Sunday, March 18, 2012

On the Road Again!


Today is the day to load our "stuff" into the MH (still looking for a name).  Of course rain is in the forecast but it is to clear up this afternoon.  So I will go through the tubs and stage them in the basement.  Also need to get all the wash done today.

So much to do today, where to start.  Pack my clothes, computers, cameras and all the chargers and cables. I have the kindle and camera on charge now.  Although I take most of my pictures day to day with the iPhone, (note to self, get phone charger out of car).  Did some updates to the computers today.  I will take two.  The MacBook and the Dell for the map programs.

Good news is the rain stopped bad news it almost 3pm and I have not been outside yet, hopefully soon.

I took the new compressor down to the motorhome and checked all the tires, they only seem to have lost a few pounds since last year.  Then I got the tubs out of the basement and took them down.  This is stuff we took out of the coach last fall.

First load of linens and towels etc.
 After I got all that stuff put away I went up and got our tubs with our clothes and the kitchen spices that we also took out last year.  The green box has Bonnie's cake decorating stuff in it to help make Reagan's cake.

Took the last load down just before 6:00pm
Bonnie got home just in time to put her stuff away so that really helped.  So I think except for the few last minute items and some food we are ready to roll out in the morning.  Bonnie has to got to the sleep center for a sleep study tonight so I will try to get to sleep a bit early so I am well rested for tomorrow.

He are the pictures of the new GPS mounted it is a Rand McNally 7710.

A nice 7 inch screen

I like to use the RAM ball mounts so this is a good solid mount, just 2 screws into the dash.

I am really beat again tonight so hoping to relax and rest a little now.


Bonnie got home early from her sleep study, said she slept some and does not need a cpap machine, good news.  I heard her in the kitchen so got up just as it was getting light out.  We had breakfast and packed the last few things, took out the trash, and cleaned the cat box.  After loading the last of the clothes and food into the MH we were ready to leave right at 9:00am.  We took the MH and car down to the Harris Corners Fire Department parking lot and hooked up the car to the MH it is now a TOAD (RV talk for towed vehicle).  Just as we finished it rained hard while Bonnie was out watching the lights, no turn signals.  I got out and reconnected the cable and all is good we are on our way.

We drove in and out of the rain most of the morning but traffic was good and it cleared off for the afternoon.  It was cloudy but just a little wind and no real hard rain.  The MH ran well with no alarms and no problems.  We stopped at 3 or 4 rest stops to stretch and look over the rig.

In Ohio rest area
 We decided to call it a day after 7 hours and 330 miles.  We are at Alum Creek State Park near Delaware, Ohio.  It is amazingly busy but it is St. Patricks Day week end.  Theses parks are open year round.  No water at the site but 50amp electricity.  No discount on Fridays.  So we are set up and Bonnie fixed supper now time to relax have a little ice cream and call it an early night.  Windows are open for now and the birds are singing.  We also can here a train whistle in the distance.  Seems campgrounds have to be build near trains.  It sure is great to be on the road again.

We did get a nice level site.
The internet through my phone is slow here so thats it for today.


We knew today would be a long day but took our time waking up in the morning and getting ready to roll.  We had about 470 miles to go to Paris, Tennessee.  We were on the road by 9:15 and headed Southwest.  We were soon in Columbus, OH and south of there we fueled up at Flying J, only got 35 gallons in it.  Then Cincinnati was next and we crossed over into Kentucky. 

Sandwiches for Lunch, yum!

Then on down to Louisville and turned west on the Western Kentucky Parkway.  Bonnie said she wanted to drive for a while so we swatted seats.

Doing a good job

She did a good job but mis-interpretted the GPS directions and missed a turn.  We ended up on some pretty narrow back roads for about 10 miles and then back on a divided highway.  We ran into an other Flying J and she pulled in there just be for a big storm hit, perfect timing.  The rain was coming sideways as I finished up fueling and stopped before I had to go in to get the receipt.  Another 36 gallons.  An hour latter a little afer 6 we pulled into Gary and Lydia’s.  Gary had a nice level spot picked out for us in the driveway and we fit nicely.  We settled in for the night.

Lydia had a great corned beef and cabbage meal prepared and we all ate a late supper and gabbed until 11pm (midnight on our body clocks).  It had cooled off nicely.  Time for bed.


Up about 7:30 and had breakfast and we got our showers and dressed for church.  About that time Lydia called out of the window, how do you want your eggs fried.  So we had had a second breakfast of eggs, sausage, and bisquits.  Then off to church.

Gary, Lydia, and Bonnie in their Sunday Best

After church we hooked up the water hose and had a nice lunch.  Now we are getting ready to head up north to see their son and family in Kentucky, I think we are just 14 miles from the state border.  We took the scenic route and saw some beautiful scenery and lots of dogwoods were blooming.  The we arrived at Joe and Julie's house, Gary and Lydia's youngest son.  They built the house themselves over a 2 year period doing a majority of the work themselves.  It is a beautiful place to raise their 3 sons.

This is the only picture I took too much going on, we had a very nice visit.
We were able to have supper together and had steak and sausage salad and baked potatoes.  We got back to the MH around 9 and now I am hoping to be able to post this over my limited internet connection.  So here goes.

Thanks for Checking in we are have a good trip.