Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wild Turkey Wild Day


Up this morning before 8 as I know it will be a busy day.  Fixed breakfast and started the wash.
A little later I set up the smoker and set the turkey out to warm up a little.  Then Emily and I checked my email and blogs.

She helps me read the mail in the morning (Does she look bored)
Around 11 I fired up the smoker and let it heat up until noon and then I put the turkey in and fired up the smoke.

Only 5 hours to go
I fixed lunch and went out to get the mail.  Its Maple Syrup season here now and one of our neighbors had dropped off a sample and left it on our stairs.

I very nice surprise.  Then around 2 I put some nice russet potatoes in the smoker to bake.  Once the Turkey got to 165 degrees I took it out and wrapped it in foil.  I just read today that doing that and allowing it to sit for 45-60 minutes allows the juices to go back into the meat from the surface.

Bonnie's sisters and Elizabeth and Alexus got here about 5:30 and we cut the turkey and everyone dug into the salad, turkey and potatoes.  Darn I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.  Here is what was left to take a picture of.

A little left for sandwiches
Everyone got their fill
It must of been good, Alexus had 2 or 3 helpings and she was not feeling good. (she is also a picky eater).  Others said it was like eating candy.  We retired to the living room and Bonnie whipped up a great dessert fruit salad that we ate a little later.  We had a great visit and the evening went quickly.

So what have I been researching.  I have been looking at routes and camping spots.  What for.  Well a special little girl is turning 2 soon.  Our granddaughter Reagan in Huntsville.  Bonnie is working on getting her vacation approved, they are giving her a bit of a hard time, but once thats done we will make our final plans.  If the weather looks decent the middle of the month we will get the bus out of storage and prep it for the trip.  I put it to bed all inspected, new oil, new filters and a full fuel tank.  So just need to check batteries, air pressure, flush the anti-freeze out of the water system and fill up the fresh water.  Wow its starting to sound like a lot to do.  If the its still real cold or snowy we will just drive the car.

So its been a busy day and its after midnight as I watch the recording of American Idol.  Cutting down to the top 13 tonight.  Lots of talent this year.

Thats it time to hit the hay, lots more to do tomorrow.


Up early eve though the coffee kept me up so late last night, I feel well rested.  Bonnie has a Dr appt. so she is home today also.

Scary morning I got an alert that there was tornado damage in Alabama.  My son and his family live there so I checked it out and they were close to his house.  So I checked with him and my DIL Ashley.  They are all safe, them at work kids at school.  Power is out at some of the schools so Robby went home to be with the kids.  Ashley is a nurse and was in an area that they evacuated patients to.  There were injured in the area so they had to set up triage and started getting patients.  Have not heard much more today as I am sure she is busy.

Then I headed up to court for a while and caught a quick picture of the deer grazing out back again.

4 of the Deer

Worked up there a couple hours and then headed back home.  I had a 4pm Skype video conference with the Director of the HCJB Global Technical Center out in Indiana.  I have been trying to help them with some of their emergency planning for a couple years but we have run into numerous issues.  Skype seemed to work well and so we are going to give it an other go.

Bonnie  made hamburgers and I grilled them outside on the grill.  Boy is it getting cold and windy, we have high wind warnings for the night.

These were great

Bonnie dressed up some really nice rolls and we had delicious hamburgers for supper.  Still checking in on the storms and even saw some of the damage near my sons on The Weather Channel.  Now its TV time to catch up on recordings.  Off to bed now with the wind howling over the trees.


Wind howled all night and this morning also.  Some snow but so far just a trace.  Lazy morning and then I got a move on.  Off to the Post Office to mail some letters for Bonnie and then up to court.  Spent a couple hours up there and now back home to relax.  The girls are coming for Turkey and rice this evening and maybe a movie.  No movie but we also had broccoli salad and broccoli asian salad, and a cup of broccoli soup.  Yes Elizabeth had an abundance of broccoli.


Up this morning its snowing, lake effect they say.  Off to church and then home.  I was able to get a couple podcasts uploaded for church.  Then leftovers for lunch and we vergged out all afternoon.  Watched a little of the NASCAR race and caught the end of it.  We planned to go to Elizabeth's for stuffed peppers but Bonnie did not feel good and has goon to bed early.  I am on my own for supper.  It has snowed all day and its down to 22.  I think there are at least 4 inches of snow on the back deck and I think a lot of the morning snow melted before it cooled down.

Still working on the plans for the trip to Alabama hoping the weather is good enough to get the MH out of storage and get it checked out and ready to go.

Thats it for this week, Thanks for Checking in.