Friday, February 11, 2011

More Winter!

Well after a couple mild days and yesterday actually above the freezing mark we are back to winter.  Attica is showing 6 above and here at the house about 12 above.  We picked up about 4 inches of snow since yesterday so will have to fit that in my schedule today.   The roads were slick coming home from court last night but the plow and salt trucks were out trying to keep up.  Now the sun is out.  I am enjoying my Kindle and learning how to find free books on the internet and working on learning how to lend books for 14 days.  I understand that some libraries also have ebooks to lend.
I made the run to the bank then stopped at court to finish up some paper work.  Then home and changed into my carharts to go out and blow snow.  Did not finish that but came in to change so  we could leave for WW as soon as Bonnie got home.  After that we picked up some Chinese food and went over to Elizabeths for supper.  Now home and time for some reading still working on Tom Clancy's Dead or Alive its 1200+ pages on the iPad.  Its down to 9 now but is to go lower over night.

The snow at the edge of the driveway is up as high as the hood of the truck!

Wow what a cold night down to 8 overnight but the sun was out and bright all day and the temperature rose up into the 20s.  Pretty much uneventful other than that.  Lots of reading and just a little snow blowing to finish up from yesterday.  Even got a brief nap in the recliner.  I had a problem with Gmail when I tried to send too large a file yesterday.  I managed to get that repaired to day also.  Now I am looking forward to some more reading this evening.  Snowing as I head off to bed, must be lake effect.

Well the quick lake effect event dropped about 3 inches of snow last night, yes enough to have to shovel it again.  My SIL is coming over to work on her taxes so I guess I better get busy and shovel some, at least the sun is out again.
I had the driveway all clean when my SIL got here so we got busy doing her taxes.  We finished up around 3 and then I got a lower back massage as she is a massage therapist.
I have a meeting in Warsaw tonight and I want to pick up a new belt for my small snow blower.  Bonnie made chicken chili for supper so I am set to go.

Spotted a Pileated Woodpecker! 

Caught in flight, quite a ways away.

Pretty boring day today, lots of reading.  No new snow, guess it was too cold.  I did go up to court and catchup on paperwork.  The deer are now fearless and coming to the feeder all the time.  Tonight the motion detector light is not even scaring them away.  The snow is packed under the feeder when they stand on it their chests are even with the top of the porch railing.
Here are a few shots from the dash-cam on the way to the Town Building today.