Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Night before Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas wow the year is almost gone.  The weather has continued cold with just a trace of snow falling, mostly overnight.  Today is the time for Bonnie's family to gather together for the evening and to exchange gifts.  We each draw a family now a days.  The family has grown to large to buy for everyone as in the old days.  Tonight I believe there will be 4 generations present.  Bonnie's brother has a nice campsite at the farm and there is to be a sledding party all afternoon and a nice fire to keep warm.  Then all will head up to her sisters house to enjoy Christmas snacks and I understand Chicken Cordon Bleu.  We always have a great time and enjoy each others company.
The deer continue to come to the bird feeder

I had to knock on the window several times to get this one to stop eating and look up.

Wednesday I worked at the county.  I have consulted there for the last 5 years on different projects.  First a completely new Police and Fire radio system, then in the 911 Center, and lately Emergency Services.  I have really enjoyed it and feel that we have accomplished a lot of modernization and updating of emergency plans and procedures.  However my contract is over the end of the year and with the "financial crisis" the state is in it looks like I will be done.  The county has had to lay several off this year and eliminate some positions.  So while there is still a lot to be accomplished it will have to wait.

Bonnie's plans call for her to retire a year from June and then travel.  Last year I had to let a lot go around here as I recovered from shoulder surgery (which has come along nicely).  We have about 23 acres of woods with logging roads that did not get cleared last year.  So while that should not take a year it will keep me busy for a while this year.

Bonnie is working a half day today so should be home soon.  Alexus spent the night, first time in a long time.  Her mother had some special things to get ready for her.  So as soon as Bonnie gets home we will head for the family farm and see whats going on and help prepare for tonight.

Merry Christmas and I hope you all can enjoy time with family.
Thanks for checking in.