Wednesday morning was good as there was not much more snow over night.

Now overnight we got about 3 more inches and about another inch so far today, its almost noon so guess I will fix some lunch.  Bonnie has something that smells real good cooking in the crock-pot for dinner.

Well it snowed all day so when it got to 6 or 7 inches I went out and cleared the deck and the driveway. 
Nuisance Lake Snows, that is what the National Weather Service is calling it and yes it is still in the forecast.  Bonnie just got home and said the snow has eased up a little.  

Snowing again this morning.  Only about another inch so far from overnight.  I have to work up  at court this morning and then take Bonnie's car in to the Subaru dealer for an oil change and a checkup.  I did hear on the weather last night that this Lake Effect should wind down by late Sunday.  My list shows about 34 inches so far.

A treat for us, while it is only 24 degrees out, the SUN is out.  Here are a couple pictures from today.  It is beautiful!
View from our front porch

Can you find the deer in the woods

Last night our church did a fantastic job with the annual Cantata and drama, they reminded us all of the True Reason for Christmas.

I wish there was more to write about than the snow and weather but it is that season here.  The favorite saying here is "Its Buffalo, Its Winter, Deal with it."

I hope to get another post off before Christmas, have a good week and Thanks for checking in.