Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Visiting Paris and Grand Kids


So today was a pretty relaxing day.  Gary went into work.  Bonnie and Lydia went shopping all day and I worked on the rig and made a trip to Walmart.  I also got the car washed and cleaned out the inside.

Washed and vacuumed

Stewart and I enjoyed some time together also.  KiKi enjoyed laying in the sun

Stewart a rescue dog

Gary got delayed at the mill dropping off his load of logs so we did not get to eat supper until about 8:30.  We went to their favorite local Mexican place and it sure was good. Of course I forgot to take pictures. Then home for ice cream with rhubarb  sauce on it and now after lots of good visiting and hugs good by we are off to bed.  We plan to pull out around 8 or so in the morning when Gary leaves for work.


We were up bright and early and had breakfast and got showers by 7:30am.  Much too early for me.  But we wanted to get backed out of the driveway with Gary's help and right after 8 we did so with no problems.  We had a great visit and really enjoyed it.  The spot in the driveway worked out perfectly and we had water and electric.  We pulled down the road aways and pulled over on the wide shoulder and hooked up the honda.  We were on our way.

We passed under the Nanchez Trace Parkway

Entrance to the parkway
We stopped once for about a half hour and had to bypass our second stop at the Alabama visitors center it was closed.

Picture through the window are not that good

But it was just a couple more miles to the campground and we pulled in just after noon.  We registered for a week and got a relatively level spot.  We hooked up Water, Electric, and sewer and dumped the tanks.  I leveled the coach and Bonnie popped out the slides and then made lunch.  We have about a 20 mph wind so we have the windows open and it feels just perfect.  We think we are about 20 minutes from Robby so this should be good.  Its more of an overnight spot but will be perfect for us.

All set up, this is home for a week.  
After naps and a quick supper we headed over to my Sons to see the grandkids, and kids.  It was geat to see them and Reagan the youngest is sure a cutie.

She sure is a cutie.
We got back to the coach around 10:30pm, I am beat so calling it a night.


Slept in till after 8 this morning and then relaxed around the coach and took care of a couple small projects. Ashley called later in the morning and we got busy and loaded the joiner into the car and the cake decorating box and headed over to their house.  The girls all went shopping and I worked on some trip planning and caught up on email and blog reading.  Gracie got home at 3:00pm and and I took her to dance class at 3:30.

Gracie just home from school.
I sat with all the mothers and read my book on my iPhone and listened to them discuss their problems.  Then we headed home and everyone was home.  Reagan decided to play outside and ride her bike.

She is on the go all the time

Decided a helmet was a good idea
Harrison liked the tarantula that Bonnie gave him and was showing the neighbors.

Harrison is getting tall.
Ashley is cooking meatloaf for supper so we are all looking forward to that.  Lots of preparation going on for the big birthday party on Saturday.  I think Bonnie is baking the cake later tonight if it does not get to late.

It looks like it will rain later tonight and maybe for the next couple days.  Sounds like it will be busy here the rest of the evening so I am going to go ahead and post this now.

Thanks for Checking in.  All is well in Harvest, Alabama.