Monday, February 7, 2011

End of the "Blizzard" and the Packers Win the SuperBowl

I decided to put some past pictures in the blog of camp fires while we were out camping to add a little color to the blog and some warmth.

Wednesday afternoon
After my post earlier today I went out and cleaned up the snow.  It was pretty decent outside.  There was a little wind but not bad.  I was out a couple hours and came in to eat a late lunch.
Shortly after I came in the snow started.  It snowed hard for about an hour and about an inch of accumulation.  Then the wind really started to blow.  I turned on the scanner and seems cars were having trouble staying on the road.  The snow let up but the wind continued until after Bonnie got home.  Elizabeth is home safely also so all is well for this evening.

So after the storm passed we managed to pickup another 4 inches of snow after dark.  Looks like I will be busy again  today cleaning up around here.  On the bright side the sun is out and the sky is bright blue.  The temperature is in the low teens so it is a bit cold but no wind so it will not be bad.  I have not seen the deer in the yard for several days, due to the bad weather I guess.  The birds have been around.  Some of them are pretty smart.  They grab a sunflower seed and fly around the end of the house to the covered deck where they can get out of the wind and weather and eat in luxury.  There are empty seed hulls all over out there now.
It is in the low twenties now, I finished the snow clean up.  Did the driveway then had some lunch and now about an hour later finished the deck.  What a difference the sun makes.  It is cold but no wind so I was nice and toasty as I blew the snow.  Its about an hour since I did the driveway and the sun has the concrete in front of the garage all melted and about half of it are dry.
I made it over to Attica to watch both the JV and the Varsity Game.  JV won pretty easily but the Varsity took it down to the wire but they were victorious.  I know boys on both the Attica teams so it was a good evening.

Another sunny day, cold but sunny and windy.  I spent a while at court today, caught up on some reading and took it easy.  I did a load of towels also.  Then we met Elizabeth at 6:30pm and headed in to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens for their Night Lights She wanted to take me for my birthday.  It was interesting but it was really hard to see.  I could tell that there are a lot of plants in there, we all want to go back during the day and see what we missed.
Now back home and time to relax a little.

Just a typical Saturday.  Bonnie cleaned and I went up to court.  We did have an early visitor, my MIL dropped off a piece of her famous Apple Pie and a card for my birthday.  Then home to catch up on TV and make some plans for this summer and camping.  No snow over night but now that it is almost bedtime I looked out and see that we have about 3 inches of new snow that started late this afternoon.  I am soon off to bed big day tomorrow, its SuperBowl Sunday.  We did get to Skype with my newest grand daughter and family this evening and that was fun.  Hope to do more of that with everyone.

Whats a fire without friends, can't wait for the camping season to start a new.

Well we ended up with only 4 inches of snow so I can take care of that after church today.  Today is my 62nd birthday and we have a good day planned.
I did get all the snow cleaned up after church and just as I finished Elizabeth and Alexus pulled in.  We got a chance to check her tires that always look low.  But surprise they are right at 30 pounds where they are supposed to be.  Its hard to look at the radial tires, especially low profile and tell if they are low.  After a good lunch of rabbit food (aka Salad) we watch a movie.  Grownups we all had a lot of good laughs and enjoyed it.  Then I set up the DVR to tape the Superbowl and the WII was activated and we played the game of life.  During the game we got a Skype call from my son and family in Alabama and they sang Happy Birthday to me.  Oh that was after I opened my cards and gifts.  I received all good and practical gifts this year.  A long nose lighter which is handy when we camp, some foot and hand warmer packets which I have written about before.  A nice note pad with magnets on it, and a dust mitt to use in the RV, its always dusty in there.  The BIG surprise was a Kindle.  I have been reading a lot more these days and this will be great especially for reading outdoors.  The screen on the iPad is too reflective when used outdoors.
After I won the game of Life we used the fast forward button on the DVR and watched all the commercials and the halftime show.  Which was your favorite, I liked the Coke commercial with the dragons.  Let me know.  After the half time show the girls headed home, and Bonnie cleaned up the kitchen and headed to bed.  That gave me time to catch up on some reading and write a little in the blog.
I had a great day and will enjoy using my presents.
We all bought our tickets for Creation Fest and I volunteered to work there.
Fire siren just went off for a vehicle fire??
Thats about it for tonight.