Wednesday, March 14, 2012



Up a little after 8 when Elizabeth called, was surprised to hear Bonnie on the phone also.  I forgot she had to go to the Dr. today.  So I got up and got going.  Big plans for today to start getting things going on the MH.

After breakfast and Bonnie left I went out and got started, it turned into quite a day.  First thing I did was moved the Ranger out front by the door and the tractor into the back of the garage.  Then I took care of some trash and then out front to rake stones back into the ruts made by a truck that tried to turn around in my driveway and got stuck.

Millings gone right down to the stone and dirt

Good to have the Ranger out and doing outside work
Then I lubricated the folding stairs on the MH and checked over a few other things on it.  Then I headed off into the woods to check the culverts (now I wish I had not).  It was nice when I first entered the woods. Just a few branches to pickup and move out of the road, seemed like every few feet.

Lots of these to be moved on the roads
Then I came to the first problem.  Found this big hole in the road on top of one of the culverts.

Hard to see I guess
 Looks like we will be replacing this one.

Collapsed and rusted through

Big holes on the sides under the hole in the road.
Then I headed back to look at the 3 foot culvert that plugs up every couple years.  And of course it was.

Some nice big pieces that start the process
 So the only tool I had was the rake so I climbed down into the creek and started pulling out any piece of wood that was loose.

Appears to be pretty plugged up

These are the big water soaked pieces I pulled out
So I had one piece that would not pull out.  I wiggled it around and gave it a good hard tug.  Of course it came out easily and I fell back into the very wet mud, what a mess.  I did actually laugh out loud it would have been a good scene in a movie.  So after about 30 minutes I made good progress and the water was flowing into the pipe again.  I will let the flowing water clean out the rest.

Hopefully the water will clean out the rest.

Once the big piece block the pipe these little ones finish the job.
Finally back to the garage and checked out the new compressor, it gets up to pressure fast and it is pretty quiet.  Then into the house to wash my muddy clothes.  I oops and threw in a couple mice towels, one was red.  Now my underwear that was in the wash and my socks are pink.

And the towel is just as red as before
I checked with my SIL and she said she has not thought of anything else for her taxes so I went a head and filed her taxes online.

Finally Bonnie is home and we are relaxing a little, since it has started raining out.  Then I have to head over for a haircut.  Got my hair cut and now back home.  Still raining out but not hard.


I slept in until 9am today again the phone woke me about a court question.  So up and at it.  Had my coffee and oatmeal while I read my blogs.  Then UPS came and I went down and brought in the new tire inflation tool that came from Amazon, used my free shipping under the Amazon Prime program.  I read all the reviews on line and this seemed to get all positive reviews except changing the battery.  This one came without the battery installed and they sent a spare so I put it in.   Loosen two screws and pop the front off.

The new tool

Piece of cake no problems at all
So that went quick my other goal for this morning was to change the batteries in the tire pressure monitoring sensors.

Our TPMS and new batteries
Sensors are on the right
Just need to remove 3 tiny screws on each one and unscrew the cap.

The inner workings
This went well.  I did have to replace 2 of the o-rings that keep out the moisture but I had spares in the MH so went down and got them and another preparation job crossed off the list.  Took out the trash and repaired the cat box while I was out side.

Now I am running late and I am off to court.  Long day at court and running late to WW.  Good news at WW we both lost some.  Then to Elizabeths for supper and visiting.  Finally home and time to take a deep breath and relax a little.

Time to read a little and then sleep.


Up early today lots to do, lots to do.  Had my breakfast and headed for the bank.  Then on to court because I had some paperwork to finish up from yesterday.  Finally got home a little after noon.

After lunch I started on the RV, I had started the generator before I ate and let it run while I ate.  Then I moved the MH up closer to the garage and started checking out the systems.

Checked the refrigerator and ice maker all good
 Then I got the tow bar out of here and put it on the back of the MH.  Also put the fire extinguishers that can freeze back on board.

Keep one fire extinguisher outside where we can get at it
 Then I ran the hoses to flush out the RV antifreeze that was in the water system and filled the fresh water tank and checked out the water pump.  All Good

This is called the wet bay all the water and holding tanks are in this heated area.

Installed a new cartridge for the filtered water Level 3
 Then installed the new shower head. Re-installed the soap and shampoo dispenser.

New Oxygenics shower head.
 And finally the new shower squeegee that sticks to the wall by suction.

New shower squeegee 
Once the water was full I moved the MH back to its parking spot and pondered mounting the new GPS.  Just no other way around it I was going to have to put 2 screw holes in the MH dash board.  I tried other alternative locations but no would work.  I convinced myself that the coach is 9 years old and its ok to put 2 holes in the dash.  Anyway it looks good but I forgot to take a picture of it.

The UPS truck came and brought the fittings I needed for the new compressor so I assembled the hoses and inflator and will check all the tires tomorrow and install the Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors.

Bonnie came home as I was finishing up and wanted some help with a Easter Egg tree she is making so I got out the Bow Saw and cut it for her.  Then I took the scraps to the brush pile and rode back to see how the culvert was doing.

The rain the other night increased the flow enough to clear a lot more of the dirt away, but the big rocks are still there.

Most of the dirt is gone
 When the culvert plugged the water builds up and runs over the top of the road and washes away the down stream side.

Lots washed away on the down stream side
Well thats it for tonight I am one tired puppy.  Tomorrow I will start loading our stuff in the MH.  Bonnie is doing a sleep study tomorrow night after she gets a haircut.  We both are busy.  Hopefully we will be ready to pull out Friday morning.

If all goes well and we have WiFi I will try to post every couple days, if not it will be Sunday again.

Thanks for checking in.