Sunday, March 11, 2012

Home Again


I forgot to mention that I finished Water for Elephants.  The book was not at all what I was expecting but I really enjoyed it.  Life was pretty rough for those that traveled with the circus via train.  I switched back to the Kindle and will read Nick Russell's new book next "Big Lake Lynching".

Well I learned this morning I did not send the blog out last night, nice to know someone missed it.

The main page for the blog is at  you can check that web page anytime to see the latest blog or an older one.  There is also a map there that shows our approximate location.

Busy day again planned for me.  I read until after 1am but still was up at 8am.  Now I need to kick it up a gear and get out of the house and started.  Still have to finish my coffee though.  I first am headed to Batavia.  Bonnie has accumulated enough points to get about $1.20 off per gallon at Tops so I will fill up the truck and the gas cans.  I also need to stop at BJ's and pick up a turkey to smoke for Saturday night.
Then head back home to work on my SIL's taxes at 3pm.  Not sure we will finish them but we should make a good dent in them.  Then hope to have a little time to relax and have supper.  Then off to Warsaw for court training at 7:30.  That will last a couple hours and then home.

Its raining today and there is a chance of snow tomorrow.  I hope they do not have to salt the roads tomorrow so they are clean for Saturday when we bring the MH home.  I think we need a good name for the MH, so if you have a suggestion let me know.  Well time to get a move on.

The good news is that the snow has almost all melted in the area where we park the MH.

The rain helped to melt the snow
Then I made it to BJ's

Still raining
I picked up a nice fresh turkey to smoke on Saturday and then over to Tops to fuel up the truck and cans.  Now they only let you get 30 gallons and I ran the pump until it shut off.  My price was 269.9 with Bonnie's discount, what a deal.

Then back home I did a load of towels and got ready to work on my SIL's taxes.  We were able to get them pretty much done, I like to wait a day or two before filing them just in case we think of something we forgot.

Bonnie got home and made a great supper and then I headed to Warsaw for my meeting.  It was snowing hard on top of the hills but not sticking on the roads.  Lots of wind so its coming sideways.  Still snowing on the way home and still not sticking.  Time for a little TV and reading.  I had coffee at the meeting so may be up a while.


First look outside this morning

Snowed again last night, hoping it melts today
Lots to do again today.  While our travel plans are always in jello they are all starting to come together.

As I update this we have a white-out and thunder it is snowing so hard.  O well not to worry the weather looks better after today.

Looks good after today
Well I took time out from watching the latest info on the new iPad and prepared the turkey for tomorrow.

All cleaned and ready for the Pappy's

Prepared, Wrapped, and headed for the fridge.
Now to let the spices do their magic overnight.

Crazy weather day snow, sun, snow, sun over and over again.  Then when I went up to court wow the wind was crazy, here on the side of the hill in the woods it shoots over top of us.  A pretty quiet night now and the weather forecast after tonight and early tomorrow looks good.

Time to read a chapter and then sleep.


Very cold this morning 20, and a fresh blanket of snow.  I got the smoker set up and put the turkey on to cook around 9am.  Then about 10:00 am we headed for Gainesville to pick up the MH.  We thought it was going to be outside but that didn't happen.  But I called the owner and got the code to the door and it was no problem to pull it out as it was all ready to go.  I gave the tires the thump test and all seemed good.  I will check and adjust all the pressures later this week to make sure they are correct.  So after 120 days in storage she is home.

Home again
The annual repairs have begun.  Bonnie followed me part of the way home and called me to let me know the back left turn signal was not working.  I carry spares so when I got home I replaced it and checked all the lights.  Thankfully the rest were all working and this was an easy fix.

Easy to tell its bad.
New bulb in ready to put back together
 The bird has been on the smoker 7 hours and the remote thermometer is saying "Its Done".  So I better get a move on and wrap it up and get it ready to go.

All done and ready to wrap up to go
 Heading to Holland for supper and to see the Sound of Music at the High School.

We had a good supper and everyone said the turkey was delicious, that makes all the prep and time cleaning up worth it.

Mom and Dad at dinner, notice half the apple pie is gone

Intermission at the play

Even a picture of Bonnie and me
The kids did a really nice job with the musical and we all enjoyed it.  Even got to visit with some old friends that ended up sitting next to us.  Finally home and turned the clocks ahead to be ready for morning. It is already well past midnight on tomorrows time.  Goodnight more tomorrow.


Up early and off to Attica to church.  After church we were invited to go to ShortTract to the pancake house but we were planning to veg out today and get some rest.  So we headed home and while Bonnie made lunch I added water to the batteries on the MH.  I have a battery fill system for the house batteries and the engine batteries are sealed.  Just stick the end of the tube in the distilled water jug and use the hand pump.

Battery water fill system
I have a hard time getting enough air pressure in my front tires on the MH so I took another look on line and lots of guys use the small Craftsman portable compressor that puts out up to 150psi.  All the comments were very good and I have been looking at this unit for a couple years.  The only one in the area is in Williamsville at Eastern Hills mall so as much as I wanted a nap I got myself motivated and got in the car after lunch and headed out.  I got there and they did have one unit left.  So I said I'll take it.

Fresh out of the box
On the way home I remembered that Bonnie had mentioned she heard mice in the attica last night so I stopped and picked up some TomCat bait.

Spread some around in the attic when I got home with Bonnie's help
About the time I got home 5:00pm Bonnie decided she was going to lay down for the night, she said an afternoon nap just does not do the trick.  I also picked up a couple 1157 light bulbs to replace the one I used yesterday.  I had bought one earlier today in Attica but I thought it was a single element bulb and bought an 1156 instead, My Bad.

Also had a call from my son with some electrical issues he was helping a neighbor with.  Hoping now to catch the end of the race.  Saw the last 30 some laps, Tony Stewart got an easy wind.

Well since Bonnie has gone to bed I will catch up on Gold Rush and Bering Sea Gold and maybe read or nap some.

Its been a good week got lots done and this week will bring lots of preparation for the trip.  The weather looks good and the excitement of hitting the road is building.

Thanks for Checking in.