Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Delayed Delivery


I was up early this morning and had my coffee and oatmeal.  I was expecting Tony to come over and pickup some firewood.  When the doorbell rang it was a pleasant surprise to see his daughter Aubrey letting me know they were here and going to load up some wood.  I made it outside just as they finished up and we got to chat for a few minutes.

I got some tools and worked on the Coach getting the add ons that we were removing for the upcoming trade-in.  I did not have much to do so finished that up quickly.

Ready to put on the new coach
Then I finished putting the cyclone rake away, got out the snowblowers and moved them up to the garage.

All ready for winter
Then I jumped on the tractor to fill in the ditch we had cleaned out.  It has been wet since we had it done and I figured today may be the last dry for a awhile.

We had to move this whole pile it took several hours

Half done with the first pass after about an hour

Finished the first pass by 12:30 and went in for lunch
Bonnie and I had lunch and I asked her to come out and sculpt the dirt the way she wanted it.  It was hard work and I finally convinced her to stop when I saw how tired she was.  There will be another dry time we can finish it.

Lots of hard work put in by Bonnie

Looking pretty good!  Good job Bonnie
We finished up by picking up the rocks and sweeping off the driveway.

Then we headed to Warsaw to grocery shop, pickup a landscaping rake, and prescriptions.

I dropped Bonnie off at Tops and headed for Walmart
As I got out of the car at Walmart I realized I had left my wallet at home.  So I headed back to Tops to wait for Bonnie and then we shopped together the rest of the night.

Bonnie took us to Ho Ho Chinese for dinner and it was pretty good.  We ran in to Rachel and her Grand mother and got an up date on her mothers surgery which went longer than expected but she was in recovery, so thats good news.  It was raining when we finished eating, with two more stops to make. First to tractor supply and then to the Pharmacy.

Finally home and still raining.  Time to catch up on some of the recordings


Well we got the word yesterday evening that the coach would not have the new window installed by the 15th so we have been delayed in picking it up.  The new date is the 27th.

Woke up this morning to this.

My Green roof is white
Yep the roof of the garage was white with snow, none on the ground and it melted as the morning warmed up a little.

The rest of the day I spent catching up.  I picked up the mail at the post office, then worked at court for a few hours.

Then we headed to WW and finally to Elizabeths for Chili.  Finally home and I finished going through last weeks mail.  Just heard the weather and no more snow in the immediate future.


We were both up early today.  Bonnie was up first and I got up as she headed to Elizabeths to watch the workmen working on her house.  Yes the landlord called last night and said they would be there today to fix things.

My plans were to work out in the garage and hopefully seal the new concrete.  I also needed to head down the hill and pickup some diesel for in the tractor and drop off a letter at the post office.  On the way to do that I took out another trash can.

Clean and ready to seal
I also ran the generator on the Coach to exercise it and charge the batteries.  I started a fire in the stove for the first time in a couple years to warm up the garage since it is 36 out and it will help the sealer dry.

Started easy and warmed the garage up to 60
While the stove was warming up I finished putting the reflector tape on the driveway markers.  Hopefully I will be able to get them installed along the driveway soon.

They are partially done in this picture.
Mark is coming to look at the generator tonight so I put it up by the door and started it.  It has two shut off valves and ran fine once I got them both turned in the on position.  I used the compressor for a load and while it was running used it to blow off the dust and air up the tires.

Bonnie wants to put down some more mulch in the under deck flower bed, so I turned over some of the mulch pile for her so it will be easy to move.  Then I washed up the sprayer and tools I used for the sealer and set them by the wood stove to dry.  I am pretty much done for the day so I headed in to warm up a little.  The cars and tractor will have to sit outside tonight.

Bonnie came home with a plate of pork, potatoes and brussels sprouts for me.  I helped Mark load the generator on his trailer to take home to show his BIL who is visiting next week while we are gone.  The TPMS light came on again and the left rear tire was down to 26 psi again.  I filled it and called the Honda dealer and have an appointment tomorrow so they can see where the tire is leaking.

We watched a little TV and I dozed off a time or two.  Almost forgot it is Wednesday so I will get this posted before I go to bed.

Thanks for Checking In.