Monday, December 13, 2010

Promise of a Storm

We did get about another inch or so of snow overnight everyday until Thursday.  No snow Thursday that was great.  However thats about when they started telling us a big storm was coming starting Sunday night.  So it was nice Thursday and Friday not to have new snow.  It was still very cold and I cleaned off the deck and around the pavers.

Today Saturday it is 39 degrees out at 3:30 in the afternoon.  It has not been sunny at all so lots of warm air moving in from the South.  So most things are melting off and most people are preparing for the storm.  I have fueled up the truck, the tractor and the blowers are all full of fuel and ready to go.  I fixed the broken primer hose on the deck blower and went to Elma and bought a new fuel cap for the Cub Cadet blower as the original always allowed gas to leak out.

I had checked the propane about a week ago and it was at 20% full.  So I called as it has been over 2 months since we got filled and they usually come every month.  They said a work order had been issued and they should be there any time.  Well a week passed and no one came.  So I called again and the truck came Thursday night just before dark so we should be good to go for the next month.

Tonight we are headed to N. Tonawanda for our RV club's Christmas party, its about 50 miles and there is a chance of freezing rain tonight so I do hope it holds off for a while.  I did see quite a few deer out in the fields feeding today so hope that is not a sign of too bad of weather coming maybe just a sign that the melting snow is uncovering what they like to eat.

Saturday and the grass is showing and foggy in the Woods

We had a wonderful time with our Chapter 12 RV friends last night.  We had 30 people at the party.  Most that could not be there have gone South for the winter.  We do a gift exchange where you can take an already opened gift from a friend or choose one from the table, also a great time to catch up on what everyone has been up to, then the list of the campouts for 2011 was passed out (one of my favorite parts) and of course lots of fantastic food and drink.  We had a great time and the weather cooperated.

Today is pretty eerie out as there is a lot of ground fog since the cold snow and almost 40 degree warm air are meeting.  Time will tell how much of the snow melts off today.  Remember the big storm is still coming.

The snow sliding off the roof, it stopped here

Trying to melt off the garage roof, it did not make it.

Only a dusting of snow overnight.  Its windy and the temperature dropped to 12 degrees.  Its snowing a little but after half a day only about an inch.  I will go ahead and post this.  If we get lots of snow I will post again on Wednesday if not more like the end of the week.

Here are a couple pictures from several years ago:

Sledding in the front yard

Lots of snow on the deck, Thanksgiving day 2008
Have a great day
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