Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Almost February

Saturday Afternoon
It continued to snow all day but not much accumulation.  In at Elizabeths we took the snow rake and dragged the snow off the roof.  She lives in a manufactured home and the snow is slowly melting on the roof and then freezing at the edges, classic situation for ice damming.  So we put rock salt and calcium chloride in bags we made out of nylon stockings.  Then spread some of the mix to get the melting started.  Then we took the bags and laid out 5 of them hoping to make channels through the ice, time will tell.
After a quick Mighty Taco Roastito for lunch I headed home.  Jumped on the John Deere and clean the driveway.  That managed to fire up the pain in my back.  So I headed in for some advil and hot coffee.  Every now and then I move the wrong way and that sets off a week or two of back pain.  Week two starts tomorrow.
Bonnie came home and I helped her pick out and set up 30 some pictures for her report on the mission trip tomorrow.  She sat down at her computer and did most of it herself.  She is just learning how to use the MacBook and she did good.  I can sit at my laptop and screen share with her and watch what she is doing and help when she needs it.  I must say that I learned some things about iPhoto today also and we had a good time setting it all up.
We watched a couple shows that were recorded, Bonnie is off to bed, I am updating the blog, then a little reading before I hit the hay.

About 2 new inches of snow overnight, not bad.  We were up on time and on our way to church.  Today the sermon time was all taken up by a report on the Medical Mission trip.  The five did a great job of reporting and commenting on the photos.
Elizabeth called and said the salt filled bags must be working as the leak seems to have stopped and there are channels at the edge of the roof for the snow melt to drain off of.  So that is good news.
Bonnies parents came over to use the computer for a video chat with her sister Bev out in Reno.  She is soon headed to Galesburg, Il. and they are thinking of taking the train out there to meet her and of course visit with the grand children and the great grand children.
I shoveled in front of the garage today but will save the deck for tomorrow.  My back is still a bit out of wack.  Bonnie is still not feeling great and has gone to be early again.  I will wrap this up and read for a while then maybe a little TV.
Wish I had taken some pictures of the roof project and ice damming.

Big news in town today is the a favorite local restaraunt and watering hole is on fire.  The North Java Inn, its a shame we liked to go over for dinner occasionally.  Looks like it started early this morning and I heard the sirens for more help not long ago.

Just a little snow overnight but the NWS has already posted a watch for up to 16 inches starting tomorrow night.  This is coming from the west so I am sure some of you will experience it today.
My plan for today is to work on the taxes.  Both mine and my SILs.  I have until 3 to do mine then she will be over.  My back is a lot better but guess I will take another dose of Advil since that really seems to help.  The driveway is in good shape just need to clear about 4 inches off the deck and then see how much we get from the storm.
I worked on our taxes from about 9:30 until 2:30pm today.  Then went out and blew the snow off the rear deck, boy it was cold.  The engine on the snow blower was not running properly so I hope it will start next time I have to use it.  It was really cold and I am hoping it was that.  Time will tell.
My SIL then came over and we worked on her business books and prepared to do her taxes.  Worked on those from 3pm until almost 6:00pm.  She is a Massage Therapist and she did offer to work on my back a bit.  She located the trouble spot and I think the quick rub has helped.  Bonnie made a good dinner of potatoes, turkey, peas and a little corn.  Mixed in was a can of chicken soup and it was really good and hit the spot.
Not much to do now, no new shows on TV, so will read a while and wait to see if the big storm hits.

Well the Storm Warning is still on for tonight.  Thats about all that is on the news, calling it the storm of the century.  We only got an inch overnight.  No work at court so I got to stay home and read all day.  I read a lot of other Blogs and all the ones from out West are also talking about the storm.  We have to go into WW in East Aurora tonight but the weather should be fine for that.

No problems getting in and home from East Aurora.  We usually have dinner with our daughter on Tuesday nights but she did not feel good so we came straight home.  Nothing left to do tonight but a little TV, read and track the storm.

Well when I went to bed it still looked like we would get a lot of snow.  We did not even set out the garbage figureing that it would get buried.
Well no snow, maybe a trace when I got up at 7:45 this morning.  Around 10 it started to snow hard but did not last long.  There is still a forecast for several inches.  I think I will go ahead and post this.  I will head out to clean up snow around the house, sweep the water out of the garage and hopefully grab the mail.
Have a great day and
Thanks for checking in.