Friday, February 25, 2011

Everyone Loves Winter (until it goes on to long)

The temperature dropped to 22 overnight.  Plus we got about 1/2 inch of snow.  But the big news is the wind.  It sounded like a train overnight.  We are on the downwind side of the hill from the wind so it mostly went above the house and through the trees.  But it roared all night long and this morning too.  Then the snow started, it looks like lake effect off of Lake Ontario this time, about 2 inches so far as I write this.
Bonnie is up and seems to be feeling a little better.  I went up to court for a couple hours, the wind and snow are really bad up there on the top of the hill.  Now an afternoon of helping with the wash and waiting to see how much snow we get.
Just before dark we had a good 4 inches of snow maybe more.  The wind is still blowing but is not roaring as it did overnight, however it had changed directions which should signal the passing of the front.  Not much else happened today.  Tomorrow I will begin the snow clearing routine again, its been nice to have a few days off.  Hopefully we are in the last 4 or 5 weeks of snow weather.

Not any new snow over night but a new winter weather advisory has been posted for tonight.  I was able to get out the driveway without clearing it with no problem this morning for church.  When I got home and changed I went down to start the tractor and low and behold the battery would not turn over the engine.
No more juice from this Battery

 Got out the meter and sure enough only a little over 11 volts.  I leave the battery hooked up to a battery maintainer so I knew it was bad.  I had a quick bite to eat and watched the start of the Daytona 500.  Then it was off to Tractor Supply for a new battery.  Almost 100 bucks later I was home with a new battery.  The sun was still shinning so I went ahead and installed the battery and I should be good to go if we get the 7 inches of snow forecast for tonight.  Then I cleaned the snow off the deck and finally around 4pm I sat down to watch the end of the race.  It was an exciting end with a rookie Trevor Bayne in his first Daytona 500 won.  Twenty years old yesterday this win is quite a birthday present.
Hope to relax the rest of the evening.

Monday-Happy Presidents Day
Woke up to about 4 inches of new snow, they say it will stop before noon today.  Temperature is hovering around 15 so it is cold again also.  No real plans for today so will continue to read and catchup on my recorded podcasts.  Once the snow stops I will give the new battery in the tractor a test run also.
The tractor started right up and it was about an hour job to clear the snow.  Then I ran over to a friends to give them a hand in getting a new router running and all their equipment connected to it.
Then it was a relaxing night at home.

Hey no snow overnight but down to 9 degrees.  The sun has been out bright all day so even though it is only 16 out things are melting.  I made the run to the bank for court came home collected the trash and now time for a short nap.  Never did get my nap.  We went off to WW and then over to Elizabeth's for dinner  Looks like another cold night already it is down to 12.  I have plans to spend tomorrow with Alexus as she is on winter break.  Thats about it for tonight.

No snow overnight and nice bright sun this morning.  Cold around 15 but climbing
I picked up my GD Alexus around 9:30 this morning and we headed to the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural site.  It is a National Historic Site.  I wanted to do something fun with her over her school break and also educational.  Plus I was able to buy my National Park Senior Access Pass there.  Ten dollars for lifetime access and you can take 3 others in with you on the pass.  I am already ahead as we saved 7 dollars on admission for Alexus.  I think we both found it interesting and there was a lot of Hands on interactive displays that we enjoyed.
This is close to downtown Buffalo

In the Wilcox house

Alexus with the President

He took the oath of office in front of the bookcase

Drafted his first message to the nation at this desk

Messages were sent by telegaph
We both had our pictures taken at the Presidents desk and were able to email them right from the desk.
After the tour we did a little shopping and then headed home, to find another Winter Storm Watch has been posted for Thursday night, but it could reach 40 during the day Thursday!

Up to 30 already when I got up this morning and now at noon its 37, too bad the sun is not out.  It has snowed a little off and on this morning but nothing now and all has melted off the deck.  Now to wait and see if the forecast storm makes it to our area tonight.  I have been tracking Amtrak train #49 this morning as Bonnie's parents are on it and headed to Galesburg, Il. to see my SIL, also my nephew, and their children.  Four generations will be together.  Looks like the train made it just a few minutes late so all is good.
A nice quiet evening, a little TV and still waiting for the storm to hit.  There is a chance it will stay south of us, lets hope so.  Time now for a little reading before bed I am entering the home stretch of "Decision Points"

Woke up this morning and I can say the storm is here.  I will go ahead and post this and report more on the storm tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in.